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					New Appointments
New Chaplain for the Deaf Church
Women and the Church
Abolition of Slavery

                               on the
                               Outreach on the
                               Cathedral Green
    Keith Baldry, Sally Kimmis
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                                                               Cover Story: Life on the Beach
   Does your church building work for your                     Christians from various churches and the
   mission, buzz with life and celebrate its                   Cathedral in Exeter are joining together to
   architectural heritage?                                     explore and share the love of God, as seen in
   Or is it an under-used financial drain?                     Jesus Christ, through imaginative presentation,
   We can help unlock the potential in                         generous hospitality and sensitive
   your property assets                                        conversation.

   Our company enjoys the unique combination                   Look out for puppets, singers, mime artists,
   of Christian vocation and professional                      jugglers, bands, beat boxers and competitions;
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   in identifying and achieving the right solution
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                                                               Mark Rylands

                       Lent 2006 at St David’s, Exeter
I always approach the season of Lent with a certain amount of trepidation and, with the passing of the
years, this feeling is growing, not diminishing. I think it is, maybe, about no longer being able to find excuses
for not addressing spiritual issues/worries/doubts – the deeper parts of my being. Lent comes and I can’t
say, “My life is far too busy to think about that” or “that can wait until another time”.
Each week in Lent a visiting speaker helped a group of us to focus on God’s call. Being able to be part of
these Monday evening Lent sevices at St Davids has been a gift - five hours in Lent when I can do what I
have been putting off for such a long time – thinking deeply.
The call of God – what has God created me to be? - five evenings in which we find a “holy space” to think
and pray about the call of God. This was the title of the 2006 St. David’s Lent evenings. What a challenge
this was and is! John Powell’s powerful words, printed in the Lent leaflet, says it all, “No one else can speak
my message, or sing my song, or offer my act of love. These are entrusted only to me.”
The songs sung and messages spoken by the five invited speakers were varied and personal. John Searle’s
very moving account of how God has used his gifts, as a doctor, priest and lately as a personal fitness
trainer, in different ways at different stages of his life spoke to me strongly and forced me to look at where
I am now with my own challenging job.
The music and words, so sensitively chosen, filled my “holy space” with beauty and peace and reinforced
how God-given creative gifts are. The prayer stations, positioned all around the church, enabled me to
reflect on my own, but with others. I was able to think about what God’s gifts to me are and, probably
most importantly, am I listening to what God is trying to say to me?
Imogen Walsh
       Parish Development Questions
                                                            The Abolition of
    I find it hard to argue the truth                       Slavery 1807-2007
    of the Christian faith. What can                  There was much debate at General Synod in February, as
    help?                                             many readers may have seen through ‘The Church Times’.
                                                      The debate centred on the involvement in the Church
    In years gone by, people in Britain held
                                                      of England with slavery, given the bicentennial of the
    heated debates about what was ‘true’ in the
                                                      abolition of slavery within the British Empire by William
    Christian religion. That’s how we got our
                                                      Wilberforce and others is next year.
    different denominations – it really mattered
    whether you had bishops or whether you            I have been a member and fundraiser for Anti-Slavery
    baptised babies. People parted company            International for many years (the successor to the
    over such issues, because establishing ‘the       Anti-Slavery Society). It staggers me how any Christian
    truth’ in religion was very important.            Church could have been involved. One example is that
    Times have changed. People in Britain are         the forerunner to the USPG had slaves and had them
    not arguing much over whether issues              branded “SOCIETY”. Following the abolition of slavery
    regarding religion are ‘true’. Mostly they ask,   the then-Bishop of Exeter received hundreds of pounds
    ‘Does it work? Does it solve my problems?’        in recompense!
    Yes, it’s a deficient question. We are in great
                                                      Well, you may say, that was a long time ago. Sadly there
    peril if we only ask whether particular
                                                      are now more slaves in the world than when they were
    spiritual beliefs ‘work’. But unless we answer
                                                      abolished. There is probably no country in the world
    the questions people are asking, we will
                                                      where slavery does not exist – including our own!
    never get on to the questions they are not
    asking.                                           Anti-Slavery International achieves a lot by petitioning
    The primary challenge for the church in           governments and having field workers all over the world.
    our culture is to be different, not to talk       However it is very limited and is always looking for more
    different. People are likely to come to faith     members and funds. So why not become a member
    when they experience the shared life of           (to find out more, if you have access to a computer, the
    the people of God, see other people being         website is www.antislavery.org or phone their South
    changed by the gospel, begin to see their         London Head Office on 020 7501 8920) and get your
    own lives affected by it – and then ask, ‘So      Church to donate the collection on William Wilberforce
    what is it all about? What does it mean?’         Day (and annually) which this year is on Sunday 30th July.
                                                      Anti-Slavery International is the world’s oldest human
    That is today’s opportunity to talk. And we       rights organisation.
    will find that it is no longer about arguing,
    but about explaining – explaining what has        Graham Martin
    been true for us and pointing people to           Server, Exeter Cathedral and All Saints, Exmouth
    the wider truths of the Christian faith. It is
    being ready to answer the questions that are
    thrown up by the way we live. And if no-one
    is asking us the questions, we need to ask          Write Your Life Story
    ourselves why our church life is not different       Let an experienced writing partner help you
    enough to provoke them.                                produce as many copies of an illustrated
                                                          volume as you choose to delight family and
    David Muir                                                             friends.
    Diocesan Parish Development Advisor
                                                           Contact Christine Holmes, 01647 440113,
    You can debate and discuss David Muir’s                    christineholmes@freenet.co.uk
    articles on the Diocesan website at:                 Bound Biographies - recording your past for
    www.exeter.anglican.org/forums                                       the future
The Mission to Seafarers

Exciting, challenging, romantic. These are all words that a life
on the ocean waves bring to mind. But lonely, dangerous
and poorly paid is sometimes more accurate.

Ships can be a tough workplace, as well as taking
seafarers far from home, family and friends.
The Mission to Seafarers offers a listening ear,
friendship and spiritual support to thousands
of seafarers worldwide as well as practical
help in justice and welfare cases.

We are a mission agency of the Church of
England and depend entirely on donations
to do this work so please remember
seafarers this year and especially on
Sea Sunday July 9.

To donate online or for more information on our
150th anniversary events, please visit
www.missiontoseafarers.org or contact:

The Mission to Seafarers,
St. Michael Paternoster Royal,
College Hill, London EC4R 2RL
Tel: 020 7248 5202
Fax: 020 7248 4761
Email: pr@missiontoseafarers.org
Registered Charity No. 212432

New Appointments in the Diocese
Cyprus and the Gulf Appointments                         care of anyone in the Diocese with a hearing loss.
                                                         This will include offering opportunities for worship,
Ian Young, Archdeacon Emeritus (remaining
                                                         pastoral care and evangelistic outreach in sign
Chaplain at Qatar); Steve Collis, Archdeacon in
                                                         language (BSL). She will also be an ‘advocate’ for
Cyprus (as well as Dean of St Paul’s Nicosia); Alan
                                                         Deaf and hard-of-hearing people within their own
Hayday, Archdeacon in the Gulf (as well as Dean of
                                                         church and community as well as advising diocesan
St Christopher’s Bahrain).
                                                         clergy and staff. Catherine will be licensed for her
                                                         new role on 19th June in Sandford.
Hat-trick for Exeter Cathedral
                                                         There are 3 Deaf Churches in Devon
Canon Neil Collings, Treasurer at Exeter Cathedral,
                                                         – in Plymouth, Torquay and Exeter – which meet
has been appointed as the next Dean of St
                                                         monthly for worship and at other times for
                                                         fellowship or for evangelistic courses such as Alpha.
Uniquely, Exeter Cathedral has now provided three        Additionally, there is a monthly interpreted service
members of its Chapter as Deans of other English         at St Paul’s, Tiverton. One of the challenges of the
cathedrals in rapid succession (Keith Jones to York,     role is to explore what the Church of England has
2004, and David Ison to Bradford, 2005).                 to offer Deaf people in north and mid-Devon.
Speaking about his appointment, Canon Collings           The office base for Catherine’s work will be in our
says: “After seven years in Exeter, I shall greatly      new office at The Old Deanery.
miss all the people I have come to know, my
                                                         The new Chaplain with Deaf People in Devon
colleagues, the Diocese and my native Devon. My
                                                         comes to us with many gifts, a passion for those
work as Canon Treasurer here means that I look
                                                         who are left out and an enthusiasm for all that
after stones – the fabric of the Cathedral – and ‘the
                                                         she does. Catherine will need our prayers,
living stones’, the people. Thank you to everyone in
                                                         encouragement and care in this demanding dual
the Diocese for all their prayers and support over
these gloriously happy years.
“I am thrilled to be called to serve the Cathedral       New dual-role for the Bishop of
at Bury which is both a beacon for Suffolk but
also very much the home of a lively, worshipping         Exeter’s Chaplain
congregation. My role will be to develop the vision      As reported last month, The Revd Andrew Godsall
of the Cathedral as a spiritual ‘beacon’ for Suffolk.”   is to be the next Director of Ministry for the
                                                         Diocese and a Residentiary Canon for Exeter
Neil is also delighted that his future home has a        Cathedral. Andrew, 46, has served as Assistant and
nice garden for his two cats, Emma and Thomas.           Chaplain to the Bishop of Exeter since September
There will be a farewell service for him in Exeter       2001.
Cathedral on Sunday 9th July at 3pm. He will be
installed as Dean in Bury St Edmunds on 16th             The Director of Ministry is a key player in
September.                                               overseeing the development of lay people and
                                                         clergy in their discipleship as baptised Christians
Chaplaincy with the Deaf Church                          and in the particular ministries to which they are
The Revd Catherine Carlyon has been appointed            called.
as the new Chaplain among Deaf People in Exeter          He leads the Council for Worship and Ministry
Diocese. Catherine will also serve as Priest-in-         team in the development and implementation of
Charge for the parish of Sandford. Catherine, 39,        policies and projects that will deliver Diocesan
is presently Assistant Curate in Launceston Parish       mission priorities, and in particular the continuing
and before training for ordination in 2002 she was       education of clergy and Readers.
a registered nurse.
                                                         As Canon Chancellor of Exeter Cathedral, he plays
In her role with the Deaf Church, Catherine will         a full part in the governance and worship of the
have responsibility for the pastoral and spiritual       Cathedral as a member of Chapter.
Bishop Michael commented:
“Andrew has served with great
                                                                      IN THE NEWS
distinction as my Assistant and         Get more up-to-date news from the local and national Church at the
Chaplain for the past five years.        Diocesan website: www.exeter.anglican.org/news
In that role many have come to
know and value his wisdom and
insight, as well as his capacity
to manage a very large and
varied work load and range of
“As a key member of the
working party that produced the
Diocesan strategy for ‘Moving on
in Mission and Ministry’ he is well
placed to oversee the delivery of
new patterns of ministry, training
and adult education that the
outworking of this strategy now
Andrew expects to take up his
post in the autumn. His future
title will be Canon Andrew
Godsall, Director for the Council
                                       Former Bishop’s Chaplain Andrew Godsall is a keen drummer in his spare time
of Worship and Ministry and
Canon Chancellor, Exeter

Other Appointments
The Very Revd Jonathan Meyrick,
Dean of Exeter, will also
undertake the role of Priest-in-
Charge of Central Exeter. The
licensing will take place on 15
The Revd Amanda Rylands,
Diocesan Director of Ordinands,
also to be Adviser for Women in
Ministry with immediate effect.
The Revd Mark Smith, currently
                                       Neil Collings outside St Edmondsbury Cathedral                        Image: N Clarke
an Assistant Curate in the
Diocese of Derby to be Team             New Diocesan Directory 2006-2007
Vicar in the St Thomas and              Contact numbers for all Diocesan Staff are in the new Directory,
Emmanuel Team Ministry. The             now on sale for £5 plus £1.50 p&p. It contains several extra sections
licensing will take place on 17 July    and much essential information for clergy, readers, PCC members
at St Thomas Church, Exeter.            etc.
The Revd Gillian Maude, Priest-         Orders should be sent to Janet Goddard at The Old Deanery, The
in-Charge of Goodrington to be          Cloisters, Exeter EX1 1HS with cheques made payable please to
Vicar with effect from 7 May.           Exeter Diocesan Board of Finance. SPCK in Exeter should also have
                                        copies. John Mapson
Sally Kimmis
           COURSES & CONFERENCES                        travel, entrance fees and Christmas dinner. Contact
21 Jun St Michael’s Lectures: Brutus Green. St          Jonathon Green 0114 236 3173, email manager@
Michael’s and All Angels, Mount Dinham. 19:30.          whirlowgrange.co.uk or visit
“Trying to Learn to Use Words - Now and in              www.whirlowgrange.co.uk
England”: Storytelling, the church, and the recovery                EVENTS & EXHIBITIONS
of community. Admission free (retiring collection).
                                                        4 Jun Open Gardens Day. Otterton. 14:00-18:00.
01392 218590. www.geocities.com/mountdinham
                                                        Cream Teas in the Village Hall 15:00-17:30. In aid
8 Jul Plymouth Churches Green Action Day. The           of Otterton Church and Budleigh Hospiscare.
Chaplaincy Centre, College of St. Mark & St. John,      Enquiries 01395 568130
Derriford, Plymouth. 10:30-04:00. Respecting the
                                                        15 Jun - 18 Jun Festival of Life. Cofton St Mary’s,
Earth: Meeting Environmental Challenges Through
                                                        between Starcross and Dawlish. 10:00-16:00.
our Churches. Drama, Workshops, Displays, Worship
                                                        Muscial evening Saturday, further information
and Action. Bring lunch to share. £5 donation
                                                        01626 890437
29 Jul Cyprus and Gulf Link: Open Meeting. Exeter
                                                        17 Jun Open Gardens. Morchard Bishop, Crediton.
Cathedral. 12:00. Noon Eucharist in the Lady
                                                        10:00-18:00. Ploughman’s lunches, cream teas, plant
Chapel followed by Open Meeting in the Chapter
                                                        stall, also refreshments at gardens. “Name the
House. Speaker: the Ven Steve Collis. 01822 616946
                                                        gardener” competition. Free parking. It is hoped
30 Jul - 5 Aug Cana - Time Together for Couples.        that at least 6 gardens will be open. To raise funds
The Chemin Neuf Community, St Gilda’s Christian         for St Mary’s Church, Morchard Bishop Roof Fund
Centre, Langport, Somerset (12 miles east of
                                                        17 Jun - 18 Jun Garden Safari. Broadclyst. 14:00-
Taunton). Let Christ strengthen your family. Set
                                                        18:00. A number of gardens will be open in this
aside time for your marriage, a breathing space,
                                                        National Trust village near Exeter. Art exhibition
‘step off the world’ for one week. Bring your
                                                        in the Church. Cream teas, plants and produce
children who will have a fun programme adapted
                                                        available. Ticket £3 covers entry for both days.
to their age. 01458 250496.
                                                        Accompanied children free. Just follow the arrows
                                                        or visit the information centre and car-park by
6 Oct - 8 Oct Training: “A Vision for Life”. Weycroft   the church, oppoosite the Red Lion Inn. Details on
Hall, Axminster. . Exploring together the challenge     01392 461228
of discipleship and training in the UK. Contact
                                                        23 Jun - 25 Jun The Fair-in-the-Square Weekend.
Jacqui Brown 01297 630104, admin@sean.uk.net
                                                        St Peter and St Paul Parish Church, Ermington.
7 Oct Lay Conference: “Seeds of the Future - The        10:00-16:00. Art Crafts and Trades Exhibition. All
role of the laity in emerging Mission Communities”.     are welcome to this display of local expertise and
Exeter Cathedral and environs. The aim of the           talent. If anybody has a contribution to exhibit we
conference will be “to stimulate lay engagement         shall be delighted to hear from you.
in the life of the Church in Devon with particular
                                                        23 Jun Lydford Open Gardens. 14:00. Ticket map
emphasis on the role of the laity in emerging
                                                        £3.50 from Nicholls Hall in centre of village, covers
Mission Communities”. Further details will be
                                                        admittance to gardens and an art exhibition and
issued later
                                                        sale. Teas, plant sales, etc. For church funds. Contact
2 Dec Encounter: Reaching the Unchurched.               01822 820354 or 810697
Exeter. Creating church for the 21st century. Co-
                                                        24 Jun - 25 Jun Open Gardens Weekend. Combe
sponsored by the Diocese of Exeter and Reaching
                                                        Martin. 14:00-18:00. Programmes from shops and
the UnChurched Network (RUN).
                                                        TIC £2.50 - refreshments/plants. Come and enjoy!
4 Dec - 7 Dec Turkey & Tinsel - Four days of
                                                        28 Jun - 9 Jul “Abide With Me” Festival of the Sea.
fun, worship and relaxation. Whirlow Grange
                                                        All Saints Brixham. 10:00-16:00. Colourful display
Conference Centre, Sheffield. .Visits, tours, services
                                                        of Brixham’s fishing heritage, with nets, trawler
and talks. £263 full board accom for 3 nights, coach
                                                        flags, fishing gear. Art exhibition and sale. Old
postcards of Brixham. Refreshments. Daytime and
evening events throughout, with talks and concerts.
                                                                            WHAT’S ON
Traditional Harvest of the Sea service July 3, 18:30.    Ads £5 per 20 words, cheques payable to Exeter
Ends with supper on board sailing trawler Vigilance      DBF. Please send copy to The Old Deanery,
July 9, 19:00. 01803 853882                              The Cloisters, Exeter EX1 1HS or email
1 Jul - 31 Jul Exhibition of work in the Diocese
of Cyprus and the Gulf. JPIC Chapel, Exeter              Up-to-date events listings are also displayed at:
Cathedral.                                               www.exeter.anglican.org/events

1 Jul PETEROCK: a children’s worship day.               16 Jun - 18 Jun Flower Festival ‘Welcome to
Exeter Cathedral. 10:30-16:00. A day of fun-            Summer’. St Michael and All Angels Loddiswell.
packed activities based round the life of St Peter.     10:00-18:30. Organ music, refreshments, parking.
Workshops, worship, fun. Advance tickets only, £3       01548 550221
per child from CCYP 01392 294950
                                                        23 Jun - 25 Jun Flower Festival ‘New Beginnings’.
29 Jul Family Dog Show & Fete. Old Rectory,             St Peter’s Lamerton. 10:30-18:00. Refreshments
Meeth. 11:00-16:30. Ploughman’s lunches, cream          available
teas, stalls, games etc                                 23 Jun - 25 Jun Flower Festival: “For All the
                FLOWER FESTIVALS                        Saints”. St Mary’s, Uffculme. 11:00-17:00. Crafts,
                                                        refreshments - Uffculme Village Hall. 01884 840330
2 Jun - 4 Jun Flower Festival “Music”. St Michael’s
Church, Strete (nr Dartmouth). 10:00-17:00.             24 Jun - 26 Jun Flower Festival “Wedding
Refreshments all day, parking. Shirley Allister 01803   Anniversaries”. Bishops Tawton, St John the Baptist
770568                                                  Church. Sunday 10:30 Celebration of marriage.
                                                        01271 372733
3 Jun - 8 Jun ‘Consider the Lilies’- Exhibition with
Flowers. Crediton Parish Church. 10:30-20:30.           24 Jun - 26 Jun Flower Festival “Music”. Winkleigh
Sunday 11:00-18:00. Refreshments, free parking and      Parish Church. Festival closing Monday with
admission. 01363 776336                                 Summer Concert by Okehampton Choral Society.
                                                        Contact 01837 83285 for more information.
3 Jun - 5 Jun Flower Festival and Exhibition “Bygone
                                                        24 Jun - 26 Jun Flower Festival “Let there be light”.
Bratton”. St Peter’s Church, Bratton Fleming.
                                                        All Saints’ Thurlestone. 10:00-17:00. (14:00-17:00
11:00-18:00. Ploughmand and Cream Teas. 4 Jun
                                                        Sunday). Tea/coffee/snacks and parking available.
14:00-18:00 with cream teas. 5 Jun 18:00-20:00
                                                        Entrance £2 for new church lighting. Friday 19:30
                                                        Festival Concert. Sunday 11:00 Festival Service.
9 Jun - 11 Jun Flower Festival: “Pastimes”.             01548 560410
St Andrew’s Stokeinteignhead. 10:30. Light              1 Jul Flower Festival - ‘In an English country
refreshments. Sunday Summer Fair 12:30, Songs of        Garden’. St Petroc’s, Petrockstowe. 12:00-18:00.
Praise 18:00. 01626 872248                              Gardens open, craft/art exhibitions, refreshments.
                                                        01837 810280
16 Jun - 18 Jun Flower Festival, “Rural Communities
throughout the World”. St Peter’s Church,               5 Jul - 8 Jul Flower Festival “Stories from the Bible”.
Tawstock. 10:00-18:00. Refreshments - morning           St Michaels, East Teignmouth. 10:00-19:00. (10:00-
coffees and afternoon teas only; stall - local home     17:00 Saturday)
produce, Tearcraft and Traidcraft products. Plenty of
                                                        7 Jul Flower Festival – The Church’s Year.
parking, toilet available 01271 374963
                                                        Chittlehampton, North Devon (grid ref 636257).
16 Jun - 18 Jun Flower Festival - “Glorious Devon”.     12:00-18:30. For Church Repairs & N D Hospice.
Dalwood Church. 10:00-18:00. Open gardens,              Sunday Songs of Praise 18:00. Also Art & Craft
refreshments, craft exhibition. Information             Exhibition, Open Gardens, Evening Concerts, Light
01404 831365                                            lunches & Cream Teas, Stalls etc. Contact no 01769
                                                        540581 or search www.northdevonfestival.org web
13 Jul - 15 Jul Patronal Flower Festival:                                       MUSIC
“The Changing Seasons of the Year”. St                  4 Jun ‘Sing Praise’ Celebration with +Bob & Sally
Margaret’s, Topsham. 10:00-19:00. (10:00-17:00          Sedgman. Exeter Cathedral. 18:30-20:00. Songs of
Saturday)Refreshments. 01392 689499                     Praise format with trad. & contemp. worship music,
14 Jul Flower Festival - New Beginnings. St Michael     interviews, readings & prayers. Gathered choir
and All Angels, Pinhoe. 10:30-18:00. Concert            practice 4.00-5.30 Worship starts 6.30pm. Free
Sunday, 19:00, with John Burgoyne. 01392 461858         tickets from Andrew: maries@keynotetrust.org.uk

14 Jul “Golden Praise” - Flower Festival. St James’     10 Jun Exeter Festival Chorus. Buckfast
Church, Exeter. 15:00-19:00. Displays from church       Abbey. 19:30. Rachmaninov: Liturgy of St John
and community organisations to celebrate our            Chrysostom, conductor Nigel Perrin. Tickets £10
Golden Jubilee. Daily until 21 July.                    (unreserved seating). £8 for students and school-
                                                        children. Tel 01626 336619 or Exeter Tickets 01392
16 Jul - 22 Jul Flower Festival “The Names of God”.     211080
St Mary’s Lynton. 10:00-18:00. (ends Sat 16:00).
Songs of Praise Sunday 16. Refreshments 01598           14 Jun 26th Annual Organ Concert. Ottery St
753408                                                  Mary Parish Church. 19:45. Ian Tracey (Liverpool
                                                        Cathedral) - Entry £7 - Refreshments available
21 Jul Flower Festival - ‘Children’s Book Titles’.      - Contact: Michael Farley 07836 243036
St Giles in the Wood Parish Church. 10:00-18:00.
Refreshments available                                  15 Jun Rautio Piano Trio. Crediton Parish Church.
                                                        19:30. St Boniface Concert Society. Mozart,
29 Jul 75th Anniversary Celebrations. Sacred Heart      Beethoven, Schumann, Mendlessohn, £7.50. 01363
Church, Paignton. 10:30-19:00. Flower festival          773472
incorporating art and memorabilia exhibitions.
Sunday 12:00-18:00. Refreshments available.             19 Jun - 25 Jun Festival Week - Theme Music.
Contact 01803 690310                                    Plympton St Mary.Various concerts, Strawberry tea
                                                        on Wednesday afternoon. Fair on Sat 9:00-12:00.
24 Aug - 28 Aug A Festival of Flowers. St Michael’s     01752 348525
Axmouth. 10:00-18:00. Refreshments. Admission
free                                                    28 Jun Organ Concert. Crediton Parish Church.
                                                        19:30. The organists of Holy Cross, including Neil
25 Aug Flower and Craft Festival. Colaton               A Page, Christopher Burton, and Alexander Hobbs.
Raleigh Church and Village Hall. . Exhibition and       Tickets available on the door priced at £5. Students
Demonstrations. Coffees, Lunches and Cream Teas.        free. Further information: Chris Burton 07984
01395 568962                                            469431 or Neil Page 07768 178671

8 Sep - 10 Sep Flower Festival: “From the Old,          9 Jul Plymouth Philarmonic Choir. Plymouth
we travel to the New”. St John’s Chittlehamholt. .      Guildhall. 19:30. Choir sings Schubert & Beethoven
01769 540389                                            with full orchestra. Tickets £12/£14. Telephone
                                                        01364 72429
15 Sep - 17 Sep Flower Festival ‘Talents’. Holy
Trinity Church, Drewsteignton. 10:00-18:00.             11 Jul Organ Concert. Holy Trinity Church,
Refreshments. Contact 01647 281602                      Rolle Road, Exmouth. 19:30. David M Patrick,
                                                        internationally famous, “One of the most brilliant
15 Sep - 20 Sep Flower Festival - “Creation”. St        organists of his time” - Entry £6 - Refreshments
Mary’s Church, Abbotskerswell. 10:00-18:00. (Sun        available - Contact: Ted Draper 01395-277428
11:00-18:00). Refreshments
                                                        14 Jul Organ recital by Paul Morgan, organist
22 Sep Flower Festival ‘All God’s Gifts’. St Andrew’s   at Exeter Cathedral. St James’ Church, Exeter.
Colebrooke. 10:30-18:00. Harvest thanksgiving           20:00-22:00. Programme to include music by Bach,
Friday, organ recital Saturday, Songs of Praise         Mozart and Widor, celebrating our Golden Jubilee.
Sunday. Refreshments.                                   Tickets £5 from sue@stjamesparish.wanadoo.
                                                        co.uk, tel: 01392 420407
26 Jul Celebrity Organ Recital. Crediton Parish                      RETREATS & QUIET DAYS
Church. 19:30. David Briggs; Organist Emeritus          12 Jun - 16 Jun Painting Activity Week. Hampton
- Gloucester Cathedral and International Concert        Manor. Please phone 01579 370494 or email for
Organist. Tickets available on the door priced at £5.   programme hamptonmanor@supanet.com
Students free. Further information: Chris Burton
07984 469431 or Neil Page 07768 178671
                                                        16 Jun - 18 Jun “Stop! In the name of God”.
                                                        Tiverton. Take a quiet space to pray and reflect on
9 and 20 Sep ‘Cribs, Candles & Christingles’.           life’s journey. Millhouse Retreats, Rockwell Manor
Cathedral Chapter House. 19:30-21:30. Resources         Farm, Westleigh, Tiverton. 01884 829000,
for your Christmas services. Wed Sep 9, Sat Sep 20.     www.millhouseretreats.co.uk
More details from Andrew: maries@keynotetrust.
                                                        22 Jun Breakthrough to Life Quiet Garden.
                                                        Woolwell, Plymouth. 10:00-16:00. Led by Mrs
27 Sep “Organ Plus”. Crediton Parish Church.            Ann Davey. Enquiries: The Rev Kathy Roberts
19:30. Music for Voice, Cello, Trumpet and Organ.       - 01409 231279 email: robertskm8@aol.com, or
Neil A Page - Organ, with Paul Vodden - Trumpet,        the Rev Carolyn Brodribb - 01752 700299 email:
Leah Stevens - Cello and members of Holy Cross          carolynbrodribb@aol.com
choir. Tickets available on the door priced at £5.
Students free. Further information: Chris Burton
                                                        28 Jul - 3 Aug Walking holiday. Tiverton. Enjoy the
07984 469431 or Neil Page 07768 178671
                                                        delights of Devon countryside in the company of
                                                        others. Millhouse Retreats, Rockwell Manor Farm,
25 Oct Organ Concert. Crediton Parish Church.           Westleigh, Tiverton. 01884 829000,
19:30. Christopher Burton, Holy Cross. Tickets          www.millhouseretreats.co.uk
available on the door priced at £5. Students free.
Further information: Chris Burton 07984 469431
                                                        1 Sep - 8 Sep Painting and Prayer Retreat. Epiphany
or Neil Page 07768 178671
                                                        House, Truro. Creative Arts Retreat Movement;
                                                        Chplain Rev Jill Locock; tutor Shiela Mitchell.
15 Nov Celebrity Organ Recital. Crediton Parish         £300 bookings 01872 272249. For CARM 2006
Church. 19:30. Dr Carol Williams, San Diego City        Programme of 38 retreats, UK and Abroad; tel
Organist and international concert organist. Tickets    Roger Locock 01822 854098
available on the door priced at £5. Students free.
Further information: Chris Burton 07984 469431
                                                        24 Sep - 29 Sep Rambling Activity Week. Hampton
or Neil Page 07768 178671
                                                        Manor. Please phone 01579 370494 or email for
                                                        programme hamptonmanor@supanet.com
15 Jul Breakthrough to Life Pilgrimage Walk. St                               HOLIDAYS
Swithun’s, Shobrooke to St Swithun’s, Sandford via
                                                        Algarve-Lagos. Superb 2 bed/2 bathroom
St Mary’s, Upton Hellions. 10:00-16:00. St Swithun’s
                                                        apartment, large balconies, sea/open country views.
Day; distance 5-6 miles. meditation, prayer and
                                                        Idyllic location. Two mins. Level walk beach. Golf,
worship en route. Enquiries: Rosemary Barber
                                                        marina historic town, restaurants nearby. Non-
01363 773419 or bryherrose@onetel.com
                                                        smoking. Summer/winter lets. Website www.ahoy-
                                                        lagos.co.uk. Angela 01752 408261
11 Sep - 21 Sep Pilgrimage to Turkey. Seven
Churches of Revelation: Join a special tour to
                                                        Bergerac, Dordogne. All ages welcome. Rates &
Turkey looking at Letters to the Seven Churches
                                                        dates flexible. Four 2-6 person self-catering gîtes
(Rev 1-3); Paul’s Letters to Ephesus & Colosse; a
                                                        in ancient house. Pool, in peaceful 7-acres, games
visit to Istanbul. 01395 514211
                                                        barn. Near golf. In Aquitaine Anglican Chaplaincy, an
                                                        area famous for gastronomy, wine & history.
7 May Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Led by Fr.           www.gites-at-garrigue.com, 0033 553 279874
Derek Vogt - details - derek@bakeryclose.co.uk or       gites-at-garrigue@wanadoo.fr
telephone 01392 271943

Brittany. Bed and Breakfast. Enjoy tranquility                          MISCELLANEOUS
amidst beautiful scenery. National park area. Good
walks. Small village 45 mins from Roscoff. En-suite     Quiet Days. Orleycombe, near Ashburton - a
bedrooms. Tel 00 33 29 878 21 28 or email mary.         quiet country garden offering a place to enjoy, to
beswetherick@onetel.com                                 meditate and pray. 01364 652472
                                                        Contributors to a Documentary Required. “I do
Collioure. On the coast near Perpignan. Lovely, one     like to be beside the seaside”: Testimony Films
double bedroomed apartment. Air-con, parking.           is filming a series about childhood memories of
Picturesque streets, three beaches and lovely           seaside holidays after 1945 and in the 1950’s. Can
restaurants. Fly Southampton/Perpignan. www.            you remember your first seaside holiday after the
colliourefrance.co.uk - Tel Laurie Preece on 01803      war? Was it a time of togetherness for you and
832429 or 07971 086988                                  your family? Can you remember campsites in rain
                                                        or sun? Caravaning? Did your family stay in guest
Algarve. Chalet bungalow, sleeps 2. Natural beauty-     houses? Did you visit holiday camps like Butlins?
spot with lake for fishing and walks. Half-hour with     Do you remember the joys of funfairs, Punch and
Potimao and beaches. 01392 832626                       Judy, crabbing and woolen bathing suits? If these
                                                        are fresh in your memory contact Lisa at Testimony
Somerset. S/C chalet at Dunster Beach. Sleeps 4.
                                                        Films, 12 Great George Street, Bristol BS1 5RH,
Close to Exmoor and West Somerset railway. No
                                                        0117 925 8589, lisa.lipman@testimonyfilms.com
pets. 01823 275524
                                                                      SITUATIONS VACANT
Italy Lake Trasimeno. Near Assisi. 11-18 October.
£589 Full Board. Incl day visit to Florence. Twin           EXETER CATHEDRAL VISITOR SERVICES
rooms. Canon Peter Larkin 01803 326888
                                                         We are looking for volunteer stewards and
Spain. Superb 2-bedroom self-contained apartment.        guides to welcome and guide people who
Sea and mountain views. Air-conditioning and             visit the Cathedral. Exeter Cathedral is visited
central-heating. All-year-round lettings. Use of the     by people of all nationalities, all ages and
swimming pool, 2 mins level walk to beach in a           backgrounds.
quiet fishing village in Murcia region. Fly Exeter-
Murcia. Ann 0034 968 150244                              Everyone is welcome and we want our visitors
                                                         to go away with a sense of excitement about the
Spain - near Mojacar. 3-bed apartment in fishing          building and the community they find here. We
village. Sea views, pool, roof solarium. General         would especially like to hear from people with
store near. Costa Almeria chaplaincy area..              foreign language skills and who would like to guide.
                                                         Please contact Visitor Services on 01392 285 983
Bulgaria. Large luxury villa to let near Sofia. 4+        or email visitors@exeter-cathedral.org.uk
double/twin rooms.Visit www.theholidays.co.uk;
Izvor is not the place for you if night-life, beaches
and all-night drinking are your thing! Great                         WANTED & AVAILABLE
weather and beautiful sunsets (most of the time)        Experienced Organist Available. Within a radius of 20
and fantastic food, wine and Rakia. bob@compton-        miles of Teignmouth. Sunday evenings, weddings and
it.co.uk or 01752 662589                                funerals. RSCM rates. Brian Apperson 07977 468690

Short breaks in Sherborne. Spacious, elegant 2-bed      Free Break in South Africa for Clergy. St Aidan’s,
apartment in listed building; close to Abbey Church.    Wilderness, Cape, South Africa. Dearly loved
01404 841367                                            by congregation but without resident priest.
                                                        Congregation offer relaxing breaks in guesthouse
Cyprus. Christian Bed & Breakfast in small              with conveniences, in return for taking Sunday
mountain village west of Paphos. Heated pool.           Communion Service. UK priests especially
Good walks and golf. Wednesday flights from              welcome. www.gardenroute.org, contact Tim and
Exeter. 01803 328229                                    Sue Lindley slindley@telkomsa.net
Buckland Monachorum Centre. Western Edge of
Dartmoor for your next Away day, youth weekend,
                                                          Change of Diocesan Addresses
conference or family event. Self-catering venue           All five Diocesan Councils now operate from the
for £80 per night, sleeps 26 in comfort, open all         address below. All email addresses will remain
year, central heating. Books and Helpline on 01752        the same as before, but our new address and
224884, www.bucklandhostel.ik.com. South West             telephone contact details are:
Baptist association
                                                          The Old Deanery, The Cloisters, Exeter EX1 1HS
                                                          General Enquiries: 01392 272686
Available for Weddings: “Exeter Singers”. Local
                                                          All fax enquiries: 01392 499594
choir of 20-25 singers. Fee £200. Tony Yates
01392 875276                                              Children & Young People/Schools: 01392 294950
                                                          Church & Society: 01392 294940
Wanted: Any idle musical instruments. For worship
leaders in Anglican churches in Ibadan South              Mission & Unity: 01392 294930
Diocese. Please send wind or string instruments or
                                                          Worship & Ministry: 01392 294920
keyboards to Bishop Jacob Ajetummobi. Contact
Jenny, 12 Riverton Close, London W9 3DS.                  Support Services:
0208 9692949. tonyjenn@homechoice.co.uk                     Accounts & Trusts 01392 294917
                                                            Child Protection 01392 294915
Core Process Psychotherapy - a contemplative
approach. Reduced rates with senior trainee. An             Communications 01392 294905
initial meeting is free. Contact Susan Groves on            Diocesan Advisory Committee 01392 294945
01803 847617                                                Diocesan News 01392 294911
                                                            (Commercial ads 01392 294903, finance/
Wanted: 80 copies of Book of Common Prayer in               distribution 01270 212389)
good condition. 01363 82204                                 Diocesan Secretary 01392 294910
                                                            Pastoral 01392 294935
Organist Available. 36 years experience, to play for        Property Services 01392 294954
weddings, funerals, and mid-week services. Phone            (School buildings 01392 294952)
Chris Edmonds on 01837 880413 .
                                                            Synod Office 01392 294931

                       BOOK REVIEW

 Invocations: Calling on the God in All
 Richard Skinner
 This little book from the publishing house of the Iona
 Community consists of a set of 40 poetic meditations in the
 tradition of liturgical chants such as the ‘Advent Antiphons’.
 From earthworms to CD-ROMs, from starfish to blizzards,
 from doubt to laughter, Richard Skinner has created
 invocations inspired by creatures, conditions and objects in the
 world around us which reflect and are a metaphor for aspects
 of God.
 Richard Skinner’s previous books include poems based on the
 witings of the mystics Julian of Norwich and Meister Eckhart.
 He is a church warden with the Parish of Central Exeter.
 Wild Goose Publications, £5.99 from booksellers.

      Intercessory Prayer Diary for June 2006
 1    Hemyock, Culm Davy, Clayhidon, Culmstock. David Sherwood. David Palmer, David Hortop
 2    Sampford Peverell Team Ministry (Sampford Peverell, Uplowman, Holcombe Rogus,
      Hockworthy, Burlescombe, Halberton). Keith Gale, Richard Cole. Gillian Gale (R)
 3    Axminster Team Ministry (Axminster, Woodbury, Chardstock, All Saints, Combypne, Membury).
      John Good, Judith Roberts. Peter Askins, Su Clarke (R)

 4    Honiton Deanery. Jeremy White, Rural Dean. Nigel Speller, Lay Chairman
 5    Kilmington, Stockland, Dalwood,Yarcombe, Shute. Nigel Freathy, Anne Mills. David Wilsdon (R)
 6    Colyton, Musbury, Southleigh, Branscombe. Nicholas Edwards, Tricia Staple. Frances Cole,
      Emma Loughton (R)
 7    Seaton, Beer. Tim Schofield.
 8    Uplyme, Axmouth. Jeremy White. Ernest Fox (R
 9    Offwell, Northleigh, Farway, Cotleigh, Widworthy (vacancy), Susan Houghton
 10   Dunkeswell, Luppitt, Sheldon, Upottery. Nick Wall. Terry Anning (R)

 11   Kenn Deanery. Graham Mayer, Rural Dean. Esmè Doran, Lay Chairman
 12   Christow, Ashton, Bridford, Dunchideock, Dunsford, Doddiscombsleigh. Graham Mayer. John
      Lund (R)
 13   Dawlish, Holcombe. Jerry Bird, Helen Bays. Margaret Noel (R)
 14   Shillingford St George, Ide. Stephen Bessent
 15   Exminster, Kenn. John Williams, Ruth Rann
 16   Haldon Team Ministry (Teignmouth West, Teignmouth East, Ideford, Luton, Ashcombe,
      Bishopsteignton). Philip Luff, Stephen West, Caroline Luff. Arthur Brooks (R)
 17   Kenton, Mamhead, Powderham, Cofton, Starcross. Jerry Bird, John Williams, David Burton

 18   THIKA DIOCESE. Ithanga Deanery. John Makumi, Rural Dean
 19   North Kenn Team Ministry (Tedburn St Mary, Whitestone, Pathfinder Village, Oldridge,
      Holcombe, Cheriton Bishop). Jesse Holland. Brian Inwood, Rosemarie Scaife (R)
 20   Broadhembury, Payhembury, Plymtree. Alan Roberts
 21   Feniton, Buckerell, Escot (vacancy)
 22   Otter Vale Team Ministry (Ottery St Mary, Wiggaton, West Hill, Alfington, Tipton St John,Venn
      Ottery, Newton Poppleford, Harpford, Colaton Raleigh). Simon Franklin, Mark Ward (vacancy),
      Keith Brimacombe. Marion Davies, Sheila Walker, Malcolm Dick (R)
 23   Sid Valley Team Ministry (Sidmouth St Giles & St Nicholas, Woolbrook, Salcombe Regis,
      Sidbury, Sidford, Sidmouth All Saints). David James, Rik Peckham. Christopher Richards, Penny
      Elsom, Carole Hawkins, Susan Rogers (R)
 24   Ottery Deanery. David James, Rural Dean, Shirley Ann-Williams, Lay Chairman

 25   Whimple, Talaton, Clyst St Lawrence. Rob Wilkinson
 26   Bampton, Morebath, Clayhanger, Petton, Huntsham. John Stone. David Whiteway (R)
 27   Exe Valley Team of Churches (Calverleigh, Cruwys Morchard, Loxbeare, Oakford, Rackenford,
      Stoodleigh, Templeton, Washfield, Withleigh). Godfrey Bell, Benjamin Luck, John Roberts
 28   Silverton, Butterleigh, Cadeleigh, Bickleigh. Alan MacDonald, Catherine Jenkins. Sheila Newton,
      Thomas Thompson (R)
 29   Tiverton St Andrew. David Fletcher
 30   CYPRUS AND THE GULF. Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates. Dubai, Holy Trinity.
      John Weir. Sharjah, St Martin’s, Ernest Victor, John Moreton (R). Ras al Khaimah, St Luke’s. Gil
      Linden. Jebel Ali, Christ Church, Stephen Wright. Patricia Smith (R)
The Way, the Truth and the Life                                                  LETTER FROM THE
                                                                              ARCHDEACON OF TOTNES
My son-in-law writes computer         Others are finding it a challenge
software for satellite navigation     which is both stimulating and
systems and there are countless       exciting, albeit somewhat
people throughout the world,          demanding needing great faith
especially seagoers, who use          and vision. Since I took up my
the results of his labours.           new post as an Archdeacon it
Many people now use similar           has been a great joy to engage
systems in their cars to make         with some of you in this
journeys they have not been           journey. There is a tremendous
on before often being taken on        opportunity for all of us to shape
strange routes because that is        the Church in this diocese to fit
the computer’s way of finding          the needs of the 21st century in
the shortest way to a given           proclaiming and living the Gospel.
destination. Had they looked                                                 an intellectual hurdle to jump
at a printed map they would           However, none of this can or will      over to gain the name ‘Christian’
not have gone that way. People        happen if it is not led by God; it     or a heresy trap for preachers on
place enormous trust in their         is, after all, God’s Church, God’s     that Sunday! It is, as St Gregory
computer SatNav systems.              mission and God’s world. In St         of Nyssa (4C) suggested, not
                                      John’s Gospel we read one of           an object to be understood
It is not coincidental that the       the great ‘I am’ passages which        but a mystery to be loved. So
exercise so many parishes             begins ‘I am the way...’ Jesus         let’s reflect on the Trinity as a
and deaneries are engaged in,         could only be that because of his      dynamic community of love who
creating Mission Action Plans, is     relationship with the Father. It       will inspire, guide and encourage
shortened to the acronym MAP.         is also only by his Spirit working     us in the communities where
It is about making a journey from     in us that we shall find the way        we live, work and worship and
where we are as communities of        which is right for us as individuals   to whom we reach out in loving
faith to where we believe we are      and as the Church. Any plan for        service in the name of God. That
being called to be for the future     the future must be God’s plan or       will give our life real and positive
mission of the Church. It is a        it will be useless and ineffective.    direction – without the need for
journey which some are finding                                                gadgets – and will be so much
difficult; they would rather stay at   This month we celebrate the            more reliable.
home, as it were, in the security     feast of The Holy Trinity; the
of what they know and cherish.        heart of the Christian faith. Not      John Rawlings

                 Recent Drought in Kenya - News from the Diocese of Thika
 The following is an extract from an email from Bishop Gideon to the Thika Diocese Liaison Group:
 Things in Thika are not as bad [as in Northern Kenya] . However, one month ago, we also had some
 areas that were affected and we requested our Christians to donate food through the diocesan office so
 that we could distribute to the hunger-stricken areas. The response was very positive and we were able
 to distribute the food to the less fortunate people in the villages and slums.
 The rains have now come and there are good signs of proper progress as far as the issue of food is
 concerned. The prices of vegetables have now gone down. We however feel obliged to revisit the slums
 and donate some more food before the planted crops are ready for harvest [which] will only be possible
 if the rains continue. We however pray that the rains are not excessive because this again may cause
 flooding and logging of soil which is not good for growth of crops.
 In conclusion, kindly pray for us as we work towards meeting people’s needs holistically. Bishop Gideon

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