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             A newsletter for the Hillside School Community

                  Fall/Winter 2008-2009
                                                                     homeless people in Boston. The following day, the boys

                              Living our
                                                                     traveled to Boston to join members of Common Cathedral in

                                                                     serving the lunches to people in need. To have our boys give

       Head’s               values through
                                                                     up an entire weekend to serve the neediest members of our
                                                                     Commonwealth is remarkable. To know they served a greater

                                                                     good is inspirational.

                              community                              We are proud of our school for many reasons. One is that we

                                                                     live a life of compassionate service to those who have less than
                                                                     us. While we are not a wealthy school, we are a healthy school
                                                                     in many respects. One sign of strong health is a vibrant and
                                                                     successful community service program.
Over the course of its 108 years, Hillside School has been                                     (continued on Page 4)
served by hundreds if not thousands of volunteers—trustees,
friends of the school, parents, grandparents, alums—all people
wanting to help this school community stay alive and thrive.
We have been blessed with countless donations of time, talent
and treasure.

In part because of our deep appreciation for this remarkable
dedication to Hillside, we have, for the 11 years of my tenure,
reached out to non-profit and human services organizations in
Boston, Marlborough, Northborough, Westborough, Hudson
and Berlin, our neighbors. We, students and employees, have
given back to the communities that have meant so much to us
over the decades.

           “To know that (our boys) served
           a greater good is inspirational.”                         Hillside’s community service program kicked off on a strong note this year with
                                                                     a visit to Boston’s Common Cathedral (pictured in photos above and below).
                                                                     Students assisted with a Sunday morning service in September for this pro-
                                                                     gram that provides spiritual enrichment and community for Boston’s homeless
You have read in the past, and will see in this Hillsider, stories   population. Read more about Hillside’s community service initiatives
from our many community service projects—food pantries,              starting on Page 3.
nursing homes, churches, temples, schools, roadside and river
clean-up, to name but a few. I would, however, like to highlight
one here in this column.

This past fall, Abby Pettee, our chaplain and community service
coordinator, was connected to an unusual and dynamic ministry
in Boston called Common Cathedral. Abby recruited a group of
day students and boarders to work with her (and our chefs) on
a beautiful fall Saturday to make hundreds of lunches for
 THE HILLSIDER                                                                                                      Fall/Winter 2008-2009
Professional Development
enriches classroom experience
This October, faculty left the Hillside campus in search
of new concepts and skills that are already having a beneficial
effect within the School’s classrooms.

On October 14, Hillside teachers visited several colleague
schools in the first of a series of professional development
programs seeking to enrich teaching strategies at our school.

Faculty spent the morning watching teachers in action at Fay,
Fessenden, Fenn, Landmark, Bancroft, Rectory and Beaver
County Day schools. Afterwards, the afternoon was spent in an
open panel forum to discuss the group’s observations.                         Matt Laliberte, associate dean of faculty and technology (left) addresses stu-
                                                                              dents during a recent Peace Studies class.

“The teachers analyzed what they observed in those
classrooms and how it could be applied to what they were                      most benefits our students.”
doing here at Hillside,” explained Harry Worrall, dean for faculty
and parents.                                                                  This philosophy was also apparent in the second offering of
                                                                              professional development which took place on December 18.
“The consensus about the day was very positive -- many of the
teachers were eager to apply what they had learned from                       During this occasion, Hillside faculty were able to attend
observing their peers in other schools,” added Worrall.                       workshops devoted to adolescent development and how to best
                                                                              use smart board technology.
The outcomes of these visits are already being felt in several
Hillside classrooms. Science teacher Toby Walch, for instance,                As with the October event, Hillside faculty gained signficantly
indicated that he was “greatly impressed by the eighth grade
physical science teacher” that he observed at Bancroft School
in Worcester.

“He ran his class completely through experiments and student
discovery,” explained Walch. “Since the visit, I have been doing
more classroom activities where students have the opportunity
to observe new things and think about how they work before I
explain the project or lesson to them.”

Such insightful applications are at the heart of the professional
development program, according to Matt Laliberte, associate
                                              dean of faculty
                                              and technology.

                                                    “This initiative is
                                                    all about providing
                                                    teachers with
                                                    opportunities to          Sam Bertolino ’09 (left) and Andres Andrade ’09 (right) learn by experimenta-
                                                                              tion in ninth grade science class.
                                                    learn and
                                                    implement the             from what Laliberte called the “professional diffusion” that was
                                                    best teaching             offered in December. “We were able to learn in-depth about the
                                                    practices that are        good things going on in our classrooms,” said Laliberte, “and
                                                    currently being           spread this knowledge to our peers.”
                                                    presented within
                                                    the profession,”          He added: “By bringing teachers together to discuss how they
                                                    said Laliberte. “In       are reaching out to students, everyone benefits.”
                                                    doing this, we are
                                                    seeking to                Plans are already underway for additional professional
                                                    convey curricula          development programs this spring and next year.
Toby Walch (right) works with Greg Antonellis ’09
                                                     in a way that
(middle) and David Salmela ’09 in his classroom.
Compassion in Action
 THE HILLSIDER                                                                                                Fall/Winter 2008-2009
Community Service at Hillside:

                                                                         “Students want to help – it is a natural motivation for them,”
                                                                         explains Abby Pettee, Hillside School’s chaplain and director of
                                           Dante Latessa ’12             the School’s community service initiative. “As educators, we
                                           (standing, right)
                                                                         believe it is our duty to nurture and enhance this desire within
                                           enjoys a Wii video game
                                           with Whitney Place at         our young people.”
                                           Northborough resident
                                           Katherine Poulos during       This teaching philosophy has enabled Hillside and similar
                                           Fall Community Service
                                                                         schools to win praise from leading educators and child
                                           Day. Spectators
                                           include Jacob                 development experts who believe that volunteering and
                                           Wertheimer ’09 (seated,       community service should be integral to student learning.
                                           left) and Drew Lanyon
                                                                         Among these specialists is Carol Weisman, MSW, non-profit
                                                                         consultant, social worker and author of Raising Charitable

                                                                         Children, a how-to book for parents seeking to foster
   nderstandably, there was some uncertainty. Hillside students          compassion among their sons and daughters.
had journeyed to Boston Common on September 28 to partici-
                                                                         While most children have a giving nature, Weisman maintains
pate in Common Cathedral, a program that provides spiritual
                                                                         that parents and schools need to promote and shape altruism
sustenance and community for Boston’s homeless population.
                                                                         within young people.
While eager to help, the students did not know what to expect
from this effort.
                                                                         “Toddlers as young as two years of age will share a toy they are
                                                                         not using,” Weisman points out. “But the ability and willingness
And then, the rains came. Heavy downpours forced Common                  to share when you don’t want to – to drag yourself out of bed at
Cathedral organizers to move from the Boston Common, site of             five am to volunteer at a morning meal program for the
their weekly Sunday services, to a spot beneath the towering             homeless, for instance – must be developed within children.”
columns of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church across the street.
                                                                         This is especially true among boys, says Weisman. She cites
With students and homeless in closer proximity to each other,
the community service experience proved even more meaning-                                                          research indicating that, on
ful. Take, for instance, the impromptu musical performance                                                         average, males of all ages
near St. Paul’s main entrance. Three students, Calvin Clapp                                                        represent a minority of the
’09, Justin Karas ’11, and Danny Kang ’10 had been inspecting                                                      volunteer population.
maracas and, before they knew it, they had joined several
street musicians in providing music for the service.                                                               For this reason, group
                                                                                                                   projects such as those
Many of the students listened intently as Rev. Steven Maki,                                                        sponsored by Hillside School
associate minister for Common Cathedral, encouraged those in                                                       play an even greater role in
attendance to pray that decision makers and others in power                                                        fostering selflessness among
                                                                                                                   young men, she says.
gain the wisdom to help those less fortunate within our society.         Helping to provide music for the
                                                                         Common Cathedral service are Hillside
Afterwards, the students helped distribute Hillside-prepared
                                                                         students (left to center): Justin         “What Hillside is doing is
                                                                         Karas ’11 and Calvin Clapp ’10.
sandwiches, beverages and desserts to Common Cathedral                                                             absolutely fabulous,” says
parishioners.                                                                                                      Weisman. “By having your
                                                                                                                   boys volunteer in groups, you
By all accounts, student response to this initiative was positive.                                                 are shaping positive peer
In recalling his Common Cathedral experience, student Danny                                                        influence where each group
Kang indicated that he “felt sorry” for the homeless worshippers                                                   member is encouraged and
but, at the same time, expressed a desire to “help people like                                                     expected to give of
them.”                                                                                                             themselves.”

It is this sense of altruism – something that many sociologists                                                    These groups are most
believe is inherent within young people – which lies at the heart                                                  prominent during Hillside’s
of Hillside’s community service program.
                                                                         Kendall DeSouza ’11 (left) and Brady      Community Service Days
                                                                         Caulfield ’10 work on yard clean-up at
                                                                         Church of the Nativity in Northborough,   which take place on a
                                                                     3   MA at Fall Community Service Day.             (continued on Page 5)
    THE HILLSIDER                                                                                       Fall/Winter 2007-2008
2                             Fall/Winter 2007-2008
Brandon Biaterana ’04:
FFTThe national statistics are nothing short of
                                                                           major and entrepreneurship minor at Clark University. Brandon

alarming: One million the making
Entrepreneur inhigh school students
                                                                           is quick to point out that Hillside provided the basis for much of
                                                                           the entrepreneurial initiative in his life. “It was the first time that I
                                                                           really focused on school,” he recalls about his Hillside
                                              bring a gun to               education. “I developed a craving for knowledge and learned
                                              school at least              that, if I invested time into my studies, it would pay off. The
                                              once per
                                                                           lessons I learned here have more meaning for me with time.”

                                              month; spinal
                                                Brandon Biaterana ’04 He has many fond memories of time spent on the Marlborough
                                              cord injuries           campus. “I really enjoyed the social dinners with faculty, the
                                                on a recent visit to
                                                Hillside with
                                                                      holiday basketball tournament – there were a lot of good times
                                              caused(right).gun- at the school.”
                                                Headmaster David
                                              shot wounds                                  (continued on Page 16)
                                              are the leading Head’s Slate
                                              cause of injury (continued from Page 1)
                                              among young             One of my most used books is Guide My Feet by Marian Wright
people in inner cities; when questioned by so-                        Edelman. In her book of prayers, meditations and counsel is
According to Brandon Biaterana ’04, thetop wishinspiration the following spiritualboth myself and ouras a community
cial services professionals, the source of among service motivator for
                                                                                             song which serves
children removed from violent family situations
for his “Sophomore Sophiscated” website concept can be
traced to his life long fascination with ideas.
is for “a peaceful home.”
“I’ve always been interested in how ideas become reality,” he
explains. “So, when my friends and I came up with the idea for
Without question, violence see through to con-
this website, I just knew that I had to is a itcause forits con-
cern both within our society and within our
schools. Despite this bleak picture, however,
Along with his two friends, Chris Rhodes from Emory
Hillside School is Camille White-Stern from New York
University in Atlanta andattempting to do something
positive about this crisis through its new,
University in New York City, Brandon is developing Sophomore
Sophisticated to serve, as he put it, as an “internet-based
ground-breaking artists.”
showcase for emerging Peace Studies curriculum.

As one of the first steps to launching this inno-
As explained by Brandon, who is a native of Berkeley, MA and
currently attending Clark University in Worcester, artists will be
vative curriculum, Hillside implemented its
able to display and promote their works on the Sophomore
Peace Studies course this fall. This class, be able
Sophisticated website. “For example, a sketch artist willin ef-
to post samples of their drawings on the website,” he notes.
fect, encourages website visitors will be and actively
“Or, if you are a writer, students to learn able to click on a
adopt strategies of your writing.” Similarly, visitors will be
link and read samplesthat, when faced with conflict,
can lead to peaceful resolutions.
able to hear samplings of recordings from musicians, fashion
photos from designers or the works of just about any other type
of artisan.
“The course seeks to bring students to an un-
derstanding of time when Sophomore Sophisticated
Brandon envisions a our responsibilities to each will
other as human beings and, as such, the need
host gallery openings and runway shows featuring the artists
using his site which, in turn, will further support for his concept.
to seek out alternative, peaceful solutions to
conflict,” is shopping his proposal around associate
Currently, he explains Matt Laliberte, to both potential
dean of faculty and curriculum, who is teach-
backers and artists who will populate the site. Although he is
still in the early stages of his project, several gallery owners
ing the have shown interest in his website concept. He is
and artistscourse.
optimistic that support in the form of site advertisers will soon
The impetus behind the course was a presenta-                              I hope you join me in feeling proud of Hillside as we continue to
tion made by renowned peace activist Colman
Immediately after graduating from Hillside, Brandon enrolled at            serve the needs of our community.
McCarthy, founder of the Washington D.C.
Concord Academy and, from there, signed up as a philosophy
                                                                           David Z. Beecher, Headmaster
Compassion in Action                                                                                           to a nursing home resident’s
(continued from Page 3)                                                                                        life story has enriched the life
                                                                                                               of that elder, for instance, by
designated day each term. During the most recent Fall                                                          sharing their experience with
Community Service Day, which took place on November 3,                                                         other volunteers and
students fanned out in groups throughout the Marlborough                                                       teachers.”
area community to engage in volunteer activities.

Students’ efforts included interaction between seniors and                                                     At the same time, there is
students while playing the popular Wii game console at                                                         a better grasp of the root
Whitney Place at Northborough, an elder care residence.                    Dylan Pievac’ 10 (left) and Michael causes behind social issues.
                                                                           Cheong’ 09 stack wood during Fall   “By discussing their
Other projects featured a vocal performance by students for
                                                                           Community Service Day 2008.         volunteer efforts, students
nearby Bolton Manor Nursing Home residents and yard                        can gain insight into why people depend upon free meal
cleaning at the Church of the Nativity in Northborough and First           programs or why a person is homeless,” says Weisman, “and
Parish Church in Hudson. During prior service days, students               why it is important for them to care about these individuals.”
have worked with children at the Marlborough Boys and Girls
                                                                           Such understanding was evident through a campus visit from
Club and compiled dozens of client information packets for
                                                                           Rev. Kathy McAdams, executive director for Common
You, Inc., a Worcester, MA – based human services agency.
                                                                           Cathedral, soon after Hillside’s visit in September.
On campus projects also figure prominently during these
                                                                           Meeting with several members of teacher Matt Laliberte’s
events with students joining faculty and staff in planting flowers,
                                                                           “Peace Studies Course,” McAdams answered students’ ques-
chopping wood, clearing brush and similar endeavors.
                                                                           tions about causes and possible solutions to homelessness.
In the aftermath of these projects, students are given time to
                                                                           The students’ questions combined both curiousity and
reflect on their activities through group discussion, in classes or
                                                                           compassion. One student recounted how, in his native
even during the regular noon time lunch program.
                                                                           California, he often passes by homeless individuals. “I want to
                                                                           help them,” he said. “But I’m not sure what I can do.”
Following the most recent fall 2008 service day, for instance,
Jack Humsey ’09 observed that the Bolton Manor residents
                                                                           After citing a number of possible ways to help – supporting
seemed to truly enjoy the vocal performance provided by the
                                                                           homeless advocacy groups, building affordable housing,
Hillside students. “I just hope the seniors feel good about
                                                                           providing temporary shelter – McAdams emphasizes that
themselves through our singing,” he said.
                                                                           “compassion is the key.”
The opportunity to reflect, coupled with institutional praise for
altruistic acts, further emphasizes the value of volunteering to                “This is all about character education ...”

Weisman had high praise, in particular, for Bulldog awards                 “Letting the homeless know that somebody cares helps to
given to Hillside students who have participated in volunteer              increase their hope of wanting to do something to improve their
activities, including campus food and clothing drives. “You                lives,” she told the students.
always hear about athletes who are cited for some feat but
Hillside seems to be among a small number of schools who                   Students have responded to McAdams’ talk – and her call to
place equal weight on volunteering,” she says.                             act upon poverty and homelessness – by enthusiastically
                                                                           supporting a food and clothing drive for Marlborough
Along with recognition, Weisman indicates that growing                     Community Services, a local human services agency serving
emphasis on reflection enables students to further identify with           impoverished families. As of this article’s publication date,
altruism as well as Hillside’s core value of compassion.                   Hillside donation bins filled to overflowing were ready for
                                                                           transport to the agency’s offices in mid-January.
“Unquestionably, debriefing adds depth to volunteering,” she
says. “A young person can better understand how listening                  In many respects, the continued success of Hillside’s
                                                                           community service program rests with the motivation of
                                                                           students. “It boils down to simply providing our students with
                                                                           the opportunities to realize and learn from their better natures,”
                                                   Hillside School
                                                   Chaplain Abby
                                                                           says Headmaster David Z. Beecher about the program.
                                                   Pettee (third
                                                   from right) leads       As to the future of community service programs, Weisman says
                                                   a Hillside              that schools such as Hillside are “definitely on the right track.”
                                                   performance at
                                                   Coleman House
                                                   in Northborough         “This is all about character education,” she says. “By
                                                   last year.              encouraging compassion and thoughtfulness among the
                                                                           students of today, Hillside and others are helping to develop the
                                                                           leaders of tomorrow.”
THE HILLSIDER                                                                                                Fall/Winter 2008-2009

    Dreaming big in the new school year
H  illside witnessed a full slate of activities for the fall and early winter terms. Headmaster David Z. Beecher helped set the tone for
the year as he encouraged students to “dream big because, in doing so, you have the potential to do more with your lives than
you ever could have imagined.” Students took the headmaster’s advice to heart as they enthusiastically participated in both
classroom and campus activities.

Soon after being welcomed back to campus on Registration Day in September, students and their families enjoyed Grandparents
and Grandfriends Day on October 17 and, immediately following, Fall Family Weekend on October 18. Both events featured
athletic competitions, opportunities to meet with Hillside faculty and staff, and community luncheons. New this year was the
“Hillside has Talent” competition in which students’ singing, dancing and other performing arts skills were well received by the
Hillside community.

Hillside’s Farm Day made a triumphant return this year (following the previous year’s rainout) with hay rides, face painting, pony
rides and farm games enjoyed by all participants. Students were able to give back to the larger community through Hillside’s Fall
Community Service Day on November 4. Our boys did everything from yard clean-ups at local churches to playing the popular Wii
video game with residents of an elder care facility (please see Page 3 for more about Hillside’s Community Service Program). On
November 18, Hillside welcomed the newest addition to the campus with the official dedication of The Hillside Chapel. Prayers
and the singing of hymns celebrated the chapel’s inauguration, which formerly served as home to Hillside’s wrestling team. The
ever popular Hillside Holiday Basketball Tournament on December 12, which saw Hillside’s Bulldogs as victors of this heated
competition, and the Fall Awards Ceremony on December 17, which recognized students for jobs well done, helped to close out
one of the most active -- and memorable -- fall terms in recent years.

                                                                       Hillside’s Dean of Residential Life
                                                                       Nathan Boston (left) congratulates
                                                                       Keith Barkey ’09 on winning the
                                                                       Residential Life Student Award at
                                                                       the Fall Awards Ceremony on
                                                                       December 18.

           Anders Ekblom ’13 (right) welcomes his grandfather,
           Robert Newton, to Grandparents and Grandfriends
           Day on October 17.

 Director of Admission and
 Financial Aid Kristen Naspo
 (left) welcomes Stefon Williams
 ’09 (right) and his mother,
 Casey Williams, to campus on
 Registration Day.

                                                                                  Tomas Alvarez ’10 (center) gets help moving into his
                                                                                  dorm room from parents Carlos (left) and
                                                                                  Patricia Alvarez (right).

                                                                                                (Continued on Page 7)
THE HILLSIDER                                                                                       Fall/Winter 2008-2009
Dreaming Big
(continued from Page 6)

 Hillside School Headmaster David                                                                                       Calvin Clapp’ 09
 Z. Beecher welcomes students and                                                                                       (left) helps children
 guests to the chapel dedication in                                                                                     with the “Candy in
 November.                                                                                                              the Haystack”
                                                                                                                        game at Hillside’s
                                                                                                                        Farm Day in

                                                                                             Nick Lewis ’11 (standing, left) and Matthew
                                                                                             Graham ’11 (standing, right) serve donuts to
                                                                                             residents of Coleman House, a facility for
                                                                                             adults living with dementia and Alzheimer’s
                                                                                             Disease, during Fall Community Service
                                                                                             Day on November 4.

                                                                        Baras Lebovitz ’11
                                                                        (left) enjoys Fall
                                                                        Family Weekend
                                                                        with his
                                                                        grandmother, Betty

              Kevin Chang ’10 performs on his cello at the chapel
              dedication in November.
THE HILLSIDER                                                                                 Fall/Winter 2008-2009

                                     Art Seen
   Andres Andrade, Grade 9        Conor Legare, Grade 8             Devin Banfield, Grade 9    Dominic Casamassima, Grade 8

    A  rt teacher Rex Osae’s eighth and ninth grade classes are tackling the building blocks of sketching in
    creative ways this winter term. His students are learning to draw basic shapes such as cones, cubes,
    spheres and cylinders and then imaginatively combining these shapes in their own black and white sketch
    designs. “Learning to draw forms is a basic foundation of art,” explains Osae. “To make this assignment even
    more interesting, though, we’ve also challenged the students to translate shapes into their own design
    concepts, including shading their sketches to give a three dimension feel to them.” Some of the best of these
    designs are pictured on both this and the following page. We hope you find these sketches both enjoyable
    and fun!

                                                                     Grant Melby, Grade 9

    Drew Lanyon, Grade 8       Eugenio Horn-Gallardo, Grade 8                                    Gyo Joon Hwang, Grade 8

THE HILLSIDER                                                                                Fall/Winter 2008-2009

   Joshua Kingsley, Grade 9     Justin Lane-Qualey, Grade 8       Kamran Bangash, Grade 8        Kevin Chang, Grade 8

 Kyle Atkins-Weltman, Grade 8      Kyle Corda, Grade 8             Matt Steward, Grade 8         Michael Paul, Grade 8

  Nick Walukevich, Grade 9       Rafael Ashworth, Grade 8          Sam Bertolino, Grade 9      Sheheryar Hassan, Grade 8

   Stephen Hinson, Grade 8       Tomas Alvarez, Grade 8            Tucker Wheeler, Grade 9        Will Connor, Grade 9
Classroom Clips
THE HILLSIDER                                                                                                    Fall/Winter 2008-2009

                                                                                                                             Math teacher Jessica
As always, Hillside classrooms were busy places of learning                                                                  Wentworth walks
and discovery this past fall term. Teachers also have ambitious                                                              Devin Banfield ’09
lesson plans for the current winter term. The following are some                                                             through a calculation.
brief highlights of classroom activities:

8th Grade English: Teacher Nathan Gardner reports that his
students have read and discussed John Steinbeck’s classic Of
Mice and Men during the fall semester. For the winter term, his
students are reading To Kill a Mockingbird. They will also view
the celebrated Hollywood movie based on this novel and work                      7th Grade Spanish: For the winter term, students will learn
on vocabulary, grammar and essays related to the book.                           how to pronounce classroom objects, numbers and time and
                                                                                 possibly weather, days of the week and months of the year in
5th Grade: A highlight of Mrs. Laurin Baldwin’s first term at                    Spanish. “We will also be studying Don Quixote, learn about
Hillside were the newspaper articles written by her students.                    the Patagonia region of South America and do an internet
Entitled All About Me, these articles were short biographies                     scavenger hunt involving Hispanic countries,” said teacher
written by students about their own lives. Mrs. Baldwin has also                 Nathan Gardner.
established several enduring classroom traditions, among them
Crazy Hat Day on Fridays (see photo below).                                      8th Grade History: Teacher Hollis Brooks’ students are
                                                                                 currently studying the historical period in the United States from
8th Grade Science: Teacher Ryan Stefiuk and his students                         post-Civil War Reconstruction on through the Great
studied the nature of volcanoes in the fall. For the winter term,                Depression.
the focus will be on weather and climate. “My students will keep
a journal of weather patterns throughout the term and graph the                  Art Program: Teacher Kristen Combs is working with her sixth
information to determine if there are patterns or any other                      grade students on creating Kirigami. Through this ancient
interesting observations,” said Stefiuk.                                         Japanese art, students are folding and cutting paper to create
                                                                                 shapes such as snowflakes and trees. Also this winter, her
Music Program: During a recent lunch program, teacher Shah                       seventh grade boys are learning ink drawing. Examples of
Salmi’s students presented the results of their fall class project.              students’ Kirigami projects are proudly displayed on the bulletin
Using the popular “Garage Band” software, students wrote and                     board in the Stevens wing of the Academic & Health Center.
produced their own commercial jingles. These productions
came complete with highly entertaining music and announcer                       Algebra I (Grades 8 and 9) and Algebra II (Grade 9): Teacher
voice overs sure to win over any audience!                                       Tim McCarthy will be solving and graphing linear equations and
                                                                                 inequalities with his students this winter term in Algebra I.
Biology (9th Grade): Teacher Toby Walch and his students will                    Meanwhile, he will be helping his ninth graders in Algebra II to
grow pea plants this winter. He reported: “We will learn about                   solve quadratic equations.
these plants’ structures and tissues. We will also examine their
rates of photosynthesis under different intensities and colors of                Asian Studies (7th Grade): Teacher Matt Laliberte and his
light.”                                                                          class will discuss the meaning of culture as it exists within the
                                                                                 Asian continent this winter. They will also examine the culture,
                                                                                 political systems, history and geography of specific far eastern
                                                                                 nations such as Vietnam, Korea, India and Indonesia.

                                                                                 6th Grade: Teacher Brad Lofgren and his students just
                                                                                 completed a project which involved the creation of some thirty
                                                                                 maps of Africa. At times, Lofgren employs a game of catch as a
                                                                                 means to quiz students on classroom material. With every
                                                                                 correct answer, a student is permitted to toss the ball to the
                                                                                 next “player” in this unique quiz process.

                                                                                 Leadership (9th Grade): Dean of Students Dan Marchetti
                                                                                 worked with his students on implementing a campus recycling
                                                                                 program. As part of their efforts, the students conducted a noon
                                                                                 lunch program that explained the importance of recycling and
                                                                                 how such environmentally-friendly practices can benefit both
                                                                                 local and global societies.
  Crazy Hat Day, a popular tradition in Mrs. Laurin Baldwin’s fifth grade
 THE HILLSIDER                                                                                                          Fall/Winter 2008-2009
Residential Life:
Challenges build community
                                                                                                                                 Among the Farm House
                                                                                                                                 residents who were
                                                                                                                                 winners of the “Cleanest

                                                                                                                                 House” challenge this fall
  he spirit of competition among Hillside’s boarding students                                                                    were (left to right): Alex Lin
and staff is proving to generate a welcome sense of community                                                                    ’11, Matt Steward ’10,
                                                                                                                                 Teacher Tim Whitehouse,
on campus.
                                                                                                                                 Adolph Kawuba ’10, Nick
“Our House Challenges are having great success,” indicates                                                                       Lewis ’10, Justin Lature
                                                                                                                                 ’11, Teacher Nathan
Hillside Dean of Residential Life Nathan Boston about this                                                                       Gardner, Caleb Gillett ’11
boarding initiative which was launched this fall. “Students are                                                                  and Nick Walukevich ’09.
invested in being part of a community and having fun with each                      such as a later bedtime hour for one night, pizza party or
and every challenge.”                                                               viewing choice of DVDs. On weekends, boarders are enjoying
                                                                                    an ever increasing offering of activities, both on and off
Winners claim the highly coveted Bulldog House Trophy for one                       campus. Trips have included excursions into Boston to visit the
week along with an appealing array of extra privileges                              Museum of Fine Arts or to cheer on the Boston Celtics.

Lessons in Politics
                                                                                    “We always offer something to peak students’ interests,” says
                                                                                     Boston, “as well as energetic, fun faculty to lead these trips.”

                                                                                    The following is a list of House Challenge winners to date:
P  ublic interest and passions regarding the recent 2008 U.S.
                                                                                    * Williams House for Round Robin Games
Presidential Campaign became a well-received lesson in                              * Farm House for Cleanest House
electoral politics for Hillside students in the fall.                               * Mack House for Best Talent Show Registration
                                                                                    * Matthies House for Talent Show
This was perhaps most apparent in Headmaster David Z.                               * Farm House for Best Decorated Halloween House
Beecher’s “American Government” class. The ninth grade                              * Whittemore House for best GPA
participants in this course carefully tracked the often dramatic                    * Mack House / Maher House for Best Decorated Winter-
development. The senior boys benefited from a practical                               themed House
demonstration of the electoral process as they accompanied
Headmaster Beecher to the polls during the Massachusetts                            Looking ahead, Boston says the residential life program is
Primary in September.                                                               anticipating “very active winter and spring terms.”
On November 3, the day prior to Election Day, the American
Government class engaged in a spirited debate with students
r                                                                                                                           considered by the new
representing both Senators Barack Obama and McCain and                                                                      Barack Obama presidential
their campaign teams.                                                                                                       administration. Meanwhile,
                                                                                                                            teacher Laurin Baldwin’s
Following the election, Hillsiders observed the Presidential                                                                fifth graders created their
Inauguration on January 20 with several class projects                                                                      own “Magnificent Memories
recognizing the historic occasion. In one science class,                                                                    of the 2009 Inauguration”
discussion focused on the possible clean energy policies being                                                              detailing their thoughts about
                                                                                                                            this milestone event.

                                                                                                                            Other classes reviewed
                                                                                    Ian Bagby ’09 (foreground) and Stefon   previous inaugural speeches
                                                                                    Williams ’09 work on their Obama
                                                                                    poster.                                 and quotes.

                                                                                    Even Hillside’s Farm Immersion program participated in the
                                                                                    day’s activities by reviewing past U.S. President’s agricultural
                                                                                    policies, as well as examining how farm animals choose their
                                                                                    “leaders.” Teacher Rex Osae’s art students added to the
                                                                                    festivities with their own posters celebrating the inauguration.

                                                                                     This time-honored transition of power made a lasting
                                                                                    impression upon Hillside students. Many sat, transfixed, as they
                                                                                    viewed the January 20 inaugural event on television “It was as
                                                                                    if everything stopped, as if everything was focused on that one
                                                                                    moment,” said Joshua Kingsley ’09 about the ceremony. “It was
Residents of Williams House watching the January 20 Presidential Inauguration       very inspirational.”
on television (left to right): Joshua Kingsley ’09, Grant Melby ’09 and Calvin
Clapp ’09.                                                                     11
THE HILLSIDER                                                                                             Fall/Winter 2008-2009
Faculty Profile:
McKenna inspires
creativity in the classroom
Math and science teacher Sharon McKenna calls her initial
                                                                                                                              (right) works
entry into the teaching profession a “fortunate accident.”                                                                    with Will
                                                                                                                              James’ 12
                                                                                                                              (middle) and
“I had been taking care of my faculty advisor’s four year old                                                                 Ho Bin Kim’ 12
child while I was in undergraduate school,” she said. “One day,                                                               on a science
she observed me interacting with her son and suggested that I                                                                 experiment.
consider a career in teaching.”

At first, McKenna discounted her advisor’s recommendation.
“My real passion has always been science. So, at first, I looked
into research or medical careers,” she said.

Eventually, however, McKenna discovered that her advisor had
been right: she had a true knack for teaching. Following an              While at Hillside, McKenna has been able to incorporate her
extensive career that has featured teaching positions at Milton          love of the outdoors into her classroom curriculum. She assists
and Rivers Schools, as well as North Country School in Lake              with the Eco-team club (featuring students who engage in
Placid, NY, McKenna found her way to Hillside last year. A New           projects that help with Hillside Farm operations) and, starting
Jersey native, McKenna currently lives in Framingham with her            this year, even introduced beekeeping to students.
husband and their two sons.
                                                                         “The boys were a little reticent initially about the whole idea of
Since her arrival on campus, McKenna has brought an inspiring            raising bees – I heard a lot of ‘I don’t want to get stung!’ from
sense of energy and creativity to her classroom where she                them,” said McKenna. “But once we began to study the social
works primarily with fifth, sixth and seventh grade students. She        structure of bees – how each bee has an assigned task in the
can often be seen eagerly leading her students in classroom              hive – their inquisitiveness took over and they really began to
science experiments, readily answering questions and                     enjoy what they were doing.”
providing instruction on proper scientific techniques.
                                                                         Such learning and acceptance has allowed McKenna to make a
“I love the enthusiasm and curiosity of middle school students,”         positive difference in her classroom for her students – a role
she says. “They are at a great stage of life where they aren’t           she has enthusiastically accepted.
little kids anymore. They have good intellect and are receptive
to what you have to say as a teacher -- they are not set in their         “The boys are a constant reminder that there is always
ideas like some high school students.”                                   something new about teaching, some new way of approaching

 Annual Fund Drive
                                                                         classroom material,” she says. “I’m especially fascinated by
                                                                         their questions which never fail to be deeper and more

 scoring big at Hillside
                                                                         insightful than I anticipate.”

 Hillside’s winter teams (basketball, hockey and wrestling)                                        Summer Term fun
are having a great year thanks, in part, to the support of                                         is near!
                                                                                                   There may be snow outside, but
Annual Fund donors. The Varsity Basketball team is displaying
their high octane offense and formidable defense, for instance,
with uniforms and equipment made possible through the                                            it’s never too early to make plans
Annual Fund.                                                                                     for summer. As always, you can find
                                                                         the best in summer fun at Hillside School’s Summer Term! Our
The Annual Fund is key to Hillside School’s success, both on             summer program offers a wide range of exciting and
and off the basketball court. The fund supports faculty                  educational opportunities that includes outdoor trips and
professional development, residential life and athletics                 activities, academic enrichment, English as a second
equipment and class field trips. This year, the challenging              language, farm education, computers and pool fun.
economy means that donor gifts are vital in meeting the fund
drive goal of $475,000. To learn more about the Annual Fund,             For more information, or to register for the Hillside Summer
please contact Chris Heaney, Annual Fund Director, at 508-               Term, please visit the Summer Term page on the Hillside
485-2824. You can make your gift on-line at:                             School website at: Or, call the                                                  Summer Term program at 508-485-2824.
THE HILLSIDER                                                                                                 Fall/Winter 2008-2009
Teams score big in fall & winter
The fall season proved to be one for the record books for
Hillside teams. On October 29, the Cross Country team finished           Joshua Kingsley ’09
a very competitive fourth place in the Roxbury Latin New Eng-            leaps for the basket in the
land Middle School Championships. Two of our runners in                  hotly contested December
particular, Dan O’Sullivan ’09 and Tomas Alvarez ’10, were               16 varsity home game
                                                                         versus Rectory.
especially competitive with 3rd and 12th place finishes,

On November 1, it was Varsity Soccer’s turn to shine. Our boys
finished a strong second in the B division of the Eaglebrook
Tournament. The two junior varsity soccer teams also stepped
up with their willingness to learn and exuberant enthusiasm for
the game.

This winter, our teams are already showing great promise. The
Varsity Basketball team, for instance, is consistently dominant
in their game. Many Hillsiders agree that the December 16
home game versus archrival Rectory was one of the most
thrilling and entertaining matches ever played in the Tracy

Both the Wrestling Team and the Hockey Team each took their
first games by wide margins of victory. Members of both teams
are consistently demonstrating winning determination both in
practices and competition.                                                         Hillside’s Cross Country team welcomed the new
                                                                                   academic year with a brand new, state-of-the-art track.
However, the exact outcome of any game does not supercede
the learning experience derived from athletics. “Any victory or
defeat carries with it a lesson and at Hillside, we teach to that
lesson,” explains Athletics Director Michael Foster. “Sportsman-                                                               The Hillside School
ship, respect for your teammates and your opponent are our                                                                     Band, led by music
                                                                                                                               teacher Shah Salmi
foundation.”                                                                                                                   (right), is always a
                                                                                                                               popular feature at
                                                                                                                               Varsity Basketball
He adds: “If we win, that is great! But it is more important to                                                                games.
learn how to win with pride and humility. If we don’t win, then
we continue to try our best and accept that half of the teams do
not win on the scoreboard. If you give your best effort and
remain true to the core values we teach, then all of our teams
will be winners in the end.”
                                                                           Hillside successfully
                                                                           defends the goal in a recent
We hope you enjoy the following photos which offer a visual                game against Fay.
retrospective of the fall and start of winter athletics.

 Adolph Kawuba
 ’10 takes control                                                                                         Members of the Hillside Ski Team (left)
 of the ball in a                                                                                          after a day on the slopes (back row, left to
 varsity game                                                                                              right): Justin Cho’ 11, Gyo Jon Hwang ’11,
 versus Fenn on                                                                                            Sam Bertolino ’09, and Patrick MacArthur
 October 1.                                                                                                ’09. Also (front row, left to right): Patrick
                                                                                                           Doran ’11, Ryan Cheyney ’12 and Juan
                                                                                                           Pablo Horn-Gallardo’ 10.

                                                                                                 (continued on Page 14)

THE HILLSIDER                                                                                                     Fall/Winter 2008-2009

                                                                            Fall awards honor students
Teams score big

(continued from Page 13)
                                                                              tudents were recognized for exemplary accomplishments at
                                                                           the Fall Awards Ceremony on December 18. Tribute was paid
                                               Charlie Tillett’ ‘12 gets
                                                                           to high achieving students in the areas of athletics,
                                               the pin -- and wins the     academics, residential life and other aspects of Hillside life.
                                               match -- against his        Congratulations to all of honorees!
                                               Rectory opponent .

                                                                                                                      Headmaster David Z.
                                                                                                                      Beecher (left) and Director
                                                                            Students receiving 9th grade              of Admission and Financial
                                                                            academic honors included (left to         Aid Kristen Naspo (center)
                                                                            right): Sam Bertolino ’09, Devin          congratulate Jack Humsey
                                                                            Banfield ’09, Calvin Clapp ’09 and        ’09 on winning the Jean
                                         Joseph Mullaney                    Greg Antonellis ’09.                      Garten and Irv Katz Prize.
   Calvin Clapp ’09 moves down           ’11 (right) takes the                                                        The prize is given to
   track in a Cross Country meet         ball down court in                                                           Hillside’s best student
   versus Eagle Hill on October          a Junior Varsity                                                             ambassador.
   17.                                   Basketball game
                                         against Rectory.

   Michael Oh ’11 (right) and
   Matti Muehlemann ’10
   (left) are among students                                                 Accepting Varsity Soccer
   who participate in the                                                    honors are (left to right): Adolph      Among the newest members
   highly popular Yoga Club                                                  Kawuba ’10, Jonathan Green              of the Headmaster’s Club
                                                                             ’10 and Rex Osae, Jr. ’09. Also         (left to right): Chun Hui
                                                                             pictured: Coaches Jessica               Chang ’10, Kyle Corda ’10,
                                                                             Wentworth and Rex Osae.                 Brett Emerson ’10 and Juan
                                                                                                                     Pablo Horn Gallardo ’10.
The return of Farm Day                                                     recently acquired beehives, both made possible by science
                                                                           teacher Sharon McKenna. Finally, Hillsider readers can look
Clear skies and unseasonably warm temperatures helped                      forward to the PBS-produced “American Experience” presenta-
                                                                           tion that will include our Tamworth pigs. The broadcast, which
make for a terrific Farm Day on November 1. This annual event              focuses on the farming techniques of English colonialists and
(canceled last year due to rain) is the Hillside Farm’s day to             Native Americans, is scheduled to air this April. Check your
shine and it didn’t disappoint. Visitors were able to enjoy tractor        local listings for details.
hayrides, pony rides, a petting zoo, face painting and games
such as bean toss and candy scavenger hunts.                               In the coming weeks, Eco-team will be preparing for the spring
                                                                           season as the farm and its animals greet warmer days ahead!
Meanwhile, the always busy Eco-team had an especially
productive fall and early winter seasons. Led by Hillside
Environmental Director Alf Wilson, the team started work on a
new piggery, a structure that will eventually be home to our
Tamworth pigs, and a shed for the donkeys and alpacas that                       Dan O’Sullivan ’09
graze in the field across from the farm.                                         takes time out to have
                                                                                 his face painted on
                                                                                 Farm Day.
The farm also welcomed the addition of twenty new chickens
and guinea fowl including several exotic breeds such as Little
Silkies, Cochins and Pilgrim chickens. Also new this year was
the growing and harvesting of pumpkins by students (we
realized a bumper crop in the fall!) and honey harvesting from 14                                    (Continued on Page 15)
THE HILLSIDER                                                                                                Fall/Winter 2008-2009
(continued from Page 14)

                                                                                                                             Kyle Ojemann
                                                                                                                             ’09, member of
                                   Teacher Sharon McKenna                                                                    the winter Eco-
                                   (left) works with students on                                                             team, poses with
                                   tending the new beehives.                                                                 one of the farm

       David Dickey ’12 prepares
       to harvest a pumpkin. It
       was a bumper crop this                                           Members of the fall Eco-team
       year!                                                            prepare to take a cruise on Beaver
                                                                        Pond (foreground to background):
                                                                        Zachary Koulopoulos ’13,
                                                                        Christopher Holt ’12 and
                                                                        Christopher Coughlin ’11.

 Welcoming spring to Hillside                                            Mystery Photograph -- Guess who?
Once again, spring will be a season of activity and fun at                                                       In recognition of Hillside’s
Hillside School this year.                                                                                       century-plus dedication to
                                                                                                                 educational excellence, we
Following a well deserved spring break, our students will be                                                     invite readers to help us
                                                                                                                 identify photos from our
returning to the classroom and the playing fields. All classes                                                   growing archival collection. Do
will resume on Monday, March 30.                                                                                 you know the students in the
                                                                                                                 photo to the left and when the
Upon their return to campus on March 29, students and other                                                      photo was taken? If so,
                                                                                                                 please feel free to email your
members of the Hillside community will look forward to our                                                       answer to Mark Pechenik,
Winter Awards Ceremony at 4:00 pm. Students who have                                                             Hillsider editor, at:
earned honors and, in general, distinguished themselves                                                          mpechenik@
during the winter term will be recognized at this special event.                                        or call him
                                                                                                                 at 508-481-0287.
Of course, parents and friends of students are welcome to

Our school’s strong commitment to multiculturalism will be on
display on Wednesday, April 8 by way of our Diversity Day
celebration. This high-energy event features student
presentations depicting peoples from throughout the world.

Students seeking entry into independent high schools will
participate in SSAT Test Day on Saturday, April 18. Seasonal
fun continues with Spring Fling Weekend on Friday and
Saturday, May 1 and 2.

DAR Day -- which recognizes and honors the strong
partnership between Hillside and the DAR - follows on
Wednesday, May 13.

The academic year ends on a high note with several cherished
traditions. Prize Day, which recognizes students for year-long
achievements, takes place on Friday, June 5 along with the
Headmaster’s Dinner for Seniors. In addition, the International
Parent’s Luncheon takes place on June 5. All in all, it
promises to be a very memorable spring!
THE HILLSIDER                                                                                              Fall/Winter 2008-2009

 Upcoming school events                                                   Brandon Biaterana ’04
                                                                          (continued from Page 4)
Mark your calendar for the following events. For a full listing of
Hillside events, visit our website at:            His affinity for Hillside has led him back to his alma mater. “As
Thursday, February 26 -                   Wednesday, April 8              I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that I’ve wanted to come back and
Tuesday, March 3                          Diversity Day                   socialize more with other alumni.”
Winter term review period
                                          Friday, April 10 -              He encourages other alumni to do the same. “Volunteer, show
Wednesday, March 4 -                      Monday, April 13                support, take some interest in Hillside,” he says. “It will be time
Friday, March 6                           Dismissal: April 10 at          well spent.”
Winter term exams                         3:00 pm. Boarders
                                          return: April 13 at             Looking ahead, Brandon envisions Sophomore Sophisticated
Saturday, March 7                         5:00 pm.                        as a stepping stone to future career pursuits. “I’d like to attend
Parent/teacher phone                                                      law school to become more familiar with intellectual property
conferences - 9:00 am                     Tuesday, April 14 -             rights,” he says. “Eventually, I’d like to have my own public
to 1:00 pm                                Friday, April 17                relations agency that would represent a wide range of artists.”
                                          Senior Class Trip
Friday, March 6 -                                                         Given his initiative to date, Brandon’s dream seems well within
Sunday, March 29                          Saturday, April 18              reach.
Spring vacation.                          SSAT Test Day
Dismissal: March 6                                                        Alumni and others interested in reaching Brandon and/or
at 3:00 pm. Boarders                      Friday, May 1 -                 learning more about Sophomore Sophisticated can reach him
Return: March 29                          Saturday, May 2                 via email at: or by phone at: 774-930-
at 3:00 pm                                Spring Fling Weekend            2558.

                                                                                                             Non-profit organization
THE HILLSIDER                                                                                                  U.S. POSTAGE
Hillside School, Inc.                                                                                          Manchester, NH
404 Robin Hill Road                                                                                              Permit #206
Marlborough, MA 01752-1099



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