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									                               NEWS FROM THE HILL
                             HOPKINTON HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                                 January 2010
Volume V, Issue 4

First Semester Exam Schedule………..see Page 3

From the Principal’s Desk…                                                              Upcoming
                                                                                   January 4: School
A New Year brings new opportunities and new challenges. As your students
return to school this week, they will have two weeks of class left before the      Reopens
end of 1st semester. Grades for this month will be posted on Monday, January
11th so that students can have the most accurate picture of their performance      January 8:
going into the final exam. Please encourage students to finish the semester        Principal’s Coffee
strong and to see their teachers if they have questions or concerns about their    7:30 am A219
progress reports. Also, please note the final exam schedule on pg 3 of this
newsletter. Students are only required to be at school on these days when they     January 11: Grading
have an exam. They can come in late and leave early as required by their par-      Reports available
ticular schedule. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact      online at 8:00
your child’s counselor or the main office.
                                                                                   January 12: School
This time of the year is also the beginning of the school budgeting process for    Council 2:30-4:00
next school year. If you have not already done so, I would encourage you to        pm, A219
look at the Superintendent’s preliminary budget presentation on the school
district website. Click here               January 14: Sopho-
                                                                                   more Parent Night
                                                                                   7:00 pm, HA Audito-
The presentation highlights cuts that have been made in recent years and the
need to maintain our current level of services in the schools for next year. At
the high school, we will see an increase of at least 20 students next year and
without additional staffing, or with a cut in staffing, larger class sizes and a   January 18: No
decrease in current programs will certainly be the result. The high school         School—Martin Lu-
budget will be presented to the school committee at their regular meeting this     ther King Day
Thursday, January 7th. I would hope that as interested parents, you will take
time to become informed about the issues pertaining to your child’s education      January 19—22
and do all that you can to support this important endeavor.                        Semester 1 Exams—
                                                                                   See page 3 for de-
Lastly, the third annual Martin Luther King Day of Giving will be held on          tailed schedule
January 18th at the Hopkinton Middle School from 9am—12:00pm. This
community wide event is an opportunity to give back to those in need and par-
ticipate in activities that benefit the homeless, senior citizens, hospitalized    January 23: Free
children, cancer patients, and our troops. Many clubs and organizations at the     SAT practice test by
high school are involved and community support is always welcome. Please           Kaplan
see pg 6 of the newsletter for more details.
                                                                                   January 25: Semester
Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!
                                                                                   2 Begins
Alyson Geary
From the counseling office:
Family Connection has a new look-same info just presented differently: It
should be easier to navigate!

Exciting Scholarship News—The Naviance/Family connection has partnered with
Sallie Mae to offer an advertising-free national scholarship search within Family connection. This
is an additional enhancement that will compliment our local scholarship list. You should begin
checking the local list frequently as scholarship applications will start to arrive in the counseling
office during January and February. Scholarship Questions? Please see Mrs. Hoagland.

Junior Parent Meetings– Counselors have completed the morning appointment schedule for all
parents of juniors through the spring. If you did not receive an appointment letter from your son/
daughter’s counselor please contact that counselor as soon as possible to make an appointment.
The purpose of the meeting is to open up the initial dialog surrounding the college application

Juniors and your parents Save the Date-
College Admissions Evening—February 11 from 7-9:30 pm. Watch for more information

Sophomore Parent Night—PLAN results and making the most of the high school will be
held on Thursday, January 14 in the HHS auditorium from 7-8:30 pm.

The Samaritans will be hosting an informational session on Suicide Prevention—Wednesday,
January 27, 2010 in the HHS counseling Office from 7-8:00 pm.

SAT Test Dates: January 23, 2010                 ACT Test Date: February 6, 2010


      Kaplan Test Prep, a division of Kaplan Inc., will hold a free SAT practice test for
       Hopkinton High School students on Saturday, January 23, 2010 from 9 a.m. to
             1:15 p.m. at Hopkinton High School. Pre-registration is required.

      In addition to taking a practice SAT under timed conditions, students will receive
      their scores and detailed feedback on their performance, including an analysis of
        their strengths and weaknesses on Wednesday, January 27, 2010 from 7-8 pm
     in the Hopkinton High School cafeteria. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend
                                         this meeting.

                  For more information or to register, call 1-800-KAP-TEST.
                        Free to all Hopkinton High School students.
                                 Host Families Still Needed

We still need 3 host families from April 1-12th. Two are for French students, one is for a
French teacher. If you are interested in this exciting opportunity please email Bruce
Mitchell at

                                 Semester 1 Exam Schedule
                                January 19 through 22, 2010
  Tuesday January 19
  Exam Period 1: 7:25—9:15
  Exam Period 2: 9:30—11:15

  Wednesday January 20
  Exam Period 3: 7:25—9:15
  Exam Period 4: 9:30—11:15

  Thursday January 21
  Exam Period 5: 7:25—9:15
  Exam Period 6: - 9:30—11:15

  Friday January 22
  Exam Period 7: 7:25—9:15
  Make Up Exams: 9:30—11:15 (previous arrangements must be made with
  the teacher directly)
  Note: Buses run at normal times during the exam period. Teachers are available for extra help out-
  side of times they are giving examinations. Students should speak to teachers to make arrange-
  ments beforehand for extra help. The library will be open during its regular hours. A light lunch is
  available during exam period. Athletic practice times may be amended during the exam period. No-
  tification will come through the A.D.’s office or through the coach.

                                 STATE MANDATED SCREENING

  Vision, hearing, and postural screening for 9th graders are scheduled for January
  19th. These are state mandated screens that need to be done yearly in order to
  comply with state laws. If you do not want your child screened please send it to the
  school nurse in writing before January 10th and provide documentation that he/she
  has been screened by a private physician.
                     TEC -The Education Cooperative/ Internship program
                       “What do you want to be when you Grow Up?”

The Education Cooperative (TEC) provides a variety of custom real work internship experiences for high
school juniors and seniors. Our career services program is a work-based educational internship learning ex-
perience that often helps to bridge the gap between academics and a potential career choice. These explora-
tions can help enrich academics, motivate students to learn, and apply their education to real-world practices.
This program can benefit varying academic levels of students.
This is an invaluable asset for any student. TEC’s internship program provides meaningful hands-on experi-
ence in a supervised professional environment, ensuring that students are able to realize their full potential.
This provides career exploration in a field the student might wish to pursue upon graduation from high school
and beyond.
In our signature internship program, students volunteer their time for a total of sixty hours, approximately 12-
18 hours per week in the summer. During the academic year, students work 5-8 hours per week in the after-
noons after school for approximately 3 months. In lieu of payment, students (insert school name and amount
of credit given here) receive credit for a successfully completed internship.
The Extended Internship Program allows students to spend 8-10 hours each week for an entire school year at
an internship site.
This program can benefit a variety of students:
        • Students who learn more effectively through a hands-on experience
        • High achievers and may not have a full academic course schedule and would like to engage in career
        • Students with an IEP and a grade average of C or better
        • Students with little enthusiasm for academics
Internship can be during the school day in conjunction with a student’s rotating schedule, after school (no af-
ter school sport participation is allowed while doing an internship), or even during the summer.
The scheduled days and hours are determined on an individual student basis of availability and internship
placement. We consider a student’s interests, transportation limitations and geographical parameters with
each internship placement. Students may be involved in assisting with a project, shadowing a professional, or
independently working on their own assigned tasks. This allows the student to identify a primary career of
interest and establish work experience.

Internship Cost (Signature program) – Academic year - $500
                                      Summer - $500
(Additional fee of $50 for summer applications received after March 20thth)
Extended Internship - $900
For applications- For any further questions please contact:
 The Education Cooperative 781 326 2473 x121

The Friday, December 11th, Sgt. Mary Ritchie of the Mass State Crime Lab, spoke to Forensic
Science students about the field of forensic science.

   On December 16th and 17th,
 forensic science students partici-
  pated in DNA fingerprinting lab
   funded by a Mass Bio Teach

                                                                      Here is
                                                               The “glowing” results
                                                                    of the lab
                                     Class of 2013

136 student dues have been collected. If you have not yet paid your dues,
please send in $45 cash or check made payable to: Hopkinton Student
Activities. Dues may be turned into any class officer, Ms. Roberts or Ms.

Many thanks to all of the students and parents who either made or bought food
for the coffee break. The coffee break was an overwhelming success, thank to
all! We were able to raise $356.69 for two great charities: Project Just Be-
cause and the Heifer International.

The Class of 2013 has decided to sell compact florescent light bulbs as their
major fundraiser this year. Details will be coming in second semester.

The freshman cotillion date has been set for May 7th in the high school cafete-
ria...we will be looking for students to join the cotillion committee after the

If your student is a member of Facebook, please encourage them to seek out
the group “HHS Class of 2013”. We will be sending out information through
this group.

                               MLK Day of Giving Back
Join your friends and neighbors to volunteer at the 3rd Annual MKL Day of Giving Back on
Monday, January 18th from 9am to noon at the Hopkinton Middle School. Come en-
joy a light breakfast and be inspired by award winning educator, Evren Gundez. Then join
in on many community service activities to benefit the homeless, senior citizens, hospital-
ized children, cancer patients, our troops, and more. At 12:30 watch the freshman boys
basketball team challenge the Special Olympics team. There is also a blood drive for age
16 and up. Please contact for an appointment between 10 am and 3
pm. Please see the flyer at for donations you are asked to bring.
Don’t miss this amazing day where over 700 people participated last year!

                          More Counseling news…………..

Kiely Murray joins the Hopkinton High School Counseling staff for the retiring Kathie Heb-
den. Kiely earned her BA from Boston College and her Master of Arts in Counseling Psy-
chology from Lesley University. She most recently worked as a Guidance Counselor at
Ashland High School. In her spare time, she enjoys coaching basketball, volleyball, and

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