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									About Coco Chocolate
Rebecca Knights-Kerswell, owner & head chocolatier of Coco is very particular when
it comes to sourcing ingredients for her chocolate

All chocolate made in the Coco kitchens is single origin from the Dominican
Republic and we also use and supply single origin chocolate from Venezuela and
Madagascar from Valrhona
At Coco we only use 100% Valrhona cocoa powder, which we believe is the best in
the world

All chocolate used in our products is certified organic and Coco Chocolate is a
member of SOPA – the Scottish Organic Producers Association

Our chocolate is real chocolate – that is it is made from 100% cocoa butter (not
vegetable fat that many high street brands contain) and uses natural rainforest
orchid vanilla (not vanillin as used in nearly all high street brands – a flavouring used
to mimic the vanilla taste which is cheap and actually a derivative of pine!)

We ensure high cocoa content in all our bars, including a bar available made from
99% cocoa content! Our milk chocolate bars are 37% cocoa, high for milk chocolate
(Cadburys and most other high street brands chocolate only has 20% cocoa, vegetable
fat and vanillin).
We also produce bars in 73% cocoa, 68% cocoa & 64% cocoa

All of our chocolate is GMO free

All our chocolate is also Kosher (Kosher dairy)

Our chocolate is certified AMBAO - Ambao is an international collective brand
referring to traditional quality chocolate and registered by the Belgian State

The brand protects products that meet the criteria laid down in the specifications. By
means of those criteria Coco wants to make sure that quality chocolate does not only
contain cocoa butter but that it is also subject to high quality requirements, higher
than those set out in European Directive 2000/36/EC.
The brand guarantees a stringent quality control by private accredited laboratories.
The npa “Traditional and Quality Chocolate Association”, created on 9 May 2000,
manages the brand.
We are proud to use Steenbergs organic peppers & spices in our infusion bars.
Steenbergs are also very particular when choosing their ingredients. All spices are
from the best origins for that spice. For example, all Coco Chocolate organic chilli is
from India, our organic cardamom from Kerala in South India & Sri Lanka, our
cinnamon from organic fields of Indonesia

Coco Chocolate is REAL CHOCOLATE!
Real Chocolate is A LOW GI FOOD – that is it keeps you satisfied for longer and
your glucose levels steady
Real chocolate is RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS, which help to destroy the unhealthy
free radicals & boost the immune system, two of the most important factors in
preventing cancer. Cocoa butter has also been proven to LOWER BLOOD
Real Chocolate DOESN’T MAKE YOU FAT! - a bar of good quality chocolate, has
one tenth the calories of mass produced chocolate!
Chocolate is also RICH IN FLAVINOIDS (also found in red wine) and other
chemical compounds known to reduce the likelihood of deep vein thrombosis and
Real Chocolate MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD! The natural occurring antidepressant
in real chocolate is called phenylethylamine (PEA), which increases the serotonin
levels in the brain. It can make you feel happy, as well as boosting energy levels &
mental alertness
The biological explanation for craving chocolate is that it induces the release of brain
endorphins - the body’s own opiate

The Chocolate Society, of which Coco of Bruntsfield is a member, aims to alert the
populace to the cocoa content in bars. Mass produced chocolate squeezes out the
expensive cocoa and cocoa butter in favour of cheaper sugar, vegetable fat

So welcome to Coco Chocolate – where you can experience
REAL CHOCOLATE and what I hope more – where you
can experience REAL PLEASURE!!!
Rebecca Knights-Kerswell

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