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                           Joe and Shelby

      Once upon a time there was a land called Camelot and
in the land was a castle where King Author lived. The
castle was filled with happiness. People were laughing,
dancing, singing until the evil wizard came in with his dragon.
The wizard was known throughout the land to do evil things
to the people of Camelot. His dragon burned the homes of the
people, and took them to feast on them.
      His allies were the urgals and they lived on the other side
of the mountain that separated King Arthur’s land and the
urgals.                                                The
urgals                                                 were very
nasty                                                  creatures.
They                                                   wore
black                                                  robes and
didn’t                                                 show
their                                                  faces.
Nobody                                                 knew
what they                                              looked
like.                                                  They
smelled                                                like
rotting                                                flesh.
King                                                   Arthur
had had                                                many
encounters with the urgals. Once they went to war with
these horrible creatures.
      The king ordered immediate lock down when they saw the
wizard for the first time. They forgot that he could go
through the walls. He did go through the walls and he killed
everybody in                                     his path until
the warriors                                     were ready to
fight him.                                       When the
warriors                                         were ready,
they came out                                    to fight.
When they                                        did, standing
right there                                      was the
wizard ready                                     for them.
The wizard                                       walked
slowly over                                      to them,
grabbed them                                     by the neck,
and ripped                                       their spine
from their                                       back.
Blood went                                       every where.
Blood went on the other warrior’s faces and their fate was
the same. They held up the mirror that weakened his powers.
Then King Arthur came from behind and stabbed the wizard.
The wizard stood there cold dead. Suddenly he fell hard to
the ground barley breathing and said, “I will come back and
kill you and then….” Suddenly he was dead. Then the dragon
busted in and started breathing fire everywhere. The curtains
started to burn, people were on fire and were running to get it
off. Then the dragon grabbed a person and tore them in half.
Blood and gore were going everywhere. Brains oozed out and
their spinal cords were ripped away from them.
  Then a soldier sliced t dragon’s head off and that was the
end of the dragon and the dark ages. A new age was
beginning and the people all lived in happiness.
 King Arthur got married and they had a son. His name was
Eric. He was soon to be the new ruler of the land. Suddenly,
Arthur died and Eric took the throne. He kept everything
safe from evil. There were no more wars, wizards, or urgals.
     So the kingdom lived in happiness forever.