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									                  The Metropolitan Museum of Art
                  Face to Face: Comparing Portraits
                  Online interactive teacher workshop, Winter, 2008

Instructions to applicant: Please co mplete the form in its entirety (typed), and e-mail the co mpleted applicat ion to us at Be sure to save the file as “Last Name_First Name” and keep a copy for your records.
Applications must be received no later than January 4, 2008. Participants will be notified of their acceptance on or before
January 11, 2008.

First Name:                                   Last Name:

Mailing address:

Address line 2:

City:                                State:                       Zi p:                     Country:

Home telephone number :                                           Cell/mobile phone number :

E-mail address:
*Please be sure to list the e-mail address that you check daily, and the e-mail address that you will use during our

School Name:

School Address line 1:

School Address line 2:

City:                                State:                       Zi p:                     Country:

Grade level that you teach:                                       Subject(s) that you teach:
*Note that this workshop is for K-6 educators only

How di d you hear about this workshop?

Please answer the following questions as completely as possible. Yo u are welcome to type below the questions and use
as much space as you need.

1.   Why would you like to participate in this online teacher wo rkshop, and what do you hope to gain from it?

2.   Have you exp lored the topic of “Port raits” with your students in the past? If so, how?

3.   Describe your experience using technology in the classroom setting. Are you comfort able using digital images,
     computers and the Internet?

4.   Have you taken online courses before? If yes, please describe. If not, what are your expectations?

5.   Have you utilized the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website and online resources in your classroom in the past? If
     so, please describe how you have used these resources.

During this interactive workshop, we ask that each participating teacher log -on at least once every 48 hours for the four
week period of January 28-February 22, in addit ion to complet ing the self-guided orientation and tutorials during the week
of January 22-27 (appro ximately 2 hours of work for the orientation). We also ask that teachers dedicate at least one hour
every-other day to contribute to the discussions and complete activit ies. Note that you do not need to be at your home
during this time (if you plan to travel), but you should have access to a computer with an Internet connection.

Will you be able to co mmit to this amount of time if accepted?
   YES               NO

Please select which items you will have access to during the summer workshop so that we can get a sense of the
equi pment you will be using. The web-based software and i nterface for the program is cross -pl atform (both Mac
and PC compati ble), but this informati on may hel p us better understand how you will recei ve information and
interact wi th others during the course. Please check all that appl y.

  PC               MAC                  Headset/microphone (recommended)
  Other hardware, please list

  MSWord             MSPowerPoint               Apple Keynote              Adobe Photoshop
  Other software, p lease list

  MS Internet Exp lorer         Apple Safari    Mozilla Firefo x
  Other, please list

Please describe the type of Internet connection that you have (please check one)
   Phone/Dial-up             DSL/ Cable modem                  High Speed

*Note that if you have a phone/dial-up Internet connection that you may experience difficulty in receiving large files or
viewing the live online chat sessions.

Thank you for your application and for your interest in this online teacher workshop. We will be in touch with you on or
before January 11, 2008 regarding your acceptance to the program. If accepted, we require that you submit payment in
full for $40 by check or credit card before Friday, January 25, 2008.

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