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                                                                                                     March/April 2008
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Acting Classes
WFT Director
LAFAA 2007-08 series
March                          p. 5   1st Place: Cameron Crabtree
April                          p. 6
                                      2nd Place: Georgie Silvia,
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Giving Back
                                                 Maggie Mitchell,
                                                 Brennan Winkler
Foundation News                p. 8
Scholarships                          3rd Place: Caitlin and Maire
Mortgage Retirement                              Gilmore
People in the Background
Foundation Message                      Thanks to the many people who
                                      auditioned and those who attended
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                                          the shows in support of the
Receiving the Newsletter       p.10            Performers and
Clean-up Day                                The Wagnalls Memorial
 The Wagnalls Memorial                     Foundation
  150 East Columbus Street
  P.O. Box 217
  Lithopolis, OH 43136
                                                               Come to the Cabaret!
  614.837.4765                                             Saturday March 8, 2008
  M. Ellen Gruber                                                     8:00 pm
  Executive Director - Ext 405
                                                     Join us as we listen to warm jazz vocals from
  Sandra Hall
  Office Manager - Ext 121                               Kelly Crum Delaveris who was voted
                                                              "Best Singer In Columbus"
  Terri Sheehan
                                                         in the 2006 Columbus Dispatch Poll.
  Program Coordinator - Ext 106
  Room Reservations
                                                            Hors devours are served at 8pm
                                                         Dessert and coffee following the show.
  Patty Drodofsky
  Public Relations - Ext 104                                    This is a yearly affair benefiting
  Museum/Office Hours:                                     The Wagnalls Memorial Foundation.
  Mon.—Thurs. 9 am to 5 pm
  Friday               closed
  Saturday      10 am to 2 pm             Tickets are $100 each and are limited. Call 837-4765 Ext.104
  Sunday               closed
    The Wagnalls Memorial Library
    Library Hours                                                                                           New Items
                                 Erma’s Notes:                                                              Donated by
10:00 AM - 8:00 PM                                                                                          the “Friends”
Tuesday                          National Library Week is April 13-19, 2008. As I was reflect-
10:00 AM - 8:00 PM               ing on this article, I thought of how I have used the library over the     Books for March
Wednesday                        years. As a child, I borrowed books to read, as did my parents and
10:00 AM - 8:00 PM               sister. This was great entertainment and provided many sources of          Braun, Lilian Jackson
Thursday                         information. As time passed, I used the library for materials to en-          Cat Who Smelled Smoke
10:00 AM - 8:00 PM               hance the knowledge I needed to be effective in college and later as a
Friday - Closed                  teacher in the classroom. Now, besides working in the library, I still     Clark, Mary Higgins
Saturday                         borrow materials for entertainment and knowledge. The availability            Where Are You Now?
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM               of these materials has been invaluable to me. If I wanted to try and
Sunday                           put a monetary value on this it would be difficult. If I borrowed just     Kellerman, Jonathan
1:00 PM - 5:00PM                 one book a week, valued at $20, that would be over a $1,000 worth of         Compulsion
(Closed Easter Sunday,           books in a year that I enjoyed. If I also borrow DVDs, magazines,
March 23 )                       and CDs, the value keeps increasing. Think about what you have
                                 borrowed or used in the library. Maybe you have attended a chil-
     614.837.4765                dren’s program or used the internet on a regular basis. Maybe the          DVD’s for March
Erma Storts                      library has found an item at another library and borrowed it for you, at   Bee Movie (PG)
Library Director - Ext 113       no cost. Maybe you have downloaded an audio book to listen to as                                                                                  Enchanted (PG)
                                 you drive to work, or go on vacation. I think you would have to agree
                                 that the library is one of today’s greatest bargains.
                                                                                                             No Country for Old Men
 Many thanks to our                                                                                          (R)
 staff members whose                                    FREE Photography Class
 work hours were recently             Interested in learning more about photography and learning
 reduced.      This belt-             how to "see" through the camera? (Digital photography in-
 tightening measure made              cluded) Sign up for a four week course with Len Wagner in             Books for April
 it possible to continue              the CPR room.
                                      Session 1 March 6, 13, 20, 27                 Time: 2:00PM            Baldacci, David
 serving our library pa-
                                      Repeat of Session 1 April 17, 24, May 1,8     Time: 2:00PM               Whole Truth
 trons without shortening
                                      Ongoing Evening Class —discussion group; bring pho-
 library hours. Thanks
                                      tos to share. Time: 6:30 pm Call 614-837-4765 to                      Johansen, Iris
 again to all staff mem-
                                      register.                                                                Quicksand
 bers who were affected
 by this effort to save on
                                 The Friends of Wagnalls Library operate the Owl’s Nest Book                Patterson, James
 operating costs. Your
                                 Store, located on the first floor of the Wagnalls Library. The profits        Sundays at Tiffany’s
 support is greatly appre-
 ciated.                         from the sale of used books and other items go to support the Wag-
                                 nalls Library to buy books and materials that could not otherwise be       Quick, Amanda
                                 purchased due to their financial constraints. Please stop by during          Third Circle
                                 your next visit to Wagnalls and see all the wonderful items we have
                                 for sale. Come by often, as the items are always changing! The Book        Robards, Karen
Weather Related                  Store is now open at all times when the Library is open. If no volun-        Guilty
Closings:                        teer is working, you will be directed to pay for your purchases at the
You may call the Wagnalls        Circulation Desk.                                                          Woods, Stuart
Memorial to reach a message                                                                                   Santa Fe Dead
about any time changes. In
addition, if Bloom-Carroll       We accept new and gently used adult and children’s books and maga-
Schools are closed, children’s   zines. We do not accept National Geographic magazines, Reader’s
story hour will be canceled..    Digest Condensed Books or moldy or otherwise odorous books.
614-837-4765                     Please save you and us time and discard or donate those articles else-     DVD’s for April
                                                                                                            Golden Compass (PG13)
    Owl’s Nest Hours:            March monthly special:           Mix and Match books
                                                                  12 inches for $3.00                       Lions for Lambs (R)
 Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs.
      10:00 — 8:00                                                SATURDAYS ONLY in March
                                                                                                            Meerkat Manor Season 02
 Fri. Closed
 Sat. 10:00 —2:00                April special: all paperbacks for 10 cents each.                           Moondance Alexander (G)
 Sun. 1:00 — 5:00
       (Sept. thru May)
The Wagnalls Memorial Library                                                                                                        3
Children’s Library Fun Times                                     Upcoming Classes:
Crafty Kids…..                                                   Gentle Yoga with Gail Sky
The first Saturday of every month all elementary school age      Saturdays          9:00—10:30 a.m.            $10.00 each class
children are invited to join us at 11:00 AM for Crafty Kids                         March 8, 15, and 29
2008 events.                                                                        April 5, 12, 19, and 26
                                                                 Gentle Yoga- calling all past students, fellow teachers, parents,
Every Sunday…..                                                  P.T.O. friends, and former room mothers of Bloom Elementary
Wagnalls is holding a Children’s Story Hour from 2:00 –          retired 3rd grade teacher, Gail Sky, former Gail Williams.
3:00 pm on Sunday afternoons (excluding Easter). You and         Come and join us for gentle breathing, stretching and relaxing.
your family are invited to join us for one story or as many as   Everything can be modified to your level of experience and any
is fun for your children.                                        injuries. Come and feel better. Call Gail at (614) 235-7369 with
We are always looking for guest story-readers so if you are      any questions. Bring a yoga mat, and blanket.
interested, let us hear from you.

Thank you to those who                                           Belly Dancing Exercise Class with Melody Burgett
donate to the Library:                                           Mondays Morning       10:00—11:30 a.m.                $7.00 each
                                                                 Monday Evening         5:00—7:00 pm
Through our Adopt-a-Magazine Program:                            Class held every Monday             Beginners welcome anytime
Robert Wagner (Readers Digest), Erma Storts (Forbes              No pre-registration required. Check in at the Circulation Desk
                                                                 in the library. Bring drinking water and wear comfortable cloth-
and Diabetes Management), Jenna Meyers Teen
                                                                 ing. Children’s Programming Room—Morning Class
Vogue, Margaret Mendoza (Crafts ’n Things), Linda                          Gallery Room—Evening Class
Werner (Simple ’n Delicious), Peggy Smith (Good
Housekeeping), Molly Stek (Cottage Living), Norma
Schoenberger (Cooking Light), and Elise Stone (Birds             Art Classes with Teresa Satola
’n Blooms)                                                       Wednesdays        4:00-6:00 pm Youth
                                                                                   6:00-8:00 pm Adults
Through General Donations:                                       Classes are $10.00 each or can be paid monthly. They are held
Keith Storts—computer printer                                    in the Banquet Hall below the auditorium. New students are
Larry and Linda Burgess & Erma Storts—fabric for                 always welcome! Call 614-837-4765 ext 127 or stop by the
reupholstering 2nd floor chairs                                  Circulation Desk to register and to pick up a supply list!

Computer Classes — Tuesdays                                      Computer Classes — Thursdays
Beginning Computer (Morning Class)                               Microsoft Word Introduction (word processing)
March 18, 25 and April 1         $30.00 for 3 classes                                 March 20, 27, and April 3
Tuesday 10:00—11:30 am                                           Thursday 10:00—11:30 a.m.                    $30.00 for 3 classes
                                                                 We will create, edit, save and print a document—cover letter,
 We cover Windows basics, computer terminology and an            resume, or newsletter. We will add bullets, borders, and graph-
introduction to word processing.                                 ics where appropriate.
Intermediate Computer                                            Power Point          March 20, 27, and April 3
March 18, 25 and April 1        $30.00 for 3 classes             Thursday 1:00 — 2:30                         $30.00 for 3 classes
Tuesday 1:00 — 2:30 pm                                           We will create a slide show with text, graphics, and pictures
Learn to organize files and folders, open a word processing
program and explore page setup including margins and tabs,
                                                                 Microsoft Excel          March 20, 27, and April 3
get clip art from the internet, and save a file into a folder.
                                                                 Thursday 6:00 — 7:30 pm                      $30.00 for 3 classes
Beginning Computer (Evening Class)
                                                                 We will create a simple spreadsheet to manage a family budget
March 18, 25 and April 1               $30.00 for 3 classes      or balance a checkbook. We will enter data into cells, label col-
Tuesday 6:00 — 7:30 pm                                           umns and write basic formulas.

We cover Windows basics, computer terminology and an
introduction to word processing.
        The Wagnalls Family Theatre Educational Series
        Registration is now open for Spring Acting Classes beginning April 19th thru May 31st with an
                         educational performance “Showcase” on May 31st at 7pm.

       Fairy Tale Flips
     The evil Cinderella? A good pirate? We will use theatre games and storybook characters to begin a study in acting and the theatre. As a class, the children will compose
and perform in their very own fairy tale for the final class session. This class is offered from 10am to 12pm for ages 5 - 8 for those who have not yet taken an acting class.
Limited to 12 students per class.

          Shakespeare Comedy for Kids Did you know that Shakespeare made up thousands of words? In this class we will use theatre games and improvisations to
learn about the Bard's (another word for Shakespeare) Comedies. The class will present abridged scenes from A Midsummer Night's Dream for the final class. This class is
offered from 1pm - 3pm for children ages 5 - 8 who have previously taken acting classes.                                              Limited to 15 students per class.

       Introduction to Acting This class is offered from 1pm to 3pm for children ages 9 and up who have not yet taken an acting class. Your child will be learning stage
direction, story elements and fundamentals of the stage through acting exercises, improvisational games, and scene work. Performance will include a class chosen script.
Limited to 12 students per class.

            Classical Ensemble This class is offered from 10am to 12pm for children ages 9 and up who have previously taken acting classes. We will analyze and perform a
classical script. Your child will learn stylistic stage movement along with the impact of team connection from an ensemble piece.
Limited to 20 students per class.
Price for classes: $40.00 (each additional child in family will be $30.00) You may register by calling the foundation office or
E-mailing to
Class sizes are limited. To assure your participation, please pre-register by April 15th. Classes must be paid in full by the first day of the class.

                                                Show Dates: 5/9/08 through 5/26/08 Every Fri. & Sat. 7pm. Sundays 2pm.
                                                                Special Memorial Day showing at 2pm.
                                    Wagnalls Family Theatre welcomes Aaron Leu to the role of Director for our next production. Aaron brings
                                    to us over 15 years of theatrical experience ranging from acting roles, technical involvement, Musical theatre
                                    and more. A self described “theatre junkie”, Aaron is also a free lance visual artist who
                              prides himself on
                             transitioning the visual                   Lithopolis Area Fine Arts Association Presents:
                             to the stage and help-
                             ing actors express the                 Mar. 16, 2008 CSO Brasso Profundo
                             child within their                      3 pm Sun. This highly talented group from the Columbus Symphony Orchestra
roles. A summa cum laude graduate of Taylor                          is comprised of four musicians: Andrew Millat, trombone; Richard Howenstine,
University, Aaron has also trained with Baldwin                     trombone; Joseph Buchi, bass trombone; and James Akins, tuba.
Wallace Summer Musical Theatre, Wright State
University Summer Theatre, and Wesley Institute                     Apr. 13, 2008 Elixir
in Sydney, Australia. A proven leader with many
                                                                     3 pm Sun. A trio that performs music from the American 1800's, with the tradi-
leadership projects under his belt, Aaron is ex-
                                                                     tional lyrics, some of the favorites with fresh new arrangements. This multi-talented
cited about his role as Director for this produc-
                                                                    trio performs their music with guitars, electric bass, mandolin, banjo, fiddle and fun
tion. “My goal is to present the most profes-
                                                                    percussion instruments.
sional show possible while encouraging cast and
crew alike in the talents they possess.
                                                                    Tickets at the door which have not been purchased as series Memberships will be
                 Welcome, Aaron!
                                                                    $14.00 for adults, $12.00 for seniors, $10.00 for students.
                                                                                  Reserved seating for $2.00 additional. Call 614-837-7003
                                         March 2008
                                   Sun                 Mon                   Tue                    Wed                   Thu                   Fri                  Sat

      Cultural Center                                                                                                                                        11-2 Krafty Kids   1
  Library       Museum
 Scholarships     Theatre
 Library Hours:
 10:00 am - 8:00 pm                                                                            Story Hour
                               2-3pm Family   2   Belly Dancing    3                       4                    5   Story Hr. 10:30    6                 7     Gentle Yoga      8
 Tuesday—Thursday              Story Hour         Exercise                                     10:30 & 11:15                                                   CPR 9-10 :30
 Friday - Closed                                  10-11:30 am           Story Hour
                                                                                               Art Classes          Photos: 2 & 6:30
 Saturday                                                               10:30
                                                  5:30-7pm                                     Youth 4-6 pm
 10:00 am - 2:00 pm                                                                            Adult 6-8 pm
 Sunday                                                                                         Story Hour
 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm                            9   Belly Dancing  10                  11         10:30 & 11:15  12                 13                   14      Gentle Yoga  15
                               2-3pm Family                                                                          Story Hr. 10:30                           CPR 9-10 :30
                               Story Hour         Exercise
 (September thru May)
                                                  10-11:30 am                                   Art Classes          Photos: 2 & 6:30
 Owls Nest Bookstore           Daylight                                                         Youth 4-6 pm                                                   Cabaret-8pm
                               Savings Time       5:30-7pm
 Same Hours As Library                                                                          Adult 6-8 pm
                                                                       Story Hr.10:30          Story Hour           MS Word
                               2-3pm Family
                                         16                    17      Beginning Cptr.
                                                                                     18        10:30 & 11:15   19   10-11:30 am   20                   21                   22
      Room Rentals             Story Hour          Belly Dancing
                                                                       10-11:30 am                                  Power Point
     for all Occasions         LAFAA               Exercise                                    Art Classes
                                                                       6-7:30 pm                                    1-2:30 pm
At The Wagnalls Memorial       CSO Brasso          10-11:30 am         Intermediate Cptr       Youth 4-6 pm         Excel 6-7:30
                               Profundo 3pm        5:30-7pm            1-2:30 pm               Adult 6-8 pm         Photos: 2 & 6:30
Weddings, Receptions,                                                  Beginning Cptr.         10:30 & 11:15        MS Word
Recitals, Showers, Reunions,             23                      24    10-11:30 am   25                        26                 27                   28      Gentle Yoga  29
                               Easter              Belly Dancing                                                    10-11:30 am
Meetings, Graduations,                                                 6-7:30 pm               Art Classes                                                     CPR 9-10 :30
                                                                                                                    Power Point
Birthdays, Holidays            Closed              Exercise            Intermediate Cptr       Youth 4-6 pm         1-2:30 pm
                                                   10-11:30 am         1-2:30 pm               Adult 6-8 pm
                                                                                                                    Excel 6-7:30
Call today for reservations:                       5:30-7pm                                                         Photos: 2 & 6:30
614-837-4765 Ext. 104
                                         30        Belly Dancing
                                                                 31                                                 Pre-register for acting classes by April 15th.
                               2-3pm Family
Auditorium, Banquet Hall,      Story Hour          Exercise
Meeting Rooms, Gallery                             10-11:30 am                                                      LAFAA Performance: Elixir coming April 13th.
Room, Garden                                       5:30-7pm
                                April 2008
                                   Sun               Mon                   Tue                  Wed                   Thu                 Fri                  Sat

     Cultural Center                                                Story Hr. 10:30                             Story Hr. 10:30
                                Turn in your Scholarship                                1   Story Hour      2                     3                4 Gentle Yoga
                                                                                                                                                     CPR 9-10 :30
 Library       Museum                                               Beginning Cptr.         10:30 & 11:15       MS Word
                                Applications by April 15th!         10-11:30 am                                 10-11:30 am                            Krafty Kids 11 am
Scholarships     Theatre
                                                                    6-7:30 pm               Art Classes         Power Point                            St John Lasagna Dr.
 Library Hours:                                                     Intermediate Cptr       Youth 4-6 pm        1-2:30 pm                              4:30-7:30 pm
 Monday                                                             1-2:30 pm               Adult 6-8 pm        Excel 6-7:30 pm
 10:00 am - 8:00 pm                                                                         Story Hour
                                2-3pm Family    Belly Dancing   7                       8   10:30 & 11:15
                                                                                                            9                  10                11 Gentle Yoga 12
 Tuesday—Thursday                                                                                                                                      CPR 9-10 :30
                                Story Hour      Exercise             Story Hour
 Friday - Closed                                10-11:30 am                                 Art Classes         Story Hour
                                                                     10:30                                      10:30
 Saturday                                       5:30-7pm                                    Youth 4-6 pm
                                                                                            Adult 6-8 pm
 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
 Sunday                                                                                     Story Hour          Story Hr. 10:30
                                         13                   14     Story Hour     15                  16                     17                18                     19
 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm                                                   10:30                  10:30 & 11:15                                               Gentle Yoga
                                             Belly Dancing                                                      Photo Class:
 (September thru May)           2-3pm Family Exercise                Deadline for                                                                       CPR 9-10:30
                                                                                            Art Classes         2 & 6:30pm
 Owls Nest Bookstore            Story Hour   10-11:30 am             Scholarship            Youth 4-6 pm                                                Antique
  Same Hours As Library         LAFAA        5:30-7pm                applications           Adult 6-8 pm                                                Appraisal 9am-2
                                Elixir 3pm                                                                                                              Acting Classes
       Room Rentals                                                                         Story Hour
      for all Occasions                      Belly Dancing                                  10:30 & 11:15       Story Hr. 10:30
                                         20                   21                    22                  23                     24                   CPR 9-10 :30
                                                                                                                                                 25 Gentle Yoga 26
 At The Wagnalls Memorial                    Exercise                Story Hour                                                                        Acting Classes
                                2-3pm Family 10-11:30 am                                    Art Classes         Photo Class:
                                Story Hour                           10:30                                      2 & 6:30pm
                                             5:30-7pm                                       Youth 4-6 pm
 Weddings, Receptions,                                                                      Adult 6-8 pm
 Recitals, Showers, Reunions,
 Meetings, Graduations,
 Birthdays, Holidays

Call today for reservations:             27                   28                    29      Story Hour  30
614-837-4765 Ext. 104           2-3pm Family   Belly Dancing         Story Hour                                 The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe coming in May!
                                Story Hour     Exercise              10:30                  10:30 & 11:15
                                               10-11:30 am                                  Art Classes         Become a sponsor for the 5K race this year.
Auditorium, Banquet Hall,                      5:30-7pm                                                         Call 837-4765 ext. 106
Meeting Rooms, Gallery                                                                      Youth 4-6 pm
                                                                                            Adult 6-8 pm
Room, Garden
                The Wagnalls Memorial Foundation                                                                                         7
    Thank you to the following donors who contributed                                            Opportunities to Give
     to The Wagnalls Memorial Foundation between                                                 Back to or Become
                    12/10/07-02/11/08:                                                           Involved at Wagnalls
Fairfield-Hocking Chapter of                 Library Donations:
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans             Jayne and James McGill                              In the Library:
   Maintenance tools and equipment           Theatre Donations:                                  •   Book Repair

Anonymous Donation for Cabaret
                                             Dale Dixon-Trimmer Insurance Company                •   Materials Processing
                                             Jayne and James McGill                              •   Adopt a Magazine Subscription
                                             George Sheehan-2 speakers for auditorium
                                                                                                 •   Local Newspaper Archive Reader
Anonymous Sponsor for Star
                                             Mortgage Fund donation:                             •   Library Publicity - Local Distribution
Search Talent Show
                                             Frances and Thomas Peters                           •   Shelf Reading/Straightening
Holiday Mailing:                                                                                 Please contact the Library at
                                                                                                         614-837-4765 ext. 127
Anonymous Donor
Lawrence A. Bigler                                                                               In the Foundation Offices:
Liz and Charlie Black                                                                            • Docents for Gallery (volunteer help-
George W. Boving                                                                                    ers) and Tour Guides
                                             Star Search Volunteers:
James Derflinger                                                                                 • Assist with Mailings
Krista and Dennis Doyle
Patty and Michael Drodofsky
                                             Patty & Mike Drodofsky                              • Assist with Event Set Ups
Gary Flood
                                             David & Andrea Grammel                              • Adopt a Flower Bed
Margaret and Ben Humphrey
                                             Sarah Wagner
                                             Carol & Roger Middaugh
                                                                                                 • Assist with Grounds Maintenance
Marcella and David Kossler
                                             Nancy & Alan Fisher                                 • Publicity - Local Distribution
Jeffrey Paas
                                             Kelly Patino                                        • Office Furniture
Suan and Jack Priser
Jill Robinson
                                             Debi Fridley                                        • Adopt a Utility Bill for a Month
Greg Selzer
                                             Tina Gleason                                        • Donate Stamps and Office Supplies
Ruth and John Watkins                                                                            • Help with inventory
Mary and Charles Wilde                       A Special Thank You To The Judges::
                                             Karen Edwards                                       With the Theatre:
We welcome your memorial or tribute          Ellen Gruber                                        • Actor
gifts, in memory of a loved one, or in       Aaron Leu                                           • Stage Hand
honor of a birthday, anniversary, or other                                                       • Usher
                                                                                                 • Concession Worker
Special Thank You:                           To Foundation Patrons to the Museum and             • Theatre Member
                                             Gift Shop.                                          • Advertising
To the Fox Foundation for their con-                                                             • Theatre Publicity Creation
tinuing support.                             For your convenience in making donations, we        • Theatre Publicity - Local Distribution
                                             also accept Mastercard or Visa payments.
To the Lithopolis American Legion                                                                Please contact the Foundation Offices at
Post 677 for their continuing support        Please accept our apologies if your name has been   614-837-4765 ext. 104
of the Mabel Wagnalls Jones Scholar-         omitted from this list and contact Sandra Hall,
ship Fund.                                   Office Manager, at 614-837-4765 ext. 121 or
                                              e-mail to update your infor-               Memorial/Honor Gifts:
To Bob and Rita Stebelton and Char-          mation, make a donation, or volunteer.
lie Stebelton for their ongoing support                                                              Anita and Geoffrey Anderson-in memory
through their low interest loan.                                Thank you                              of Gerald M. Anderson
                                                                                                     George J. Arnold-in memory
                                                                                                      of Jerome Gafford
 Do You Shop On-Line?                                                                                Wilma and Thane Hecox-in memory
 If you enjoy shopping on-line and also love the Wagnalls Memorial,                                   of Henry A. Kelly
 please do your shopping through There are over                                       Wayne P. Lawson-in memory
 440 stores at “the mall” which give up to 26% to your favorite cause.                                of Jerry Gafford
 It’s FREE to join! So please on-line shop through iGive and support                                 Marla Morris-in honor
 Wagnalls!                                                                                            of Bonnie and Marlo Mills
                The Wagnalls Memorial Foundation
                                              “Scholarship Applications”
                                             Applications are due by April 15th to be
                                             considered for a scholarship. Remem-
                                             ber that there are 15 Mabel
                                             Wagnalls Jones Scholarships available
                                             this Year.

                                              A Message From The Foundation
      Mortgage Retirement
         Fund Update
Money is getting tight as you all know. Our
fund management is still bringing in addi-
tional money along with private donations,
but we have not yet reached the halfway
point in our goal. We encourage your dona-
tions to accomplish the objective of paying       As all of our readers know, the econ-
off the private loan on time. Every little bit omy has experienced unusual stress re-
helps.                                         cently as evidenced by falling home         Bill Renner, Celeste Hicks, Roger & Carol Mid-
Please keep us in mind when making dona-     values, increasing foreclosures, a slug-     daugh, Ruby Wolcott, Marian Getz, Bill Spires
tions in memory of loved ones. Consider it   gish stock market, the high cost of oil,
an investment in the future of your commu-   and other such similar indices. And
nity.                                                                                      In this issue, we are focusing on a group of
                                             certainly The Wagnalls Memorial Foun-         people who volunteer their time (4 to 5 hrs)
If you have questions or would like to dis-  dation is not immune to the same mar-         one day every two months to mail out the
cuss further options for giving to Wagnalls, ket forces that affect us all. We, how-       Wagnalls Digest newsletter. They meet in
please contact Ellen Gruber, Executive       ever, see things a little differently.        the lower level meeting room at 9am arriv-
Director, at (614) 837-4765 ext. 405.                                                      ing to the smell of fresh brewed coffee and
                                                 We think that challenging times pro-      home made cinnamon rolls.
          $700,000                           vide an opportunity for each of us to         They receive boxes of the letters (4.200)
                                             commit anew to the things that matter         from Central Press Printing and, armed
          $600,000                           most to us. And so here’s what we’re          with tape dispensers, begin sealing the
          $500,000                           doing at the Foundation. We’re evaluat-       folded letters closed.
          $400,000                           ing every line item in the budget; allo-      Usually there are four people taping while
                                             cating precious resources to services         four or more pull off mailing labels and
          $338,897                           most needed and wanted by the commu-          apply them to the front of the newsletters.
                                             nity; focusing only on those essential        The letters are then sorted by zip code and
          $324,439                           functions that are required to perform        stored in long containers called flats which
         $316,044                            our mission; scaling operations to the        are provided by the Post Office. As they go
                                             minimal level necessary to still be effec-    along, they occasionally recognize one as
         $183,357                            tive; and devoting every available ounce      having a wrong address, a being a duplicate
                                             of imagination and energy to create in-       of a person, or having multiples going to
                                             teresting and fun experiences that attract    the same address. These people really
           Time to Celebrate!                                                              watch and help us to keep our mailings
The School year will be coming to a close                                                  down. They also share their knowledge of
soon. If you are looking for a comfortable                                                 what’s been going on in their local
                                                In short, we hope that we are making       neighborhoods and what new stores are
place nearby where family and friends can   lemonade and that you will join us in
celebrate graduations, weddings, family                                                    coming to town. And yes, we do have sev-
reunions, Anniversaries, etc. The Wag-
                                            squeezing the lemons! Visit the Owls           eral men here also.
nalls Memorial has just the place for you.  Nest book store and purchase a used            It would help if you would keep your mail-
                                            book for your child. Take a computer,          ing address up to date, just pick one up
We offer a full size kitchen in our Banquet art, or acting class. Come to the caba-
Hall and a small stage with a piano for                                                    when you are in the Library, or elect to
your enjoyment. If your gathering is small,
                                            ret. Attend a theatre performance. Vol-        print the letter from our web site
we have our lower level meeting room        unteer your time at the library. Do            (
which                                       whatever “taps your toe” at Wagnalls,          Our hats are off to these wonderful people
Accommodates up to 60. please call the      but please be involved. Now is your            who help out. If you would like to sign up
office at 614-837-4765 ext. 104 to check    chance to show how much you care—              to be called, call 837-4827 ext. 104 and
on room reservation times and prices.       and thank you.                                 sign up.
THANK YOU!                                                                                                                                   9
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                                                                       Come have supper at the
                                                                       American Legion
                                                                       11410 Smith Rd., Lithopolis
                                                                       2nd Friday each month——Fish                5-8 p.m.       $7
                          LAND                                         4th Saturday each month—Steak              4-8 p.m.       $10
                   NEW CONSTRUCTION
                                                   Teri Gilmore
                                                  Realtor®, ABR             Supporting the American Legion is a way of
  “Your Hometown Realtor”
                                                                         supporting the scholarship fund for area students.
  (614) 434-7214                                                               Call (614) 837-2806 for more information.

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                                                                        Postage is going up again!
                                                                     We all hate to hear it. You may think that the new one cent in-
               Saturday April 26th, 9 am                             crease isn’t that much. The truth is that it isn't if you are only
                                                                     mailing a card or a few bills. We, however, are mailing over
 Once again we’re planning a clean-up day at the Wagnalls Me-        3,000 newsletters out to the people in the community.
 morial facilities. We need help getting the grounds ready for
 spring and summer. We need volunteers to help clean the            If you frequently visit the library, you know that newsletters are
 grounds as well as the inside of our building. These are ongoing   available on the main floor. It would help us a lot if you would
 tasks that our regular employees are unable to perform due to our  pick one up instead of having us mail one out to you. Please fill
 current heavy work load.                                           out a form from the Circulation desk and ask that you be re-
                                                                    moved from our newsletter mailing list. Our newsletters are
 Everyone did a wonderful job in the fall and we hope you’ll come also available on line at You can check on
 back to help us bring our gardens into full bloom once again.      the latest news and print out only the pages you would like to
 This is a great way for the community members to reciprocate for keep.
 usage of our facilities and it is a good reason for a family group Another thing you might consider is to keep your current ad-
 event. If you have cleaning supplies or garden tools, bring them dress up to date. The cost of having a newsletter returned to us
 along.                                                             by the Post Office is twice what we paid to have it mailed.
 If you would like to sign up for this project, please contact Shawn We will continue to send you a newsletter unless we hear from
 Rickly, Maintenance supervisor, at (614) 837-4765 ext. 122.         you. You may tear off the portion of this newsletter with your
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                                    Community by helping us re-      quest to stop the mailings.
                                    store the grounds to their natu- Thank you for your help.
                                    ral beauty . This way everyone
                                    can enjoy them this summer!
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