Laura, by aqi13375


									                                                                           6 Dec 2002

Laura Blake, NEIWPCC
Boott Mills South
100 Foot of John Street
Lowell, MA 01852-1124

Dear Laura,

       This CD contains the materials representing the completion of NEIWPCC
Contract 0245-009, Improvements to the QUAL2E Model in Support of TMDL
Applications for the State of Maine.

The Documents Folder contains the following items:
      1. A copy of this memo (CoverMemoFinalRpt.doc)
      2. My final project report to NEIWPCC (FinalProjectReport.doc).
      3. The model documentation report for the project modifications to QUAL2E
      (Addendum to QUAL2E documentation.doc).
      4. A text file describing the QUAL2E data files contained in the Models Folder

The Models folder contains:
      1. The new QUAL2E executable code (XQUAL2EX.exe)
      2. A folder (ProgramCode) containing the revised model FORTRAN code and
      object files.
      3. A folder (DataFiles) containing model sample input and output data files.
      4. The Excel-VBA output interface program (Q2E4P0plot.xls).

      I’ve enjoyed working on this project. We accomplished a great deal and have a
much more useful and user-friendly version of QUAL2E.

Sincerely yours,

Lin Brown
6 Dec 2002

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