FEBRUARY 2010
               The Pacific Bluegrass and Heritage Society meet every Monday
               night at the Anza Club which is located at:

               3 West 8th Avenue Vancouver, BC
               (corner of 8th Avenue and Ontario St.)

               Cost is: $4/members and $6/non-members (regular jam nights)
               $6/members and $8/non-members (slow pitch jam nights)

               STAGE AT THE ANZA ON
                  JANUARY 25, 2010
CONTACTS                                       President’s Message - by Mike Castle
PBHS Mailing Address:
PO Box 95087                                   I just got back from a fabulous concert by the Haints, put on by
370 East Broadway                              the Rogue Folk Club. Erynn Marshall played one of my
Vancouver, BC                                  favourites, Queen of the Earth, Child of the Sky.
V5T 1W0

PBHS Website:
                                               At the Carnegie Community Centre, another PBHS event will be
www.pacificbluegrass.ca                        happening on February 3rd starting at 7:00 pm. In December,
                                               the PBHS donated 2 APEX 185 microphones to Carnegie Centre.
                                               All of this was organised by John Ludgate. Thanks John!
DIRECTORS                                      Just a reminder that due to the Olympics, there will be no concerts
                                               in February, but jamming will continue as usual. Look forward to
                                               getting back to normal in March, with The Lost and Found
Mike Castle
604-980-9464                                   concert on Sunday March 7th at the St. James Hall.

Vice President:                                The Old Time jam is still a work in progress. The Anza Club has
Fran Schiffner                                 no regular availability for another night but the Old Time Jam
                                               leaders want to establish a regular night for these jams so they are
                                               looking into alternative venues.
Peter Krivel-Zacks                             We plan to move the AGM date to April or May, so that a new
pkz@shaw.ca                                    Board is in place before the summer. This will give them some
                                               lead time to organize the Fall program. The new AGM date will
Secretary & Open Stage:                        be set at the next board meeting. . . . . . . . Happy jamming!
Dave Zaruba

Jeremy Freeman               UPCOMING PBHS EVENTS........
botulizer@hotmail.com        Note all jams start @ 7:30pm/Concerts doors open @ 7:30pm show @ 8:00pm

Workshops:                   Monday February 1, 2010 (Anza)   Slow Pitch Jam with Sue Malcolm and Friends
Linda Parke                  Wednesday February 3, 2010       PBHS night at the Carnegie (come show your
linda_parke@hotmail.com                                       support!)
604-250-9082                 Monday February 8, 2010 (Anza) Regular Jam night
Bluegrass Beacon Editor:     Monday February 15, 2010 (Anza) Regular Jam night
Leah Clark                   Monday February 22, 2010 (Anza) Regular Jam night
leahclark1@hotmail.com       Monday March 1, 2010 (Anza)      Slow Pitch Jam with Sue Malcolm and Friends
604-313-9570                 Sunday March 7, 2010 (St. James) Lost and Found Concert
Volunteer Coordinator:
Rick Ford                    EVENTS AROUND TOWN AND MORE.......
fordrik@telus.net            (Go to the Rogue Folk Club Website for more details www.roguefolk.bc.ca )
                             Saturday February 6, 2010 (St. James)       Contra Dance with The Sybarites
Member At Large:
Georgia Thorburn
                             Due to the Olympics no concerts have been planned by the PBHS or the
Volunteer Positions          Rogue Folk club for the month of February but do be sure to check
Concert Bookings:            around town for other musical happenings that are out there!! And do be
Fred Schiffner               sure to pass on the information to your bluegrass friends if you find
fschiffner@dccnet.com        something of interest!
             PBHS at Carnegie Community Centre
                                              -Submitted By John Ludgate
For a number of years now PBHS members have volunteered to put on shows for the folks at the Carnegie
Community Centre. The centre is located in one of the roughest corners in all of Canada, and is somewhat of a
haven for those who gather there to recreate, eat meals, play cards or music, study, or read in the library. It is the hub
for many of the services designed to improve to the lives of residents of the downtown east side. The Carnegie also
has a large performance room, and is blessed with a good sound system and with Mark, a particularly capable and co-
operative soundman. This room has concerts ranging through opera, folk, country, classical, and jazz; but of course
the most favourite of all are the bluegrass shows put on by PBHS.

Our shows are popular for a variety of reasons. From the polished pros to the nervous newbies, we offer a variety of
performers that seem to satisfy the taste of all in the audience. And the music, as bluegrass is wont to do, it seems to
cheer them up, even if the lyrics are sad. The tunes range for traditional bluegrass to those with a folk or country
flavour – something for everyone.

How do we know the audience loves us? Sometimes they show it by dancing in the aisle, or singing along, or by
applause. And sometimes Rick Lavalle or others from the Carnegie community join us on stage. Occasionally there
have been times when I have wondered if anyone was “home” based on an apparently blank response, only to hear
later in conversations how a certain tune spoke to them or told their story. You never know when you make a
connection. At the very least, they are happier at the end of the show than before it started. As one woman recently
reported ‘I came down here really depressed, and now I feel so good.”

These shows also give PBHS members a chance to do what they love. And the range of performance is healthy,
allowing veteran performers a chance to work out new tunes, or to simply perform in front of an enthusiastic
audience, and it also allows those of us who are newer to this game a chance to have a go in front of a forgiving and
receptive audience. Another feature that is particularly pleasing to watch is the generous talent swapping that goes
on, when members of one band happily join in with another or back up a solo performer. I don’t know if that is
unique to bluegrass, but it sure seems to work.

Just prior to Christmas PBHS donated two microphones to the Carnegie centre, which added to what they had, now
allowing them to feature all the instruments in the band. Mark was particularly pleased because he could now
properly add the bass to the mix. The microphones cost a total of $184.80 and not only enhance the bluegrass
shows, but are useful in a variety of events that occur at the centre and this is in keeping with the PBHS purpose
number 7, “-- to undertake charitable endeavours ---“, and I thank the board for approving this.

So a big THANK YOU to all who take part in the Carnegie shows, and an extra thanks to High Rise Lonesome for
giving up their Christmas Eve in order to perform there. I encourage those who have never been down to watch to
come along. At times getting up the stairs can be a bit unsettling, but once you’re through the doors it is quite
comfortable and always interesting. Our next show is 7pm, Wednesday Feb 3. Likely the next after that will be in
April or May. See you there.
                        COMING TO THE ST. JAMES HALL
          LOCATED AT: 3214 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver (Corner of 10th & Trutch)
                         PBHS IS PROUD TO PRESENT
                       SUNDAY MARCH 7 TH , 2010
                               CONCERT AT 8:00PM/DOORS AT 7:00PM
                               $25 MEMBERS/$30 FOR NON-MEMBERS

                                                     Lost and Found was Formed in 1973, the original line-up of the
                                                     Lost & Found bluegrass band consisted of bass player Allen
                                                     Mills, banjo player Gene Parker, mandolin player Dempsey
                                                     Young and guitarist Roger Handy. The band became quite
                                                     popular playing bluegrass festivals, with Mills' exceptional
                                                     song-writing contributing much to the group's fame; "Love of
                                                     the Mountains," recorded by the original line-up, has become a
                                                     contemporary bluegrass standard. In addition to contemporary
                                                     songs, the band also recorded more traditional fare, such as
                                                     "The Man Who Wrote 'Home Sweet Home' Never Was a
                                                     Married Man." Most of their albums feature similar material,
                                                     and the band continues to be a strong positive force in
                                                     contemporary bluegrass music. The band first recorded for
                                                     Outlet Records in 1975, then achieved wider fame after it
                                                     signed with Roanoke's Rebel Records in 1982. By the mid-
                                                     '90s, only Allen Mills and Dempsey Young had stayed,
                                                     recruiting guitarist Berry Berrier and banjo player Lynwood
                                                     Lunsford as replacements. Throughout the years Lost and
                                                     Found has had many talented member of the band, including
                                                     Ronnie Bowman, Shane Bartley, Greg Luck, Jody King, Ben
                                                     Green along with others. As of today, the band is made up by
                                                     Allen Mills on bass, Scottie Sparks on Guitar, Ronald Smith on
                                                     banjo and newest member Scot Napier on Mandolin replacing
                                                     the legendary Dempsey Young who passed away December
                                                     10, 2006. – Taken From Lost and Foundsʼ Website

The     Foghorn                          Trio
-submitted by Jeremy Freeman

On Jan. 9th, I attended The Foghorn Trio show at
the St. James Hall. The show was great and very
energetic. The show opened with Anne Louise
Genest backed by Nadine Landry on bass and
Sammy Lind on fiddle. It was a very good set.

After a brief intermission, The Foghorn Trio
came on and played a very strong set of oldtime
and bluegrass songs. The playing and the singing
were great. They put a lot of variety in the songs
by switching between the mandolin and guitar, and    CALEB KLAUDER, NADINE LANDRY AND SAMMY LIND
the fiddle and the banjo.                            AT THE FOGHORN TRIO/ANNE LOUISE GENEST
                                                     CONCERT IN JANUARY 2010 (PHOTO BY JEREMY
I would advise anyone who missed this show to
make sure to see them the next time they come
through town!

  “Rolling” Along – by Rick Ford
  Six months before retirement, three years ago, I went to the Vancouver Folk Music Festival and was suddenly
  hit by the desire to learn to plan the banjo. I had had very little music in my life during my whole working life
  and except for a couple of years of piano as a kid, I had never played music, and certainly not a stringed

  Within a month I had rented a banjo and began teaching myself to play from books. Within another couple of
  months I had bought my first banjo and at the end of my first year, I had my first week at Sorrento. I didn’t
  know what bluegrass was and I didn’t know any chords. I had learned a few tunes by sight reading tab but
  couldn’t do any back-up.

  That week at Sorrento was the best thing I ever did. I just loved it. When I got back to Vancouver, I started
  taking lessons and going to Slow-Pitch once a month. I had no idea that there was this whole bluegrass world
  out there and the Anza was only 10 blocks from my house. I started practicing at least one hour a day, 6 days a
  week. It was slow going but suddenly it was Sorrento time again and this time I was on stage for the first time
  with my class. After that week, I started going to jams more often and playing with other people. Last year I
  was at Sorrento for two weeks, still loving every minute.

  Now I have a new banjo, my playing is coming along, I jam with two groups who have potential to be bands
  one day as well as jamming with various individuals, sing in two choirs and have even performed a couple of
  gigs in public. I have also built a peer group of beginner/intermediate banjo players to share my experiences.

  I wanted to give something back to this great, inclusive community and that’s why I’m on the PBHS board this

                                     WINTERGRASS 2010
                                        NEW VENUE FOR 2010
There are some great acts listed this year for Wintergrass and it is being held in a brand new location
that is closer for us Canadians to get to!! The listed acts so far are:
Lonesome River Band                Tim O’Brien                          John Reischman & The Jaybirds
Steep Canyon Rangers               Kenny & Amanda Smith                 Jo Miller & Her Burly Roughnecks
Infamous Stringdusters             Crooked Still                        The Bluegrass Regulators
The WIYOS                          Shearwater Bluegrass                 Prairie Flyer
Sara Jarosz                        Joe Craven                           Rockin’ Acoustic Circus
Vasen & The Duo                    Seldom Scene                         Downtown Mountain Boys
Dry Branch Fire Squad              The Wilders                          Sawmill Road
Mountain Heart
For more information and ticket prices check the website at: www.acousticsound.org

    Well boys and girls, I can confirm the following for you regarding camp this year as I got the
                                 information straight from the source!
                               Week 1 – Sun. Aug. 22nd to Fri. Aug. 27th
                                Week 2 – Sun. Aug. 29th to Fri. Sept. 3rd
Confirmed Teachers: Week 1: The Downtown Mountain Boys, The Foggy Hogtown Boys, Tammy
Fassaert & Shearwater, Stacy Phillips, Sue Thompson, Garry Stevenson, Gene Bretecher and Chris
Stevens. Week 2: John Reischman & the Jaybirds, Special Consensus, Mighty Squirrel, Sue
Malcolm, Caridwen Irvine-Spatz.

Registration will begin March 1st at the earliest. We will keep you posted as to when it will
officially open!

                   SCHOLARSHIP 2010

                                       2621 Alma Street                 NOTICE TO ALL DRIVERS!!!
                                        Vancouver, BC
                                          V6R 3S1
                                                                        Please be advised that you should NOT park in
                                        604-222-1717                    the little bank parking lot located across the street
                                                                        from the Anza Club! Some of our members have
                                  info@rufusguitarshop.com              been given parking tickets recently for not
                                                                        purchasing a ticket when they park. As there is
                                   SHOW YOUR                            nowhere to purchase a ticket it makes it rather
                                   MEMBERSHIP                           hard to do but they are still handing out high
                                  CARD AND GET                          priced parking tickets for those of us caught
                                   A DISCOUNT                           parking there without a valid ticket on our cars!
                                                                                                                    BANDS FOR HIRE

                        Listen Up!                                                    Don & Theresa Dirksen
                                                                                      Don: 604-521-6595
                                                                                                                                    Mountain Ridge
                                                                                                                                    Fred Schiffner

IN THE PINES                                                                          Five on a String                              Plough
COOP Radio                                                                            604-931-3765                                  Linda Bull:
CFRO 102.7 Vancouver – 102.9 Cable                                                    five_on_string@hotmail.com                    bull.linda@gmail.com
StarChoice Satellite Ch. 845
2:30pm-4:00pm Sundays
                                                                                      Great Northern                                Redgrass
                                                                                      Brian Samuels: 604-732-4046                   barefootsound@hotmail.com
With Arthur & Andrea Berman
CITR 101.9FM Vancouver
6:30am-8:00am Tuesdays                                                                Highrise Lonesome                             Still Blue
Or streamed at: www.citr.ca                                                           Sue Malcolm: 604-215-2760                     Colin Goldie
                                                                                      sue@buddy-system.org                          coling@radiant.com
With George McKnight
                                                                                      Hungry Hill                                   Story House
www.uptownbluegrass.com (archived version avail. 24/7)
                                                                                      Jenny Lester: 250-847-5001                    Jake de Villiers:
CJSF Radio (SFU Radio Station in Burnaby) at 90.1 FM
Tuesday mornings from 8:00am-10am                                                     aaca1@telus.net                               604-535-7271
CIGV FM Penticton                                                                                                                   www.myspace.com/storyhouse
6:30-7:30 Saturdays
                                                                                      John Reischman & the Jaybirds                 Viper Central
CJFW FM Terrace
                                                                                      John:604-251-7655                             Mark Vaughan: 604-723-0164
9:00pm-10:00pm Wednesdays
                                                                                      johnreischman@shaw.ca                         vipercentral@gmail.com
Hosted by Craig Korth                                                                 Lakeside Ramblers
www.ckua.ord                                                                          George Garbutt:
5:00pm-6:00pm PDT Thursdays                                                           250-441-3365
In I-tunes, look under the FOLK and COUNTRY
Categories; or in www.live365.com, search one of
the many Bluegrass channels many stations,
especially www.bluegrasscountry.org

       Are you new to the PBHS? Is it time to renew your membership? Have you had an
       address or email address change? Either way, please clip the form below and either
       mail it in or bring it by on a Monday night!!


Mail to: P.O. Box 95087 – 370 East Broadway-Vancouver, BC-V5T 1W0
Name:______________________________________                                                   Email Address:________________________________
Address:__________________________________________________________                                             Phone No:_________________________
               Street Name + No.                    City             Province             Postal Code
Membership (Please Check One):
One year Single membership (New) ____ $20                               or         Renewal of membership ____ $20
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____Please mail me a hard copy of the monthly newsletter. (The Beacon)
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If you play an instrument:
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     Advertising in the Beacon is limited to members in good standing, at no cost. If the
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     This includes the Grassifieds, the bands for hire, and the for sale sections. Thank you!

Beginner guitar, vocal           Mandolin, Accordion,             Banjo Lessons                     Interested in learning
coaching, jamming,               and theory lessons               (beginner to advanced)            guitar or bluegrass
with Sue Malcolm, an             Diane Bode at:                   5-string bluegrass banjo,         banjo?         What about
experienced teacher,             604-684-9479                     Individual private lessons,       composition                   or
performer, recording             diane4music@shaw.ca              given at my studio in             harmony singing? One
artist and senior                ------------------------------   Surrey, BC.                       on one instruction or
instructor at BC                 Mandolin, Guitar and             Sheldon Friesen at                small       group       (band)
Bluegrass Workshops,             singing lessons                  778-868-6837                      lessons.          Loads of
(Sorrento). Individual or        Practical, fun approach          http://banjoredhead.blog          teaching and performance
small group lessons.             for players at any level.        spot.ca                           experience. Unbeatable
604-215-2760                     We can focus on any              shfriesen@gmail.com               rates. Bring your band
sue@buddy-system.org             combination of                   -------------------------------   and we’ll work out some
www.suemalcolm.com               instrumental technique,          Bluegrass Banjo for all           tunes.
-----------------------------    singing, and playing,            levels                            Archie Pateman at:
Mandolin: All levels             harmony singing or               Don Dirksen at:                   604-839-7910
John Reischman at:               jamming with other               604-521-6595                      parchie@hotmail.com
604-251-7655                     instruments.                     dondirksen@shaw.ca                --------------------------------
johnreischman@shaw.ca            Ben Rogalsky of The              -------------------------------   Fiddle Lessons:
------------------------------   Breakmen                         Banjo Lessons for all             Bluegrass, Celtic, Old-
Mandolin, guitar, and            778-232-8376                     levels. Just starting?            time, Blues, Swing or Jazz
clawhammer/old-time              benrogalsky@yahoo.ca             Advanced & looking for a          Doug Thorardson
banjo lessons                    ------------------------------   little polish in your             604-251-2973
Learn the music you love         Mandolin Lessons                 picking? Nick has the             --------------------------------
in a friendy, supportive         (beg/int) Learn tunes            knowledge and over 25             Guitar, Mandolin,
environment. No theory           and techniques to get the        years of teaching                 Dobro and Bass
required, success with all       most out of your                 experience to help.               Lessons (beg)
ages.                            bluegrass experience!            Nick Hornbuckle at:               Taught at home
Steve Quattrocchi at:            Mark at:                         250-741-0083                      Bob Underhill at:
604-523-1739                     604-723-0164                     nickhornbuckle@hotmail.           604-872-2452
arbutusq@yahoo.ca                old.jawbone@gmail.com            com

                                                                      INSTRUMENT REPAIRS
                      FOR SALE                                           AND BUILDING

                                                                  Instrument set-up and repair of your banjo, bass, mandolin,
                                                                  or guitar by the only authorized Santa Cruz Guitar Company
PBHS Merchandise for Sale including T-Shirts, Hats,               warranty repairman in the area.
Toques, and Sweatshirts. You name it, we’ve got it.               Contact Jake De Villiers at: www.crescentbeachguitar.com or
Contact Leah at: leahclark1@hotmail.com or call                   call 604-535-7271

                                                                  Master Craftsman: Extraordinary guitars and mandolins.
Vintage 1945 Gibson Southern Jumbo acoustic guitar for            Laughlin Guitars built in Vancouver, BC.
sale. Excellent condition, no cracks, great sound, great          Contact: www.laughlinguitars.ca or call 604-254-4990
player. Asking $7995.00 obo.
Contact Jobst at: diane4music@shaw.ca or call
604-728-1061                                                      For up to date acoustic music information in the Lower
                                                                  Mainland ask Garry Stevenson to put you on his email list.
                                                                  Contact Garry at: garrystevenson@shaw.ca

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