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					Position Management
   Driving Miss Daisy,
       not Crazy
  What is Position Management

• Legacy system – no real position
  – A vehicle for associating funding

• PeopleSoft
  – A description of a set of tasks within a
    department (unless reorganizing) with a job
    code that matches those tasks
   Why Position Management?

• Create and track position data/history
• Process employee appointments by
• Maintain incumbent data
• Maintain organizational structures
• Budget for positions by department
• View incumbent, position and budget
    Why did ND choose Position

• Because positions are fairly static
• So we could use department budgeting
          Foundation Tables

• Installation Table
  – Partial Position Management
     • Advised by consultants as opposed to “full.”
  – Set up minimum .10 and maximum 40
    Standard Hours, and a Weekly work period
• Lets PeopleSoft automatically assign
  next position number instead of
  campuses having to coordinate position
         Foundation Tables

• Department table
  – Where budget year-end is defined
  – Where Budget Level is defined
Department Table
Department Table
            Foundation Tables

• Job Code table
  –   Job Title
  –    Manager Level
  –    Standard hours
  –    FLSA status
  –    Comp Frequency
  –    Regular/Temporary
  –    Academic Rank
  –    Workers compensation code
  –    Salary Market matches
  –    Salary plans (SLEX, HRNE, etc)
  –    Rate Code (NAHRLY, etc)
Job Code Table
          Creating Positions

• Define essential information about a
  – Position number
  – Work location
  – Job Code
     • Lots of information then defaults in saving you
       lots of data entry
  – Define whether it is a single, or pool
    position through Max Head Count field
  – “Cloning” enabled through “initialize”
Position Data
        Reports about Positions

• Most not useful because not yet secured
  by Business Unit/Department
  –   Vacant positions report
  –   Position Status report
  –   Incumbent History report
  –   Position History
  –   Exception/Override
     Creating Job Requisitions

• By entering Position Number, data
  defaults in to Job Requisitions
      Hiring and Reassigning

• Position Management allows you to
  move people in and out of positions
  without re-entering data
          Changes to Position Data
             Update Job Data

• Fields changed in Position Data which
  flow to Job Data
  – FTE Actual
  – Business Unit
       • All other SetIDs
  –   Classified Indicator
  –   Company
  –   Department
  –   FT/PT
  –   Grade
  –   Jobcode
  –   Location
  –   Reg/Temp
  –   Regulatory Region
  –   Reports to
      Changes to Position Data
         Update Job Data

• Fields changed in Position Data which
  flow to Job Data
  – Salary Admin Plan
  – Standard Hours
  – Work Period

• Position Data flows to Job Data IF
  – Position is active
  – Update Incumbent box is checked
  – Job Data record does not have the Override
    Position Data option selected
  – The row you insert on Position data is equal
    to or greater than the current effective date
    on the Job Data record
Positions and Organizational Structure

• Could, in the future, use Visio interface
  to create organizational charts if “reports
  to” data is populated
Position Budgeting
 Why Commitment Accounting?

• Allows for salaries to be budgeted by

• Allows more flexibility to fund earnings,
  deductions and taxes separately

• Allows the use of multiple funding
  sources for earnings, deductions and
          Foundation Tables

•   Account Code Table
•   Dept Offset Table
•   Earnings Account Mapping Table
•   Deduction Account Mapping Table
•   Tax Account Mapping Table
Account Code Table
Dept Offset Group – HIED1
Earnings Account Mapping Table

•   HEP and HPE   223002
•   H28           511005
•   H84           512005
•   H03 and HRO   514005
•   H04           515010
Deduction Account Mapping Table
Tax Account Mapping Table
Department Budget Table
Dept Budget Earnings
Dept Budget Deductions
Dept Budget Taxes
Dept Budget Actuals
             Key Fields

• Position Data – DeptID
• Job Data – DeptID
• Dept Budget Table – DeptID



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