Robert Bolt #14 - Lawrence of Arabia by aqi13375


									                                          Robert Bolt
                                  #14 – Lawrence of Arabia

British writer Robert Bolt, best known for his screenplays of historical epics featuring outcast heroes, was
born Aug. 15, 1924, in Manchester, England. After serving with the British Air Force during World War II,
he taught English while writing plays for stage and radio on the side. His hit play about Sir Thomas More,
A Man For All Seasons, was the result of years of research that began when he was a child. In addition to
co-writing Lawrence of Arabia, which was his first film, Bolt had screenwriting credits on only eight films,
including Dr. Zhivago, A Man For All Seasons, Ryan’s Daughter, Lady Caroline Lamb and Gandhi. Bolt
was briefly imprisoned for protesting nuclear proliferation. Twice married to actress Sarah Miles, who
starred in Ryan’s Daughter and Lady Caroline Lamb, Bolt suffered a paralyzing stroke in 1979, although
he completed two more screenplays after that. He died on Feb. 12, 1995.

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