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Forest Management Certification Pre-assessment of the Caribou Forest by keb35299


									                                 Public Briefing Paper for
   Forest Management Certification Pre-assessment of the
                Caribou Forest managed by
       AbitibiBowater in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada

                                   November 10th 2008

Introduction - The SmartWood Program of the Rainforest Alliance is conducting forest
management and chain of custody certification Pre-assessment of the Caribou Forest managed
by AbitibiBowater - Thunder Bay located in Ontario, Canada. The Pre- assessment will be
implemented on December 10th and December 11th 2008.

Scope of the Certification Pre- assessment – The forest management certification pre-
assessment will identify gaps between the environmental, silvicultural and socioeconomic aspects
of the forest managed by AbitibiBowater – Thunder Bay, and the requirements of the Forest
Stewardship Council (FSC) National Boreal Standards. To obtain a copy of the applicable
guidelines or to make comments about these standards, please contact SmartWood by
telephone, FAX, email or website listed below. SmartWood is accredited by the Forest
Stewardship Council and this Pre-assessment process must follow procedures which have been
approved by the FSC.

Pre-Assessment Team Composition
Bruce Byford R.P.F. is a Licensed Professional Forester (Ontario) and the President of Arbex
Forest Resource Consultants Ltd. He has 29 years of experience as a consulting forester and
project manager. Bruce has been Lead Auditor on thirteen Independent Forest Audits in Ontario.
As a consultant to SmartWood he has participated as a Lead Assessor, Forest Management
Specialist and/or First Nations and Socioeconomic assessor on certification and annual
assessments. Bruce will be the lead auditor for the pre-assessment

Keith Moore Keith is a forester and has worked in forestland management and environmental
assessment in Canada and internationally since 1976. Keith completed the SmartWood Lead
Assessor training and has been involved with SmartWood and FSC certification since 2000. He
has been a team member and team leader on over 40 SmartWood gap analyses, Assessments,
Pre-condition audits and Annual audits in Canada, the US, Russia and Australia.

Tom Clark is an ecologist and has been an assessor on several SmartWood assessments, and
is an experienced auditor using the Ontario Independent Forest Audit Protocol. Recent projects
include a review of the Ontario Forest Management Guidelines for the Ontario Government, as
well as a review of Ontario’s Independent Forest Audit system.
Pre-Assessment Steps and Schedule – Following is a short description of the certification
process and a tentative agenda:

♦ Pre-Assessment organization – The SmartWood team will assemble in Thunder Bay Ontario
  on December 10th and 11th 2008 and review written information pertaining to AbitibiBowater
  forestry operations.
♦ Field assessments – There are usually no visit to forest sites during Pre-assessments.
  However if deemed necessary to verify potential gaps the team may visit sites managed by
  AbitibiBowater either on December 10th or December 11th 2008.
♦ Stakeholder consultation – From now until the end of the fieldwork, the team will contact local
  stakeholders regarding AbitibiBowater’s management of the Caribou Forest in communities
  surrounding the forest area. This will include private interviews and discussions.
♦ Report production – Pre-assessment reports typically remain confidential as they are just a
  tool used by the forest manager to prepare for the actual assessment. If an assessment is
  conducted, the assessment report is made public if a certificate is issued.

Your Input Sought – As a part of the forest certification Pre-assessment process we invite
stakeholders to offer comment and feedback on AbitibiBowater – Thunder Bay forest
management in relation to the requirements of the forest management standard referenced
above. We welcome input, either public or confidential, in whatever form is easiest and most
secure for you. Your input will be valuable at any stage of the Pre-assessment process, but we
would prefer to receive your comments prior to December 10th 2008. Your options for
communicating your observations to us are as follows;

1. Meet with a SmartWood Pre-assessment team member during or shortly after the fieldwork.
2. Call and give comments Scott Davis, the SmartWood staff person responsible for
   coordinating this certification Pre-assessment from Ontario. If Scott Davis is not in the office,
   please give your comments to Alex Boursier at
3. Submit written comments by mail, FAX or email to Scott Davis. Unless you request
   otherwise, these comments will be kept confidential and are solely for the purposes of
   assessing AbitibiBowater – Thunder Bay.

The source of any information provided will be kept confidential available to only the FSC and
SmartWood staff.

Stakeholders who may wish to dispute any aspect of the forest certification process or decision
can access SmartWood's dispute resolution procedures at,

Contacting SmartWood

♦   Email: Scott Davis
♦   Worldwide Website –
♦   Telephone – (613) 269-2148 or (613) 324-2299
♦   Mail address – RR # 3 Merrickville, Ontario K0G 1N0

Contacting the Audit Team

Bruce Byford
Keith Moore
Tom Clark

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