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					                                    from My Left Foot
                                       Study Guide

  1. What were the first signs that there was something wrong with Christy?

   2. What was the doctors’ conclusion about Christy’s case?

   3. How does Christy’s mother respond to the doctors’ diagnosis?

   4. How dis Christy’s brothers and sisters treat him?

   5. What did Christy do that changed other people’s impression of him?


   6. Explain how Christy feels about being unable to respond to his mother’s

   7. List two obstacles in addition to his physical disability that Christy has to

   8. Explain the significance of the incident of the chalk.

   9. How did Christy’s mother’s belief in her son affect Christy’s life?

Literary Focus

   10. Identify two details in the early part of the narrative that indicate the deep
       significance of this moment in the author’s life.

from My Left Foot, Christy Brown

1. What are the first signs that something is wrong with Christy?
Christy cannot hold his head up; he cannot sit up.
Christy is unable to see or hear or speak.
Christy cannot walk or see.

2. How do the family relatives respond to Christy?
They treat him cruelly.
They avoid all contact with him.
They do not take him seriously.
3. What does Christy do that changes other people's impressions of him?
Christy used his foot to write the letter A.
Christy spoke many languages.
Christy learned to use sign language.

4. How does Christy feel about being unable to answer his mother's questions?
He feels foolish.
He feels frustrated.
He feels happy.

5. What is the significance of the incident with the chalk?
It was Christy's first step in walking.
It was Christy's first step toward love.
It was Christy's first step toward communication.