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        Images used are from:
        Fauna of British India Vol- I by E. C. Stuart Baker (1922)
        Fauna of British India Vol- II by E. W. Baker (1890)
        Fauna of British India Vol- III by W. T. Blanford (1895)
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                                                                      A CHECKLIST


                                                                      BIRDS of INDIA

                                                                     Prepared by Sumit K Sen
                        Birds of India                                 for BIRDS OF INDIA
                        December 2009

Birds of India @                                                    Birds of India @
    Taxonomy and nomenclature follow "An Annotated Checklist
    of the Birds of the Oriental Region” by Tim Inskipp, Nigel
    Lindsey and William Duckworth (1996)

    Symbols used:
    R = widespread resident; r = very local resident; W = widespread
    winter visitor; w = sparse winter visitor; P = widespread migrant; p
    = sparse migrant; V = vagrant or irregular visitor; I = introduced
    resident; ? = requires status confirmation
    Ex = extinct; C = critically endangered; En = endangered; Vu =
    vulnerable; Nt = near threatened.
    E = Endemic species
    * = Split recognized by IOC. See Annexure1 for details.

Birds of India @                                          Birds of India @
 Partridges, quails                                                                 Mrs Hume's Pheasant r Syrmaticus humiae Nt
 ORDER: CRACIFORMES                                                                 Grey Peacock Pheasant r Polyplectron bicalcaratum
 Family: Megapodiidae                                                               Indian Peafowl R Pavo cristatus
 Nicobar Scrubfowl (Nicobar Megapode) r Megapodius nicobariensis E;Vu              Green Peafowl r Pavo muticus Vu

 ORDER: GALLIFORMES                                                                 Ducks, geese
 Family: Phasianidae                                                                ORDER: ANSERIFORMES
 Snow Partridge r Lerwa lerwa                                                      Family: Dendrocygndiae
 Tibetan Snowcock r Tetraogallus tibetanus                                         Fulvous Whistling-duck r Dendrocygna bicolor
 Himalayan Snowcock r Tetraogallus himalayensis                                    Lesser Whistling-duck R Dendrocygna javanica
 Buff-throated Partridge (Szechenyi's Monal-Partridge) ? Tetraophasis szechenyii
 Chukar (Chukar Partridge) r Alectoris chukar                                      Family: Anatidae
 Black Francolin R Francolinus francolinus                                         Oxyurinae
 Painted Francolin R Francolinus pictus E                                          White-headed Duck V Oxyura leucocephala En
 Chinese Francolin r Francolinus pintadeanus                                       Cygninae
 Grey Francolin R Francolinus pondicerianus                                        Mute Swan V Cygnus olor
 Swamp Francolin r Francolinus gularis Vu                                          Whooper Swan V Cygnus cygnus
 Tibetan Partridge r Perdix hodgsoniae                                             Tundra Swan V Cygnus columbianus
 Common Quail rW Coturnix coturnix                                                 Anatinae
 Japanese Quail w Coturnix japonica                                                Anserini
 Rain Quail r Coturnix coromandelica                                               Bean Goose (Taiga Bean Goose) V Anser fabalis
 Blue-breasted Quail r Coturnix chinensis                                          Greater White-fronted Goose V Anser albifrons
 Jungle Bush Quail R Perdicula asiatica                                            Lesser White-fronted Goose V Anser erythropus Vu
 Rock Bush Quail R Perdicula argoondah E                                           Greylag Goose W Anser anser
 Painted Bush Quail r Perdicula erythrorhyncha E                                   Bar-headed Goose rw Anser indicus
 Manipur Bush Quail r Perdicula manipurensis E;Vu                                  Snow Goose ? Anser caerulescens
 Small Buttonquail (Kurrichane Buttonquail) R Turnix sylvatica                     Red-breasted Goose ? Branta ruficollis En
 Yellow-legged Buttonquail R Turnix tanki                                          Ruddy Shelduck RW Tadorna ferruginea
 Barred Buttonquail R Turnix suscitator                                            Common Shelduck w Tadorna tadorna
 Hill Partridge r Arborophila torqueola                                            White-winged Duck r Cairina scutulata En
 Rufous-throated Partridge r Arborophila rufogularis                               Comb Duck r Sarkidiornis melanotos
 White-cheeked Partridge r Arborophila atrogularis Nt                              Cotton Pygmy-goose r Nettapus coromandelianus
 Chestnut-breasted Partridge r Arborophila mandellii Vu                            Anatini
 Mountain Bamboo Partridge r Bambusicola fytchii                                   Mandarin Duck V Aix galericulata
 Red Spurfowl r Galloperdix spadicea E                                             Gadwall W Anas strepera
 Painted Spurfowl r Galloperdix lunulata E                                         Falcated Duck V Anas falcata Nt
 Himalayan Quail Ex Ophrysia superciliosa E;C                                      Eurasian Wigeon W Anas penelope
 Blood Pheasant r Ithaginis cruentus                                               Mallard rW Anas platyrhynchos
 Western Tragopan r Tragopan melanocephalus Vu                                     Spot-billed Duck* (Indian Spot-billed Duck) R Anas poecilorhyncha
 Satyr Tragopan r Tragopan satyra Nt                                               Northern Shoveler W Anas clypeata
 Blyth's Tragopan r Tragopan blythii Vu                                            Sunda Teal (Andaman Teal) r Anas gibberifrons
 Temminck's Tragopan r Tragopan temminckii                                         Northern Pintail W Anas acuta
 Koklass Pheasant r Pucrasia macrolopha                                            Garganey W Anas querquedula
 Himalayan Monal r Lophophorus impejanus                                           Baikal Teal V Anas formosa Vu
 Sclater's Monal r Lophophorus sclateri Vu                                         Common Teal (Eurasian Teal) W Anas crecca
 Red Junglefowl R Gallus gallus                                                    Marbled Duck V Marmaronetta angustirostris Vu
 Grey Junglefowl R Gallus sonneratii E                                             Pink-headed Duck Ex Rhodonessa caryophyllacea C
 Kalij Pheasant R Lophura leucomelanos                                             Red-crested Pochard w Rhodonessa rufina
 Tibetan Eared Pheasant ? Crossoptilon harmani Nt                                  Common Pochard W Aythya ferina
 Cheer Pheasant r Catreus wallichii Vu                                             Ferruginous Pochard w Aythya nyroca Nt

Birds of India @                                                                                                    Birds of India @
 Baer's Pochard w Aythya baeri En                                    Family: Megalaimidae
 Tufted Duck W Aythya fuligula                                       Great Barbet R Megalaima virens
 Greater Scaup V Aythya marila                                       Brown-headed Barbet R Megalaima zeylanica
 Long-tailed Duck V Clangula hyemalis                                Lineated Barbet R Megalaima lineata
 Common Goldeneye V Bucephala clangula                               White-cheeked Barbet R Megalaima viridis E
 Smew w Mergellus albellus                                           Golden-throated Barbet r Megalaima franklinii
 Red-breasted Merganser V Mergus serrator                            Blue-throated Barbet R Megalaima asiatica
 Common Merganser RW Mergus merganser                                Blue-eared Barbet r Megalaima australis
                                                                      Crimson-fronted Barbet* (Malabar Barbet) r Megalaima rubricapilla
 Woodpeckers, barbets                                                 Coppersmith Barbet R Megalaima haemacephala
 Family: Turnicidae                                                   Hornbills
 ORDER: PICIFORMES                                                    ORDER: BUCEROTIFORMES
 Family: Indicatoridae                                                Family: Bucerotidae
 Yellow-rumped Honeyguide r Indicator xanthonotus Nt                 Malabar Grey Hornbill R Ocyceros griseus E
                                                                      Indian Grey Hornbill R Ocyceros birostris
 Family: Picidae                                                      Malabar Pied Hornbill r Anthracoceros coronatus Nt
 Eurasian Wryneck sw Jynx torquilla                                  Oriental Pied Hornbill r Anthracoceros albirostris
 Speckled Piculet r Picumnus innominatus                             Great Hornbill R Buceros bicornis Nt
 White-browed Piculet r Sasia ochracea                               Brown Hornbill (Austen's Brown Hornbill) r Anorrhinus tickelli Nt
 Rufous Woodpecker R Celeus brachyurus                               Rufous-necked Hornbill r Aceros nipalensis Vu
 White-bellied Woodpecker r Dryocopus javensis                       Wreathed Hornbill r Aceros undulatus
 Andaman Woodpecker r Dryocopus hodgei E;Nt                          Narcondam Hornbill r Aceros narcondami E;Vu
 Pale-headed Woodpecker r Gecinulus grantia
 Bay Woodpecker r Blythipicus pyrrhotis                              Hoopoes
 Heart-spotted Woodpecker r Hemicircus canente                       ORDER: UPUPIFORMES
 Great Slaty Woodpecker r Mulleripicus pulverulentus                 Family: Upupidae
 Brown-capped Pygmy Woodpecker R Dendrocopos nanus                   Common Hoopoe RW Upupa epops
 Grey-capped Pygmy Woodpecker R Dendrocopos canicapillus
 Brown-fronted Woodpecker R Dendrocopos auriceps                     Trogons
 Fulvous-breasted Woodpecker* R Dendrocopos macei                    ORDER: TROGONIFORMES
 Stripe-breasted Woodpecker r Dendrocopos atratus                    Family: Trogonidae
 Yellow-crowned Woodpecker R Dendrocopos mahrattensis                Malabar Trogon r Harpactes fasciatus
 Rufous-bellied Woodpecker r Dendrocopos hyperythrus                 Red-headed Trogon r Harpactes erythrocephalus
 Crimson-breasted Woodpecker r Dendrocopos cathpharius               Ward's Trogon r Harpactes wardi Nt
 Darjeeling Woodpecker R Dendrocopos darjellensis
 Great Spotted Woodpecker R Dendrocopos major                        Rollers, kingfishers, bee-eaters
 Himalayan Woodpecker R Dendrocopos himalayensis                     ORDER: CORACIIFORMES
 Lesser Yellownape R Picus chlorolophus                              Family: Coraciidae
 Greater Yellownape R Picus flavinucha                               European Roller rp Coracias garrulus Nt
 Streak-throated Woodpecker R Picus xanthopygaeus                    Indian Roller R Coracias benghalensis
 Scaly-bellied Woodpecker R Picus squamatus                          Dollarbird (Oriental Dollarbird) r Eurystomus orientalis
 Grey-headed Woodpecker R Picus canus
 Himalayan Flameback (Himalayan Goldenback) R Dinopium shorii        Family: Alcedinidae
 Common Flameback (Common Goldenback) R Dinopium javanense           Blyth's Kingfisher r Alcedo hercules Nt
 Black-rumped Flameback (Lesser Goldenback) R Dinopium benghalense   Common Kingfisher R Alcedo atthis
 Greater Flameback (Greater Goldenback) R Chrysocolaptes lucidus     Blue-eared Kingfisher r Alcedo meninting
 White-naped Woodpecker r Chrysocolaptes festivus                    Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher r Ceyx erithacus

Birds of India @                                                                                         Birds of India @
 Family: Halcyonidae                                                   Family: Psittacidae
 Brown-winged Kingfisher r Halcyon amauroptera Nt                     Vernal Hanging Parrot R Loriculus vernalis
 Stork-billed Kingfisher R Halcyon capensis                           Alexandrine Parakeet R Psittacula eupatria
 Ruddy Kingfisher r Halcyon coromanda                                 Rose-ringed Parakeet R Psittacula krameri
 White-throated Kingfisher R Halcyon smyrnensis                       Slaty-headed Parakeet R Psittacula himalayana
 Black-capped Kingfisher R Halcyon pileata                            Grey-headed Parakeet R Psittacula finschii
 Collared Kingfisher r Todiramphus chloris                            Plum-headed Parakeet R Psittacula cyanocephala
                                                                       Blossom-headed Parakeet R Psittacula roseata
 Family: Cerylidae                                                     Malabar Parakeet (Blue-winged Parakeet) R Psittacula columboides E
 Crested Kingfisher R Megaceryle lugubris                             Derbyan Parakeet (Lord Derby's Parakeet) ? Psittacula derbiana
 Pied Kingfisher R Ceryle rudis                                       Red-breasted Parakeet R Psittacula alexandri
                                                                       Nicobar Parakeet r Psittacula caniceps E;Nt
 Family: Meropidae                                                     Long-tailed Parakeet R Psittacula longicauda Nt
 Blue-bearded Bee-eater r Nyctyornis athertoni
 Green Bee-eater R Merops orientalis                                  Swifts
 Blue-cheeked Bee-eater PS Merops persicus                            ORDER: APODIFORMES
 Blue-tailed Bee-eater R Merops philippinus                           Family: Apodidae
 European Bee-eater sP Merops apiaster                                Glossy Swiftlet R Collocalia esculenta
 Chestnut-headed Bee-eater R Merops leschenaulti                      Indian Swiftlet R Collocalia unicolor
                                                                       Himalayan Swiftlet R Collocalia brevirostris
 Cuckoos                                                               Edible-nest Swiftlet R Collocalia fuciphaga
 ORDER: CUCULIFORMES                                                   White-rumped Needletail (White-rumped Spinetail) R Zoonavena sylvatica
 Family: Cuculidae                                                     White-throated Needletail s Hirundapus caudacutus
 Pied Cuckoo (Jacobin Cuckoo) rS Clamator jacobinus                   Silver-backed Needletail r Hirundapus cochinchinensis
 Chestnut-winged Cuckoo r Clamator coromandus                         Brown-backed Needletail R Hirundapus giganteus
 Large Hawk Cuckoo r Hierococcyx sparverioides                        Asian Palm Swift R Cypsiurus balasiensis
 Common Hawk Cuckoo R Hierococcyx varius                              Alpine Swift r Tachymarptis melba
 Hodgson's Hawk Cuckoo r Hierococcyx fugax                            Common Swift W Apus apus
 Indian Cuckoo R Cuculus micropterus                                  Fork-tailed Swift r Apus pacificus
 Eurasian Cuckoo (Common Cuckoo) R Cuculus canorus                    Dark-rumped Swift r Apus acuticauda Vu
 Oriental Cuckoo* (Himalayan Cuckoo) r Cuculus saturatus              House Swift* (Little Swift) R Apus affinis
 Lesser Cuckoo r Cuculus poliocephalus
 Banded Bay Cuckoo r Cacomantis sonneratii                            Family: Hemiprocnidae
 Grey-bellied Cuckoo r Cacomantis passerinus                          Crested Treeswift R Hemiprocne coronata
 Plaintive Cuckoo r Cacomantis merulinus
 Asian Emerald Cuckoo r Chrysococcyx maculatus                        Owls, frogmouths, nightjars
 Violet Cuckoo r Chrysococcyx xanthorhynchus                          ORDER: STRIGIFORMES
 Drongo Cuckoo* (Square-tailed Drongo-Cuckoo) r Surniculus lugubris   Family: Tytonidae
 Asian Koel R Eudynamys scolopacea                                    Barn Owl (Western Barn Owl) r Tyto alba
 Green-billed Malkoha r Phaenicophaeus tristis                        Andaman Masked Owl r Tyto deroepstorffi E
 Blue-faced Malkoha r Phaenicophaeus viridirostris                    Grass Owl* (African Grass Owl) r Tyto capensis
 Sirkeer Malkoha r Phaenicophaeus leschenaultii                       Oriental Bay Owl* r Phodilus badius

 Family: Centropodidae                                                 Family: Strigidae
 Greater Coucal R Centropus sinensis                                  Andaman Scops Owl r Otus balli E;Nt
 Brown Coucal (Andaman Coucal) r Centropus andamanensis               Mountain Scops Owl r Otus spilocephalus
 Lesser Coucal r Centropus bengalensis                                Pallid Scops Owl r Otus brucei
                                                                       Eurasian Scops Owl w Otus scops
 Parakeets                                                             Moluccan Scops Owl ? Otus magicus
 ORDER: PSITTACIFORMES                                                 Oriental Scops Owl R Otus sunia

Birds of India @                                                                                        Birds of India @
 Collared Scops Owl* R Otus bakkamoena                           Pale-capped Pigeon w Columba punicea Vu
 Eurasian Eagle Owl R Bubo bubo                                  Andaman Wood Pigeon r Columba palumboides E;Nt
 Rock Eagle Owl R Bubo bengalensis                               European Turtle Dove V Streptopelia turtur
 Spot-bellied Eagle Owl r Bubo nipalensis                        Oriental Turtle Dove RW Streptopelia orientalis
 Dusky Eagle Owl R Bubo coromandus                               Laughing Dove R Streptopelia senegalensis
 Brown Fish Owl r Ketupa zeylonensis                             Spotted Dove R Streptopelia chinensis
 Tawny Fish Owl* r Ketupa flavipes                               Red Collared Dove R Streptopelia tranquebarica
 Buffy Fish Owl r Ketupa ketupu                                  Eurasian Collared Dove R Streptopelia decaocto
 Mottled Wood Owl r Strix ocellata E                             Barred Cuckoo Dove r Macropygia unchall
 Brown Wood Owl r Strix leptogrammica                            Andaman Cuckoo Dove r Macropygia rufipennis E;Nt
 Tawny Owl r Strix aluco                                         Emerald Dove (Common Emerald Dove) R Chalcophaps indica
 Collared Owlet r Glaucidium brodiei                             Nicobar Pigeon r Caloenas nicobarica Nt
 Asian Barred Owlet r Glaucidium cuculoides                      Orange-breasted Green Pigeon r Treron bicincta
 Jungle Owlet R Glaucidium radiatum                              Pompadour Green Pigeon* r Treron pompadora
 Little Owl r Athene noctua                                      Thick-billed Green Pigeon r Treron curvirostra
 Spotted Owlet R Athene brama                                    Yellow-footed Green Pigeon R Treron phoenicoptera
 Forest Owlet r Athene blewitti E;C                              Pin-tailed Green Pigeon r Treron apicauda
 Boreal Owl V Aegolius funereus                                  Wedge-tailed Green Pigeon r Treron sphenura
 Brown Hawk Owl* r Ninox scutulata                               Green Imperial Pigeon* r Ducula aenea
 Andaman Hawk Owl r Ninox affinis E;Nt                           Mountain Imperial Pigeon r Ducula badia
 Long-eared Owl rw Asio otus                                     Pied Imperial Pigeon r Ducula bicolor
 Short-eared Owl w Asio flammeus
                                                                  Bustards, cranes, finfoot, rails, crakes
 Family: Batrachostomidae                                         ORDER: GRUIFORMES
 Sri Lanka Frogmouth r Batrachostomus moniliger                  Family: Otididae
 Hodgson's Frogmouth r Batrachostomus hodgsoni                   Little Bustard V Tetrax tetrax Nt
                                                                  Indian Bustard (Great Indian Bustard) r Ardeotis nigriceps En
 Family: Eurostopodidae                                           McQueen's Bustard w Chlamydotis macqueeni Vu
 Great Eared Nightjar r Eurostopodus macrotis                    Bengal Florican r Houbaropsis bengalensis C
                                                                  Lesser Florican r Sypheotides indica En
 Family: Caprimulgidae
 Grey Nightjar *(Indian Jungle Nightjar) R Caprimulgus indicus   Family: Gruidae
 Eurasian Nightjar rp Caprimulgus europaeus                      Siberian Crane w Grus leucogeranus C
 Sykes's Nightjar r Caprimulgus mahrattensis                     Sarus Crane r Grus antigone Vu
 Large-tailed Nightjar* R Caprimulgus macrurus                   Demoiselle Crane w Grus virgo
 Jerdon's Nightjar R Caprimulgus atripennis                      Common Crane w Grus grus
 Indian Nightjar R Caprimulgus asiaticus                         Black-necked Crane r Grus nigricollis Vu
 Savanna Nightjar r Caprimulgus affinis
                                                                  Family: Heliornithidae
 Pigeons                                                          Masked Finfoot r Heliopais personata Vu
 Family: Columbidae                                               Family: Rallidae
 Rock Pigeon (Common Pigeon) R Columba livia                     Andaman Crake r Rallina canningi E;Nt
 Hill Pigeon R Columba rupestris                                 Red-legged Crake ? Rallina fasciata
 Snow Pigeon R Columba leuconota                                 Slaty-legged Crake r Rallina eurizonoides
 Yellow-eyed Pigeon w Columba eversmanni Vu                      Slaty-breasted Rail r Gallirallus striatus
 Common Wood Pigeon w Columba palumbus                           Water Rail* rw Rallus aquaticus
 Speckled Wood Pigeon r Columba hodgsonii                        Corn Crake ? Crex crex
 Ashy Wood Pigeon r Columba pulchricollis                        Brown Crake (Brown Bush-hen) r Amaurornis akool
 Nilgiri Wood Pigeon r Columba elphinstonii E;Vu                 White-breasted Waterhen R Amaurornis phoenicurus

Birds of India @                                                                                   Birds of India @
 Black-tailed Crake r Porzana bicolor                   Asian Dowitcher w Limnodromus semipalmatus Nt
 Little Crake V Porzana parva                           Great Knot w Calidris tenuirostris
 Baillon's Crake rw Porzana pusilla                     Red Knot W Calidris canutus
 Spotted Crake V Porzana porzana                        Sanderling w Calidris alba
 Ruddy-breasted Crake r Porzana fusca                   Spoon-billed Sandpiper w Calidris pygmea C
 Watercock r Gallicrex cinerea                          Little Stint W Calidris minuta
 Purple Swamphen R Porphyrio porphyrio                  Red-necked Stint w Calidris ruficollis
 Common Moorhen R Gallinula chloropus                   Temminck’s Stint W Calidris temminckii
 Common Coot (Eurasian Coot) RW Fulica atra             Long-toed Stint w Calidris subminuta
                                                         Sharp-tailed Sandpiper V Calidris acuminata
 Sandgrouse                                              Pectoral Sandpiper V Calidris melanotos
 ORDER: CICONIIFORMES                                    Dunlin w Calidris alpina
 Family: Pteroclidae                                     Curlew Sandpiper W Calidris ferruginea
 Tibetan Sandgrouse r Syrrhaptes tibetanus              Buff-breasted Sandpiper V Tryngites subruficollis Nt
 Pallas’s Sandgrouse V Syrrhaptes paradoxus             Broad-billed Sandpiper w Limicola falcinellus
 Pin-tailed Sandgrouse w Pterocles alchata              Ruff W Philomachus pugnax
 Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse r Pterocles exustus        Red-necked Phalarope w Phalaropus lobatus
 Spotted Sandgrouse w Pterocles senegallus              Red Phalarope V Phalaropus fulicaria
 Black-bellied Sandgrouse rw Pterocles orientalis
 Crowned Sandgrouse ? Pterocles coronatus               Family: Rostratulidae
 Painted Sandgrouse r Pterocles indicus                 Greater Painted-snipe r Rostratula benghalensis

 Waders                                                  Family: Jacanidae
 Family: Scolopacidae                                    Pheasant-tailed Jacana R Hydrophasianus chirurgus
 Scolopacinae                                            Bronze-winged Jacana R Metopidius indicus
 Eurasian Woodcock rW Scolopax rusticola
 Solitary Snipe r Gallinago solitaria                   Family: Burhinidae
 Wood Snipe r Gallinago nemoricola Vu                   Eurasian Thick-knee* (Eurasian Stone-curlew) R Burhinus oedicnemus
 Pintail Snipe (Pin-tailed Snipe) W Gallinago stenura   Great Thick-knee (Great Stone-curlew) r Esacus recurvirostris
 Swinhoe’s Snipe w Gallinago megala                     Beach Thick-knee (Beach Stone-curlew) r Esacus neglectus Nt
 Great Snipe V Gallinago media Nt
 Common Snipe rW Gallinago gallinago                    Family: Charadriidae
 Jack Snipe w Lymnocryptes minimus                      Recurvirostrinae
 Tringinae                                               Haematopodini
 Black-tailed Godwit W Limosa limosa Nt                 Eurasian Oystercatcher w Haematopus ostralegus
 Bar-tailed Godwit W Limosa lapponica                   Recurvirostrini
 Whimbrel W Numenius phaeopus                           Ibisbill r Ibidorhyncha struthersii
 Eurasian Curlew W Numenius arquata Nt                  Black-winged Stilt RW Himantopus himantopus
 Spotted Redshank W Tringa erythropus                   Pied Avocet rW Recurvirostra avosetta
 Common Redshank sW Tringa totanus                      Charadriinae
 Marsh Sandpiper W Tringa stagnatilis                   European Golden Plover V Pluvialis apricaria
 Common Greenshank W Tringa nebularia                   Pacific Golden Plover W Pluvialis fulva
 Nordmann’s Greenshank ? Tringa guttifer En             Grey Plover w Pluvialis squatarola
 Green Sandpiper W Tringa ochropus                      Common Ringed Plover w Charadrius hiaticula
 Wood Sandpiper W Tringa glareola                       Long-billed Plover w Charadrius placidus
 Terek Sandpiper w Xenus cinereus                       Little Ringed Plover RW Charadrius dubius
 Common Sandpiper sW Actitis hypoleucos                 Kentish Plover RW Charadrius alexandrinus
 Grey-tailed Tattler V Heteroscelus brevipes            Lesser Sand Plover sW Charadrius mongolus
 Ruddy Turnstone w Arenaria interpres                   Greater Sand Plover w Charadrius leschenaultii
 Long Billed Dowitcher V Limnodromus scolopaceus        Caspian Plover V Charadrius asiaticus

Birds of India @                                                                           Birds of India @
 Oriental Plover V Charadrius veredus                       Roseate Tern r Sterna dougallii
 Black-fronted Dotterel ? Elseyornis melanops               Black-naped Tern r Sterna sumatrana
 Northern Lapwing w Vanellus vanellus                       Common Tern sW Sterna hirundo
 Yellow-wattled Lapwing r Vanellus malarbaricus             Arctic Tern V Sterna paradisaea
 River Lapwing R Vanellus duvaucelii                        Little Tern r Sterna albifrons
 Grey-headed Lapwing w Vanellus cinereus                    Saunders’s Tern r Sterna saundersi
 Red-wattled Lapwing R Vanellus indicus                     White-cheeked Tern p Sterna repressa
 Sociable Lapwing w Vanellus gregarius C                    Black-bellied Tern r Sterna acuticauda Nt
 White-tailed Lapwing W Vanellus leucurus                   Bridled Tern s Sterna anaethetus
                                                             Sooty Tern s Sterna fuscata
 Family: Glareolidae                                         Whiskered Tern RW Chlidonias hybridus
 Dromadinae                                                  White-winged Tern w Chlidonias leucopterus
 Crab Plover w Dromas ardeola                               White Tern v Gygis alba
 Glareolinae                                                 Black Tern ? Chlidonias niger
 Jerdon's Courser r Rhinoptilus bitorquatus E;C             Brown Noddy V Anous stolidus
 Cream-colored Courser rw Cursorius cursor                  Black Noddy V Anous minutus
 Indian Courser r Cursorius coromandelicus                  Lesser Noddy Anous tenuirostris
 Collared Pratincole rw Glareola pratincola
 Oriental Pratincole R Glareola maldivarum                  Raptors
 Small Pratincole R Glareola lactea                         Family: Accipitridae
 Jaegers, gulls, terns                                       Osprey (Western Osprey) rW Pandion haliaetus
 Family: Laridae                                             Accipitrinae
 Larinae                                                     Jerdon’s Baza r Aviceda jerdoni
 Stercorariini                                               Black Baza r Aviceda leuphotes
 Brown Skua sp Catharacta antarctica                        Oriental Honey-buzzard (Crested Honey Buzzard) RW Pernis ptilorhyncus
 South-Polar Skua V Catharacta maccormicki                  Black-shouldered Kite (Black-winged Kite) R Elanus caeruleus
 Long-tailed Jaeger ? Stercorarius longicaudus              Red Kite ? Milvus milvus
 Pomarine Jaeger (Pomarine Skua) W Stercorarius pomarinus   Black Kite RW Milvus migrans
 Parasitic Jaegar W Stercorarius parasiticus                Brahminy Kite R Haliastur indus
 Rynchopini                                                  White-bellied Sea Eagle R Haliaeetus leucogaster
 Indian Skimmer r Rynchops albicollis Vu                    Pallas’s Fish Eagle r Haliaeetus leucoryphus Vu
 Larini                                                      White-tailed Eagle w Haliaeetus albicilla
 Yellow-legged Gull (Caspian Gull) w Larus cachinnans       Lesser Fish Eagle r Ichthyophaga humilis Nt
 Armenian Gull ? Larus armenicus                            Grey-headed Fish Eagle r Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus Nt
 Heuglin’s Gull (Siberian Gull) w Larus heuglini            Lammergeier (Bearded Vulture) r Gypaetus barbatus
 Pallas’s Gull w Larus ichthyaetus                          Egyptian Vulture R Neophron percnopterus En
 Mew Gull V Larus canus                                     White-rumped Vulture r Gyps bengalensis C
 Sooty Gull V Larus hemprichii                              Indian Vulture r Gyps indicus C
 Brown-headed Gull sW Larus brunnicephalus                  Slender-billed Vulture r Gyps tenvirostris C
 Black-headed Gull W Larus ridibundus                       Himalayan Griffon r Gyps himalayensis
 Slender-billed Gull w Larus genei                          Eurasian Griffon r Gyps fulvus
 Little Gull V Larus minutus                                Cinereous Vulture rw Aegypius monachus Nt
 Sternini                                                    Red-headed Vulture r Sarcogyps calvus C
 Gull-billed Tern rW Gelochelidon nilotica                  Short-toed Snake Eagle r Circaetus gallicus
 Caspian Tern W Sterna caspia                               Crested Serpent Eagle R Spilornis cheela
 River Tern R Sterna aurantia                               Nicobar Serpent Eagle* r Spilornis minimus E;Nt
 Lesser Crested Tern r Sterna bengalensis                   Andaman Serpent Eagle r Spilornis elgini E;Nt
 Great Crested Tern (Swift Tern) r Sterna bergii            Eurasian Marsh Harrier W Circus aeruginosus
 Sandwich Tern w Sterna sandvicensis                        Hen Harrier (Northern Harrier) w Circus cyaneus

Birds of India @                                                                          Birds of India @
 Pallid Harrier w Circus macrourus Nt                        Black-necked Grebe rw Podiceps nigricollis
 Pied Harrier rw Circus melanoleucos
 Montagu’s Harrier w Circus pygargus                         Family: Phaethontidae
 Crested Goshawk r Accipiter trivirgatus                     Red-billed Tropicbird w Phaethon aethereus
 Shikra R Accipiter badius                                   Red-tailed Tropicbird r Phaethon rubricauda
 Nicobar Sparrowhawk r Accipiter butleri E;Vu                White-tailed Tropicbird r Phaethon lepturus
 Chinese Sparrowhawk W Accipiter soloensis
 Japanese Sparrowhawk w Accipiter gularis                    Family: Sulidae
 Besra r Accipiter virgatus                                  Masked Booby r Sula dactylatra
 Eurasian Sparrowhawk rw Accipiter nisus                     Red-footed Booby r Sula sula
 Northern Goshawk rw Accipiter gentilis                      Brown Booby r Sula leucogaster
 White-eyed Buzzard R Butastur teesa
 Grey-faced Buzzard ? Butastur indicus                       Darter, cormorants
 Common Buzzard* rw Buteo buteo                              Family: Anhingidae
 Long-legged Buzzard rW Buteo rufinus                        Darter R Anhinga melanogaster Nt
 Upland Buzzard w Buteo hemilasius
 Rough-legged Buzzard ? Buteo lagopus                        Family: Phalacrocoracidae
 Black Eagle r Ictinaetus malayensis                         Little Cormorant R Phalacrocorax niger
 Indian Spotted Eagle r Aquila hastata Vu                    Indian Cormorant R Phalacrocorax fuscicollis
 Greater Spotted Eagle W Aquila clanga Vu                    Great Cormorant RW Phalacrocorax carbo
 Tawny Eagle R Aquila rapax
 Steppe Eagle W Aquila nipalensis                            Egrets, herons
 Imperial Eagle (Asian Imperial Eagle) w Aquila heliaca Vu   Family: Ardeidae
 Golden Eagle r Aquila chrysaetos                            Little Egret R Egretta garzetta
 Bonelli’s Eagle r Hieraaetus fasciatus                      Western Reef Egret R Egretta gularis
 Booted Eagle w Hieraaetus pennatus                          Pacific Reef Egret r Egretta sacra
 Rufous-bellied Eagle r Hieraaetus kienerii                  Grey Heron RW Ardea cinerea
 Changeable Hawk Eagle* R Spizaetus cirrhatus                Goliath Heron r Ardea goliath
 Mountain Hawk Eagle* r Spizaetus nipalensis                 White-bellied Heron r Ardea insignis C
                                                              Great-billed Heron ? Ardea sumatrana
 Family: Falconidae                                           Purple Heron R Ardea purpurea
 Collared Falconet r Microhierax caerulescens                Great Egret (Eastern Great Egret) RW Casmerodius albus
 Pied Falconet r Microhierax melanoleucus                    Intermediate Egret (Yellow-billed Egret) R Mesophoyx intermedia
 Lesser Kestrel p Falco naumanni Vu                          Cattle Egret (Eastern Cattle Egret) R Bubulcus ibis
 Common Kestrel RW Falco tinnunculus                         Indian Pond Heron R Ardeola grayii
 Red-necked Falcon r Falco chicquera                         Chinese Pond Heron r Ardeola bacchus
 Amur Falcon p Falco amurensis                               Little Heron r Butorides striatus
 Merlin w Falco columbarius                                  Black-crowned Night Heron R Nycticorax nycticorax
 Eurasian Hobby rp Falco subbuteo                            Malayan Night Heron r Gorsachius melanolophus
 Oriental Hobby r Falco severus                              Little Bittern r Ixobrychus minutus
 Laggar Falcon r Falco jugger Nt                             Yellow Bittern r Ixobrychus sinensis
 Saker Falcon w Falco cherrug En                             Cinnamon Bittern r Ixobrychus cinnamomeus
 Peregrine Falcon rw Falco peregrinus                        Black Bittern r Dupetor flavicollis
                                                              Great Bittern (Eurasian Bittern) w Botaurus stellaris
 Grebes, tropicbirds, boobys
 Family: Podicipedidae                                        Flamingos, ibis, pelicans, storks
 Little Grebe R Tachybaptus ruficollis                       Family: Phoenicopteridae
 Red-necked Grebe W Podiceps grisegena                       Greater Flamingo rW Phoenicopterus ruber
 Great Crested Grebe rw Podiceps cristatus                   Lesser Flamingo r Phoenicopterus minor Nt
 Horned Grebe w Podiceps auritus

Birds of India @                                                                             Birds of India @
 Family: Threskiornithidae                                      Blue-naped Pitta r Pitta nipalensis
 Glossy Ibis RW Plegadis falcinellus                           Blue Pitta r Pitta cyanea
 Black-headed Ibis R Threskiornis melanocephalus Nt            Hooded Pitta r Pitta sordida
 Black Ibis (Red-naped Ibis) R Pseudibis papillosa             Indian Pitta R Pitta brachyura
 Eurasian Spoonbill RW Platalea leucorodia                     Mangrove Pitta r Pitta megarhyncha

 Family: Pelecanidae                                            Family: Eurylaimidae
 Great White Pelican rW Pelecanus onocrotalus                  Silver-breasted Broadbill r Serilophus lunatus
 Dalmatian Pelican w Pelecanus crispus Vu                      Long-tailed Broadbill r Psarisomus dalhousiae
 Spot-billed Pelican R Pelecanus philippensis Nt
                                                                Family: Irenidae
 Family: Ciconiidae                                             Asian Fairy Bluebird r Irena puella
 Painted Stork R Mycteria leucocephala Nt                      Blue-winged Leafbird* R Chloropsis cochinchinensis
 Asian Openbill R Anastomus oscitans                           Golden-fronted Leafbird R Chloropsis aurifrons
 Black Stork w Ciconia nigra                                   Orange-bellied Leafbird r Chloropsis hardwickii
 Woolly-necked Stork R Ciconia episcopus
 White Stork w Ciconia ciconia
 Oriental Stork ? Ciconia boyciana En                          Shrikes
 Black-necked Stork r Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus Nt            Family: Laniidae
 Lesser Adjutant r Leptoptilos javanicus Vu                    Red-backed Shrike p Lanius collurio
 Greater Adjutant r Leptoptilos dubius En                      Rufous-tailed Shrike* (Isabelline Shrike)W Lanius isabellinus
                                                                Brown Shrike W Lanius cristatus
 Frigatebirds, loons, petrels                                   Burmese Shrike p Lanius collurioides
 Family: Fregatidae                                             Bay-backed Shrike R Lanius vittatus
 Great Frigatebird P Fregata minor                             Long-tailed Shrike R Lanius schach
 Lesser Frigatebird r Fregata ariel                            Grey-backed Shrike rW Lanius tephronotus
 Christmas Island Frigatebird V Fregata andrewsi C             Lesser Grey Shrike V Lanius minor
 Family: Gaviidae                                               Great Grey Shrike V Lanius excubitor
 Black-throated Loon V Gavia arctica                           Southern Grey Shrike R Lanius meridionalis

 Family: Procellariidae                                         Corvids, woodswallows, orioles, fantails, drongos, monarchs
 Procellariinae                                                 Family: Corvidae
 Cape Petrel V Daption capense                                 Pachycephalinae
 Barau’s Petrel V Pterodroma baraui                            Mangrove Whistler r Pachycephala grisola
 Bulwer’s Petrel V Bulweria bulwerii                           Corvinae
 Jouanin’s Petrel V Bulweria fallax                            Corvini
 Streaked Shearwater V Calonectris leucomelas                  Eurasian Jay R Garrulus glandarius
 Wedge-tailed Shearwater s Puffinus pacificus                  Black-headed Jay R Garrulus lanceolatus
 Flesh-footed Shearwater s Puffinus carneipes                  Yellow-billed Blue Magpie R Urocissa flavirostris
 Audubon’s Shearwater r Puffinus Iherminieri                   Red-billed Blue Magpie R Urocissa erythrorhyncha
 Persian Shearwater (Persian Shearwater) P Puffinus persicus   Common Green Magpie r Cissa chinensis
 Hydrobatinae                                                   Rufous Treepie R Dendrocitta vagabunda
 Wilson’s Storm-petrel P Oceanites oceanicus                   Grey Treepie R Dendrocitta formosae
 White-faced Storm-petrel V Pelagodroma marina                 White-bellied Treepie r Dendrocitta leucogastra E
 Black-bellied Storm-petrel V Fregetta tropica                 Collared Treepie r Dendrocitta frontalis
 Swinhoe’s Storm-petrel p Oceanodroma monorhis                 Andaman Treepie R Dendrocitta bayleyi E;Nt
                                                                Black-billed Magpie (Eurasian Magpie) r Pica pica
 ORDER: PASSERIFORMES                                           Hume’s Groundpecker (Groundpecker) r Pseudopodoces humilis
 Pittas, broadbills, leafbirds                                  Spotted Nutcracker* r Nucifraga caryocatactes
 Family: Pittidae                                               Red-billed Chough R Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax

Birds of India @                                                                                 Birds of India @
 Yellow-billed Chough (Alpine Chough) R Pyrrhocorax graculus          Common Iora R Aegithina tiphia
 Eurasian Jackdaw (Western Jackdaw) rw Corvus monedula                Marshall’s Iora r Aegithina nigrolutea
 House Crow R Corvus splendens                                        Malaconotinae
 Rook w Corvus frugilegus                                             Large Woodshrike* r Tephrodornis gularis
 Carrion Crow rw Corvus corone                                        Common Woodshrike R Tephrodornis pondicerianus
 Large-billed Crow* R Corvus macrorhynchos
 Common Raven (Northern Raven) r Corvus corax                         Waxwings, dippers
 Artamini                                                              Family: Bombycillidae
 Ashy Woodswallow R Artamus fuscus                                    Bohemian Waxwing V Bombycilla garrulus
 White-breasted Woodswallow r Artamus leucorynchus
 Oriolini                                                              Family: Cinclidae
 Eurasian Golden Oriole* R Oriolus oriolus                            White-throated Dipper R Cinclus cinclus
 Black-naped Oriole rw Oriolus chinensis                              Brown Dipper R Cinclus pallasii
 Slender-billed Oriole r Oriolus tenuirostris
 Black-hooded Oriole R Oriolus xanthornus                             Thrushes, flycatchers, chats
 Maroon Oriole r Oriolus traillii                                     Family: Muscicapidae
 Large Cuckooshrike r Coracina macei                                  Turdinae
 Bar-bellied Cuckooshrike (Andaman Cuckooshrike) r Coracina striata   Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush sp Monticola saxatilis
 Black-winged Cuckooshrike r Coracina melaschistos                    Blue-capped Rock Thrush R Monticola cinclorhynchus
 Black-headed Cuckooshrike r Coracina melanoptera                     Chestnut-bellied Rock Thrush r Monticola rufiventris
 Pied Triller r Lalage nigra                                          Blue Rock Thrush rW Monticola solitarius
 Rosy Minivet rw Pericrocotus roseus                                  Malabar Whistling Thrush R Myophonus horsfieldii E
 Swinhoe's Minivet ? Pericrocotus cantonensis                         Blue Whistling Thrush R Myophonus caeruleus
 Ashy Minivet w Pericrocotus divaricatus                              Pied Thrush sp Zoothera wardii
 Small Minivet R Pericrocotus cinnamomeus                             Orange-headed Thrush R Zoothera citrina
 White-bellied Minivet r Pericrocotus erythropygius                   Siberian Thrush w Zoothera sibirica
 Grey-chinned Minivet r Pericrocotus solaris                          Plain-backed Thrush r Zoothera mollissima
 Long-tailed Minivet R Pericrocotus ethologus                         Long-tailed Thrush r Zoothera dixoni
 Short-billed Minivet r Pericrocotus brevirostris                     Scaly Thrush* r Zoothera dauma
 Scarlet Minivet* R Pericrocotus flammeus                             Long-billed Thrush r Zoothera monticola
 Bar-winged Flycatcher-shrike R Hemipus picatus                       Dark-sided Thrush r Zoothera marginata
 Dicrurinae                                                            Tickell’s Thrush R Turdus unicolor
 Rhipidurini                                                           Black-breasted Thrush w Turdus dissimilis
 Yellow-bellied Fantail R Rhipidura hypoxantha                        White-collared Blackbird r Turdus albocinctus
 White-throated Fantail* R Rhipidura albicollis                       Grey-winged Blackbird r Turdus boulboul
 White-browed Fantail Flycatcher R Rhipidura aureola                  Eurasian Blackbird* r Turdus merula
 Dicrurini                                                             Chestnut Thrush r Turdus rubrocanus
 Black Drongo R Dicrurus macrocercus                                  Kessler’s Thrush V Turdus kessleri
 Ashy Drongo R Dicrurus leucophaeus                                   Grey-sided Thrush w Turdus feae Vu
 White-bellied Drongo r Dicrurus caerulescens                         Eyebrowed Thrush w Turdus obscurus
 Crow-billed Drongo r Dicrurus annectans                              Dark-throated Thrush* w Turdus ruficollis
 Bronzed Drongo r Dicrurus aeneus                                     Dusky Thrush (Naumann's Thrush) w Turdus naumanni
 Lesser Racket-tailed Drongo r Dicrurus remifer                       Fieldfare ? Turdus pilaris
 Spangled Drongo (Hair-crested Drongo) R Dicrurus hottentottus        Song Thrush V Turdus philomelos
 Andaman Drongo R Dicrurus andamanensis Nt                            Mistle Thrush r Turdus viscivorus
 Greater Racket-tailed Drongo r Dicrurus paradiseus                   Gould’s Shortwing r Brachypteryx stellata
 Monarchini                                                            Rusty-bellied Shortwing r Brachypteryx hyperythra Nt
 Black-naped Monarch r Hypothymis azurea                              White-bellied Shortwing* (Nilgiri Blue Robin) r Brachypteryx major E;Vu
 Asian Paradise-flycatcher R Terpsiphone paradisi                     Lesser Shortwing r Brachypteryx leucophrys
 Aegithininae                                                          White-browed Shortwing r Brachypteryx montana

Birds of India @                                                                                        Birds of India @
 Muscicapinae                                                                       Rufous-tailed Scrub Robin p Cercotrichas galactotes
 Muscicapini                                                                        Oriental Magpie Robin R Copsychus saularis
 Brown-chested Jungle Flycatcher* wr Rhinomyias brunneatus E                       White-rumped Shama* R Copsychus malabaricus
 Spotted Flycatcher p Muscicapa striata                                            Indian Robin R Saxicoloides fulicata
 Dark-sided Flycatcher r Muscicapa sibirica                                        Rufous-backed Redstart (Eversmann's Redstart) w Phoenicurus erythronota
 Asian Brown Flycatcher rw Muscicapa dauurica                                      Blue-capped Redstart r Phoenicurus coeruleocephalus
 Rusty-tailed Flycatcher r Muscicapa ruficauda                                     Black Redstart rW Phoenicurus ochruros
 Brown-breasted Flycatcher r Muscicapa muttui                                      Hodgson’s Redstart w Phoenicurus hodgsoni
 Ferruginous Flycatcher r Muscicapa ferruginea                                     White-throated Redstart r Phoenicurus schisticeps
 Yellow-rumped Flycatcher V Ficedula zanthopygia                                   Daurian Redstart rw Phoenicurus auroreus
 Slaty-backed Flycatcher r Ficedula hodgsonii                                      White-winged Redstart (Güldenstädt's Redstart) r Phoenicurus erythrogaster
 Rufous-gorgeted Flycatcher r Ficedula strophiata                                  Blue-fronted Redstart r Phoenicurus frontalis
 Red-breasted Flycatcher W Ficedula parva                                          White-capped Water Redstart r Chaimarrornis leucocephalus
 Red-throated Flycatcher (Taiga Flycatcher) W Ficedula albicilla                   Plumbeous Water Redstart r Rhyacornis fuliginosus
 Kashmir Flycatcher r Ficedula subrubra Vu                                         White-bellied Redstart r Hodgsonius phaenicuroides
 White-gorgeted Flycatcher r Ficedula monileger                                    White-tailed Robin r Myiomela leucura
 Snowy-browed Flycatcher r Ficedula hyperythra                                     Blue-fronted Robin r Cinclidium frontale
 Little Pied Flycatcher r Ficedula westermanni                                     Grandala r Grandala coelicolor
 Ultramarine Flycatcher r Ficedula superciliaris                                   Little Forktail r Enicurus scouleri
 Slaty-blue Flycatcher r Ficedula tricolor                                         Black-backed Forktail r Enicurus immaculatus
 Sapphire Flycatcher r Ficedula sapphira                                           Slaty-backed Forktail r Enicurus schistaceus
 Black-and-orange Flycatcher r Ficedula nigrorufa E;Nt                             White-crowned Forktail r Enicurus leschenaulti
 Verditer Flycatcher R Eumyias thalassina                                          Spotted Forktail r Enicurus maculatus
 Nilgiri Flycatcher r Eumyias albicaudata E;Nt                                     Purple Cochoa r Cochoa purpurea
 Large Niltava r Niltava grandis                                                   Green Cochoa r Cochoa viridis
 Small Niltava r Niltava macgrigoriae                                              Stoliczka’s Bushchat (White-browed Bush Chat) r Saxicola macrorhyncha Vu
 Rufous-bellied Niltava r Niltava sundara                                          Hodgson’s Bushchat (White-throated Bush Chat) w Saxicola insignis Vu
 Vivid Niltava r Niltava vivida                                                    Siberian Stonechat* R Saxicola torquata
 White-tailed Flycatcher r Cyornis concretus                                       White-tailed Stonechat r Saxicola leucura
 White-bellied Blue Flycatcher r Cyornis pallipes E                                Pied Bushchat R Saxicola caprata
 Pale-chinned Flycatcher r Cyornis poliogenys                                      Jerdon’s Bushchat r Saxicola jerdoni
 Pale Blue Flycatcher r Cyornis unicolor                                           Grey Bushchat R Saxicola ferrea
 Blue-throated Flycatcher (Blue-throated Blue Flycatcher) r Cyornis rubeculoides   Hume’s Wheatear r Oenanthe alboniger
 Hill Blue Flycatcher* r Cyornis banyumas                                          Northern Wheatear P Oenanthe oenanthe
 Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher R Cyornis tickelliae                                    Variable Wheatear rw Oenanthe picata
 Pygmy Blue Flycatcher r Muscicapella hodgsoni                                     Pied Wheatear rw Oenanthe pleschanka
 Grey-headed Canary Flycatcher R Culicicapa ceylonensis                            Rufous-tailed Wheatear rw Oenanthe xanthoprymna
 Saxicolini                                                                         Desert Wheatear rw Oenanthe deserti
 European Robin V Erithacus rubecula                                               Isabelline Wheatear rw Oenanthe isabellina
 Common Nightingale ? Luscinia megarhynchos                                        Brown Rock-chat R Cercomela fusca
 Siberian Rubythroat w Luscinia calliope
 White-tailed Rubythroat rW Luscinia pectoralis                                    Starlings, mynas
 Bluethroat sW Luscinia svecica                                                    Family: Sturnidae
 Firethroat V Luscinia pectardens Nt                                               Asian Glossy Starling r Aplonis panayensis
 Indian Blue Robin r Luscinia brunnea                                              Spot-winged Starling r Saroglossa spiloptera
 Siberian Blue Robin V Luscinia cyane                                              Chestnut-tailed Starling R Sturnus malabaricus
 Orange-flanked Bush Robin* (Red-flanked Bluetail) r Tarsiger cyanurus             White-headed Starling r Sturnus erythropygius E
 Golden Bush Robin r Tarsiger chrysaeus                                            Brahminy Starling R Sturnus pagodarum
 White-browed Bush Robin r Tarsiger indicus                                        Purple-backed Starling (Daurian Starling) V Sturnus sturninus
 Rufous-breasted Bush Robin r Tarsiger hyperythrus                                 Chestnut-cheeked Starling* V Sturnus philippensis

Birds of India @                                                                                                     Birds of India @
 White-shouldered Starling ? Sturnus sinensis             Great Tit R Parus major
 Rosy Starling WP Sturnus roseus                          Green-backed Tit R Parus monticolus
 Common Starling wp Sturnus vulgaris                      White-naped Tit r Parus nuchalis E;Vu
 Asian Pied Starling (Pied Myna) R Sturnus contra         Black-lored Tit* (Himalayan Black-lored Tit) r Parus xanthogenys
 Common Myna R Acridotheres tristis                       Yellow-cheeked Tit r Parus spilonotus
 Bank Myna R Acridotheres ginginianus                     Yellow-browed Tit r Sylviparus modestus
 Jungle Myna R Acridotheres fuscus                        Sultan Tit r Melanochlora sultanea
 White-Vented Myna (Great Myna) r Acridotheres cinereus
 Collared Myna r Acridotheres albocinctus                 Family: Aegithalidae
 Golden-crested Myna r Ampeliceps coronatus               White-cheeked Tit (White-cheeked Bushtit) r Aegithalos leucogenys
 Hill Myna (Common Hill Myna) r Gracula religiosa         Black-throated Tit (Black-throated Bushtit) R Aegithalos concinnus
 Southern Hill Myna r Gracula indica                      White-throated Tit (White-throated Bushtit) r Aegithalos niveogularis
                                                           Rufous-fronted Tit (Rufous-fronted Bushtit) r Aegithalos iouschistos
 Nuthatches, wallcreeper
 Family: Sittidae                                          Swallows
 Sittinae                                                  Family: Hirundinidae
 Chestnut-vented Nuthatch r Sitta nagaensis               Pale Martin pr Riparia diluta
 Kashmir Nuthatch r Sitta cashmirensis                    Sand Martin r Riparia riparia
 Chestnut-bellied Nuthatch* R Sitta castanea              Plain Martin* R Riparia paludicola
 White-tailed Nuthatch r Sitta himalayensis               Eurasian Crag Martin r Hirundo rupestris
 White-cheeked Nuthatch r Sitta leucopsis                 Rock Martin V Hirundo fuligula
 Velvet-fronted Nuthatch R Sitta frontalis                Dusky Crag Martin R Hirundo concolor
 Beautiful Nuthatch r Sitta formosa Vu                    Barn Swallow RW Hirundo rustica
 Tichodrominae                                             Pacific Swallow* r Hirundo tahitica
 Wallcreeper rw Tichodroma muraria                        Wire-tailed Swallow R Hirundo smithii
                                                           Red-rumped Swallow RW Hirundo daurica
 Treecreepers, wrens                                       Striated Swallow r Hirundo striolata
 Family: Certhiidae                                        Streak-throated Swallow R Hirundo fluvicola
 Certhiinae                                                Northern House Martin (Common House Martin) rw Delichon urbica
 Certhinii                                                 Asian House Martin r Delichon dasypus
 Eurasian Treecreeper R Certhia familiaris                Nepal House Martin r Delichon nipalensis
 Bar-tailed Treecreeper R Certhia himalayana
 Rusty-flanked Treecreeper r Certhia nipalensis           Goldcrest
 Brown-throated Treecreeper r Certhia discolor            Family: Regulidae
 Salpornithini                                             Goldcrest r Regulus regulus
 Spotted Creeper r Salpornis spilonotus
 Troglodytinae                                             Bulbuls
 Winter Wren r Troglodytes troglodytes                    Family: Pycnonotidae
                                                           Crested Finchbill r Spizixos canifrons
 Tits                                                      Striated Bulbul r Pycnonotus striatus
 Family: Paridae                                           Grey-headed Bulbul r Pycnonotus priocephalus E
 Remizinae                                                 Black-headed Bulbul* r Pycnonotus atriceps
 White-crowned Penduline Tit r Remiz coronatus            Black-crested Bulbul* R Pycnonotus melanicterus
 Fire-capped Tit r Cephalopyrus flammiceps                Red-whiskered Bulbul R Pycnonotus jocosus
 Parinae                                                   White-eared Bulbul R Pycnonotus leucotis
 Rufous-naped Tit r Parus rufonuchalis                    Himalayan Bulbul R Pycnonotus leucogenys
 Rufous-vented Tit r Parus rubidiventris                  Red-vented Bulbul R Pycnonotus cafer
 Spot-winged Tit r Parus melanolophus                     Yellow-throated Bulbul r Pycnonotus xantholaemus E;Vu
 Coal Tit r Parus ater                                    Flavescent Bulbul r Pycnonotus flavescens
 Grey-crested Tit r Parus dichrous                        White-browed Bulbul r Pycnonotus luteolus

Birds of India @                                                                             Birds of India @
 White-throated Bulbul r Alophoixus flaveolus                                   Chinese Bush Warbler V Bradypterus tacsanowskius
 Olive Bulbul r Iole virescens                                                  Brown Bush Warbler r Bradypterus luteoventris
 Yellow-browed Bulbul r Iole indica                                             Russet Bush Warbler V Bradypterus seebohmi
 Ashy Bulbul r Hemixos flavala                                                  Lanceolated Warbler w Locustella lanceolata
 Mountain Bulbul r Hypsipetes mcclellandii                                      Grasshopper Warbler (Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler) w Locustella naevia
 Black Bulbul* R Hypsipetes leucocephalus                                       Rusty-rumped Warbler w Locustella certhiola
 Nicobar Bulbul r Hypsipetes nicobariensis E;Vu                                 Moustached Warbler rw Acrocephalus melanopogon
                                                                                 Sedge Warbler ? Acrocephalus schoenobaenus
 Hypocolius                                                                      Black-browed Reed Warbler w Acrocephalus bistrigiceps
 Family Hypocoliidae                                                             Paddyfield Warbler w Acrocephalus agricola
 Grey Hypocolius (Hypocolius) w Hypocolius ampelinus                            Large-billed Reed Warbler r Acrocephalus orinus
                                                                                 Blunt-winged Warbler r Acrocephalus concinens
 Prinias                                                                         Blyth’s Reed Warbler W Acrocephalus dumetorum
 Family: Cisticolidae                                                            Great Reed Warbler w Acrocephalus arundinaceus
 Zitting Cisticola R Cisticola juncidis                                         Oriental Reed Warbler w Acrocephalus orientalis
 Bright-headed Cisticola (Golden-headed Cisticola) r Cisticola exilis           Clamorous Reed Warbler* R Acrocephalus stentoreus
 Rufous-vented Prinia* r Prinia burnesii Nt                                     Thick-billed Warbler w Acrocephalus aedon
 Striated Prinia R Prinia criniger                                              Booted Warbler rw Hippolais caligata
 Hill Prinia* r Prinia atrogularis                                              Sykes’s Warbler Hippolais rama
 Grey-crowned Prinia r Prinia cinereocapilla Vu                                 Mountain Tailorbird r Orthotomus cuculatus
 Rufous-fronted Prinia R Prinia buchanani                                       Common Tailorbird R Orthotomus sutorius
 Rufescent Prinia r Prinia rufescens                                            Dark-necked Tailorbird r Orthotomus atrogularis
 Grey-breasted Prinia R Prinia hodgsonii                                        White-browed Tit Warbler r Leptopoecile sophiae
 Graceful Prinia R Prinia gracilis                                              Common Chiffchaff sW Phylloscopus collybita
 Jungle Prinia R Prinia sylvatica                                               Mountain Chiffchaff Rw Phylloscopus sindianus
 Yellow-bellied Prinia R Prinia flaviventris                                    Plain Leaf Warbler w Phylloscopus neglectus
 Ashy Prinia R Prinia socialis                                                  Dusky Warbler w Phylloscopus fuscatus
 Plain Prinia R Prinia inornata                                                 Smoky Warbler sw Phylloscopus fuligiventer
                                                                                 Tickell’s Leaf Warbler sW Phylloscopus affinis
 White-eyes                                                                      Buff-throated Warbler V Phylloscopus subaffinis
 Family: Zosteropidae                                                            Sulphur-bellied Warbler sw Phylloscopus griseolus
 Oriental White-eye R Zosterops palpebrosus                                     Radde’s Warbler ? Phylloscopus schwarzi
                                                                                 Buff-barred Warbler r Phylloscopus pulcher
 Warblers                                                                        Ashy-throated Warbler r Phylloscopus maculipennis
 Family: Sylviidae                                                               Lemon-rumped Warbler rW Phylloscopus chloronotus
 Acrocephalinae                                                                  Chinese Leaf Warbler Phylloscopus sichuanensis
 Chestnut-headed Tesia r Tesia castaneocoronata                                 Brooks’s Leaf Warbler w Phylloscopus subviridis
 Slaty-bellied Tesia r Tesia olivea                                             Yellow-browed Warbler rW Phylloscopus inornatus
 Grey-bellied Tesia r Tesia cyaniventer                                         Hume’s Warbler (Hume's Leaf Warbler) W Phylloscopus humei
 Pale-footed Bush Warbler* r Cettia pallidipes                                  Arctic Warbler V Phylloscopus borealis
 Japanese Bush Warbler V Cettia diphone                                         Greenish Warbler* rW Phylloscopus trochiloides
 Brownish-flanked Bush Warbler (Brown-flanked Bush Warbler) r Cettia fortipes   Pale-legged Leaf Warbler V Phylloscopus tenellipes
 Chestnut-crowned Bush Warbler r Cettia major                                   Large-billed Leaf Warbler rw Phylloscopus magnirostris
 Aberrant Bush Warbler r Cettia flavolivacea                                    Tytler’s Leaf Warbler r Phylloscopus tytleri Nt
 Yellowish-bellied Bush Warbler (Yellow-bellied Bush Warbler) r Cettia          Western Crowned Warbler r Phylloscopus occipitalis
 acanthizoides                                                                   Eastern Crowned Warbler w Phylloscopus coronatus
 Grey-sided Bush Warbler r Cettia brunnifrons                                   Blyth’s Leaf Warbler r Phylloscopus reguloides
 Cetti’s Bush Warbler (Cetti's Warbler) w Cettia cetti                          Yellow-vented Warbler r Phylloscopus cantator
 Spotted Bush Warbler r Bradypterus thoracicus                                  Golden-spectacled Warbler* (Green-crowned Warbler) R Seicercus burkii
 Long-billed Bush Warbler N r Bradypterus major Nt                              Grey-hooded Warbler R Seicercus xanthoschistos

Birds of India @                                                                                               Birds of India @
 White-spectacled Warbler r Seicercus affinis                                   Spot-throated Babbler r Pellorneum albiventre
 Whistler's Warbler r Seicercus whistleri                                       Marsh Babbler r Pellorneum palustre E;Vu
 Grey-cheeked Warbler r Seicercus poliogenys                                    Puff-throated Babbler R Pellorneum ruficeps
 Chestnut-crowned Warbler r Seicercus castaniceps                               Large Scimitar Babbler r Pomatorhinus hypoleucos
 Broad-billed Warbler r Tickellia hodgsoni                                      Spot-breasted Scimitar Babbler* r Pomatorhinus erythrocnemis
 Rufous-faced Warbler r Abroscopus albogularis                                  Rusty-cheeked Scimitar Babbler r Pomatorhinus erythrogenys
 Black-faced Warbler r Abroscopus schisticeps                                   White-browed Scimitar Babbler r Pomatorhinus schisticeps
 Yellow-bellied Warbler r Abroscopus superciliaris                              Indian Scimitar Babbler r Pomatorhinus horsfieldii
 Megalurinae                                                                     Streak-breasted Scimitar Babbler r Pomatorhinus ruficollis
 Striated Grassbird R Megalurus palustris                                       Red-billed Scimitar Babbler r Pomatorhinus ochraciceps
 Bristled Grassbird r Chaetornis striatus Vu                                    Coral-billed Scimitar Babbler r Pomatorhinus ferruginosus
 Rufous-rumped Grassbird r Graminicola bengalensis Nt                           Slender-billed Scimitar Babbler r Xiphirhynchus superciliaris
 Broad-tailed Grassbird r Schoenicola platyura E;Vu                             Long-billed Wren Babbler r Rimator malacoptilus
 Laughingthrushes                                                                Streaked Wren Babbler r Napothera brevicaudata
 Garrulacinae                                                                    Eyebrowed Wren Babbler r Napothera epilepidota
 White-throated Laughingthrush R Garrulax albogularis                           Scaly-breasted Wren Babbler r Pnoepyga albiventer
 White-crested Laughingthrush R Garrulax leucolophus                            Nepal Wren Babbler r Pnoepyga immaculata
 Lesser Necklaced Laughingthrush r Garrulax monileger                           Pygmy Wren Babbler r Pnoepyga pusilla
 Greater Necklaced Laughingthrush r Garrulax pectoralis                         Rufous-throated Wren Babbler r Spelaeornis caudatus Nt
 Striated Laughingthrush r Garrulax striatus                                    Rusty-throated Wren Babbler r Spelaeornis badeigularis Vu
 Rufous-necked Laughingthrush r Garrulax ruficollis                             Bar-winged Wren Babbler r Spelaeornis troglodytoides
 Chesnut-backed Laughingthrush r Garrulax nuchalis Nt                           Spotted Wren Babbler r Spelaeornis formosus
 Yellow-throated Laughingthrush r Garrulax galbanus                             Long-tailed Wren Babbler* r Spelaeornis chocolatinus Nt
 Wynaad Laughingthrush r Garrulax delesserti E                                  Tawny-breasted Wren Babbler r Spelaeornis longicaudatus E;Vu
 Rufous-vented Laughingthrush r Garrulax gularis                                Wedge-billed Wren Babbler* r Sphenocichla humei Nt
 Moustached Laughingthrush r Garrulax cineraceus                                Rufous-fronted Babbler r Stachyris rufifrons
 Rufous-chinned Laughingthrush r Garrulax rufogularis                           Rufous-capped Babbler r Stachyris ruficeps
 Spotted Laughingthrush r Garrulax ocellatus                                    Black-chinned Babbler R Stachyris pyrrhops
 Grey-sided Laughingthrush r Garrulax caerulatus                                Golden Babbler r Stachyris chrysaea
 Spot-breasted Laughingthrush r Garrulax merulinus                              Grey-throated Babbler r Stachyris nigriceps
 White-browed Laughingthrush r Garrulax sannio                                  Snowy-throated Babbler r Stachyris oglei Vu
 Nilgiri Laughingthrush r Garrulax cachinnans E;En                              Tawny-bellied Babbler R Dumetia hyperythra
 Grey-breasted Laughingthrush (Kerala Laughingthrush) r Garrulax jerdoni E;Nt   Dark-fronted Babbler r Rhopocichla atriceps
 Streaked Laughingthrush* R Garrulax lineatus                                   Striped Tit Babbler (Pin-striped Tit-Babbler) R Macronous gularis
 Striped Laughingthrush r Garrulax virgatus                                     Chestnut-capped Babbler R Timalia pileata
 Brown-capped Laughingthrush r Garrulax austeni                                 Yellow-eyed Babbler R Chrysomma sinense
 Blue-winged Laughingthrush r Garrulax squamatus                                Jerdon’s Babbler r Chrysomma altirostre Vu
 Scaly Laughingthrush r Garrulax subunicolor                                    Common Babbler R Turdoides caudatus
 Elliot’s Laughingthrush ? Garrulax elliotii                                    Striated Babbler R Turdoides earlei
 Variegated Laughingthrush r Garrulax variegatus                                Slender-billed Babbler r Turdoides longirostris Vu
 Brown-cheeked Laughingthrush ? Garrulax henrici                                Large Grey Babbler R Turdoides malcolmi E
 Black-faced Laughingthrush r Garrulax affinis                                  Rufous Babbler r Turdoides subrufus E
 Chestnut-crowned Laughingthrush* r Garrulax erythrocephalus                    Jungle Babbler R Turdoides striatus
 Red-faced Liocichla r Liocichla phoenicea                                      Yellow-billed Babbler R Turdoides affinis
 Bugun Liocichla r Liocichla bugunorum E;Vu                                     Chinese Babax* V Babax lanceolatus
 Babblers                                                                        Giant Babax ? Babax waddelli Nt
 Sylviinae                                                                       Silver-eared Mesia (Silver-eared Leiothrix) r Leiothrix argentauris
 Timaliini                                                                       Red-billed Leiothrix r Leiothrix lutea
 Abbott’s Babbler r Malacocincla abbotti                                        Cutia (Himalayan Cutia) r Cutia nipalensis
 Buff-breasted Babbler r Pellorneum tickelli                                    Black-headed Shrike Babbler r Pteruthius rufiventer

Birds of India @                                                                                                   Birds of India @
 White-browed Shrike Babbler r Pteruthius flaviscapis               Eastern Desert Warbler (Asian Desert Warbler) w Sylvia nana
 Green Shrike Babbler r Pteruthius xanthochlorus                    Barred Warbler V Sylvia nisoria
 Black-eared Shrike Babbler r Pteruthius melanotis                  Eastern Orphean Warbler rW Sylvia crassirostris
 Chestnut-fronted Shrike Babbler r Pteruthius aenobarbus
 White-hooded Babbler r Gampsorhynchus rufulus                      Larks
 Rusty-fronted Barwing r Actinodura egertoni                        Family: Alaudidae
 Hoary-throated Barwing r Actinodura nipalensis                     Singing Bushlark r Mirafra cantillans
 Streak-throated Barwing r Actinodura waldeni                       Indian Bushlark R Mirafra erythroptera
 Blue-winged Minla r Minla cyanouroptera                            Bengal Bushlark R Mirafra assamica
 Chestnut-tailed Minla r Minla strigula                             Rufous-winged Bushlark R Mirafra affinis
 Red-tailed Minla r Minla ignotincta                                Black-crowned Sparrow Lark r Eremopterix nigriceps
 Golden-breasted Fulvetta r Alcippe chrysotis                       Ashy-crowned Sparrow Lark R Eremopterix grisea
 Yellow-throated Fulvetta r Alcippe cinerea                         Rufous-tailed Lark R Ammomanes phoenicurus
 Rufous-winged Fulvetta r Alcippe castaneceps                       Desert Lark r Ammomanes deserti
 White-browed Fulvetta r Alcippe vinipectus                         Greater Hoopoe Lark r Alaemon alaudipes
 Streak-throated Fulvetta* r Alcippe cinereiceps                    Bimaculated Lark w Melanocorypha bimaculata
 Brown-throated Fulvetta r Alcippe ludlowi                          Tibetan Lark r Melanocorypha maxima
 Rufous-throated Fulvetta r Alcippe rufogularis                     Greater Short-toed Lark W Calandrella brachydactyla
 Rusty-capped Fulvetta r Alcippe dubia                              Hume’s Short-toed Lark rw Calandrella acutirostris
 Brown-cheeked Fulvetta R Alcippe poioicephala                      Lesser Short-toed Lark W Calandrella rufescens
 Nepal Fulvetta r Alcippe nipalensis                                Asian Short-toed Lark V Calandrella cheleensis
 Rufous-backed Sibia r Heterophasia annectans                       Sand Lark R Calandrella raytal
 Rufous Sibia R Heterophasia capistrata                             Crested Lark R Galerida cristata
 Grey Sibia r Heterophasia gracilis                                 Malabar Lark r Galerida malabarica E
 Beautiful Sibia r Heterophasia pulchella                           Sykes’s Lark r Galerida deva E
 Long-tailed Sibia r Heterophasia picaoides                         Eurasian Skylark w Alauda arvensis
 Striated Yuhina r Yuhina castaniceps                               Oriental Skylark R Alauda gulgula
 White-naped Yuhina r Yuhina bakeri                                 Horned Lark r Eremophila alpestris
 Whiskered Yuhina R Yuhina flavicollis
 Stripe-throated Yuhina R Yuhina gularis                            Flowerpeckers, sunbirds
 Rufous-vented Yuhina r Yuhina occipitalis                          Family: Nectariniidae
 Black-chinned Yuhina R Yuhina nigrimenta                           Nectariniinae
 White-bellied Yuhina r Yuhina zantholeuca                          Dicaeini
 Fire-tailed Myzornis r Myzornis pyrrhoura                          Thick-billed Flowerpecker R Dicaeum agile
 Great Parrotbill r Conostoma oemodium                              Yellow-vented Flowerpecker r Dicaeum chrysorrheum
 Brown Parrotbill r Paradoxornis unicolor                           Yellow-bellied Flowerpecker r Dicaeum melanoxanthum
 Grey-headed Parrotbill r Paradoxornis gularis                      Orange-bellied Flowerpecker r Dicaeum trigonostigma
 Black-breasted Parrotbill r Paradoxornis flavirostris Vu           Pale-billed Flowerpecker R Dicaeum erythrorhynchos
 Spot-breasted Parrotbill r Paradoxornis guttaticollis              Plain Flowerpecker* r Dicaeum concolor
 Fulvous Parrotbill r Paradoxornis fulvifrons                       Fire-breasted Flowerpecker r Dicaeum ignipectus
 Black-throated Parrotbill r Paradoxornis nipalensis                Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker r Dicaeum cruentatum
 Lesser Rufous-headed Parrotbill r Paradoxornis atrosuperciliaris   Nectariniini
 Greater Rufous-headed Parrotbill r Paradoxornis ruficeps           Ruby-cheeked Sunbird r Anthreptes singalensis
 Whitethroats                                                        Purple-rumped Sunbird R Nectarinia zeylonica
 Sylviini                                                            Crimson-backed Sunbird r Nectarinia minima E
 Garden Warbler ? Sylvia borin                                      Purple-throated Sunbird (Van Hasselt's Sunbird) r Nectarinia sperata
 Greater Whitethroat (Common Whitethroat) p Sylvia communis         Olive-backed Sunbird r Nectarinia jugularis
 Lesser Whitethroat W Sylvia curruca blythi                         Purple Sunbird R Nectarinia asiatica
 Hume’s Lesser Whitethroat (Hume's Whitethroat) W Sylvia althaea    Loten’s Sunbird R Nectarinia lotenia
 Small Whitethroat (Desert Whitethroat) w Sylvia minula             Mrs Gould’s Sunbird r Aethopyga gouldiae

Birds of India @                                                                                     Birds of India @
 Green-tailed Sunbird r Aethopyga nipalensis                                      Maroon-backed Accentor r Prunella immaculata
 Black-throated Sunbird r Aethopyga saturata                                      Ploceinae
 Crimson Sunbird* R Aethopyga siparaja                                            Black-breasted Weaver R Ploceus benghalensis
 Fire-tailed Sunbird r Aethopyga ignicauda                                        Streaked Weaver R Ploceus manyar
 Little Spiderhunter r Arachnothera longirostra                                   Baya Weaver R Ploceus philippinus
 Streaked Spiderhunter r Arachnothera magna                                       Finn’s Weaver r Ploceus megarhynchus Vu
 Sparrows                                                                          Red Avadavat R Amandava amandava
 Family:Passeridae                                                                 Green Avadavat V r Amandava formosa E;Vu
 Passerinae                                                                        Indian Silverbill R Lonchura malabarica
 House Sparrow R Passer domesticus                                                White-rumped Munia R Lonchura striata
 Spanish Sparrow w Passer hispaniolensis                                          Black-throated Munia r Lonchura kelaarti
 Sind Sparrow (Jungle Sparrow) r Passer pyrrhonotus                               Scaly-breasted Munia R Lonchura punctulata
 Russet Sparrow R Passer rutilans                                                 Black-headed Munia* R Lonchura malacca
 Eurasian Tree Sparrow R Passer montanus                                          Java Sparrow Ir Lonchura oryzivora
 Chestnut-shouldered Petronia (Yellow-throated Sparrow) R Petronia xanthocollis
 Rock Sparrow w Petronia petronia                                                 Finches, buntings
 Tibetan Snowfinch r Montifringilla adamsi                                        Family: Fringillidae
 White-rumped Snowfinch r Pyrgilauda taczanowskii                                 Fringillinae
 Rufous-necked Snowfinch w Pyrgilauda ruficollis                                  Fringillini
 Plain-backed Snowfinch w Pyrgilauda blanfordi                                    Chaffinch (Common Chaffinch) V Fringilla coelebs
 Wagtails, pipits                                                                  Brambling V Fringilla montifringilla
 Motacillinae                                                                      Carduelini
 Forest Wagtail rW Dendronanthus indicus                                          Fire-fronted Serin (Red-fronted Serin) R Serinus pusillus
 White Wagtail rW Motacilla alba                                                  Yellow-breasted Greenfinch R Carduelis spinoides
 White-browed Wagtail R Motacilla maderaspatensis                                 Black-headed Greenfinch V Carduelis ambigua
 Citrine Wagtail rW Motacilla citreola citreola                                   Eurasian Siskin V Carduelis spinus
 Yellow Wagtail (Western Yellow Wagtail) W Motacilla flava                        Tibetan Siskin (Tibetan Serin) r Carduelis thibetana
 Grey Wagtail rW Motacilla cinerea                                                European Goldfinch r Carduelis carduelis caniceps
 Richard’s Pipit W Anthus richardi                                                Twite r Carduelis flavirostris
 Paddyfield Pipit R Anthus rufulus                                                Eurasian Linnet (Common Linnet) W Carduelis cannabina
 Tawny Pipit W Anthus campestris                                                  Plain Mountain Finch r Leucosticte nemoricola
 Blyth’s Pipit w Anthus godlewskii                                                Brandt’s Mountain Finch r Leucosticte brandti
 Long-billed Pipit Rw Anthus similis                                              Spectacled Finch r Callacanthis burtoni
 Tree Pipit rW Anthus trivialis                                                   Trumpeter Finch w Bucanetes githagineus
 Olive-backed Pipit RW Anthus hodgsoni                                            Mongolian Finch w Bucanetes mongolicus
 Red-throated Pipit p Anthus cervinus                                             Blanford’s Rosefinch r Carpodacus rubescens
 Rosy Pipit r Anthus roseatus                                                     Dark-breasted Rosefinch r Carpodacus nipalensis
 Water Pipit w Anthus spinoletta                                                  Common Rosefinch rW Carpodacus erythrinus
 Buff-bellied Pipit w Anthus rubescens                                            Beautiful Rosefinch (Himalayan Beautiful Rosefinch) r Carpodacus pulcherrimus
 Upland Pipit r Anthus sylvanus                                                   Pink-browed Rosefinch r Carpodacus rodochrous
 Nilgiri Pipit r Anthus nilghiriensis E;Nt                                        Vinaceous Rosefinch r Carpodacus vinaceus
 Accentors, weavers, munias                                                        Dark-rumped Rosefinch r Carpodacus edwardsii
 Prunellinae                                                                       Three-banded Rosefinch V Carpodacus trifasciatus
 Alpine Accentor r Prunella collaris                                              Spot-winged Rosefinch r Carpodacus rodopeplus
 Altai Accentor w Prunella himalayana                                             White-browed Rosefinch (Himalayan White-browed Rosefinch) r Carpodacus
 Robin Accentor R Prunella rubeculoides                                           thura
 Rufous-breasted Accentor r Prunella strophiata                                   Red-mantled Rosefinch r Carpodacus rhodochlamys
 Brown Accentor r Prunella fulvescens                                             Streaked Rosefinch r Carpodacus rubicilloides
 Black-throated Accentor w Prunella atrogularis                                   Great Rosefinch* r Carpodacus rubicilla

Birds of India @                                                                                                  Birds of India @
 Red-fronted Rosefinch r Carpodacus puniceus
 Crimson-browed Finch r Propyrrhula subhimachala
 Scarlet Finch r Haematospiza sipahi
 Red Crossbill r Loxia curvirostra
 Brown Bullfinch r Pyrrhula nipalensis
 Orange Bullfinch r Pyrrhula aurantiaca
 Red-headed Bullfinch r Pyrrhula erythrocephala
 Grey-headed Bullfinch r Pyrrhula erythaca
 Hawfinch w Coccothraustes coccothraustes
 Japanese Grosbeak ? Eophona personata
 Black-and-yellow Grosbeak r Mycerobas icterioides
 Collared Grosbeak r Mycerobas affinis
 Spot-winged Grosbeak r Mycerobas melanozanthos
 White-winged Grosbeak r Mycerobas carnipes
 Gold-naped Finch r Pyrrhoplectes epauletta
 Crested Bunting R Melophus lathami
 Yellowhammer W Emberiza citrinella
 Pine Bunting w Emberiza leucocephalos
 Rock Bunting R Emberiza cia
 Godlewski’s Bunting ? Emberiza godlewskii
 Grey-necked Bunting W Emberiza buchanani
 Ortolan Bunting V Emberiza hortulana
 White-capped Bunting rw Emberiza stewarti
 House Bunting (Striolated Bunting) r Emberiza striolata
 Chestnut-eared Bunting rw Emberiza fucata
 Little Bunting w Emberiza pusilla
 Rustic Bunting ? Emberiza rustica
 Yellow-breasted Bunting w Emberiza aureola Vu
 Chestnut Bunting w Emberiza rutila
 Black-headed Bunting w Emberiza melanocephala
 Red-headed Bunting w Emberiza bruniceps
 Black-faced Bunting w Emberiza spodocephala
 Reed Bunting (Common Reed Bunting) rw Emberiza schoeniclus
 Corn Bunting V Miliaria calandra

Birds of India @                              Birds of India @

Birds of India @   Birds of India @

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