Crimson Cavalcade of Bands by hqk11552


									Crimson Cavalcade
    of Bands

   September 22, 2009

 Director’s Packet

Million Dollar Band
Dear Band Director

We would like to take a moment and thank you for participating in the first
annual Crimson Cavalcade of Bands hosted by The University of Alabama Bands
in conjunction with The Hillcrest Marching Band. It is our goal to provide an
exciting and stress-free performance opportunity for your students and be able to
give you feedback to help you prepare for your 2009 performance season. We
also want to share with your students a rare, intimate performance by the 2009
Million Dollar Band.

Every group will be allotted 20 minutes to warm-up and perform their show. This
will allow every band a chance to support all the other participants. Each band
will also receive a CD at the conclusion of the evening with comments in music,
visual, percussion, drum major and auxiliary groups given by the directors and
staff of the Million Dollar Band. We will be using digital recorders so your
comments will be provided on a CD.

Please carefully read through this packet for information regarding the event. If
you have any questions, please email Randall Coleman at We hope this will be an excellent experience for your
students and look forward to seeing everyone on September 22nd.

Roll Tide,
Ken Ozzello, Director of Bands
Randall Coleman, Associate Director of Bands
Million Dollar Band

Buses and band trailers will park at Hillcrest Middle School next to Hillcrest High School.
See map for buss route to parking area. You will not be assigned a specific area but
attendants will be on duty to to assist with traffic. Only band vehicles will be able to park in
this lot.

Spectators will be able to park in the high school parking lots at a cost of $5 per car to
benefit the Hillcrest Band Boosters.

Student Liaisons
The University of Alabama will provide guides to assist you for the evening. Your liaison
will meet you at the headquarters location. Please see map for details.

Warm-up Zones
Each band will be assigned a specific warm-up area on the Hillcrest campus. Student
liaisons will direct you to your area. Groups may begin warming up as soon as they arrive
and will need to be in their seats by 5:45. A complete schedule is attached to this packet.

Each band will be allotted 10 minutes to re-warm and 10 minutes to perform their
production. Your liaison will be with you to help you keep up with time so we can stay on
schedule. A more detailed schedule is attached to this packet.

Admission to The Crimson Cavalcade of Bands is free and there will be a specific section for
spectators to sit. All bands will be assigned a group of seats in the stadium for students,
staff, and chaperones. Please see the attached diagram for your specific location. Your
liaisons will be there to assist you find your seats.

Hillcrest High School will be offering pre-ordered meals for your band. Chick-fil-a box
meals will be offered at a cost of $8.00 per box. Each meal will consist of a Chick-fil-a
sandwich, bag of chips, a brownie and a bottle of water. A wrap can be substituted as a
vegetarian option.

Please email Nick Smith at with your name, the name of your school, and
the number of box meals you would like to order no later than Wednesday, September
16th. Please bring one check made out to Hillcrest High School Band Boosters and turn in
upon your arrival at headquarters. Your meals will be delivered to your seats in the stands
and can be consumed before or after you perform. In the event of rain, an alternate plan
will be used and your meals will still be delivered.

The Hillcrest High School Band Boosters will also be providing a light concession.

M i l l i o n D o l l a r
          B a n d
    S o u v e n i r s

    Official Alabama Sideline Apparel
              MDB Binders
               And more...

    Look for the booth set up near the
entrance and be one of the first to get the
        new MDB CD and poster!
             Cash only please
                        MAP OF THE CAMPUS

     Equipment Truck



                                                              Buses follow
                                                            the BLUE arrows

                                 Event Flow

 Bands will enter through a gate
on side 2 and exit through a gate
on side 1. Please give the next
performing band the right of way
as they make their way to the field.


!   !      !       !     !!!!!!!!!"#$#%"#&'!('#)*+,!"-#.)!
!   !      !       !     !!!!"#$$%&'()!"#*"!(%"++$!(),-#./!
!    !   !   !    !    !  !        !!!"!!#!!$!!%!!%!!!&!!'!!(!!!
   !       !         !                   !                !           !      !          !
   !       !         !                   !                !           !      !          !
/01%*"! /01%*"! )*%+,-''%,! &#''01''2!                3'#2'!     45--+#$%)! 62&!       62&!

   !       !                 !              !             !             !        !      !
   !       !                 !              !             !             !        !      !
/01%*"! /01%*"!            4,-$!        .'#)4%52$!    2$6'"'-5%!      4'-)!     62&!   62&!

!   !      !       !     !    !     !   !  !!23!4#.&%*+'!

                       Band                      !
                                          Warm-up Time             Performance time
               MDB Pre-Game                    5:15
                                                 !                       5:55
        Brookwood High School                  6:00                      6:10
               Holt High School                  !
                                               6:20                      6:30

         Northside High School                 6:40                      6:50

        Demopolis High School                  7:00                      7:10

        Hale County High School                7:20                      7:30

          Gordo High School                    7:40                      7:50

          Tuscaloosa County                    8:00                      8:10

          Hillcrest High School                8:20                      8:30

           MDB Performance                     8:40                      8:50

                Presentations                                            9:00


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