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									The McLaughlin College Newsletter
      Vol 1 No. 3; December, 2007

40th Anniversary Celebrations: Everyone Invited!                         in your old room! Share the experience with your
                              th                                         family!
2008 is McLaughlin’s 40             Anniversary, 1968-2008.
McLaughlin College is named after Colonel Samuel                         • Sunday, May 10: closing brunch; pancakes flipped by
McLaughlin, LLD (1871-1972), the first president of General              our current Master, Ian Greene.
Motors Canada, a philanthropist and benefactor of York
University. The College has a 40 Anniversary Steering            ● McLaughlin History project: Prof. Gerry Jordan is combing the
Committee chaired by Dr. Jamie Laws, BA ’73, McLaughlin          McLaughlin Archives to produce a definitive history of
College Student Council Chair from 1969-72, and a Fellow of      McLaughlin College. Part of the history will be composed of your
McLaughlin College.      We have many wonderful events           anecdotes! Take time right now to send Gerry an interesting
planned. Here is a taste of what’s to come.                      story from your McLaughlin days:, phone us
                                                                 at 416-736-5128, or fax us at 416-736-5436. We have already
● 40 Anniversary Gala Dinner and Dance, Friday, May 9,           received amazing stories from a number of our Alums in
2008. This is a MUST ATTEND event! The gala dinner will take     response to our last newsletter – please keep them coming!
place at the Montecassino Banquet Hall, Sheppard and
Chesswood (with shuttle buses from the Downsview subway          ● The Junior Common Room Facelift Project: Joseph Bogdan, a
station and McLaughlin College). Montecassino is renowned        well-known Toronto architect and McLaughlin Fellow, is drawing
for its great food and elegant atmosphere. McLaughlin Fellow,    up plans to upgrade the Junior Common Room and turn it into a
retired Dean and band leader Prof. David Bell and a 18-piece     more attractive space for students, fellows and alums. We’ll
big band and dance orchestra will provide the musical            share the plans with you, and invite you to help us raise the
entertainment. College Masters George Doxey (1978-86),           funds to fulfill the plans!
Michael Lanphier (1986-91), David Shugarman (1991-2003),
Marlilyn Lambert-Drache (1997-98), and Ian Greene (2003 -)       ● Our 40 Anniversary Steering Committee
have all indicated that they will be in attendance. The          • Dr. Jamie Laws (Chair), BA ‘73
founding Master, Dean George Tatham (1968-78) will be with       • Kam Naisbitt (Alum and Division of Students), BA ‘01
us in spirit. Professors, Fellows, staff, dons, students and     • Ian Greene (Master)
alumni from the four decades, 1968-2008, will be there. Our      • Lilian Polsinelli (Administrative Assistant)
souvenir magazine will include excerpts from Prof. Gerry         • Vicky Carnevale (Alumni Secretary)
Jordan’s History of McLaughlin College (see below). There will   • Anthony Antonacci (McLaughlin College Council President)
be a display of memorabilia from 1968 to the present. Calling    • Ross McMillan (Alum and Division of Students), BA ‘01
all McLaughlin Alumni/Alumnae! We don’t have contact             • Sean Squires (former Residence Life Coordinator, and Division
information for all of you. Please pass on this newsletter to    of VP Academic), BA ‘85
your friends from MAC and/or organize a table for the 40         • Jeff Ball, University Alumni Office
Reunion. We have been telephoning our Alums about this
event, and are encouraged by their enthusiastic response. We     ● Class Reps and Volunteers Needed: Please let us know if
expect it to be a sold out event. Buy your tickets early. The    you’d like to help (call 416-736-5128). We need 5-6 class
ticket order form is available on the McLaughlin web page        representatives from each graduating year to help spread the
(                                              word about the Celebrations, and to volunteer to help organize
                                                                 the weekend!
● 40 Anniversary Weekend Events, 2008                            Upcoming Events
       • Friday, May 9: Gala Dinner and Dance
       • Saturday, May 10: Homecoming reunion activities                                       Put this on your Calendar:
       all day long: opportunities for nostalgia, shared                                       The Annual Robbie Burns
       memories, meeting old friends, and making new                                           Night, Friday, January 25,
       ones; the history of McLaughlin College, illustrated                                    2008, McLaughlin Senior
       presentations by humorous, entertaining and
                                                                                               Common Room, 7 pm
       distinguished fellows of the College; stay in your room
       in residence for the weekend.                                                            The 16 Annual Robbie Burns
       • Campus tours (York is now a city of more than           Night and Poetry Contest (January 25), McLaughlin Senior
       50,000 – you’ll be amazed at the changes!)                Common Room, includes cash prizes, a piper, the Address to the
       • Reunion dinner & pub night in the Junior Common         Haggis, good Scotch at a cash bar! Food and entertainment at no
       Room with live entertainment from Prof. Terry             charge. Be a Scot, bring a Scot or be a pretender! Learn how to
       Conlin’s infamous Bradstock.                              roll your RRRRRs. Open to all members of McLaughln College.
       • Friday, May 9 and Saturday, May 10: opportunities       Alumni/alumnae please RSVP to 416-736-5128. No fee to
       to stay in Tatham Hall Residence once again – maybe

attend. Parking in Lot 66, North section (see campus map at        strategies to find solutions. Clark described the session as “really, $7.                                                 good,” and student leaders described it as “awesome.”
Also note these Lunch Talks, 12 noon in 140 McLaughlin:
Wednesday, January 9 Lunch Talk: Will Potsma, Director of          Clark was introduced by Master Ian Greene, who first met Clark
Programs, Save the Children Canada                                 as a result of a high school model parliament. Greene organized
Friday, January 18: “The Price of Freedom of Expression.”          the model parliament, and the Progressive Conservative party
Nikahang (Nik) Kowsar is an Iranian cartoonist and journalist      arranged for Clark (then president of the Progressive
now living in Toronto. He was jailed in Iran for publishing        Conservative Youth Federation) to be a resource. During his B.A.
cartoons advocating freedom of expression.                         years at the University of Alberta, Greene got to know Clark (who
Wednesday, January 23 Lunch Talk: Tony Genco, President            was a Teaching Assistant) as a mentor. David Shugarman, our
and Chief Executive Officer, of Parc Downsview Park, will          former Master, also knew Clark through a class that they had
highlight recent developments in Dowsnview National Park.          both attended. Clark immediately recognized Shugarman,
                                                                   indicating that Shugarman hasn’t aged a bit since his U of A days!
Monday, January 14 to Thursday, January 18: Conference on
the Rwanda Genocide, co-sponsored by McLaughlin College.           Following the Address, McLaughlin College provided dinner to
                                                                   Mr. Clark in the Senior Common Room; also attending were
For details of these and other events, see       student leaders, senior University administrators, and several
                                                                   Fellows. VP Academic Dr. Sheila Embleton, in welcoming Clark
Annual Public Policy Address                                       on behalf of the University, noted York’s emerging status as the
                  The 2006-07 McLaughlin Annual Public Policy      pre-eminent Public Policy and Administration university.
                  Address was presented by the Rt. Hon. Joe        McLaughlin Fellow David DeWitt, who helped to provide
                  Clark on Thursday, November 15 to a capacity     academic input to Clark when he was Secretary of State for
                  audience in the Junior Common Room. His          External Affairs, praised Clark for his willingness to consult widely
                  Address was entitled “Restoring a broadly-       on important foreign policy issues, and for having the courage to
                  based Canadian foreign policy,” a topic that     implement good policy options.             President Emeritus Ian
                  he was eminently qualified to explore, having    Macdonald commented on how Clark was “swarmed” by
been Canada’s Secretary of State for External Affairs from         students following his Address, and that this was not unusual
1984-1991. Clark compared Canada’s foreign policy to the two       when Clark addressed a student audience. Clark’s integrity and
sides of a coin – one being the maintenance of good relations      down-to-earth approach engenders trust and admiration,
with the United States, and the second being the continuance       leadership qualities that are essential to Canada’s success.
of a role as a prominent and respected player in various
multilateral undertakings, not all of which have the blessing of                                                               Grand
the U.S. Both strategies are essential, he argued. Canada’s                                                              Receptions
friendship with the U.S. gives Canada more influence in
multilateral settings than would otherwise be the case. As
                                                                                                                         -- June and
well, Canada’s willingness to take stands opposed to the U.S.,                                                           October
and her ability to explain these to U.S. leaders in a persuasive                                                     For the
way, gives Canada credibility amongst her multilateral                                                               second year
partners. Canada has on many occasions acted as a broker                                                             in our recent
between the U.S. and various multinational interests, and has                                                        history,
influenced policies on both sides for the better. The Address                                                        McLaughlin
was videostreamed live on the McLaughlin web page. A                                                                 College
summary of the Address was published in the Globe and Mail                                                           Alumni
on November 16. You can link to the videostream on the                                                               celebrated
McLaughlin web page (                                                                              with the
                                                                   College’s graduating students, and their family members and
Joe Clark met for an hour with about 20 McLaughlin student         friends, on the evenings prior to the convocation ceremonies --
leaders prior to his Address. Clark was deeply involved in         June 11 and October 19. Prior to these receptions, a special
student politics and student clubs when he was a student at        awards ceremony was held in the Senior Common Room where
the University of Alberta, and this experience provided him        students graduating with academic distinction were honoured,
with a foundation for his future career in politics. In the        and during which our alumni could mingle with each other and
meeting with students, Clark and the McLaughlin student            with the award-winning students. The grand receptions were
leaders dialogued about issues in student politics and             brilliantly planned by Lilian Polsinelli, with great food and
                                                                   entertainment. One of our graduating students was overheard
                                                                   saying, “my graduating friends at Queen’s and Western are so

jealous – they don’t celebrate their graduating students like     point, it is not anticipated that there will be major changes to
McLaughlin does!”      The grand receptions provide an            McLaughlin’s program affiliations.
opportunity to welcome our graduating students into the
McLaughlin College Chapter of the York University Alumni          The Colleges Strategic Plan and the McLaughlin Operational Plan
Association. All McLaughlin Fellows and Alumni are welcome        can be accessed through the McLaughlin web page
to attend. Our next grand reception will take place during the    (
2008 June convocation period.

Colleges Task Force Implementation                                Orientation 2007
Further to the recommendations of the Presidential Task Force     McLaughlin College
on Revisioning the Colleges (reported in our last newsletter),    organized four full-
the Council of College Communities (C of CC) has been created     day         academic
and has approved the first Colleges Strategic Plan for 2007-08.   orientation sessions
The C of CC consists of all of the College Masters, Deans, and    for new students on
Student Council Presidents, and representatives of Office of      July 30, August 13,
the Vice-President Students, the VP Academic, College             August 27, August
Academic Advisors, College Administrative Assistants, College     28. The first two
Fellows, and Residence Life Coordinators. This group of forty     sessions were also
is co-chaired by the Chair of the Council of Masters (currently   open to parents –
Ian Greene) and Vice-President Students Rob Tiffin. Its           who attended a separate set of meetings. In addition, there was
purpose is to draft the annual strategic plan for the colleges,   a “mini-orientation” on the morning of September 4 for new
and to promote cooperation between the colleges, faculties,       students who could not attend any of the other sessions. All five
the Division of Students and the Division of the Vice-President   sessions were well-attended and the evaluations were positive.
Academic.                                                         As usual, the peer advisors were a hit. Thanks to Terry Conlin for
                                                                                                                       his peerless
Each College prepares an operational plan on an annual basis
which reflects the goals of the strategic plan. The McLaughlin
Operational Plan for 2007-08 was prepared by the McLaughlin
College Advisory Committee, which includes the Master,
Academic Advisor, Administrative Assistant, and Associate
Dean, two student representatives, a Fellow representative,
the Residence Life Coordinator, and the Director of Student
Community and Leadership Development. This draft plan was
discussed for input at the Fellows Meeting on December 5,
and then finally approved by Dean Drummond and the Master.
The Master will report to the Dean on its implementation in
May of 2008. For 2008-09, the planning cycle will begin in the
summer rather than the fall.
                                                                  organizational skills!
Under the Task Force model, each of the Colleges is aligned
with one or more faculties. In order to accommodate the new       As usual, the week-long social orientation, attended by several
Faculty of Health, there will be changes to college-program       hundred enthusiastic new McLaughlin students, was a great
affiliations in Stong and Calumet Colleges, which will be         success.
associated with the new Faculty of Health. In addition, the        One of the highlights was the water fight between Winters and
merger of the Faculty of Arts with the Atkinson Faculty, which    McLaughlin. The McLaughlin charge was led by Master Ian
will occur on July 1, 2009, will also necessitate some changes    Greene playing the pipes, and Randall Pilson on bugle. The result
to college-program affiliations. (There will be a new college,    – a draw. Both great colleges came out on top, and very wet!
name to be determined, that will be aligned with the School of
Administrative Studies and other related programs in the new      Other Activities since Spring 2007
soon to be merged faculty.) The C of CC created a sub-            McLaughlin College sponsored sixteen lunch talks during the fall
committee to consult the university community about changes       semester. These events have been well-attended, and they
to college-program affiliations, and the sub-committee will       always lead to lively discussions involving students, fellows and
report back to the C of CC by the end of February. At this        guests. By popular demand, most lunch talks are videostreamed
                                                                  onto the McLaughlin web page so that those who can’t attend

can see them. Speakers this fall included Michael Skinner, who      McLaughlin College. The MPPAL students take all of their Keele
reported on his summer research visit to Afghanistan, Ontario       Campus courses in McLaughlin College, and use the Senior
veteran politician Monte Kwinter, Bob MacDermid and Jim             Common Room for various events.
Cooper on the Ontario election, Philip Slayton, author of
Lawyers Gone Bad, Ron Ellis, Canada’s leading spokesperson          Conference on Judicial Ethics
for reform of administrative tribunals, Robert Cox, a leading       The Centre for Practical Ethics organized a highly successful
public administration academic from the U.S., Alan Winberg, a       workshop on judicial ethics from October 26 – 28, co-sponsored
former senior federal public servant, Ilana Landsberg-Lewis of      by McLaughlin College. In attendance were approximately
the Stephen Lewis Foundation, and McLaughlin Fellows Karen          fifteen judges from across Canada, and about fifteen academics
Murray, Roger Rickwood, and Gill Tieman. As well, McLaughlin        with a background in judicial ethics. The workshop was the
students George Blake and Michael Payton presented brilliant        brain-child of McLaughlin Fellow Carl Baar, and it was organized
lunch talks.                                                        primarily by former Master and Director of the Centre for
                                                                    practical Ethics, David Shugarman. The consensus of all
Homecoming BBQ, Saturday, September 29, 2007                        participants was that the conference furthered the
The annual Homecoming BBQ in the McLaughlin courtyard was           understanding of judicial ethics in important ways, and the
a lot of fun, allowing alums over the years to mingle with our      Centre for Practical Ethics is planning a follow-up workshop and
Tatham Hall students. It was a special treat to have Al Samsa       publications.
(McLaughlin grad, 1982) at the BBQ! Al brought memorabilia
from the 25 Anniversary Dinner, and is planning to attend the       Semi-Formal, November 30
   th                             th
40 Anniversary event on May 9 . Al’s brothers Drago (’72)                                                               The
and Branko (’78) are also McLaughlin grads. Fellows Tom                                                                 McLaughlin
Wilson, Jamie Laws and Ian Greene were also in attendance.                                                              Student
                                                                                                                        Council held
Tatham Hall Residence                                                                                                   the annual
                                                                                                                        Semi-Formal at
                                 Tatham Hall’s first full-time                                                          the Paradise
                                 Residence Life Coordinator is                                                          Banquet Hall
                                 Ms. Sarah Burley. She has                                                              just north of
                                 most recently worked at                                                                York University
                                 Georgian College, where she                                                            on November
                                 was the manager of residence                                                           30. About a
                                 life for three years.     She      hundred students took a break from their studies to celebrate
                                 completed her undergraduate        the end of term. Master Greene, who also enjoyed the
degree at the University of Western Ontario in English and          festivities, reports that the event was a great success.
history, and was also involved in residence life at UWO. She is
an enthusiastic member of the McLaughlin College                    Pot luck: December 5
community, and leads a dedicated team of dons.                      The annual pot luck lunch was held on December 5, with about
                                                                    60 Fellows and friends in attendance. A joyous time was had by
Graduate Students                                                   all! Seasonal music was organized by Prof. Phil MacEwan and
A new mandate of the Colleges, further to the Task Force on         Prof. Nergis Caneffe.
the Colleges, is support of graduate students. Three graduate
student associations have expressed interest in working with        York’s New President
the College.       Students in the graduate programs in
Interdisciplinary Studies, Public Policy, Administration and Law,                      Dr. Mamdouh Shoukri became York
and Political Science have expressed interest in association                           University’s seventh president on July 1,
with the College. We hope to provide lounge and office space                           2007, and was officially installed at a special
for these students, as well as greater involvement in speakers                         ceremony attended by the Masters and
series and conferences.                                                                other      senior     administrators       and
                                                                                       distinguished guests on October 17 in the
McLaughlin Fellow Prof. Jamie Scott is Director of the                                 Accolade East theatre. Dr. Shoukri was
Interdisciplinary Studies graduate program, and McLaughlin                             previously Vice-President Research and
Master Ian Greene is Director of the Master of Public Policy,                          International     Affairs    at     McMaster
Administration and Law Program. The Interdisciplinary Studies       University, and his academic background is in engineering
program now has at least temporary office space in                  teaching and research. Dr. Shoukri is a strong supporter of the

college system at York. The college community appreciates his      Golden Jubilee Medallion in 2002 and named a Chevalier de
energy, vision, and collegial approach to governance. The          l'Ordre National de Mérite by the government of France in 2007.
Masters met Dr. Shoukri for dinner on October 9, and were          He plans to attend the May 9, 2008 40 Anniversary Dinner and
impressed by his support of the interdisciplinary nature of        Dance and weekend celebrations.
York’s colleges. He is a strong advocate of general education
                                                                                          Prof. Thomas Klassen, a McLaughlin Fellow
and the development of the “whole person” as part of the                                  and Associate Professor of Political Science
university experience.
                                                                                          and Public Policy and Administration, was
                                                                                          awarded the Faculty of Arts Award for
Donations:        Last year at this time, members of the                                  Outstanding Research at the October 11
McLaughlin community gave generously to the Prof. Peter                                   meeting of the Faculty of Arts Council.
Oliver Bursary fund. The fund is now a third of the way to                                Klassen was recognized for his
becoming an endowed fund. If you donate to this fund, and if       studies looking into the impact of globalization on the labor
your donation is received by December 31, you will receive a       market and income security policies.
charitable donations receipt for the 2007 taxation year. We
urge you once again to give generously to honour Peter and to                        Ijade Maxwell Rodrugues (BA ’99) has been
help future McLaughlin students. Please mail your donation                           promoted to Senior Executive Officer in the
to:                                                                                  Office of the President, York University, in
                                                                                     October. Congratulations, Ijade!
        York University Foundation
        West Office Building, 4700 Keele Street                                      New McLaughlin Fellows
        Toronto, ON M3J 1P3,                                                           Since the May Newsletter, the following new
        Or contact Sylvia Kadlick at 416-650-8145.                                     McLaughlin Fellows have been appointed:
                                                                   Prof. Joseph Mensah, School of Social Sciences, Atkinson Faculty
Note on your cheque that the donation is for the Peter Oliver      of Liberal and Professional Studies; Prof. William Jenkins, Dept.
Bursary Fund, McLaughlin College.                                  of Geography, Faculty of Arts; Ms. Julie Huang, Residence Life
                                                                   Coordinator, Tatham Hall (2006-07); Prof. Naomi Couto,
                                                                   Department of Sociology, the following members of the School
Notable Alums and Fellows                                          of Public Policy and Administration, Atkinson Faculty of Liberal
                         Mark Lievonen, who was a McLaughlin
                                                                   and Professional Studies: Prof. Jacqueline Krikorian, Prof. Lorne
                         undergraduate student (BBA in
                                                                   Foster, Prof. Dagmar Soennecken, Prof. Soren Fredriksen, Prof.
                         accounting, 1979), has been a member
                                                                   Terry Maley; and Alex Neumann of the Academic Technical
                         of York University’s Board of Governors
                                                                   Support office --- the man who mounts the videostreams of our
                         since 2006. He is President of Sanofi
                                                                   lunch talks.
                         Pasteur Limited -- owner of Connaught
                         Laboratories -- and a member of the
company's North American Board of Directors.              He is    Steering Committee and Executive
responsible for all of the company's operations in Canada and      The McLaughlin Chapter of the York University Alumni
serves on a number of Sanofi Pasteur's global operating            Association was reborn two years ago under the leadership of
committees. Mr. Lievonen holds a an MBA in finance and             Dr. Jamie Laws. Dr. Laws, BA ’73, Geography and Physical
marketing from the Schulich School of Business. He is a            Education, is a prominent Toronto chiropractor and athletic
Chartered Accountant and received his designation in 1981          therapist who has been the head Athletic Therapist of both York
while working with Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Mr. Lievonen is        and McMaster universities. He has taught at York, McMaster
currently the Chair of the Board of the Ontario Genomics           and the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and has been
Institute and Vice-Chair of the Ontario Institute for Cancer       part of the health care team at three Olympic Games. He was a
Research and YORKbiotech. He is a member of the Board of           resident of Tatham Hall from 1969-72. He was President of
Directors of Oncolytics Biotech Inc. and BIOTECanada, where        William Alexander Hartford [the] BIGG House and served on
he served as Chair from 2000 to May 2003. Mr. Lievonen             Residence Council. He was chair of McLaughlin College Student
serves on the Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation Board.       Council, 1969-72. He was the McLaughlin student rep and Chair
He was Chair of the Steering Committee for the BIO 2002            of the student caucus of the Senate, President of the Men’s
International Conference which was held in Toronto. He has         Interuniversity Athletic Council, and the first student ever
also served on a number of industry and community boards           appointed to the York University Board of Governors (1972-74).
and councils such as the BIOCouncil, an advisory group to the      He was been active in alumni activities at York since he
Government of Ontario in biotechnology, and as a member of         graduated.
the United Way of Greater Toronto Cabinet chairing the Health
Care Division. Mr. Lievonen was the recipient of a Queen’s

Our Alumni Chapter is now led by an executive, and by a                                                                   Photos
steering committee composed of seasoned alums who can                                                                     from the
provide the executive with an historical perspective. The
Chapter is now officially recognized by the York University
                                                                                                                          Joe Clark
Alumni     Association.   Visit   their  web    page     at                                                               event,                                                                                               Nov
Our Executive
●Sebastien Kwidzinski (President)
●Ross McMillan (Treasurer)
●Amparo Murphy (Social Director)
●Elizabeth Robbins (Communications Director)
●Kam Naisbitt (Secretary)

Members at large: Munyonzwe Hamalengwa and
Susan Gapka

Our Steering Committee
●Dr. Jamie Laws (Chair)
●Kam Naisbitt
●Ross McMillan
●Ijade Maxwell Rodrigues
●Sean Squires
●Anthony Antonacci (Student Council President)
●Jeffrey Ball (Alumni Office)
●Ian Greene (Master)
●Terry Conlin (Assistant Master)
●Prof. Tom Wilson (Fellow)
●Lilian Polsinelli (Administrative Assistant)
●Vicky Carnevale (Alumni Secretary)
●Sarah Burley (Residence Life Coordinator
●Staphanie Dixon (Admin. Ass’t, Dept. of Film)

Please let us know if you are interested in joining any of the
above groups (                                  The Newsletter
                                                                   This is the third edition of the McLaughlin College Newsletter. It
                                                                   is intended to keep members of the College apprised of events
McLaughlin College Student Council Update
                                                                   and happenings, and accomplishments of students, alumni,
The McLaughlin College Council, led by President Anthony
                                                th                 faculty, fellows and staff. If you would like to contribute an item
Antonacci (Public Policy and Administration, 4 year) has had a
                                                                   to the next edition, please send your contribution to Vicky
busy and successful summer and fall. Anthony worked in the
                                                                   Carnevale: In particular, we’d like news of
Master’s office during the summer, and helped us to contact
                                                                   your accomplishments and milestones.
new McLaughlin students to invite them to attend one of our
academic orientation sessions, and the Council’s social
orientation. The Council is currently looking forward to holding
traditional and fun initiatives in the Winter semester such as
the Annual Ski Trip in January and the Formal in March.

Tickets to 40th Anniversary Events
Please go to our web page ( for the ticket
order form. All of these events are subsidized by McLaughlin
College, and are therefore great value for money. PLEASE SEE

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