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                                  The Power of Engine Plane

         Airplanes have been around the world for some time now, but have not upgrade

so far since the 1990’s. Humans have been flying airplanes since 1900s when Samuel

Pierpont Langley built the first successful flying model. Airplanes are all over the world

and are being used for transportation, war, and work. The first plane was made in the late

1899 by Wright brothers. Airplanes are used for war, mail, transportation around the

world. There are airplanes with turbojet engines and others with just normal engines. The

different types of engines help jet planes to fly faster or help heavy airplanes which have

a lot of weight to stay in the air.

         Dr. Hans von Ohain and Sir Frank Whittle are both recognized for making the jet

engine. Hans von Ohain is considered the designer of the first turbojet engine. Frank

Whittle was the first to inventory an official document for the turbojet engine in 1930.

Hans von Ohain was approved a government grant for his turbojet engine in 1936.

Nevertheless, Hans von Ohain's jet was the first to fly in 1939 and Frank Whittle's jet first

flew in 1941. This is how the first turbo jet came to work and making the airplane faster.

         The turbojet is part of the plane that makes it go forward and faster than any other

plane that has no turbo jet engines. How this works is that turbojet sucks in air and

compresses and then gases flow through the turbine making it spin. Making the gases

bounce back and shoot out of the rear of the exhaust, pushing the aircraft frontward.

Looking back at the times of the structure of the turbojets they have not come with a lot

of new ideas for making it better.

   There are different kinds of turbo engines that worked different than the turbo jet like

the turboprop. Hungarian, Gyorgy Jendrassik who worked for the Ganz wagon deliberate

the very first working turboprop engine in 1938. Called the Cs-1, Jendrassik's engine was

first tested in August of 1940 and the Cs-1 was abandoned in 1941 without going into

manufacture due to the War. Max Mueller designed the first turboprop engine that went

into manufacture in 1942. Compared with the turbojet engine, the turboprop engine has

superior propulsion efficiency at air travel speeds fewer than 500 miles per hour. Recent

turboprop engines are equipped with propellers that have a minor diameter although a

bigger number of blades for efficient maneuver at much superior flight speed.

   There is also the turbofan engine that makes airplanes fly like a turbojet engine, but

uses less gas than the turbojet and is much slower. A turbofan engine has a huge fan at

the front, which sucks in air making it quieter and generous more power at low speeds.

Nearly all of today's airlines are power-driven by turbofans because its makes less noise

and save a lot of gas.

   Another type of engine is the ramjet that is use for missiles other than plane because it

these kind of engine needs another aircraft so it could take off. The ramjet engine is very

fast and just moves forward and it takes a lot of air in and it does not use a lot of gas.

       Improving jet engines is the main point of making the plane better in speed,

movement and gas. The U.S. aviation industry has come up with new ideas to improve jet

engine combustion, which has direct effect on passenger safety, fuel economy and

pollution reduction. Looking into different kinds of jet engines the best one out of all of

them would be the turbofan because it saves gas and doesn’t pollute the earth as much as

all the other engines. This is what the U.S. aviation industry is working on to improve jet

engines and try to make a new plane that could be better than the ones we have right now.

        The U.S. air force is also trying to improve the airplane engines by using

hydrogen fluoride, diffusion brazing, and high speed oxy-fuel for its jet engine

machinery. They tried testing jet engines for speed, power, pollutions and fuel. So far the

best one they have made that would come out in the future is the jet engine for the air

force use only. U.S. air force has also worked with the ramjets which are put on the

missiles of the jet plane which could only work on missiles because they just go straight,

and it needs help from the plane to lift of.

        The jet engines are also called gas turbines because it takes in gas and it’s used to

get in air from the fan in front of the jet engine. Then it lets the gas run inside of it letting

it out from the back. The engine works by the intake getting air then the air is run thought

the compressor. The fuel injectors then kick in with the air going through the combustion

area and in the turbines letting it out the exhaust.

        Going back to the turbo jet fan engine look at all the engines this is the one that

would be the best for airplanes because they save fuel. The turbo fan is the one that’s

used the most in every air line in the world because it’s the best. Not only does the turbo

jet fan saves gas it also saves energy because of the fan. Looking back in history of

airplanes the engines of turbo fans are use a lot but it has not upgrade in the years that

have pass. Looking at it we are behind on are airplane models. The turbo fan engine

would be the best engine but it would be the slowest of them all.

        The second best engine would be the jet engine because it would be the second

that use lest gas and energy but it would be the fastest of them all because of the turbo jet

it has. The reason it’s fast because of the turbo jet but it uses a lot of gas.

        The worse type of engine would be the ramjet engine because it just has power

and speed that just goes forward. The ramjet engine could not left of an airplane because

it just goes straight and fast which would need help from a flying object so it could fly.

        Nevertheless airplanes have been around the world for long time now making

transportation easy around the world. Jet engines have been upgrading very slow and

need to catch up with time. The best engine so far is the turbo jet fan because it saves

energy, gas , and doesn’t pollute the air as much as all the other engines. The best for

speed would be the turbo jet engine because it’s the fastest but it uses the most gas. The

worse would be the ramjet engine because it just goes forward and doesn’t fly only if its

help by a fly object. In the future air planes would be so advance the engine would not

make noise or pollute the air, save gas and energy.

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