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                       Ladybugs, Chicks and Bunnies, Oh My!
           Moonstruck Chocolatier Presents its Spring & Easter Collection 2008

(Portland, Ore. – Feb. 22, 2008) – From ladybugs to country critters to traditional eggs and
bunnies, Moonstruck Chocolatier’s Spring & Easter Collection 2008 features a mix of
decadent and whimsical chocolates highlighting the sights and tastes of the season.

The Moonstruck Chocolatier Spring & Easter Collection 2008 includes the following new

   ·   Ladybug Truffle Collection ($35) – An adorable collection of six decadent and
       colorful truffles hand­shaped to resemble lovable ladybugs. One each:
       Raspberry, Orange, Lemon, Vanilla, Extra­bittersweet and Milk Chocolate.
   ·   Country Critter Truffle Collection in White Fence Basket ($20) – Four cute country
       critters – a Cinnamon Almond Chick, an Extra­bittersweet Lamb, a Milk Chocolate
       Cow and a Toffee Pig – all conveniently corralled inside a white fence.
   ·   Nut Cluster Collection ($15) – A sampler of six Moonstruck Chocolatier Nut Clusters
       that feature peanuts, almonds and cashews, each enrobed in both milk and dark
   ·   Mint Tingleä Daisies ($10) – Bright yellow, red and purple daisy­shaped Mint
       Tingles that combine creamy peppermint and bits of molasses brittle.
   ·   Ladybug Pops ($5) – Moonstruck Chocolate that is hand­poured to resemble
       ladybugs. Available in solid milk, dark and ivory chocolate.

The Moonstruck Chocolatier Spring & Easter Collection 2008 also features traditional
Easter offerings such as solid chocolate bunnies, hens and roosters, as well as chocolate
eggs with various fillings, all in a variety of sizes.

The Moonstruck Chocolatier Spring & Easter Collection 2008 is available now at all 14
Moonstruck Chocolate Cafés throughout the country, at select retail outlets and fine
grocers and at

About Moonstruck Chocolate Co.
Established in 1993, Moonstruck Chocolate Co. was founded on the premise that
chocolate is not simply a candy, but an experience to be enjoyed by all the senses.
Moonstruck Chocolatier uses only the finest and freshest ingredients, including chocolate
that originates from some of the most rare and highest quality cocoa beans in the world.
The award­winning artisan chocolates, which were featured as the official chocolate of
the 77th and 78th Annual Academy Awardsâ gift baskets, are handcrafted, hand­
decorated and hand­packaged in Portland, Ore. Moonstruck Chocolate Co. also owns
and operates 14 Moonstruck Chocolate Cafés in Oregon, California, Illinois, Michigan,
Massachusetts and Virginia. For more information, please visit

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