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PR Log - Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed 2010 Soul by xwj18813


									PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

                       Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed 2010 Soul Mates of the Year

       By Craig Corbel
       Dated: May 31, 2010

       Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed have been awarded the 2010 Soul Mate of the Year award by Jordan
       Canon, International Spiritual Advisor, on his website

       Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed not only share a love relationship but share a spiritual relationship as
       well. The spiritual oneness that the two of them have is not a common find among couples today. After
       being together for over 20 years and having two children together, they still have a strong dedication and
       commitment to each other.

        "More than 65% of the people that visit are coming to either find
       their soul mate or improve their relationship to create something rewarding." Says Canon. "Gene and
       Shannon are a perfect example of how soul mates learn to communicate and interact with each other. Their
       TV Show, Family Jewels, is a wonderful opportunity, and educational example to see just how a soul mate
       relationship can work.

        No relationship is without its problems, but the key to any relationship is what Gene and Shannon have
       together. They appreciate each other, are supportive of each other’s goals and know what the other one
       needs. When you watch Gene Simmons Family Jewels you can see the good that comes out of two soul
       mates finding each other, having a family and building a life together.

        "Most people come our website thinking soul mates are about the energy of finding or seeking." Says
       Canon. "In fact, a true soul mate is one who looks within and perfects their own soul. You can only evolve
       through relationships, and soul mate relationships are better defined as what you can contribute instead of
       what you can get. That is what makes Gene and Shannon's relationship so special."

        Jordan Canon of the Free Spiritual Guidance website uses a technique called spiritual astrology as a means
       of communicating with your soul. Spiritual readings are free and quite detailed. You can read a sample
       relationship compatibility reading on the website, as well as learn more about the 2010 Soul Mates of the
       Year award by visiting

        Jordan Canon offers free spiritual guidance, advice and counseling. His website is educational, fun, and a
       charitable service. He provides help to people all over the world to overcome personal challenges and
       achieve the future they wish to experience.


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