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									                                                                                                                  Volume 3, Issue 1 - November 2004

                                                The Newsletter of Perspectives in Humanities, Penn's Premier Student Organization for the Humanities
                                                                         Special Thanks to Penn Humanities Forum and Kings Court English College House

    Upcoming Events                                                               PiH Film Event
November 3, 1pm
Lunch with Mark Rosekind at PHF
You've probably heard of Alertness Solutions.
                                                                                BONNIE AND CLYDE
It's a scientific consulting firm that gives advice                                                   Reem Hilu
on sleep management using scientific data.
Mark Rosekind is the president and chief
                                                           Critics often condemn contemporary films for their excessive violence. We are all familiar
scientist of the company and he will be giving a      with the outrage following the release of graphic films like Fight Club and Reservoir Dogs. Some
presentation at the Penn Humanities Forum             people blame the violence in contemporary films on an increasingly violent society. Others go
on Wednesday November 3 (5pm, Logan 17).              so far as to blame the films themselves as the cause of this violence. At the same time, a look at
You're invited to this event, but you're also         the history of cinema illustrates that violence has been prevalent in film since the invention of
invited to a SPECIAL LUNCH at the Penn
Humanities Forum on Nov. 3rd at 1 p.m. You'll
                                                       The Great Train Robbery, which featured brutal
have the opportunity to ask him your own               beatings and gun violence.
questions of any sort. RSVP by Friday at noon.
                                                          All this leads us to ask whether the graphic
November 4, 7:30pm                                    violence common today really is a departure from
Eighth Blackbird, Cost TBA                            the norm or if it is only the next natural step in a
Chamber music is one of the most                      trend that began with the birth of film. Perhaps the
democratic, engaging, and rewarding forms of          escalating violence is not due to a change in the
classical music. Eighth Blackbird takes it to a
                                                      filmmaker's vision of violence, but to the increasing
different level - improvisation and memorized
solos will capture you as the musicians move          sophistication of special effects tools at their disposal
about the stage, almost dancing to music they         to manifest that vision.
are producing live. If you have never seen a
chamber music concert, you're missing out.
                                                         What is it about on-screen violence that continues
This will be a great introduction. If you have        to fascinate the filmmaker and attract wide
seen chamber music, this new take on the art          audiences? In order to better understand these
form will surprise you. Join us at the beautiful      questions, this semester PiH presents, "The Violence
Kimmel Center for this concert in the                 in Film Series," a monthly series of screenings that
Perleman Theater. RSVP by Sunday evening.
                                                      tracks the history of violence in cinema. Each film in
November 12, 3:30pm                                   the series marks a significant change in the portrayal       Penn professor Timothy Corrigan (above)
Rare Books Collection                                 of violence with long-lasting effects on film style.         Actress Faye Dunaway as the legendary
Ever wonder what's on the top floors of Van           Following each screening is a discussion about the           Bonnie Parker (below)
Pelt? As a premier research institution, Penn         significant points of each film and its place in the
houses an amazing collection of rare books.
Join us for a special tour of the collection by a
                                                      history of film violence.
curator. This is a very unique opportunity.              The film series has been very successful so far with
Don't miss it. Enrollment is limited so RSVP
                                                      the screenings of Scarface (Howard Hawks, 1932)
promptly to reserve your spot.
                                                      and Bonnie and Clyde (Arthur Penn, 1967)
November 15, 6:30pm                                   completed. The screening of Bonnie and Clyde was
Musicians from Marlboro, $5                           introduced by the director of cinema studies at Penn,
This sounds like a traditional chamber music          Professor Timothy Corrigan. Professor Corrigan, a big
concert, but don't be fooled - it is going to be
                                                      fan of the film, discussed the significance of Bonnie
awesome!         Chamber music is being
repopulated by a new generation of young              and Clyde as the first modern movie aimed at the
musicians - here's your chance to see the most        concerns of a younger audience. He also answered
promising stars at their best. The musicians will     questions about the new cinema studies major at
have just completed the Marlboro Music                Penn and the opportunities for film fans on campus.
festival in Vermont. The festival is where the
                                                      After the screening, PiH members remained for an
very best rising musicians go to study chamber
music. Then the best of those musicians go on         active discussion of the film building on the themes
tour - and they're stopping in Philadelphia!          of Professor Corrigan's introduction.
This program will include a pre-concert lecture
by former Penn professor and pulizter prize           Editor . Nick Steinmetz
winning composer, Richard Wernick. RSVP by            Program Manager . Anthony Cheng
November 10 at noon.                                  Design . Sara Sherger, Anna Leng, Michael Highland
                    PROSPECTUS                                             Annenberg Rare Books and
                                                                           Manuscripts Collection
                                     Volume 3, Issue 1 - November 2004     Monica Park

 PiH Event                                                                      Stepping into an elevator in the Van Pelt Library is perhaps
                                                                           a familiar experience for many of us: the quiet shuffle of feet,
Searching for Spalding Grey                                                the casual look askance at one's neighbor, the push of the
Nick Steinmetz                                                             button to get to one's final destination. Those buttons may
                                                                           have a familiar feel as well: maybe "G" for Rosengarten (where
      The apartment of Kings Court Faculty Advisor and Drama               rules of library etiquette seem to disappear), or "3" for standard
Professor Rose Malague is a small, tidy quartet of rooms tucked            carrel fare, or perhaps even "4" for abusing our privilege to use
into a corner of the first floor of Kings Court. This same                 the "group" study rooms. Ah, but "6", how many in a random
apartment, though, is a masterpiece in its own right, striking             sampling of undergraduate library visitors can tell you what
visitors immediately with its elegant furniture, real carpeting,           really lies above and beyond?
and general welcoming feel. On Sunday, September 19th, Dr.                      And so, on a bold assumption that the answer to that
Malague's apartment served as the setting for an intimate post-            rhetorical question is "Not many", I'll now begin my hortatory
performance gathering of some PiH members with the actors                  excursion.
and actresses involved in the recent production of "Searching
for Spalding Grey," a drama about the life of a person whose                   The Annenberg Rare Books and Manuscripts Collection on
career was well matched to the venue. He was an under-the-                 the sixth floor of Van Pelt is an underused and, for many,
radar, small-scale dramatist who made his fame with his                    obscure place. The "difficulty" for an undergraduate to become
distinctive monologues. A masterful artist, he crafted emotional           acquainted with the outstanding collections there is manifold.
scenes and experiences that could be called masterpieces in                Its lofty location may be somewhat off-putting, for one. And
their own rights.                                                          many of its items are not in Franklin, the online Penn library
                                                                           catalogue. And, of course, who cares about books that are
       The play, held at Annenberg's Studio Theater earlier that           falling apart anyway, except for literature majors and the dead
night, was written and performed by a group of Penn students               old white men who wrote them?
working in a class taught by Dr. Malague. It consisted of short
                                                                                                                           Photograph of Henry
Grey-styled monologues from each character, drawn together                                                                 Charles Lea's library in
by the interspersed tale of Grey's mysterious suicide.                                                                     his home at 2000 Walnut
                                                                                                                           Street, Philadelphia. This
       The post-performance party was a particular success, as
                                                                                                                           library has been
PiH members were afforded the opportunity to ask specific                                                                  imported wholesale
questions of the people involved in every aspect of the play,                                                              (paneling and all) from its
while enjoying refreshments. Questions were answered about                                                                 original location to the
                                                                                                                           Rare Books library in
everything from organization of the script to the students' trip to                                                        Van Pelt.
Ireland to perform it this past summer.

                                                                                The Rare Books library does have what one might call
                                                                           "standard" collections: the Furness Shakespeare Collection,
                                                                           devoted to "Shakespeariana" (including the first four folios);
                                                                           the Founders Collection, an assembly of all the books
                                                                           contained in the original library of the University of
                                                                           Pennsylvania; a 1637 first edition of Descartes' Discourse on
                                                                           Method; an array of medieval manuscripts; the Henry Charles
                                                                           Lea Library, focusing on the history of the Inquisition in Europe
                                                                           (especially in Spain), and also containing the Florentine
                                                                           Medici-Gondi archive (yes, that's the Medici family).
                                                                               And then there are the lesser known treasures: the Marion
                                                                           Anderson Collection, devoted to the first black singer to
                                                                           appear at the Metropolitan Opera in New York; the Edgar Fahs
 Rose Malague discusses Spalding Grey with PiH members in her apartment.   Smith Collection (part of which is now on exhibit on the
                                                                           ground floor of Van Pelt), given to the university by Smith
                                                                           himself, and an invaluable resource for studying the history of
Want to learn more about PiH or join the organization?                     chemistry pre-1850; and the list continues.
Check out our website.                                                          Luckily for us all, PiH has the opportunity to receive a tour
http://kcech.house.upenn.edu/pih/v2/home.html                              of the Rare Books library from John Pollack who so happens to
Or e-mail Anthony Cheng, the program manager.                              know its contents and history very well indeed. Please do join
amcheng@sas.upenn.edu                                                      us! There is only knowledge to gain and nothing to lose.

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