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									2009 - 2010 Registration Guide
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Jasper Place High School...Right Now!

                       Wow! It's hard to believe it's finally here...the time you've been waiting for...
                  you are entering high school!

                       This is such an exciting time in your life, as you are coming into a vibrant
                  school with the opportunity to experience academic success, make new friends,
                  and get involved in all the activities that a dynamic high school has to offer!

                       Jasper Place High School opened in 1961, and recently underwent a
                  modernization and upgrades in technology. That means there are large screen
                  monitors in every classroom, projectors and Smartboards being utilized for
                  presentations, more than 800 networked computers, and wireless access is
                  being installed for new laptops. We also have up-to-date labs and workshops,
                  so you will be able to utilize the latest in technology as you learn.

                      What does all this mean for you? Well, it means you will be in an environment
                  where you can interact and communicate with the world around of the
                  advantages you will have by attending Jasper Place.

                       That is what we mean by the right place...right now!
You Have The Right Stuff!

    Do you have what it takes to make it in high school? Of course you do!
Whether you have excelled in your course work or struggled through some
concepts, we have a program to assist you in being successful.

     Delivering an engaging and quality academic program is our first priority
at Jasper Place High School. We offer a full range of honours courses for our
Grade 10 students, and these lead to Advanced Placement and International
Baccalaureate course sequences in Grades 11 & 12. This change came about
based on student input, as AP & IB does not officially start in Grade 10, and
students wanted to experience the courses before they committed to a specific
program choice. Students also wanted to learn more about where the honours
programs can take them, so we have added presentations throughout the year
on university preparation, learner profiles, and career directions. We listen to
what you have to say!

       We also added an extra period to the school day. The Period 0 class is meant
to allow students to fit more courses into their schedule, as well as accommodate
students at a later start time. Having courses by request starting at 8 am (regular
courses start at 9 am) has allowed us to be flexible with student timetables while
still meeting curricular needs.

      Students also have the opportunity to participate in ACCESS, our newly
established program that offers tutoring help, off-campus learning courses, and
support for students that need extra assistance. This is in addition to the multitude
of other supports (Learning Resources Centre, Career Centre, STAR program)
offered at Jasper Place...the right place for you!

     We also emphasize that students should get involved in their school and
community. Some students accomplish this through our reputable athletic program,
made up of both clubs and teams to involve numerous students. Others participate
in our JP Student Leadership Team, one of the most comprehensive leadership
programs in the city, that involves hundreds of students throughout the year in
community events, school spirit activities, and global contributions. Check out
the back inside cover of this guide for more ways you can get involved. This is
how you make the right memories of high school!
So How Do You Choose The Right Program?

                                    At Jasper Place High School, we are serious about student success and are
                              committed to providing a positive learning environment that will foster and support
                              high academic expectations and excellence in student achievement, behaviour
                              and citizenship. We believe that success is best achieved in an atmosphere of
                              mutual respect and trust, and we encourage a partnership amongst students,
                              staff, parents and community members to support academic learning, citizenship
                              skills and student responsibility.

                                    Your program selection should be based on your goals, capabilities, interests,
                              and achievements. If you change your mind as you progress through high school,
                              that's okay! We will work with you on making the necessary changes for you to
                              be successful.

                                    In this guide, you will discover program pathways, some that will lead you
                              towards university entrance, some towards college and technical schools, and
                              some that will support the transition of you going directly to work. Look at the charts
                              on each page to see where each course sequence leads to, and also glance at
                              the recommended mark for achieving success in the next level. You can record
                              your course choices on the flap on the back page of this booklet and get on the
                              right track as you plan your high school career. And remember, we are here to
                              help you make the right choice!

                                   Ultimately, you will need to make your course selections to meet the
                              requirements for a high school diploma.

                        Alberta High School Diploma

                        □   earn a minimum of 100 credits and complete the following courses:
                            □     English Language Arts 30-1 or 30-2; and
                            □     Social Studies 30-1 or 30-2; and
                            □     Applied Mathematics 20 or Pure Mathematics 20 or Mathematics 24; and
                            □     Science 20 or 24 or Biology 20 or Chemistry 20 or Physics 20; and
                            □     Physical Education 10; and
                            □     Career and Life Management (CALM); and
                            □     10 credits, in any combination, from:
                                  Career and Technology Studies (CTS) and/or
                                  Fine Arts and/or
                                  Languages Other Than English (LOTE) and/or
                                  Physical Education 20 and/or Physical Education 30; and
                            □     10 credits in any 30-level course (other than English and Social Studies), including:
                                  30 level Math, Science, Fine Arts, LOTE, CTS, or Physical Education and/or
                                  30 level Locally Developed Course and/or
                                  35 level Work Experience and/or
                                  35 level Registered Apprenticeship Program

Serious about Success
   We require that you take a full course load of 40 credits in Grade 10 (including
Physical Education 10 and possibly a Language Other than English), a full course
load in Grade 11 (including Career & Life Management), and leave some flexibility
in your Grade 12 year for additional course options.

     Now, you may have some questions about all of this, and that is why we
provided you with the flap on the outside cover of this guide. You can write down
your proposed course selections, share it with your parents, and check it with us
when you register. Basically, you get to fill in the blanks!

     Because Jasper Place High School works on a semester system, this means
you will have Semester 1 from September to January, and Semester 2 from
February to June. In each semester, you can take a maximum of 4 1/2 courses
(the 1/2 course being in Period 0 each semester).

      Here are a few other interesting aspects about courses at high school:
      1. Course Credits: Each course is assigned a credit value (usually 5
           credits) as determined by Alberta Education. To receive credits in a
           course, a student must achieve a mark of 50%. Credits can only be
           earned once in any course.
      2. Course recommendations/prerequisites: A grade of 50% must be
           obtained to proceed to the next course in the sequence. Most Grade
           11 and 12 courses require prerequisite courses.
      3. Course Sequence: Grade 10 courses begin with number "1" (Math
           Pure 10), Grade 11 courses begin with the number "2" (Math Pure 20),
           and Grade 12 courses begin with the number "3" (Math Pure 30).
      4. Exams: Any student who is enrolled in English 30-1 or 30-2, Mathematics
           Pure 30 or Applied 30, Social 30-1 or 30-2, Science 30, Biology 30,
           Chemistry 30 or Physics 30 must write a provincial diploma exam in
           that subject. The final mark will be a combination of the school mark
           (worth 50%) and the provincial exam mark (worth 50%). Provincial
           diploma exams are written in January and in June.
      Any student who is enrolled in Advanced Placement or International
Baccalaureate courses at the Grade 12 level will write international exams
in their subject area in May.

                                                                    GRADE 10 Courses                 Credit
Jasper Place High School Courses 2009-2010                          English 10-1 Honours                    5
                                                                    English 10-1                            5
                                                                    English 10-2                            5

                                                                    Film Studies 15                         5

How Do You                                                          Social Studies 10-1 Honours             5

                                                   SOCIAL STUDIES
Know What                                                           Social Studies 10-1
                                                                    Social Studies 10-2

Courses to                                                          Mathematics 10 Pure Honours             5
                                                                    Mathematics 20 Pure Honours             5
Choose?                                              MATHEMATICS
                                                                    Mathematics 10 Pure                     5

                                                                    Mathematics 10 Applied                  5

     Jasper Place High School offers over a
hundred courses, so there are lots to choose
                                                                    Mathematics 14                          5
from! Remember to choose your English,
                                                                    Science 10 Honours                      5
Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, &
Physical Education courses first, add up
to a minimum of 40 credits for Grade 10.
Do the same for English, Social Studies,
Mathematics, & the Sciences at Grades 11
& 12, and make sure to include CALM and
options to meet the high school diploma                             Science 10                              5

                                                                    Science 10/14 Transitions              10
                                                                    Science 14                              5

                                                                    Physical Education 10 (Boys)             5
                                                                    Physical Education 10 (Girls)            5
                                                                    Soccer Institute
                                                                     Sports Performance 15 Soccer (Girls) &
                                                                     Physical Education 10 Soccer (Girls) = 10
                                               PHYSICAL EDUCATION    Sports Performance 15 Soccer (Boys) &
                                                                     Physical Education 10 Soccer (Boys) = 10
                                                                    Sports Performance 15                    5
                                                                    Sports Performance 15 Football           5
                                                                    Sports Performance 15 Girls Fitness      5
                                                                    Sports Medicine 15 CTS                   5

                                                                    Business Technology 10                  5
                                                                    Computer Science 10 Honours             5
                                                                    Computer Science 10                     5
                                                                    Design Studies 10                       5
                                                                    Hypermedia Technology 10                5
                                                                    Automotives 10                          5
                                                                    Building Construction 10                5

                                                                    Cosmetology 10                          5
                                                                    Culinary Arts 10                        5
                                                                    Fashion Studies 10                      5
                                                                    Foods 10                                5
                                                                    Media Comm. Tech. 10                    5

                                                                    Welding 10                              5

                                                                    Art 10 Honours                          5
                                                                    Art 10                                  5
                                                                    Sculpture 15                            5
                                                                    Drama 10                                5
                                                                    Drama 10 Honours                        5
                                                        FINE ARTS   Choral Music 10                         5
                                                                    Guitar 10                               5
                                                                    Instr. Music 10 Honours                 5
                                                                    Instr. Music 10                         5

                                                                    American Sign Language 15               5
                                                                    French 10-3Y                            5
                                                                    French 10-9Y Honours                    5

                                                                    French 10-9Y                            5
                                                            LOTE    German 10-3Y                            5
                                                                    Japanese 10-3Y                          5
                                                                    Spanish 10-3Y Honours                   5
                                                                    Spanish 10-3Y                           5
                                                                    Spanish 10-6Y Honours                   5

                                                                    Spanish 10-6Y                           5

                                                                    Learning Strategies 15                  5
                                                                    ELL Level 1 - 4                         5
                                                                    ELL English 10-2                        5
                                                                    ELL Social Studies 10-2                 5
GRADE 11 Courses                 Credit        GRADE 12 Courses                 Credit
English 20-1 AP                           5    English 30-1 AP                           5
English 20-1 IB                           5    English 30-1 IB                           5
World Literature 35 IB                    3
English 20-1                              5    English 30-1                              5    ENGLISH
English 20-2                              5    English 30-2                              5
English 20-2 PASS                         5    English 30-2 PASS                         5                         
Film Studies 25                           5    Film Studies 35                           5

Social Studies 20 AP                      5    Social Studies 30 AP                      5
Social Studies 20 IB                      5    Social Studies 30 IB                      5
                                               World History 30IB                        3    SOCIAL STUDIES
Social Studies 20-1                       5    Social Studies 30-1                       5
Social Studies 20-2                       5    Social Studies 30-2                       5
Social Studies 20-2 PASS                  5    Social Studies 30-2 PASS                  5

Mathematics 30 Pure AP                    5    Mathematics 31 AP                         5
Mathematics 30 Pure IB                    5    Mathematics 31 IB                         5
Mathematics 20 Pure                       5    Mathematics 30 Pure                       5
                                               Mathematics 31                            5
Mathematics 20 Applied                    5    Mathematics 30 Applied                    5    MATHEMATICS
                                               Mathematics 35 AP Calculus                5
                                               Mathematics 35 AP Statistics              5
                                               Algebra 35                                5
Mathematics 24                            5

Biology 20 AP                             5    Biology 30 AP                             5
Biology 20 IB                             5    Biology 30 IB                             5
Biology 35 LAB                            3
Chemistry 20 AP                           5    Chemistry 30 AP                           5
Chemistry 20 IB                           5    Chemistry 30 IB                           5
Chemistry 35 LAB                          3
                                               Physics 20 AP                             5
                                               Physics 20 IB                             5
                                               Physics 30 AP                             5    SCIENCE
                                               Physics 30 IB                             5
Science 20                                5    Science 30                                5
Biology 20                                5    Biology 30                                5
Chemistry 20                              5    Chemistry 30                              5
Physics 20                                5    Physics 30                                5

Science 24                                5
Forensic Science 25/35                    5

Physical Education 20 (Boys)              5    Physical Education 30 (Boys)              5
Physical Education 20 (Girls)             5    Physical Education 30 (Girls)             5
Soccer Institute                               Soccer Institute
 Sports Performance 25 Soccer (Girls) &         Sports Performance 35 Soccer (Girls) &
 Physical Education 20 Soccer (Girls) =   10    Physical Education 30 Soccer (Girls) =   10
 Sports Performance 25 Soccer (Boys) &          Sports Performance 35 Soccer (Boys) &         PHYSICAL EDUCATION
 Physical Education 20 Soccer (Boys) =    10    Physical Education 30 Soccer (Boys) =    10
Sports Performance 25                      5   Sports Performance 35                      5

Sports Medicine 25 CTS                     5   Sports Medicine 35 CTS                     5

CALM                                       5

Business Technology 20                     5   Business Technology 30                     5
Computer Science 20 Honours                5   Computer Science 30 Honours                5
Computer Science 20                        5   Computer Science 30                        5
Design Studies 20                          5   Design Studies 30                          5
Hypermedia Technology 20                   5   Hypermedia Technology 30                   5
Automotives 20                            10   Automotives 30                            10
Building Construction 20                   5   Building Construction 30                   5
                                               Community Health 30                        5
Cosmetology 20                            20   Cosmetology 30                            20
Culinary Arts 20                          10   Culinary Arts 30                          10
Fashion Studies 20                         5   Fashion Studies 30                         5
Foods 20                                   5   Foods 30                                   5
Media Comm. Tech. 20 - Print               5   Media Comm. Tech. 30 - Print               5
Media Comm. Tech. 20 - Video               5   Media Comm. Tech. 30 - Video               5
Welding 20                                10   Welding 30                                10

Art 20 AP                                  5   Art 30 AP                                  5
Art 20                                     5   Art 30                                     5

Drama 20                                   5   Drama 30                                   5
Drama 20 Honours                           5   Drama 30 Honours
Choral Music 20                            5   Choral Music 30                           5    FINE ARTS
Guitar 20                                  5   Guitar 30                                 5
Instr. Music 20 Honours                    5   Instr. Music 30 Honours                   5
Instr. Music 20                            5   Instr. Music 30                           5
                                               Technical Music 30                        5

American Sign Language 25                  5   American Sign Language 35                 5
French 20-3Y                               5   French 30-3Y                              5
French 20-9Y AP                            5   French 30-9Y AP                           5
French 20-9Y IB                            5   French 30-9Y IB                           5
French 20-9Y                               5   French 30-9Y                              5
German 20-3Y                               5   German 30-3Y                              5    LOTE
Japanese 20-3Y                             5   Japanese 30-3Y                            5
Spanish 20-3Y IB                           5   Spanish 30-3Y IB                          5
Spanish 20-3Y                              5   Spanish 30-3Y                             5
Spanish 20-6Y AP                           5   Spanish 30-6Y AP                          5
Spanish 20-6Y IB                           5   Spanish 30-6Y IB                          5
Spanish 20-6Y                              5   Spanish 30-6Y                             5

Learning Strategies 25                     5   Learning Strategies 35                    5

                                               TOEFL. Learning Strategies 15             5
Is an Honours Program the Right Choice for You?

                                                                 Many students are not sure if they should take an honours program…they
                                                            are worried they might get good enough marks, that it will be too hard or time
    Advanced                                                consuming, or that they are not smart enough (don’t doubt yourself, you are
                                                            smart enough!).
    Placement &
    International                                                Here is the one question you need to ask yourself:

    Baccalaureate                                                Do you plan on going to university when you are completed high school?

           If you are planning on attending
                                                                  If you answer yes to this question, then you should enroll in honours courses!
    university or college, you should be
    registering in the Honours Program                      It’s as simple as that!
    at Jasper Place High School. We
    are very fortunate to have two highly                         The Honours program at Jasper Place High School is a bit different than others
    regarded and internationally recognized                 you may hear about. It involves both Advanced Placement honours courses and
    post-secondary preparation programs                     International Baccalaureate honours courses. We are the only school in Edmonton
    from which to choose. Students will be
                                                            to offer both of these programs, which gives you more choice and flexibility!
    happy to know that their final selection
    of program does not need to be made
    until the latter part of their Grade 10 year,                But how do you know which one to choose when you come into Grade 10?
    after they have had a chance to get to                  Well, we have made that easy for you!
    know more about each program.
           A common question that students                       We have combined the concepts of both honours programs into your Grade
    and parents ask is “which program is                    10 year, so you have the chance to learn about both AP and IB in Honours
    best?” The answer is not that simple. The
                                                            English, Honours Mathematics, Honours Science, and Honours Social Studies.
    two programs have a different approach.
    IB has an extensive comprehensive                       Your teachers will also give you some information about the advantages of each
    core curriculum program; AP allows                      program, where the skills can lead, and the benefits as you move through high
    increased flexibility. The material                     school towards university. We have found students who have Grade 9 marks
    covered varies, as does the expectation                 above 75% and have a passion for the subject area tend to be exceptionally
    of what you will do with what you learn.                successful in honours programming.
    IB focuses on inspiring students to
    think critically, to find links between
                                                                 Another important aspect of the Jasper Place honours programs is
    disciplines, and to develop a global
    awareness. It is also very language                     that we            assist you in discovering what your strengths are, as well
    based, and you must include a second                                        as the areas you may need to build skills in. This includes
    language component. AP courses are                                            managing your time, discovering your learning style,
    selected individually based on your                                             and understanding the processes and expectations
    interest, and strive to expose the student                                       that accompany quality work. These skills are directly
    to a university level treatment of each                                           transferable to university, and students who complete
    course as a stand-alone discipline.
                                                                                      coursework in AP & IB say their first year of post
           Research has shown that AP
    and IB students are better prepared to                                           secondary is more successful than the students who
    handle the academic rigor experienced                                            did not take an honours program.
    at university and have significantly
    higher post-secondary completion rates.
    Both are intended to offer challenging,
    high-level classes that will prepare the
    student for success with post secondary
    studies. Through their experiences
    at Jasper Place, and with the help
    of their teachers, the question that
    students will have the opportunity
    to answer is “Which program is the
    best fit for me, my interests, and
    my learning style?”

                                        AL BACCA







Serious about Success
Awards Right now…the winner is…you!

      Many students are not aware of the awards that can be won in high school,
and often think they only are for top marks. While that may be true for some
                                                                                      ALEXANDER RUTHERFORD
scholarships, there are so many more awards that are available for students as
they progress through high school. Many students don’t realize that the majority
                                                                                    FOR HIGH SCHOOL ACHIEVEMENT
of awards come from being involved in citizenship activities, and that students
can apply to be the recipient of thousands of dollars! Students also can receive
                                                                                   Grade 10
recognition each semester for achieving honours in their program, and take part
                                                                                   Average of 75% - 79% in five subjects - $300
in recognition luncheons throughout the year.
                                                                                   Average of 80% or higher in five subjects - $400
                                                                                   • English 10-1 or 10-2
      Check out our website for the details on some of the awards you may be
                                                                                   • Two of the following:
eligible for:
                                                                                   Pure Mathematics 10 or Applied Mathematics 10
                              Alberta Premier's Award                              Science 10
                                                                                   Social Studies 10, 10-1, or 10-2
                        Alexander Rutherford Scholarships
                                                                                   A language other than English at the Grade 10
                               AP National Scholars                                level.
                                  Athletic Awards                                  • Any 2 other subjects at the grade 10 level
                     Bruce Coggles Rebel of Excellence Award                          including those listed above and combined
                                                                                      Introductory C.T.S. courses.
                            Career & Technology Award
                           Computer Technology Award                               Grade 11
                 Dr. Paul J. Puszczak Health Science Scholarship                   Average of 75% - 79% in five subjects - $500
                                                                                   Average of 80% or higher in five subjects - $800
                                  Fine Arts Award
                                                                                   • English 20-1 or 20-2
                             Frank Tymko Scholarship                               • Two of the following:
                   Governor General’s Bronze Academic Medal                        Pure Mathematics 20 or Applied Mathematics 20
                         Grade 10 Student Council Award                            Science 20
                                                                                   Biology 20
                         Grade 11 Faculty Council Trophy
                                                                                   Chemistry 20
                          Grade 12 Dr. B.T. Keeler Trophy                          Physics 20
                       Grade 9 Academic Excellence Award                           Social Studies 20
                              IB Diploma Candidates                                A language other than English at the Grade 11
                          Jasper Place Challenge Award
                                                                                   • Any 2 other additional subjects at the grade 11
                     Jasper Place Lions David Hall Scholarship                        level including those listed above and combined
                      John Cameron Citizenship Scholarship                            Intermediate C.T.S. courses.
                        Kinsmen Community Service Award
                                                                                   Grade 12
                             Kiwanis Leadership Award                              Average of 75% - 79% in five subjects - $700
                  Mayfield Rotary Service Above Self Scholarship                   Average of 80% or higher in five subjects - $1300
                        Michael A. Strembitsky Gold Medal                          • English 30-1 or 30-2
                                                                                   • Four of the following:
                      Shirley Stiles Student Leadership Award
                                                                                   Pure Mathematics 30
                             Skills Canada Gold Medal                              Applied Mathematics 30
                  Sunrise Rotary Career Transitions Scholarship                    Mathematics 31
                                    Valedictorian                                  Science 30
                                                                                   Biology 30
                                                                                   Chemistry 30
                                                                                   Physics 30
"People believe that being in an
                                                                                   Social Studies 30
honours program is really hard and
                                                                                   A language other than English at the Grade 12
that you won't have a life, but that
is not true! Our honours programs
are actually really fun and exciting,                                              • Any 2 other subjects at the grade 12 level
and they make you think about                                                         including those listed above and combined
yourself and the impact you can                                                       advanced C.T.S. courses.
have on the world around you."
                     - Sandra                                                      Check out for more details and
                                                                                   application forms

                                    veryone needs to know how to read and write, but English is so
                                    much more! English at Grade 10, 11, & 12 are required courses, and
                                    every student must complete English 30-1 or 30-2 to graduate. There
                                    are two basic goals of high school English language arts. One is to
                       encourage an understanding and appreciation of the significance and creativity
                        of literature. The second is to enable each student to understand and appreciate
                        language and to use it confidently and competently for a variety of purposes, with
                        a variety of audiences, and in a variety of situations for communication, personal
                        satisfaction and learning. The high school English language arts program has six
                        highlights—listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and representing. Senior
                        high school students engage in all as they study texts and as they create their
ENGLISH                 own texts in relevant situations for a variety of purposes and audiences.
                               There are two main course sequences in English Language Arts:
                               English Language Arts 10-1, 20-1, & 30-1 is a course sequence that provides
                        an opportunity to study texts with an increased emphasis on critical analysis. Texts
                        studied are often literary in nature and relate to cultural and societal issues. The
                        courses focus on developing effective communication strategies and supporting
                        students in enhancing their skills for text study and text creation.
                        *	     Honours	English	10	–1	will	lead	to	English	20-1	AP	or	IB	and	English	30-1	
                               AP	or	IB
                               English Language Arts 10-2, 20-2, & 30-2 is a course sequence that
                        provides for the study of texts at a variety of levels to meet the needs of students
                        who are more diverse in terms of aspirations and abilities. Texts studied often
                        have specific applications to careers or daily living. These courses are designed
                        for students to focus on developing effective communication strategies and
                        supporting students in skill development.
                                The two course sequences are similar in that they both maintain high
                        standards to meet graduation requirements, require that students write a diploma
                        examination upon completion of the 30 level course, and can be used toward the
                        application of the Alexander Rutherford Scholarships for High School Achievement.
                        The main differences between the two course sequences correspond to differences
                        in student needs, interests and aspirations. Not all post-secondary institutions
                        accept ELA 30-2 for entry. Students who plan to attend a post-secondary institution
                        need to familiarize themselves with the entry requirements of the institution and
                        the program they plan to enter.
                               An optional course linked with English is Film Studies.
                               Film Studies 15, 25, & 35 is a unique course offering at Jasper Place
                        High School, and we have been the only school approved in Alberta to present
                        it at an academic level. Students will concentrate on film & media history, the
                        study of genres and national cinema, and the cultural and critical contexts of
                        this art form. In the advanced course level, students will work on documentary
                        film scripts/editing/promotion for their portfolio, as well as develop their critical
                        viewing and creative skills.

                        ENGLISH LANGUAGE ART
Serious about Success                        A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE IN ACA


                                                     English 20-1AP           English 30-1AP
              75% + in       English 10-1 Honours
           Language Arts 9
                                                     English 20-1 IB          English 30-1 IB

                                                    World Literature 35 IB

             60%-75% in
                                   English 10-1       English 20-1             English 30-1
           Language Arts 9

          Less than 60% in
                                  English 10-2       English 20-2              English 30-2
          Language Arts 9

              60%+ in            Film Studies 15    Film Studies 25IB        Film Studies 35IB
           Language Arts 9

TS • Right Now...Write Now
ADEMICS, ATHLETICS, & CITIZENSHIP                                      
                                    ocial is learning about the world around you, and what could be more
                                    relevant than that! Social Studies at Grade 10, 11, & 12 are essential
                                    courses, and every student must complete Social 30-1 or 30-2. The goal
                                    of the Social Studies program is to promote a sense of belonging and
10                      acceptance in students as they engage in active and responsible citizenship. At
                        the heart of Alberta’s social studies program are the concepts of citizenship and
                        identity in the Canadian context. It also includes multiple perspectives, including
                        Aboriginal and Francophone, that contribute to Canada’s identity. What’s more,
                        the program has a strong focus on Canadian and Alberta history, and students
                        will become involved in their own learning by asking questions, sharing ideas and
                        understandings, and working with others. Students are expected to bring their own
                        perspectives, cultures and experiences to the classroom, and construct meaning
                        in the context of their experiences with their school and community. Students are
                        also expected to empathize with the viewpoints and positions of others and create
SOCIAL STUDIES          new ways to solve problems.
                              There are two main course sequences in Social Studies:
                              Social Studies 10-1, 20-1 & 30-1 is a course sequence that will allow
                        students to examine the relationships among globalization, citizenship and
                        identity to enhance skills for citizenship in a globalizing world. In addition, they
                        will study the origins of nationalism and the influence of nationalism on regional,
                        international and global relations. Students will be given an opportunity to acquire
                        an understanding of world political and economic systems, the roles of individuals
                        and groups within these systems, and how these systems have struck a balance
                        between collective good and individual interest. Upon completion of the program,
                        students are expected to be able to understand consequences and alternative
                        choices in twentieth century global interactions.
                        *		 Honours	Social	10	–1	will	lead	to	Social	20-1	AP	or	IB	and	Social	30-1	AP	
                              or	IB
                              Social Studies 10-2, 20-2 & 30-2 is a course sequence that will explore
                        historical aspects and the relationships among globalization, citizenship and
                        identity. They will develop personal and civic responses to emergent issues related
                        to nationalism. Students will be given an opportunity to acquire an understanding
                        of major political and economic ideas and systems so they can participate as
                        effective and responsible citizens. Upon completion of the program, students are
                        expected to be able to understand and appreciate how nations have sought to
                        protect and promote their national interests; how individuals and groups contribute
                        to, and are affected by, global interactions; and how these interactions have
                        consequences for their lives and the global community.
                              The two course series are similar in that they both maintain high standards to
                        meet graduation requirements, require that students write a diploma examination
                        upon completion of the 30 level course, and can be used toward the application
                        of the Alexander Rutherford Scholarships for High School Achievement. Although
                        the content, skills and attitudes are also similar for these two sequences, the
                        expectations for Social Studies 10–1, 20–1, & 30-1 are more challenging,
                        particularly in the depth of concept development, the level of critical thinking, and
                        issues focused skill development. The nature of the approved student resources
                        also differs for each sequence.

                             SOCIAL STUDIES • Right
Serious about Success                        A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE IN ACA

                                                                                          SOCIAL STUDIES

            Social Studies
                                                              Social Studies 20-1IB   Social Studies 30 IB

               75% + in
                                Social Studies 10-1 Honours                           World History 30 IB
            Social Studies 9

                                                              Social Studies 20-1AP   Social Studies 30AP

              60% - 75% in
                                    Social Studies 10-1        Social Studies 20-1    Social Studies 30-1
             Social Studies 9

            Less than 60% in
                                    Social Studies 10-2        Social Studies 20-2    Social Studies 30-2
            Social Studies 9

t Now...Discover History!
ADEMICS, ATHLETICS, & CITIZENSHIP                                                
                                   he goal of mathematics is to prepare students to communicate and
                                   reason mathematically, use estimation and mental mathematics (where
                                   appropriate), reason and justify their thinking, select and use appropriate
                                   technologies as tools to solve problems, connect mathematical ideas
                      to other concepts in mathematics/everyday experiences/other subjects, and
                        appreciate and value mathematics as an integral component of society. An Alberta
                        High School diploma requires a minimum of ten credits (two 5-credit courses) in
                        approved mathematics coursework.
                              High school students can choose from several mathematics course sequences
                        depending on their preferred learning style and career goals.
                              Pure Mathematics 10, 20 & 30 emphasizes mathematical theory and
                        the use of algebra and graphing to solve problems. In Pure Mathematics, the
                        emphasis is placed on mathematical theory. The approaches used are primarily
                        algebraic and graphical; computational methods are used when the contexts
                        require them. Mathematics 31 is a highly advanced course designed for students
                        entering post-secondary programs that recommend or stipulate calculus as an
                        entrance requirement. It is desirable that students complete Pure Mathematics
MATHEMATICS             30 before taking Mathematics 31.
                        *		 Math	10	Pure	Honours	will	lead	to	Math	20	Pure	Honours	and	Pure	Math	
                              30	AP	or	IB
                        *		 Math	31	is	also	offered	in	AP	&	IB,	and	there	are	additional	Math	35	Calculus	
                              AP	&	Math	35	Statistics	AP	courses	available	(equivalent	to	university	level	
                              Applied Mathematics 10, 20 & 30 emphasizes the application of mathematics
                        and the use of numerical and geometric approaches to solve problems. In Applied
                        Mathematics emphasis is placed on applications of mathematics rather than
                        on precise mathematical theory. The approaches used are primarily numerical
                        and geometrical; algebraic and graphical methods are used when the contexts
                        require them.
                        *		 Algebra	35	is	a	bridging	course	that	can	be	taken	after	Math	Applied	30	is	
                              completed.	It	may	be	accepted	at	some	post	secondary	institutions,	or	may	
                              transition	students	into	Math	Pure	30.	
                              Mathematics 14 & 24 is designed for students who wish to meet the
                        minimum mathematics requirements for a senior high school diploma. This
                        sequence is designed for students whose needs, interests and abilities focus on
                        basic mathematical understanding.
                              Completion of Applied Mathematics 30 or Pure Mathematics 30 requires the
                        writing of a provincial diploma examination. Each post-secondary institution has
                        its own entrance requirements that may change at any time. Information about
                        post-secondary institutions can be found through the Alberta Learning Information
                        Service (ALIS) Web site.
                              A graphing calculator is required for all Pure and Applied Mathematics
                        courses. Instruction will be provided on the Texas Instruments TI-83/84 series
                        of calculators. Additional information will be provided on calculator models in
                        our summer newsletter.

                                           MATHEMATICS • Righ
Serious about Success                        A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE IN ACA


                                                                                  Math 30 Pure IB       Math 31IB
          75% +                                      Math 20 Pure Honours
                         Math 10 Pure Honours
        in Math 9
                                                                                  Math 30 Pure AP       Math 31AP
                                                                                                        Math 35AP

                               Math 10 Pure              Math 20 Pure              Math 30 Pure           Math 31
        in Math 9

         50-59%              Math 10 Applied            Math 20 Applied          Math 30 Applied        Algebra 35
        in Math 9

        Less than 50%         Math Prep at JP Summer School
          in Math 9
                It is recommended that students who have encountered difficulty in this subject take the
           Math	Prep	course	offered	at	JP	Summer	School	in	July.		Registration	forms	will	be	available	in	April.

ht Now...figure It Out!
ADEMICS, ATHLETICS, & CITIZENSHIP                                                         
                                   he goal of the senior high school science program is to help students
                                   gain the scientific understanding needed to be effective members of
                                   society. The components included are attitudes, scientific knowledge,
                                   mathematical/laboratory skills, critical thinking skills, and connections to
                      science, technology and society. Students are expected to be able to operate in
                        the framework of scientific inquiry as they develop their problem-solving abilities
                        and use technology appropriately. Learning opportunities are made meaningful
                        so students can relate science to their lives in and out of the classroom. This
                        encourages an interest in science as a lifelong learning experience. The science
                        program consists of many courses, and students have several choices depending
                        on their interests, abilities, and future goals:
                              Science 10 is the prerequisite for all the academic sciences. This academic
                        course provides students with a unified view of the biological, chemical, physical
                        and earth sciences and an awareness of the connections among them. The
                        four topics covered are Energy and Matter in Chemical Change, Energy Flow
                        in Technological Systems, Cycling of Matter in Living Systems, & Energy Flow
                        in Global Systems.
                        *		 Honours	Science	10	will	lead	to	Biology	and/or	Chemistry	and/or	Physics	
                              20	AP	or	IB	and	Biology	and/or	Chemistry	and/or	Physics	30	AP	or	IB
                              Biology 20 & 30 is an academic program that explores the interactions of
                        living systems with one another and with their environment, and emphasizes the
SCIENCE                 context of science by considering the interrelationships among science, technology
                        and society. In Biology 20, the underlying theme is energy and matter exchange.
                        In Biology 30, the emphasis is on adaptation and change. Completion of Biology
                        30 requires the writing of a provincial diploma examination, and Biology 30 AP
                        & IB entails an international examination in May.
                        *		 Honours	Science	10	will	lead	to	Biology	20	AP	or	IB	and	Biology	30	AP	
                              or	IB,	and	there	is	an	additional	Biology	35	lab	course	to	ensure	student	
                              Chemistry 20 & 30 is an academic program that is designed to study
                        matter and its changes, and emphasizes the context of science by considering
                        the interrelationships among science, technology and society. Students,
                        through the study of Chemistry 20–30, are given an opportunity to explore and
                        understand the natural world and to become aware of the profound influence
                        of chemistry on their lives. Completion of Chemistry 30 requires the writing of a
                        provincial diploma examination, and Chemistry 30 AP & IB entail international
                        examinations in May.
                        *		 Honours	Science	10	will	lead	to	Chemistry	20	AP	or	IB	and	Chemistry	30	AP	
                              or	IB,	and	there	is	an	additional	Chemistry	35	lab	course	to	ensure	student	
                              Physics 20 & 30 is an academic program that is designed to study matter
                        and energy and their interactions, and emphasizes the context of science by
                        considering the interrelationship among science, technology and society. Physics
                        20 & 30 helps students understand the physics principles behind the natural events
                        they experience and the technology they use in their daily lives. Completion of
                        Physics 30 requires the writing of a provincial a diploma examination, and Physics
                        30 AP & IB entails an international examination in May.
                              Science 20 & 30 is an academic program that is designed for the student
                        who is interested in science and can be used for post-secondary entrance.
                        This program integrates concepts related to physical, biological and Earth
                        sciences. Completion of Science 30 requires the writing of a provincial diploma
                              Science 14 & 24 is a general program that allows students to meet the
                        credit requirements in science for an Alberta High School Diploma. The focus is
                        on helping students understand the scientific principles behind the natural events
                        they experience and the technology they use in their lives. Students with 50-59%
                        in Grade 9 Science can take Science 10 Transitions, which includes Science 14
                        in the first semester and Science 10 in the second semester.
                              An Alberta High School diploma requires a minimum of ten credits (two
                        5-credit courses) in approved science coursework.

                                                       SCIENCE • Right
Serious about Success                        A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE IN ACA
            An optional course linked with Science is Forensics.
            Forensics 25 & 35 is a course offered at Jasper Place High School that
     introduces students to the concepts and technologies related to solving crimes.
     Scientific models are applied and authenticated through scenarios, case studies,
     and laboratory experiments. Students will experience experts from the forensic                               
     field, film study, and mock crime scenes as they build their understanding. Students
     should complete Science 10 before enrolling in this course, and understand that
     Forensics is a locally developed course.


                                                                            Biology 20 IB    Biology 30 IB
                                                                          Chemistry 20 IB   Chemistry 30 IB
                                                                            Physics 20 IB    Physics 30 IB
                 Above 75%+
                                       Science 10 Honours
                 in Science 9
                                                                           Biology 20 AP     Biology 30AP
                                                                          Chemistry 20 AP   Chemistry 30 AP
                                                                           Physics 20 AP     Physics 30AP

                                                                             Biology 20       Biology 30

                   60% - 75%                                                Chemistry 20     Chemistry 30
                                              Science 10
                  in Science 9                                               Physics 20       Physics 30
                                                                             Science 20       Science 30
                   50% - 59%                   Science 10
                  in Science 9                 Transitions                Forensics 25/35

                Less than 50%
                                             Science 14          Science 24
                 in Science 9

ADEMICS, ATHLETICS, & CITIZENSHIP                                                     
                                              e want all students to lead a healthy active lifestyle, and a great
                                              way to start is through a physical education class! Jasper Place
                                              High School has the finest facilities in Edmonton for fitness
                                              and health, including a huge fitness centre with top of the line
                          equipment, a certified athletic therapist, and access to Sports Performance and
                            Sports Medicine programs.
                                   Physical Education 10 is required as part of the requirements for a high
                            school diploma. The goal of the physical education program is to enable students
                            to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to lead an active, healthy
                            lifestyle. Students participate in a variety of physical activities: dance, games,
                            types of gymnastics, individual activities and activities in alternative environments,
                            such as aquatics and outdoor pursuits. All learning outcomes are to be met
                            through physical activity as a strategy for managing life challenges and fostering
                            a desire in students to participate in lifelong physical activity. Cardiopulmonary
                            Resuscitation (CPR) instruction have been included in the Physical Education
                            10 Program of Studies.
                                   Physical Education 20 & 30 involve increased exposure to lifetime skill
                            activities, leadership experience, and officiating knowledge. Students continue to
                            participate in a variety of physical activities: dance/games/gymnastics/individual
                            activities and activities in additional alternative environments at an increased
                            level of involvement.
                                   Sports Medicine 15, 25, & 35 CTS allows students to pursue knowledge,
                            skills, and attitudes related to the immediate care, prevention, and rehabilitation
                            of athletic injuries. There is an emphasis on exercise physiology, and seminars
PHYSICAL                    will include sports first aid, athletic taping, and nutrition. This course sequence
EDUCATION                   is recommended for students wanting to pursue nursing, kinesiology, biology,
                            or medicine in university.
                                   Sports Performance 15, 25, & 35 provides students, particularly competitive
                            athletes, opportunities to develop their physical and tactical abilities in all area of
                            sport. This course combines classroom theory and practical application in the
                            areas of personal health, wellness, and performance. Included will be topics
                            such as proper weight training techniques, training principles, self-management
                            skills, nutrition, sport studies, and philosophy of sport. Students taking this course
                            will require a leadership component, and the course content is delivered through
                            alternate days of theory and practical application.
                                   Soccer Institute 10, 20, & 30 was created to develop students who aspire
                            to become superior soccer players. We provide a professional environment where
                            players learn what it takes to become a thriving soccer competitor. Through
                            individual and group work, along with fitness and weight training, students will
                            work towards improving their skills. Following the framework set out in Grade 10,
                            this course allows students to progress in their individual soccer skills, advance
                            their knowledge of team system, how to prepare for tournaments, and with an
                            emphasis on high performance soccer play. Athletes will be involved in lifelong
                            fitness and nutrition programming. Students taking this course will require a
                            leadership component. Training will take place at the indoor soccer centre.
                                   Students will receive credit in Physical Education and Sports Performance
                            courses that combine to make the Soccer Institute.

                        PHYSICAL EDUCATION • Right
Serious about Success                            A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE IN ACA


        Physical Education

           Physical Education 10    Physical Education 20    Physical Education 30

          Sports Medicine 15 CTS   Sports Medicine 25 CTS   Sports Medicine 35 CTS

          Sports Performance 15    Sports Performance 25    Sports Performance 35

            Soccer Institute 10      Soccer Institute 20       Soccer Institute 30

t Now...Jump In With Both Feet!
ADEMICS, ATHLETICS, & CITIZENSHIP                           
                                                        verybody uses computers...they are essential for communication!
                                                        Computer use is becoming part of everyday life, and students are
                                                        expected to have a basic knowledge about how programs work. The
                                                        majority of post secondary programs require at least one mandatory
                                         computer course as part of any program, and technology use is considered
                                           essential to most professions.
                                                 So how do you make sure you are prepared? Take a computer class at
                                           Jasper Place! We offer four different strands of computer course sequences, so
                                           we are sure to have one that captures your interest!
                                                 Business Technology 10, 20 & 30 (Entrepreneurship and E-Commerce)
                                           course sequence concentrates on business oriented computer technologies
     "The programs at Jasper Place         and applications towards the advancement of entrepreneurship. It is a general
     have pushed me to pursue my           sequence that combines computer technology, information handling, financial
     dreams through hands on activities,   management, business economics, marketing and management into one integrated
     highly qualified teachers, and        offering. Rather than teach these aspects of business as separate subjects,
     interesting courses."                 Business Technology employs a hands-on, project based approach that presents
                          - Christina      business concepts as whole rather than separate components. The courses are
                                           designed to prepare students for the world of work or for additional study at the
                                           post-secondary level in business and commerce at a time when information and
                                           computer technology is revolutionizing the industry.
                                                 Computer Science 10, 20 & 30 is a series of courses that introduces
                                           students to the key concepts of Computer Science in a hands-on, active, project
                                           oriented manner. Some projects involve text based adventure games, and some
                                           are designed to provide a solid introduction to computer studies, conventional
                                           computer science, electro assemblies and robotics. This course sequence
                                           is designed to prepare students for a career in computer science, computer
                                           engineering, or Internet publishing and programming.
                                           *	    The	Honours	program	is	available	in	Computer	Science	and	is	aimed	at	
                                                 students	who	wish	to	go	beyond	the	regular	Computer	Science	course	of	
COMPUTER                                         studies.		These	courses	allow	students	to	complete	University	level	course	
TECHNOLOGIES                                     content	while	still	in	high	school.
                                                 Design Studies 10, 20 & 30 allows students to experience industrial and
                                           architectural design using freehand sketching, technical drawing and computer
                                           assisted design (CAD). Students will investigate historical and contemporary
                                           design case studies and create freehand sketches, 2-D technical drawings, 3-D
                                           models and animation using industry-standard computer assisted design software
                                           such as AutoCAD, Revit Architecture and Google SketchUp. Students will build a
                                           collection of work to use in their portfolio. The senior level course allows students
                                           to further pursue their studies in architecture, building methods, and interior and
                                           landscape design. Projects focus on both residential and commercial design.
                                                 Hypermedia Technology 10, 20 & 30 concentrates on computer based
                                           interactive media design, production and distribution. It is focused on the use
                                           of hypermedia application packages to produce materials for the Internet and
                                           other interactive hypermedia delivery systems. The hypermedia courses will be
                                           of interest to students interested in exploring careers in art and design, computer
                                           graphics, 3-D design, web site and other forms of hypermedia production. The
                                           sequence of courses builds upon previously learned skills and guides students
                                           towards the field of freelance web design. In addition to foundation digital design
                                           skills, four different web design techniques are taught over the three course levels:
                                           HTML, Graphic, Cascading Style Sheet, & Flash web sites.

                              COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES • R
Serious about Success                                           A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE IN ACA


            Computer Technologies
             Business Technology 10        Business Technology 20        Business Technology 30

            Computer Science 10 Honours   Computer Science 20 Honours   Computer Science 30 Honours

              Computer Science 10           Computer Science 20           Computer Science 30

                Design Studies 10            Design Studies 20              Design Studies 30

            Hypermedia Technology 10      Hypermedia Technology 20      Hypermedia Technology 30

Right Now...look To The Future!
ADEMICS, ATHLETICS, & CITIZENSHIP                                          
                                     veryone likes to think about the courses they can take that reflect their

                                     personal interest and satisfaction. Career and Technology Studies
                                     (CTS) is a supplementary program designed for Alberta’s high school
                                     students. CTS assists students to:
                               develop skills they can apply in daily living now and in the future
                               investigate career options and make effective career choices
                        •      use technology (processes, tools and techniques) effectively and
                        •      apply and reinforce learnings developed in other subject areas
                        •      prepare for entry into the workplace or further learning.
                               The CTS curriculum is organized into a variety of pathways, and each
                        pathway represents a group of courses designed to support broad career and
                        occupational opportunities. Courses are the building blocks for each pathway, and
                        they define what a student is expected to know and be able to do. The Career
                        and Technology Studies program pathways at Jasper Place:
                               Automotive Mechanics 10, 20 & 30 gives students a hands-on experience
                        working with automotives and equipment, leading to an apprenticeship pathway.
                        Students will learn vehicle care, engine and electrical fundamentals, as well
                        as, pneumatic/hydraulic, mechanical, ride and control systems. Students will
                        have the opportunity to work within the classroom and shop on basic vehicle
                        maintenance projects.
                               Building Construction Technologies 10, 20 & 30 allows students to build
                        skills in basic construction techniques, leading to an apprenticeship pathway.
                        Woodworking, carpentry and building construction will be experienced through
                        ‘hands-on’ projects that will develop skills, confidence and interest. Important
                        training in the safe use of tools and machines will be emphasized throughout
                        the course.
                               Cosmetology Studies 10, 20 & 30 takes students into all levels of hair
                        styling & esthetics, leading to an apprenticeship pathway. Students identify
                        the significance of personal images and professional body care and grooming.
                        Hairstylist Certification topics include forming, finishing and designing of hair,
                        trichology, nail anatomy, manicures, dermatology and facials.
                               Culinary Arts (commercial) 10, 20 & 30 is for those who want to explore
                        the restaurant industry as a career, leading to an apprenticeship pathway, This
CAREER &                course designed to introduce the student to the world of Commercial Food
TECHNOLOGY              production. Courses covered are: Food Basics, Baking Basics, Fast Foods,
STUDIES                 Stocks, soups, sauces, Basic Meals, and Heritage Foods.
                               Fashion Studies 10, 20 & 30 includes the study of fashion, sewing, and
                        style. This course is designed to teach students how to create, draw, sew, and
                        analyze fashions. Emphasis is placed on designing and constructing unique
                        one of a kind garments.
                               Food Studies 10, 20 & 30 consists of cooking and menu planning for personal
                        experience, This course is designed to provide students with a broad overview
                        of the basic principles of nutrition and food preparation. Emphasis is placed on
                        safety, basic measurement, practical application and technique development.
                               Media Communication Technology 10, 20 & 30 includes print & media
                        presentations, including photography, silk-screening, videography, and the
                        production of JP TV. Students are introduced to the communication industry and
                        will be taught photography and video production, design and printing methods
                        (silk screening and offset printing) as well as computer based desktop publishing
                        and media presentation.
                               Welding Fabrication Studies 10, 20 & 30 allows to learn the fundamentals
                        of welding on different types of industry equipment, leading to an apprenticeship
                        pathway, This course is an introduction to the study of metal fabrication, design,
                        service and repair using oxy-acetylene, electric arc, power and hand tools, with
                        a strong emphasis on shop safety.
                               Community Health 30 allows to experience health care with a child focus.
                        The main purpose of the program is to help students prepare for entry into a
                        variety of child-centered career fields such as health care, education, social
                        services, recreation, arts and parenthood.

Serious about Success                         A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE IN ACA
             Career Paths
                     Automotives 10             Automotives 20             Automotives 30         

                Building Construction 10    Building Construction 20   Building Construction 30

                     Cosmetology 10             Cosmetology 20             Cosmetology 30

                     Culinary Arts 10           Culinary Arts 20           Culinary Arts 30

                   Fashion Studies 10         Fashion Studies 20         Fashion Studies 30

                        Foods 10                   Foods 20                   Foods 30

                  Media Comm. Tech. 10       Media Comm. Tech. 20       Media Comm. Tech. 30

                       Welding 10                 Welding 20                 Welding 30

                                                                        Community Health 30

          Students have the choice of any
     CTS courses at any grade level, but                                                 CAREER &
     need to successfully complete the
     pathway prerequisite level before                                                TECHNOLOGY
     they can go on to the advanced                                                       STUDIES
     levels. Students who complete a
     CTS pathway up to the advanced
     level may meet the requirements
     of a first year apprentice according
     to Alberta standards. We will offer
     CTS credentialed pathways in 2009-
     2010 for Culinary Arts, Construction
     Technologies, Cosmetology Studies,
     Mechanics, & Fabrication Studies.

ight Now...Imagine What You Could Be!
ADEMICS, ATHLETICS, & CITIZENSHIP                                       
                                      igh School is a great time to discover you, and there is no better way
                                      than by taking fine arts courses. You may even discover you have skills
                                      and talents that you never even knew about! The fine arts program
                                      at Jasper Place, comprised of art, drama and music, encourages
                      and develops personal expression through artistic activities. These programs
                        encourage students to appreciate, understand, create, critique and, most of all,
                        enjoy the products of their own creation. The programs provide the opportunity
                        for students to use not only their minds but also their voices, hands and bodies,
                        and include the following courses:
                              Art 10, 20, & 30 is a sequence of art courses primarily focused on studio-
                        based art and a variety of media. Students have the opportunity to explore visual
                        expression and establish the groundwork for artistic skills. The program consists of
                        three areas of visual learning: drawings (how visual information is seen/presented
                        and developing technical and critical skills), compositions (how images are
                        designed and creating meaning visually), and encounters (how visual images
                        evoke responses/interpretation and exploring art across history and tradition).
                        *	    The	Honours	program	is	available	in	Art	and	is	aimed	at	students	who	wish	
                              to	go	beyond	the	regular	course	of	studies.		These	courses	allow	students	
                              to	complete	University	level	course	content	for	their	portfolio	while	still	in	
                              high	school.
                              Sculpture 15 allows students to express themselves through a variety of
                        sculpture techniques and mediums. Students will be allowed to create their own
                        designs and expressions of thought through their art.
                              Drama 10, 20, & 30 includes eight distinct disciplines, each with its own
                        particular goals and study requirements. Drama provides the opportunity for a
                        thorough introduction to the theatre experience, developing both technical and
                        performance-based skills. The following disciplines may be part of a drama
                        program: Movement, Speech, Improvisation, Acting, Theatre Studies, Technical
                        Theatre Design, Playwriting, & Directing.
                        *	    The	Honours	program	is	available	in	Drama	and	is	aimed	at	students	who	
                              wish	 to	 go	 beyond	 the	 regular	 course	 of	 studies.	 	 These	 courses	 allow	
                              students	to	complete	University	level	course	content	for	their	portfolio	while	
                              still	in	high	school.
                              Performing Arts 10, 20, & 30 includes all elements of theatrical production,
                        including stage management, lighting, sound, make-up, costumes, set design,
                        set construction, and set painting. Skills are taught in a performance setting over
                        the school year through participation an a major play, a student creative collective,
                        and a series of one acts. Classes are conducted at lunch and after school, and
                        may be offered during Period 0.
                        *	    The	Honours	program	is	available	in	drama	and	is	designed	for	students	
                              who	want	to	go	beyond	the	regular	course	of	studies.
FINE ARTS                     Instrumental Music 10, 20, & 30 allows students with a background of
                        junior high or private band to further develop their musical abilities by playing/
                        singing, listening, reading and creating music. These programs consist of three
                        general areas of learning: performing (how musical skills are developed; building
                        knowledge and awareness), listening (how music is understood; appreciating
                        musicians throughout history) and composing (how musical compositions are
                        created; organizing elements of music), and are designed around woodwind,
                        brass, or percussion instruments.
                        *	    The	Honours	program	is	available	in	Music	and	is	aimed	at	students	who	wish	
                              to	go	beyond	the	regular	course	of	studies.		These	courses	allow	students	
                              to	complete	University	level	course	content	for	their	portfolio	while	still	in	
                              high	school.

                                     FINE ARTS • Right Now
Serious about Success                         A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE IN ACA
                  Fine Arts
                                                                                               Art 30 Honours
                        Art 10 Honours                         Art 20 Honours                                           
                            Art 10                                 Art 20                          Art 30

                          Drama 10                               Drama 20                        Drama 30

                      Performing Arts 10                     Performing Arts 20              Performing Arts 30

                    Instrumental Music 10                  Instrumental Music 20            Instrumental Music 30

                    Instrumental Music 10                  Instrumental Music 20            Instrumental Music 30
                           Honours                                Honours                          Honours

                       Choral Music 10                        Choral Music 20                 Choral Music 30

                           Guitar 10                              Guitar 20                       Guitar 30

                                                                                             Technical Music 30

           Choral Music 10, 20, & 30 allows students to develop musical abilities
     in performance as a vocalist. Areas of study include vocal skills, music theory,
     history, ear training, sight singing, composition, and choral repertoire.
           Guitar/General Music 10, 20, & 30 is ideal for students interested in a guitar
     focused musical experience. Students are required to complete components
     in theory, music making: music performance, and popular music, and they will
     learn how to read and play guitar notes and chord symbols, various strumming
     techniques, and a variety of styles (blues, pop, rock & classical). Students may
     advance up to Royal Conservatory Grade 5-6, and can rent guitars from JP at a
     nominal cost. No previous experience necessary to enrol in this course.
           Technical Music 30 is a course designed for students who want to further
     their knowledge of electronics in music and how it applies to composition and
     songwriting. Students must have some musical background, and may audition                                  FINE ARTS
     for this course. Students will study and use synthesizers, samplers, effects
     processors, multi track recording, MIDI, and computer software to allow them
     to develop their music potential. Music theory as it relates to composition will
     also be covered. Students must complete a Music course at the Grade 11 level
     as a prerequisite.
           Music – Private Study
           Students may be eligible for senior high school credits through successful
     completion of music courses by private study through Conservatory Canada
     or the Royal Conservatory of Music. Please see your assistant principal
     for more information.

w...Create Your Destiny!
ADEMICS, ATHLETICS, & CITIZENSHIP                                                          
                                    onjour! Guten Tag! Konnichiwa!                     ¡Hola! Students should
                                    try to take a Language Other Than English in their high school program.
                                    Not only does this expose them to other cultures, but also opens up
                                    possibilities for travel, correspondence, and future careers. The objective
                      of the LOTE courses is to develop students who are sufficiently competent in the
                        target language so that they can function in the language and culture outside the
                        confines of the classroom. Learning another language also provides students
                        with the opportunity to meet the entrance requirements of many post-secondary
                        institutions in Alberta and across Canada, and it provides students with the
                        foundation that will allow them to consider opportunities for further studies abroad.
                        Reciprocal linguistic and cultural exchanges to Québec, Germany, Japan, Mexico
                        or Spain are available to Jasper Place language students who wish to participate
                        in Alberta Education’s World of Student Exchange Program.
                               Jasper Place High School offers an extensive range of Languages Other
                        Than English (LOTE) courses to meet the needs and expectations of students:
                               American Sign Language 15, 25, & 35 introduces students to basic American
                        Sign Language(ASL), its culture, and the Deaf community. It is intended for students
                        who are interested in using sign language. Students will learn to fingerspell the
                        alphabet, develop a sign vocabulary base, and engage in conversation. Students
                        will learn to use culturally appropriate behaviours with the Deaf community, and
                        will focus on the development of language receptive and expressive skills. The
                        class will be conducted in ASL and taught by a Deaf teacher.
                               French 10-3Y, 20-3Y, & 30-3Y is intended for those students with little or
                        no previous experience in French. There is a focus on all four skills necessary to
                        communicate in a new language: speaking, writing, listening, and reading. The
                        program is designed to promote French language learning through a variety of
                        linguistic and cultural experiences. Students are encouraged to learn French for
                        personal benefit and various media such as films, music, online resources and
                        a variety of texts will be used to encourage cultural awareness. It is expected
                        that, upon completion of FSL 30-3Y, students will be able to understand and
                        produce short, simple texts and/or conversations related to familiar contexts in
                        the present, past and future.
                               French 10-9Y, 20-9Y, & 30-9Y is designed for students who have successfully
                        completed French 9. Building on prior knowledge, students will continue to learn
                        how to communicate in French and use the language in an imaginative and
                        creative way. Various media such as films, music, online resources and a variety
                        of texts will be used to encourage enhanced cultural awareness. It is expected that
                        upon completion of FSL 30-9Y, students will be able to understand and produce
                        relatively complex texts and conversations related to both concrete and abstract
                        situations in the present, past and future.
                        *	     Honours	French	10-9Y	will	lead	to	French	20-9Y	AP	or	IB	and	French	30-9Y	
                               AP	or	IB.		Students	who	complete	French	30-9Y	may	also	have	the	opportunity	
                               to	earn	a	DELF	diploma.
                               French 31a & 31b is designed for students who wish to continue their study
                        of French beyond the 30 level in preparation for post secondary. It is also designed
LANGUAGES               for students who have completed FLA 9 or those who have an excellent command
OTHER THAN              of the language and who wish to pursue further study of French in high school.
                        	      *	French	31a	and	31b	will	lead	to	the	opportunity	to	write	the	AP	or	IB	exam	
ENGLISH                        and	students	who	complete	31b	may	also	have	the	opportunity	to	earn	a	
                               DELF	diploma
                               German 10-3Y, 20-3Y & 30-3Y is intended for students with little or no
                        previous experience in German. Students will learn basic speaking and writing
                        skills in order to communicate in familiar contexts. Students will improve their
                        comprehension skills and spontaneous speech through a variety of communicative
                        activities. Since German can be an important key to communication in many parts
                        of the world, students will be also be introduced to aspects of German culture.
                        The use of German as a major language of business has been increasing in
                        recent years.
                               Japanese 10-3Y, 20-3Y, & 30-3Y is intended for those students with no
                        previous experience in Japanese. This course will give the learner skills in
                        writing, reading, speaking and listening. Students will be able to read and write
                        Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji characters. The learner will also be exposed to
                        various cultural and thematic components. Some animated films will be studied
                        in this course. The ability to speak Japanese gives students a competitive edge
                        in today’s global marketplace and workplace.

Serious about Success                         A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE IN ACA
                Languages Other Than English
                      60% in               American Sign            American Sign            American Sign
                  Language Arts 9          Language 15              Language 25              Language 35                   

                      60% in
                  Language Arts 9           French 10-3Y             French 20-3Y             French 30-3Y

                      50% in
                                            French 10-9Y             French 20-9Y             French 30-9Y
                     French 9

                      60% in
                                           German 10-3Y             German 20-3Y              German 30-3Y
                  Language Arts 9

                      60% in                                       Japanese 20-3Y
                                          Japanese 10-3Y                                     Japanese 30-3Y
                  Language Arts 9

                      60% in               Spanish 10-3Y            Spanish 20-3Y             Spanish 30-3Y
                  Language Arts 9

                      50% in
                     Spanish 9             Spanish 10-6Y            Spanish 20-6Y             Spanish 30-6Y

                 Honours Program
                      70% in                                              French 20-9Y AP              French 30-9Y AP
                     French 9              French 10-9Y Honours
                                                                           French 20-9Y IB             French 30-9Y IB
                     75% in
                 Language Arts 9          Spanish 10-3Y Honours           Spanish 20-3Y IB            Spanish 30-3Y IB

                      75% in                                              Spanish 20-6Y AP             Spanish 30-6Y AP
                     Spanish 9            Spanish 10-6Y Honours
                                                                           Spanish 20-6Y IB            Spanish 30-6Y IB

           Spanish 10-3Y, 20-3Y & 30-3Y is intended for those students with little or
     no previous experience in Spanish. There is a focus on all four skills necessary
     to communicate in a new language: speaking, writing, listening, and reading.
     Familiarity with the many Spanish speaking countries is an important component
     and various media such as films, music, online resources and a variety of
     texts will be used to encourage cultural awareness. It is expected that, upon                               LANGUAGES
     completion of Spanish 30-3Y, students will be able to understand and produce                                OTHER THAN
     short, simple texts and/or conversations related to familiar contexts in the
     present, past and future                                                                                       ENGLISH
     *	    Honours	Spanish	10-3Y	will	lead	to	Spanish	20-3Y	IB	ab	initio	and	Spanish	
           30	IB	ab	initio.
           Spanish 10-6Y, 20-6Y, & 30-6Y is intended for those students who have
     completed Spanish 9 in junior high school. Students will continue to improve
     their abilities to receive and impart information, express their needs, emotions
     and personal perspectives. Various media such as films, music, online resources
     and a variety of texts will be used to enhance cultural awareness. It is expected
     that, upon completion of Spanish 30-6Y, students will be able to understand and
     produce more complex texts and/or conversations related to both concrete and
     abstract contexts in the present, past and future.
     *	    Honours	Spanish	10-6Y	will	lead	to	Spanish	20-6Y	AP	or	IB	and	Spanish	
           30-6Y	AP	or	IB
           Students taking an Honours program must take a language in Grade 10 to
     have the possibility of being an IB Diploma Candidate in their Grade 12 year.

H • Right Now...Explore The Horizon!
ADEMICS, ATHLETICS, & CITIZENSHIP                                                                   
                                         asper Place High School offers incredible programs for students, and in
                                         addition to the multitude of courses, there are a number of specialized
                                         courses and supports to assist students in being successful.

                                     Academic Alternative Grade 9 is a program for honours-level Grade 9
                                 students in a high school setting. Students take part in enriched Grade 9 courses
                                 in Math/Science/Language Arts/Social Studies, as well as Physical Education,
                                 a Computers class, and an option. Students also have the opportunity to take
                                 in the second semester.
                                       ACCESS is a Jasper Place designed program that allows students to shape
                                 their learning to their current needs with guidance from a school expert. This
                                 could mean a combination of correspondence courses together with regular
                                 classes, or it could mean a transition back into classes after a disruption. It also
                                 involves student tutoring, and diversifying the learning experience to best meet
                                 the needs of the individual while still working towards a high school diploma.
                                 Regular communication with teachers, students, and parents is to be anticipated,
                                 and student learning potential is uncovered.
                                 •     ACCESS Correspondence includes courses available to senior high
                                       school students that they can complete independently. They include the
                                       majority of Math, Science, English, and Social Studies courses, as well as
                                       a selection of CTS courses and CALM. Students must receive a referral
                                       from their assistant principal to participate in a correspondence course
                                       through ACCESS.
                                        ELL (English Language Learning)
                                       English Language Learning courses are offered to students whose primary
                                 languages are not English. While ELL students have much in common with other
                                 students, they often experience additional challenges when learning a new
                                 language and adapting to a new culture. The ELL program enables students to
                                 become more effective communicators through the study of English speaking,
                                 reading, writing, listening, and viewing. Students build the individual skills
                                 necessary for high school graduation requirements. A variety of teaching methods
                                 and resources are used in the ELL learning experience to improve these skills.
                                 All new ELL students are required to complete an English Language Learner
                                 assessment prior to enrolment at Jasper Place High School.
                                 •     ELL Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4 students may be enrolled in an ELL class (depending
                                       on their level of English language proficiency) to provide support in their
                                                                                     school subjects. Students
                                                                                     will use spoken/reading/
                                                                                     written English to establish
                                                                                     and maintain relationships,
                                                                                     gather/ interpret/communicate
                                                                                     information, explore/
                                                                                     respond to/extend ideas
                                                                                     and experiences, and make
                                                                                     decisions/solve problems/
                                                                                     plan & carry out projects.
                                                                                •    ELL English 10-2 and ELL
                        Jasper                                                       Social Studies 10-2 courses
                                                         Time                        will transition ELL students
                        Place                                                        into mainstream programs
                                                                                     which will lead to toward a
                                                                                     high school diploma. Once
                                                                                     a student has achieved
                                                                                     proficiency in English, courses
                                                                                     in Math, Science, CTS, CALM
                                                                                     and Physical Education will

     Now                                                                             also be studied to support the
                                                                                     successful completion a high
                                                                                     school diploma. The goal of
                                                                                     all educational programming
                                                                                     at Jasper Place High School
                                                                                     is to properly prepare the
                                         Right                                       student for long-term success

                                                                                     in post-secondary studies and
                                                                                     the world of work.

                        DIVERSITY OF PROGRAMMING
Serious about Success                                 A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE IN ACA
            International Students
           Jasper Place High School offers a welcoming, multicultural atmosphere to
     students from around the world. International students who attend our school
     and study in an English speaking environment enjoy a wide variety of program
     choices. Following their high school studies, many of these students choose                                                 
     to continue their education at universities in North America. Many are enrolled
     at JP to experience a Canadian learning environment and to become proficient
     in English. International students receive support while being integrated into
     mainstream programming and experience all that our high school has to offer.
     •     ELL Learning Strategies 15 is designed for International and ELL students
           preparing for post secondary studies. Although students will receive support
           in all subject areas through the use of instructional and learning strategies
           including effective writing, homework and study skills, self advocacy,
           organizational skills and time management, emphasis will be placed on test
           preparation for the writing of post secondary entrance exams (TOEFL). It
           is crucial that students in this course have strong English language support
           at home.
           Off-Campus Education is a partnership among schools, employers and
     students that supports and enhances student learning. The learning experiences
     provided allow students to expand pathways into the workplace and to explore                The greatest discovery of any
     career interests and abilities.                                                             generation is that a human
     •     Work Experience 15–25–35 is a sequence of courses is available to senior              being can alter his life by
           high school students 15 years of age or older. Students work with an employer         altering his attitude.
           to complete individually defined learning experiences. One credit is earned                     - William James
           for each 25 hours of experience. Students enrolled in Work Experience
           Courses may be paid by the employer at the employer’s discretion.
     •     Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) is a program in which students
           spend part of their time in school and part of their time in industry as registered
           apprentices in one of Alberta’s 50 designated trades. Students enrolled in
           the Registered Apprenticeship Program are paid by their employers.
           Special Education
           Students with special education needs, including those with mild, moderate
     and severe disabilities, and those who are gifted and talented, require specialized
     learning opportunities in order to receive an education that is consistent with
     their identified learning needs. Most students with special education needs are
     placed in regular classrooms and are provided with programming, supports and
     services to meet their individual needs throughout the school day. All students
     with identified needs require an individualized program plan (IPP). An IPP is a
     plan of action with meaningful and measurable goals that identifies your specific
     strengths, needs and current level of performance. The IPP also explains what
     you will be learning and the strategies used to support your learning. Knowledge
     and Employability (K & E) are a series of courses rather than a program. K & E
     courses are designed for the student who learns best when the focus is on the
     development and application of reading, writing and mathematical literacy and
     when meaningful connections are made between the home, school, workplace
     and community through experiential learning experiences. Students who
     successfully complete Knowledge and Employability courses may qualify for a
     Certificate of High School Achievement. Students and parents receive assistance
     in registering for this program.
           PASS (Programming for Academic Student Success) is a Grade 10
     program primarily designed to advance students more than one grade level
     during the course of the school year. It is intended for students who have not
     successfully completed Grade 9, but have the potential to complete Grade 10.
     This fast-tracking series of courses allows students to effectively progress as
     they cover regular Grade 10 curriculum in core subjects, with supports through
     Learning Strategies and Reading courses. Applications will be available for
     students who make a commitment to this program.
     •      Learning Strategies 15, 25, & 35 is a sequence of courses available
           to students who need assistance in high school courses. Supports may
           include time management training, study skills, organizational development,
           and homework structure. Learning Strategies courses are open to any
     •      Reading 15 is designed to build reading skills, as success in reading
           comprehension is closely linked with high school success. It is only offered
           as part of the PASS program, and is part of the fast-track for students to
           complete Grade 10 in this program.

G • Right Now…Right For You!
ADEMICS, ATHLETICS, & CITIZENSHIP                                                             
Beyond High School Right now…if you build it…

                       The majority of high school students still are not sure what they want to
                  do when they are completed high school, and they are apprehensive about the
                  unfamiliar world out there. We are here to help you! Student Services and our
                  Career Centre encourage students to set goals and research careers as they
                  discover their skills, talents, and areas of interest. We assist you in setting your
                  courses for high school completion and post secondary applications, as well as
                  work experience recommendations and course flexibility. We also offer scholarship
                  information sessions, honours sessions, Cool Jobs series every Thursday at
                  lunchtime, early acceptance registration for post secondary institutions, job
                  shadow days, organized visits to MacEwan College/NAIT/U of A, programming
                  conferences with all Grade 10 students and parents, and many more opportunities
                  to provide you with the opportunity to plan for your future.

                         Career Directions/Transitions is a Jasper Place initiative that was developed
                  in response to student reactions that they needed more guidance in preparing
                  for life beyond high school. It is designed to assist individual students to meet
                  their growth and developmental needs—educational, personal, social and career
                  – as they discover their own learning style, aptitude of skills and talents, and
                  career potential. Students complete aspects of Career Directions/Transitions at
                  each grade level, and contribute to the portfolio they take with them at the end of
                  Grade 12. Try out with the user name: jasperplace and
                  the password: careers to discover more about what you can do.
                         CALM (Career & Life Management) is a mandated course that enables
                  students to make informed decisions in all aspects of their lives and to develop
                  behaviors and attitudes that contribute to the well being and respect of self and
                  others. Concepts include self awareness and careers, independent living, and
                  well being and human sexuality. Students will be engaged through a variety of
                  expert guest speakers and dynamic discussions. CALM at JP also includes two
                  1-credit modules that contribute to Career investigations.
Starting Off on the Right Track

      High School is a whole new experience, and when you are moving from a
comfortable junior high that you know into a large high school that is unfamiliar,
it can be an overwhelming experience! That is one of the reasons Jasper Place
offers so many ways for you to get involved in the school! We are known for our
athletics and student leadership programs, but you should be aware that there
are opportunities for every student to be connected with our school. You should
also know that the connections you make with clubs, teams, and student activities
will be the memories you have of your high school years! And one of the really
great things about our school is that there is a group that has the same interest
as you…and if there isn’t , then come and see us so we can start one!
      Here are some of the ways you can be involved in Jasper Place High
Student Leadership
      The reality is one day students from JP are going to be in job interviews
where they are asked, "Why should we hire you?" or "What do you have to offer
our company?" They have a huge advantage if they can say that in high school
they were part of the Jasper Place Leadership Team and that in Grade 10 they
helped organize a community Halloween party and served as an ambassador
at the REB basketball tournament. In Grade 11 they may have helped with the
Salvation Army Operation Christmas Child Shoebox campaign and helped organize
a party at a local daycare. Then in Grade 12 they may have helped with Award's
Night and the annual book drive.
      Every student at JP is part of the Student Leadership program - they do not
have to sign up or join. It is a project based program and students are invited
to attend on a drop in basis around their schedules. Upcoming projects and
activities are discussed at each meeting and students can sign up to help out
on those activities that interest them. All students are encouraged to participate
in a minimum of TWO activities a year. This information should then be added
to a student's portfolio.
      More opportunities to get involved:
              Badminton                                Indoor Soccer
                 Band                           Daycare & Senior Facilities
               Basketball                        JP Ambassador Program
           3 on 3 Basketball                            JP Greetings
          Battle of the Bands                          Math Contests
              Book Drive                        Operation Christmas Child
           Cardboard Boats                             (CHAT boxes)
        Cheer team/Pom Team                          Principal Advisory
                 Chess                                      REB
                 Choir                                     Rowing
            Citadel Theatre                                Rugby
      Community Halloween Party                            Skiing
       Cross Country/Bloomsday                         Skills Canada
                Curling                                    Soccer
             Debate Team                            Student Leadership
              Dodge-ball                                 Swim team
        Drama/ Performing Arts                   Terry Fox Run for Cancer
            Fashion Show                           Touch of Class Day
             Floor Hockey                              Tower Studios
                Football                              Track and Field
                  Golf                                     Travel
             Grad Council                                UN Debate
         Grade 10 Orientation                             Volleyball
           Guitar Ensemble                               Water Polo
               Handball                                   Wrestling
            Honours AP/IB                                 Yearbook

Summer School
     Jasper Place High School will be offering summer school in July 2009 for
Jasper Place students. Students indicate an interest in course selection when
pre-registration takes place in April.
                                                Student Achievement                                                                                      Career Focused Education
  Top Reasons                                   • 98% course completion rate for 2007-
                                                                                                                                                         •    Career Directions program prepares
                                                                                                                                                              students for post-secondary success
                                                • 93% of students meet the acceptable                                                                    •    “Cool Jobs” presentations by community
    to be at                                      standard in diploma courses                                                                                 professionals offered every Thursday
                                                • 1 out of every 4 students meet the standard                                                            •    Mentorship and internship opportunities
                                                  of excellence in diploma courses                                                                            with university professors and business
  Jasper Place                                  • Provincial, national, and international                                                                     leaders
                                                  recognition for excellence in teaching                                                                 •    Career Centre provides links to careers,
                                                                                                                                                              scholarships, and post-secondary
  High School                                   • Second highest Math results on national
                                                  and international competitions                                                                              programs

                                                                                                         Honours Programs
                                                                                                         • Advanced Placement
                                                                                                           • Course offerings in all core subject areas and numerous elective courses
                                                                                                           • Only school that offers university level calculus and statistics
                                                                                                         • International Baccalaureate
                                                                                                           • Full diploma programme
                                                                                                           • Only school to offer Film Studies
                                                                                                         • Results in both programs are consistently above world averages
                                                                                                         • Students can combine courses from AP and IB programs
                                                                                                         • Honours student conference with business leaders regular event

Computer Technologies                                                                                                                                Student Leadership
• Largest variety of Computer                                                                                                                        •       Student Leadership program provides
  Programming, Robotics and Hypermedia                                                                                                                       all students with opportunities for
  Technologies offered in Edmonton                                                                                                                           service in the community
• Links with University of Alberta, N.A.I.T.,                                                                                                        •       Participation enhances post-secondary
  and MacEwan computer studies                                                                                                                               scholarship applications
  programs                                                                                                                                           •       National award recognitions for student
• University level computer studies                                                                                                                          leadership & community service
  courses                                                                                                                                                    initiatives
• International recognition for student                                                                                                              •       Outstanding citizenship skill
  designed web sites                                                                                                                                         development and character education

                                                                                                Career & Technology
                                                                                                • Largest number of C.T.S. program
                                                                                                  choices in Edmonton
                                                                                                • Provincial & national recognitions for
                                                                                                  achievement - Skills Alberta/Skills
                                                                                                • Extensive Work Experience and
                                                                                                  Registered Apprenticeship programs
                                                                                                • New offerings in Fashion Studies and
                                                                                                  Honours Courses

Fine Arts & International                                                                            Student Programming
  Languages                                                                                          •    Individualized programs for students at all levels
• Highly regarded art program, including                                                             •    ACCESS support for student programming
  Advanced Placement scholars                                                                        •    Supports for students include advisor teachers, counsellors, administrators,
• Largest guitar program in the province;                                                                 mentors, and peer tutors
  complements Band and Choral                                                                        •    On-line registration for post-secondary study
  classes                                                                                            •    Student scholarships from University of Alberta, Rutherford, Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary,
• Drama theatre productions/technical                                                                     Alberta Great Kids Award, Millennium Scholarship and many more
  theatre training                                                                                   •    Individual student portfolios provide support for scholarships
• International language courses
  (Spanish, Japanese, German, French,
  American Sign Language)

                                                                                                • History of excellence in athletics
                                                                                                • Elite athlete programming to accommodate
                                                                                                  training and competition schedules
                                                                                                • International basketball (REB)
                                                                                                • Newly expanded Fitness Centre staffed by
                                                                                                  an athletic therapist and personal trainers
                                                                                                • Sports Medicine and Sports Performance
                                                                                                • Specialized soccer programming for club
                                                                                                  and team players

                                                      We are . . . Serious about Success!
          My High School Plan
  To assist you in planning your high school program,
        the form below provides spaces for the
              courses you are considering.

                               Grade 10
                   COURSE NAME                                                          LEVEL                    CREDITS

Social Studies
Physical Education
                    Total (Should total 40 credits or more)

                               Grade 11
                 COURSE NAME                                                           LEVEL                     CREDITS

Social Studies
                    Total (Should total 35 credits or more)

                               Grade 12
                 COURSE NAME                                                           LEVEL                     CREDITS

Social Studies
Grade 12 Course:
Grade 12 Course:
                    Total (Should total 30 credits or more)

               Jasper Place High School
                                                                   Day A                             Day B

       Block 0 8:05 - 8:55

          9:00 - 10:20                                                  1                                1

                                                                        2                                2
       10:27 - 11:53

       11:53 - 12:37                                                          Lunch Break

                                                                        3                                3
       12:37 - 1:57

                                                                        4                                4
       2:04 - 3:24
             * Block 0 is offered for select classes only. The general start time for most students is 9:00 am

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