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By William Shakespeare
Directed by Michael Grandage

Resource pack: David Wheeler

“If you believe no-one is born bad, that it’s
the world that makes them bad, then
Richard III becomes a fascinating play
about the human condition.”
Michael Grandage, Director

13 March - 10 April 2002
A Sheffield Theatres Production
                           Richard III
                           Resource Pack

Richard III is the final part of
four plays in Shakespeare’s
minor tetralogy of English
history: it concludes a dramatic
chronicle which comprises
Henry VI: Parts I, II & III.
                                                                                                      Robert Demeger

Plot breakdown:
Act one                                             Act four
Richard, the Yorkist Duke of Gloucester,            By this time, Richard has alienated even          All this divided York
has not stopped plotting since the defeat of        his own mother (the Duchess of York),
Henry VI. He conspires to play his brothers,        who curses him as a bloody tyrant. Richard        and Lancaster,
Edward (now King Edward IV) and George,             realises people believe that the young
against each other in an attempt to gain the        Edward has a stronger claim to the throne         Divided in their dire division.
crown for himself. By insinuating charges           than him. He decides the young princes
of treason against George, Richard has              locked away in the Tower of London must be
                                                                                                      O, now let Richmond
him arrested. He also shamelessly pursues           disposed of. Buckingham, until now Richard’s      and Elizabeth,
Lady Anne, widow of the murdered Prince             devoted ally, refuses to carry out the murder,
of Wales, in the midst of King Henry VI’s           turns against him and flees. Now Richard -        The true succeeders
funeral procession. Richard has arranged for        conveniently a widower after the suspicious       of each royal house,
George, Duke of Clarence to be murdered             demise of Anne - moves to consolidate his
while imprisoned in the Tower, and so it            position by planning to marry the late King       By God’s fair ordinance
stands that Richard will serve as Protector         Edward’s daughter, his niece. Queen
whilst Edward’s son (also named Edward)             Elizabeth, Edward’s widow, at first refusing
                                                                                                      conjoin together,
comes of age.                                       and then seemingly giving in to pressure,         And let their heirs, God,
                                                    makes Richard believe that she agrees to
Act two
                                                    the marriage.                                     if thy will be so,
King Edward IV, who is critically ill at the
beginning of the play, dies. The Prince of
                                                    Richmond, at this point in the action, is         Enrich the time to come
                                                    bringing over an army from France to wage
Wales and his younger brother are brought
                                                    war against Richard. Buckingham, being out        with smooth-fac’d peace,
to London for the coronation. Richard moves
                                                    of favour with the king, pledges his
against Edward’s loyalist lords, Rivers and
                                                    allegiance to Richmond. However,
                                                                                                      With smiling plenty and
Grey, who are first imprisoned and then
                                                    Buckingham is captured when his army is           fair prosperous days!
                                                    thrown into disarray by floods. Richmond,
                                                                                                      Richmond, Richard III (5.5)
Act three                                           who has undergone his own troubles
                                                    crossing the English Channel, finally lands
In order to ‘protect’ them, Richard has
                                                    his army and advances towards London.
the two princes kept in the Tower of
London. Then, with the aid of Buckingham            Act five
(a declared staunch ally), Richard declares
                                                    Richard has Buckingham executed.
Edward IV’s offspring to be technically
                                                    The two armies encamp at Bosworth Field,
illegitimate. In an arranged public display,
                                                    and the night before the battle the ghost
Buckingham offers the throne of England to
                                                    of Henry VI visits both Richard (vilifying him)
Richard, who is at first ‘reluctant’ then finally
                                                    and Richmond (inspiring him). The spirits of
accepts. Hastings is imprisoned and
                                                    others that Richard has murdered also visit
                                                    the two men. Richard’s supporters conspire
                                                    against him. At Bosworth, the battle turns
                                                    drastically against Richard and he is
                                                    unhorsed in the combat. Richmond finds
                                                    him, and the two of them clash with swords.
                                                    Richmond prevails and slays Richard, to
                                                    be crowned as King Henry VII there on the
                                                    field of battle. This is the founding of the
                                                    Tudor line of kings and the end of the War
                                                    of the Roses.
                            Richard III
                            Resource Pack

Richard Durden, Danny Webb, Gerard Horan           Claire Price                      Robert Demeger, Kenneth Branagh,
                                                                                     Jimmy Yuill, Avril Elgar

Key historical figures:                                                     Some useful historic terms:
Edward IV, King of England                                                  Wars of the Roses

Son of Duke of York and his Duchess, Cicely Neville. Crushed the            Beginning in 1455, the English families known as the Houses of
armies of Henry VI in 1460. Defeated Lancastrians, 1461 at Towton.          York and Lancaster fought for the English crown. Their battles were
Attacked by Earl of Warwick, Clarence and Queen Margaret, 1470.             called the Wars of the Roses, because the Yorkists’ symbol was a
Killed Warwick in battle and captured Margaret, after killing her son       white rose and the Lancastrians’ a red one. By 1471, it seemed the
Edward. Imprisoned and executed brother Clarence in 1478 -                  House of York had a firm grip on the throne with the reign of Edward
probably not, as in the play, because of pressure from Richard.             IV. The white rose appeared to have won. But the wars continued
                                                                            when, in April 1483, Edward died unexpectedly.
George, Duke of Clarence
(1449-78)                                                                   Plantagenet
Brother of King Edward and Richard III. Married to Richard’s queen’s        The line of English kings, from Henry II (1154) to the death
sister, Isabel Neville. Fought with father-in-law the Earl of Warwick for   of King Richard III (1485).
deposed King Henry VI against Edward IV. Deserted Warwick for
Edward IV in 1471. Imprisoned and reported to have been drowned
in Tower of London by Edward.                                               English dynasty descended from Owen Tudor (died 1461), and ruling
                                                                            from 1485 to 1603. Rulers of the Tudor line were Henry VII, Henry
Richard                                                                     VIII, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I.

Duke of Gloucester. Brother of Edward, later King Richard III.
Eleventh child of Richard, Duke of York, and Cicely Neville. Fought
honourably for Edward IV against Lancastrians. As protector of his
                                                                            Points for discussion
nephew Edward V, Richard placed him in the Tower of London.
His son Edward died, 1484. Lost to Earl of Richmond (Henry VII)             Before you see the performance:
at Bosworth Field in August 1485.                                           1. What image do you have of Richard III as a person?
Elizabeth, Queen of England                                                 2. What expectations do you have of this production?
                                                                            3. What does the publicity suggest to you about the style
Married Edward IV in secret in 1464. Took sanctuary when Richard               of the production?
became Protector. Was distrusted and poorly treated by both Richard
                                                                            4 If you are studying the play, what are you looking for
and daughter’s husband Henry VII (Richmond).
                                                                              in this production?
Duke of Buckingham
                                                                            After you have seen the play:
Allied with Richard, assisting him to arrest Rivers, Vaughan and Grey
after Edward IV’s death. Rebelled against Richard in 1483, lost his         1. Has your view of Richard changed in any way as a result
army and was captured and beheaded at Salisbury. Married to Queen              of the production?
Elizabeth’s sister, Catherine Woodville.                                    2. Were your expectations about this production met?
Lady Anne                                                                   3. What, for you, was the most memorable moment in the play?

Younger daughter of Earl of Warwick. Widow of Edward
(Prince of Wales, son of Henry and Margaret), later wife of Richard.

Widow of Henry VI, former Queen of England. Shakespeare
represents her alive up until Bosworth in 1485.
Earl of Richmond

Henry Tudor and son of Edmund Tudor. Exiled to France during
reign of Edward IV. Returned to defeat Richard in 1485.
Later becomes King Henry VII.
Richard III
Resource pack
, This pack has been written as a general resource for
    audiences visiting the production, as well as students
    studying Drama, Theatre Studies and English Literature.
, Each of the four booklets provides both background
    and production-specific information.
, The pack is designed mainly for post-performance use,
    with some pre-performance tasks in this outer folder.
    For those studying the play and for general audience
    members, each folder contains points for discussion.
, Each section contains selected web links for further
    research and information.

The play (outer folder) - introduction and background: including plot
breakdown, key historical players, family tree and timeline.
With Richard III company photographs and credits.
Historical Interpretation & Tragedy - the true history of Richard III;
why Shakespeare chose to interpret history; Tragedy; parallels between
Richard III and Macbeth.
Staging - Director, Michael Grandage talks about aspects of the
production, including Richard’s disability, cutting the text and casting;
visual comparison of Globe and Crucible Theatres; Composer, Julian
Philips on interpreting Shakespeare into music.
Interviews - talking to four actors about their work; rehearsing and
performing Shakespeare’s Richard III.
Please work with the pack as it best suits you; you are free to
photocopy for use within your school/college/home.
We hope you find the pack to be an interesting and meaningful
resource. It is part of Sheffield Theatres’ ongoing programme to
make theatre interesting and accessible to all.
Please let us know what you and/or your students make of the pack.
Please fill in the feedback sheet provided or send your comments to:
Education Department, Sheffield Theatres, 55 Norfolk St, Sheffield S1
1DA or Email:

best wishes,
David Wheeler.

Resource pack: David Wheeler Edited by: Sophie Hunter
Rehearsal photographs: Gareth James for 7th Heaven.
Model of set design: Christopher Oram.
For their help and contributions, I would like to thank, Director Michael Grandage, Designer
Christopher Oram, Composer Julian Philips, Richard III acting company, Karen Simpson
 - Sheffield Theatres Education Department, Sheffield Theatres staff, Iris Associates,
The Production Company and Sheffield teachers Irene Warburton and Kevin Murray.

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                                 Richard III
                                 Resource Pack

Events                                                  Shakespeare’s life                                 Theatre and arts; people and events
1485        Death of King Richard III,
            last of the Plantagenets

1534        Henry VIII breaks with Rome and                                                                1519   Leonardo da Vinci dies

            declares himself to be head
            of the Church of England

1536        Anne Boleyn executed for treason
            Henry VIII marries Jane Seymour

1537        Elizabeth declared a bastard

                                                                                                           1543   Thomas More’s History
                                                                                                                  of King Richard the Thirde is published
1547        Henry VIII dies Edward VI crowned

1553        Mary I crowned

1558        Elizabeth I crowned                                                                            1558   Thomas Kyd born

                                                        1564     Born in Stratford-upon-Avon, eldest son   1564   Christopher Marlowe born
                                                                 of John and Mary Shakespeare

1568        Mary Queen of Scots taken
            prisoner by Elizabeth I
                                                                                                           1572   Ben Jonson born
                                                                                                           1573   Caravaggio born in Caprese, Italy
                                                                                                                  Inigo Jones born
                                                                                                           1576   First public theatre built in London
1577        Francis Drake sets off                                                                         1577   Holinshed Chronicles of England
            on round the world voyage                                                                             and Ireland published

                                                        1582     Marries Anne Hathaway of Shottery,        1580   Palladio (architect) dies
                                                                 near Stratford-upon-Avon

                                                        1585-92 Lives in London

1587        Mary Queen of Scots executed
1588        The Spanish Armada defeated

                                                                                                           1589   Marlowe writes The Jew of Malta
                                                                                                                  (published 1633)
                                                        1590-4   Writes 1-3 Henry VI, Richard III,
                                                                 King John, The Comedy of Errors,
                                                                 Two Gentlemen of Verona, The Taming
                                                                 of the Shrew and Titus Andronicus

1592        Plague of London closes Theatres                                                               1592   Marlowe writes Doctor Faustus

                                                        1594-5   Becomes a shareholder in                  1594   The True Tragedie of Richard III
                                                                 The Lord Chamberlain’s Men,                      published, unknown author.
                                                                 acting company. Writes Romeo and                 Thomas Kyd dies
                                                                 Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
                                                                 and other plays

                                                        1596     Father John granted Coat of Arms.         1596   Descartes born
                                                                 Son (Hamnet) dies, aged 11                       (mathematician & philosopher)

                                                                                                           1599   Globe Theatre built

1601        Essex is beheaded after attempt             1601     Father dies
            to overthrow Elizabeth I

                                                        1602     Probably writes Othello

1603        Death of Queen Elizabeth I.                 1603+    His company The Lord Chamberlain’s
            James I crowned                                      Men granted the patronage of James I
                                                                 as The King’s Men, performing about
                                                                 12 plays each year

                                                        1605/6   Shakespeare writes Macbeth                1605   Ben Jonson writes Valpone
                                                                                                           1606   Rembrandt born

                                                        1609     The King’s Men begin performing           1608   John Milton born
                                                                 indoors at Blackfriars Theatre, London

                                                        1613     Writes Henry VIII.                        1613   Globe Theatre burns down

                                                        1616     Shakespeare dies on his birthday,
                                                                 buried in Holy Trinity church,

1618        Sir Walter Raleigh executed for treason.
            30 Years War begins

Iris Associates Communication Design t. 0114 270 3500
The Cast
Richard III by William Shakespeare
(in order of speaking)

Richard                                      Kenneth Branagh         (1)
Clarence                                            Gerard Horan     (2)
Brackenbury                                         Andy Hockley     (3)
Hastings                                              Jimmy Yuill    (4)
Lady Anne                                             Claire Price   (5)
Rivers/Lord Mayor                                    Robert East     (6)
Grey/Richmond                                      Gideon Turner     (7)
Queen Elizabeth                                     Phyllis Logan    (8)
Buckingham                                           Danny Webb      (9)
Derby                                         Robert Demeger (10)
Margaret                                       Barbara Jefford (11)
Dorset                                             William Rycroft (12)
Catesby                                             Michael Jenn (13)
Lovel                                     Jonathan McGuinness (14)
Tyrrel                                              Mark Bonnar (15)
Edward IV/Bishop of Ely                        Richard Durden (16)
Duchess of York                                        Avril Elgar (17)
Duke of York                                        John Tierney (18)
                                               & Elliot Jeffcock (19)
Prince Edward                                      Ryan Sampson (20)
Ratcliffe                                            Tom Mullion (21)

Director                                     Michael Grandage
Designer                                     Christopher Oram
Lighting Designer                                    Tim Mitchell
Composer                                            Julian Philips
Fight Director                                         Terry King
Casting Director                                      Toby Whale
Assistant Director                                  Nikolai Foster
Chaperone                                           Gaynor Watts
Stage Manager                                          Di Stalker
Deputy Stage Manager                                  Kath Bools
Assistant Stage Manager                        Emma Cameron

1           2        3         4     5         6             7

8           9        10       11     12       13             14

15          16       17       18     19       20             21

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