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					      AP Language & Composition
                                                        Mr. Strauss, room 5,

Metamorphosis Reading Assignments
Chapters 1: Due Friday, October 13
Chapters 2: Due Thursday, October 19
Chapters 3: Due Friday, October 20

As you read, consider the following:
-Style and verisimilitude
-Theme: alienation and dehumanization as it relates to Gregor and his
-Other thematic observations; is Kafka simply writing about one man’s
fantastic nightmarish experience? Or is he being didactic?
-Issues of class
-You may also annotate personal reactions

As you annotate, be specific and refer to the text.

Page Requirement: For each chapter of the book do AT
LEAST three pages of annotations. You may do them in
sections, like diary entries or in an essay format.

      ver·i·si·mil·i·tude (vµr”…-s¹-m¹l“¹-t›d”, -ty›d”) n. 1. The quality of
       appearing to be true or real. See Synonyms at truth. 2. Something that has the
       appearance of being true or real. [Latin v¶rºsimilit¿d½, from v¶rºsimilis, verisimilar.
       See VERISIMILAR.] --ver”i·si·mil”i·tu“di·nous (-t›d“n-…s, -ty›d“-) adj.

      di·dac·tic (dº-d²k“t¹k) also di·dac·ti·cal (-t¹-k…l) --adj. 1. Intended to instruct.
       2. Morally instructive. 3. Inclined to teach or moralize excessively. [Greek
       didaktikos, skillful in teaching, from didaktos, taught, from didaskein, didak-, to
       teach, educate.] --di·dac“ti·cal·ly adv. --di·dac“ti·cism (-t¹-s¹z”…m) n.