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                                                                     One of the most important items for any adventure is a backpack. You                      intergalactic goings-on
                                                                     can have all the latest and greatest gear for your travels in the
                                                                     wilderness, but you need something to help you carry it all safely and                    Twilight: New Moon
                                                                     securely (and most importantly, comfortably). A high quality Internal                     Examiners cover the books, the big screen and
                                                                                                                                                               action behind the scenes
                                                                     Frame pack will serve you well and help you be fully prepared for
                                                                     whatever Mother Nature may bring.

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                                                                     The High Sierra Long Trail 90 features a generous 90-liter top-load
                                                                     main compartment with a gusseted drawstring closure under the lid as
                                                                     well as a drop-bottom sleeping bag compartment with divider. The
                                                                     Ergo-Fit shoulder harness, with adjustable load-lifters, is constructed
                                                                     with Vapel mesh Airflow and high-density foam padding. The same
                                                                     molded foam back panel also has nifty Airflow channels to keep your
                                                                     pack away from you back, and to keep you cooler (and dryer) even
                                                                     when working up a sweat.

   With a few adjustments, you can easily contour the aluminum frame bars so they fit the shape of your back and possibly one
   of the best features of this pack is the internal hydration reservoir sleeve with dual exit ports for your water (it does not come
   with a reservoir, itself, though). This bag also has a variety of pockets and adjustable straps for all your gear. The dimensions
   are 36” x 15.25” x 11”. MSRP: $129.99

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