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									                                                                Rebecca Renfro-Conn                                           Hall of Fame Member # 49

                                    This is My ISAGENIX Weight Loss Story
   Hi ! I’m Rebecca Renfro-
   Conn and I’m so
   EXCITED ! . . . I just
   have to share this with
   everyone !

   I’m finally losing that
   stubborn FAT ! I went on
   the ISAGENIX 9-Day
   Cleansing, Replenishing
   and Revitalizing program
   and was blown away with
   my results. I lost 11
   pounds and 23 inches in
   just 9 days. My energy
   has gone sky high and
   I feel fantastic !
                                                                                         BEFORE                                                          AFTER

   I still have a lot more fat to lose to reach my goal. I’m continuing to cycle through another 9-Day program.
   So far - I have lost 23 pounds and down three dress sizes. YEA !
   I was always a fat chubby kid, teased at school, never feeling quite good enough. I hid my feelings with food
   and over the years, I blossomed to a hefty 190 pounds. I have tried every diet and weight loss program from
   A to Z, only to fail time and time again. I was on a treadmill - spending 20 years losing the same 20 pounds.
   ISAGENIX is AMAZING. Nothing I ever tried has worked like ISAGENX. This is the first time I have broken
   the plateau barrier and finally dropped below. I am now on the road to success and a brand new me -
   thanks to the ISAGENIX Cleansing and Fat-Burning System.
   Am I EXCITED ? You bet I am. I look forward to every week watching my new body emerge from layers of
   FAT . . . clean and revitalized. Friends and family are noticing the difference. I’m getting compliments about
   how great I look. My clothes fit better. I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 10 and still going down. I have
   tremendous energy and I feel good about myself.
   When I first looked into the ISAGENIX Cleansing System, I wasn’t looking for a business opportunity. I had
   more than enough to keep me busy. I just wanted to lose weight . . . but then others started asking me what
   I was doing ? I just say “I’m doing ISAGENIX and it’s making a huge difference in my life”. Then I tell them
   my story.
   I am thrilled to have found this wonderful company. Thank you John Anderson and thanks also to Mike,
   Carole and Peter for your support.
   I wish you all much success and happiness,

   Rebecca Renfro-Conn
   Philomath, OR

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