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One size does not fit all, even though many clothes manufacturers tell us so. When trying on any garment, the fit is
important. Why buy anything for the sole sake of spending money. In a bad economy, everyone is looking for
bargains, wanting to become wiser spenders. If you are sending out generic email newsletter campaigns, you are
enforcing and repeating that message – one campaign suits all. Your campaign is then assuming the times we live in
and the people that you are trying to target never change. Do you think everyone wants to hear and buy the same
things? Without any complicated demographics, our experiences tell us that statement is false.

So now you have your email lists parsed, your behavioral stats are in, and your demographics are tuned. So now

Creating successful email campaigns takes time and planning. Pretty graphics, a smart logo, and interesting content,
make a good start, but, there are many other factors to consider. Taking the time to rethink your strategies, while
weighing and comparing past email campaign results, is the surest way towards the better path of a higher ROI.

As with any car that needs monthly maintenance, a smart email marketer regularly analyze their campaigns. They
look for all the ways to modify, fix, and improve on the results they are receiving. They are out of the box thinkers
that are not afraid to try new things.

So here are some suggestions worth considering when evaluating your future newsletter campaigns:

Revisiting your Style and Design. Times and people change. What was eye-catching last year may be boring now.
Does your design look professional and inviting? Does it strengthen and convey your image and message? Test your
design by sending it out to trusted family members, friends, and colleagues. Have some fresh eyes help see where
adjustments and changes may be needed. Here are some areas of concentration:

          Colors and fonts

          Photographs and imagery

          Too much or too little white space

          Is your content easy to read and parse? Can readers quickly scan finding what they want quickly and easily?

          Are your articles too long? Do you link readers back to your website to continue reading longer stories?

          Does your newsletter contain clear and precise calls to action with links to a corresponding and dedicated
           landing page on your website?

          Have you created an alternative text-only version of your newsletter for users who block graphics, or read
           predominantly on mobile devices?

          Does your newsletter contain tips and valuable information with special sales and close out information?

Create Dynamic Content. Think beyond the sale. Content needs to be catchy, interesting, but most of all, relevant.
Your recipients receive a great deal of email, comprised of spammers selling everything you could think of. The
average user spends about 4 seconds looking at the sender address and the subject line, before deciding to keep or
trash. Here are a few ways to keep ahead of your market and industry, while creating dynamic content for your

          Make sure your company name is in the “from line.” People hesitate to open an email when the name is not

          Your subject line should be short, catchy, and clearly represent your main content.

          Send out a survey asking your subscribers what they would like to see in future issues. Give them a list of
           potential topics from which to pick.
        Ask your readers to submit questions about your industry, products, or services. Let them know that those
         questions and answers will be put in the next issue. Create a little anticipation.

        Invite readers to send in their problem solving success stories. This will greatly contribute to making your
         email newsletter content interesting and relevant.

        Have contest for the best story, rewarding them with a gift or discount coupon. Everyone loves recognition,
         with an added freebie.

        Be savvy. Research the industry experts in your field. Ask them if they would like to be featured in your
         newsletter, with a section promoting their book or article. Let your readers see it is not all about you.

        Use Social Media. Write blogs and articles and put those links in your newsletter. Involve your recipients in
         a dialogue. Create a personal voice showing that a real person is behind the company.

In hard economic times, we need to be innovative and creative. Use all the technology tools available to create
conversations and talk to your audience. Reaching out in creative and fun ways brings in your personality, while you
are building an Internet persona. Do not be afraid to experiment. You are dealing with everyday people, like
yourself. Get out there and have some fun. Now is the time to be different.

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