For the Birds Webquest

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        “This Web Quest is for the Birds”
Directions: Put your answers in bold and underline or highlight in a
light color. Don’t forget to type your name. If this prints on 2
pages, staple them together and put it in the blue box.

1.   Give one interesting fact about the frigate bird:

2.   Our national bird is the:

3.   Our state bird is the:

4.    Ben Franklin did not want the bald eagle as our national bird. “He
is a bird of bad moral character; he does not get his living honestly. I
have seen him perched on a dead tree, where, too lazy to fish, he
watches the fishing hawk and steals what that diligent bird has
caught”. What bird did Franklin want?

5.   Name 2 birds that are “endangered”:

6.   Name 2 birds that are “Extinct”:

7.   Name the largest living bird:

8.   Name the smallest living bird:

9.   Name a bird that does not fly:

10. What bird flies the farthest between its winter and summer

11. A wingspan of 7 feet is the same as _________centimeters.
(Google: “feet to centimeter calculator” for exact measurement)