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Geothermal Energy Information


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									                 Geothermal Energy Information
Geothermal energy is the energy taken from the heat stored inside the earth. This energy has been
stored inside the earth from its very origination and even from the solar energy, which is absorbed by
the surface of the earth.
Geothermal energy has been widely used today to provide electrical power in countries. Industries have
also been using geothermal power to produce industrial heating and other processes needed inside the
plants. Geothermal power has been known for its cost - effectiveness, reliability and most importantly,
for being environmentally - friendly. However, there are also some setbacks in using this energy source.
Although it is known to be natural, it is not found almost anywhere in the earth. Areas which are near
the boundaries of the tectonic plates are where the good source of geothermal energy can be found.
That result was the result of earlier days' study. Today, however, studies have shown that the area
source of geothermal power has widen and expanded.
There has been many theories and assumptions that the earth's supply of geothermal power is more
than enough to supply our needs for even a hundred year. However, today, as everybody may have
noticed, geothermal energy is still not our main source of power. So, what could be the reason for this?
Actually, the energy from beneath the earth is never that easy to get. Although it may sound like a
regular and normal drilling is all that we just need, several manpower and machineries are needed to
ensure that the drilling will not cause any damage to the earth's surface. Therefore, getting the natural
energy from underneath is costly, that no investors would risk their money for it.
So, how does the interior of the earth produce electricity? Technically, the heat inside the earth is
something like six thousand degrees centigrade. That hotness would be more than enough to melt
rocks. The extent of the use of the energy from underneath the earth depends largely on how hot it is.
Basically, the energy is taken from the steam produced when water is being pumped inside. The hotter
it is, the more steam is being produced. Geothermal energy is considered not only as a natural source of
power, but it also falls under the renewable sources of energy category. It is considered renewable
because once the hole has been made, the rain pours into it, reproducing the steam over again.
In the early years, the steam being produced from geothermal power is only used for hot spas and hot
springs. It has helped more the tourism industry more than any other industries. As years passed,
however, the people have discovered more efficient and useful usage of the steam and the energy being
Is producing geothermal power then safe for the environment? While the answer may not be something
that is very much acceptable, you may be relieved with the fact that as a part of the social responsibility
of the suppliers and developers, they try to block the emission of harmful gases to the air, thus
preventing any damage to the people's health.
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