Sleeper Oil by xfy80579


									                                                                                                                                                                  Product information

                                                                         Sleeper Oil
                                                                                     Wood protection

Sleeper oil is a decay inhibiting oil based on genuine wood tar, giving it a characteristical smell which will
decrease in time.

Range of application
Sleeper oil provides effectively long term decay protection for all types of wood, such as sleepers, fences,
poles, etc.

Instructions for use
The surface must be dry, clean and free of loose particles. If the wood absorbes well an additonal applica-
tion will provide extra effective protection. Can cause allergy at skin contact. Use protective gloves.

Technical data
Colour:                                                             brownish black
Density:                                                            880 kg/m³
Dry content:                                                        40%
Flash point:                                                        63° C
Drying time:                                                        ca 8 hours at 20º


    These information are for guidance only and are given without obligation. If there is some confusion we recommend that you do your own tests and ask for advise in writing from us.

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