Taylor Swift Autographed Guitar Auction

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					 PMH PAC Auction
 Taylor Swift Autographed Guitar Auction
                                                                                       Taylor Swift,
                                                                                       country music
                                                                                       singer and song-
                                                                      Voted Top New Country Mu-
                                                                      sic Singer in 2008 at the Country
                                                                      Music Awards.
                                                   when: 9:00pm - Mar. 17, 2009 during the 60th
                                                 Anniversary Dinner
                                                  bidding - This will be a live auction with sealed bids
                                              announced after all live bids have been announced.
                                            Sealed bids will then be opened and announced to the
                                           audience. Guitar will go to highest bidder. Bidder does not
                                          have to be present to win. Minimum bid - $250.
                                      sealed bids - Sealed bids must be received by the Association by
                                   4:30pm on Friday, Mar. 13, 2009. Bids may be mailed (allowing 3-
                                4 days minumum for mail), faxed (717-774-5596) or called in (888-242-
                             7642). All sealed bids must be accompanied by a check or credit card
                         information in order to be valid.
                     Non-winning sealed bids will have credit card information or checks destroyed or
               returned to the bidder as requested.

                  Taylor Swift Autographed Guitar Sealed Bid
The individual named below bids ____________________for the Taylor Swift Autographed Guitar.
Sealed bids will be opened after the live auction on Mar. 17, 2009. All bids must be received by Mar. 13, 2009.
All bids must be accompanied by a check or credit card as payment.
ADDRESS _______________________________________________________________________________
CITY/STATE/ZIP __________________________________________________________________________
PHONE_________________________________ E-MAIL ________________________________________
c Visa or c MasterCard payment available c Check (Payable to PMH PAC)
Credit Card Number cccc-cccc-cccc-cccc
Expiration Date   cc/cc 3-digit code on back of card ccc
Signature required__________________________________________________________________________________
Name on Card (please print)_________________________________________________________________________
Card holder phone number __________________________________________________________________________
          return to: PMHA • 315 Limekiln Rd •PO Box 248. • New Cumberland, PA 17070
                                 Phone: 888-242-7642 • Fax: 717-774-5596