Quiz Cry, The Beloved Country Books One and Two by hqk11552


									Quiz: Cry, The Beloved Country Books One and Two
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Please respond in some depth to ONE of the Book One questions and ONE of the Book
Two questions. Or, choose the last question, about Gertrude, and respond to ideas
from Book One and Book Two.

Show that you are familiar with incidents in the novel. If you can, refer to the novel’s
themes and ideas about real life, as well as the plot and characters in the novel. Please
use page numbers when you refer to the incidents in the novel, and when you quote
from the novel.

Use this sheet for NOTES. You may use your books.
You will WRITE out your responses in class on Friday, on the paper provided.
Written responses must be turned in at the end of period one, Friday, September 25.

Book One, Chapter 14         Stephen and John Kumalo take very different approaches to
the crimes their sons are charged with. Discuss the effects on the brothers’ relationship
that result from their decisions about their sons.

Book One, Chapter 16 Stephen Kumalo’s meeting with Absalom’s fiancée reveals a
great deal about Kumalo, and about her. Discuss TWO ideas about EACH character
that we see in this chapter. Refer specifically to incidents in the chapter.

AND…one of the questions from Book Two:

Book Two, Chapter 8 Analyze the emotional intensity of the unexpected meeting
between Stephen Kumalo and James Jarvis. Refer specifically to the incident.

Book Two Compare James Jarvis’ experiences in Johannesburg to Stephen
Kumalo’s experiences. Refer to specific incidents and ideas in Book Two.
OR (instead of two questions from the previous page…)

Discuss in detail what Gertrude’s actions indicate about her character, Consider
episodes from the time Stephen finds her to the time he leaves Johannesburg.
Explain at least one incident from Book One, and two incidents from Book Two.

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