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Add/Embed/Insirt a YouTube video to PowerPoint on Mac


YouTube to PowerPoint converter for Mac, convert YouTube video to PowerPoint supported formats, embed/add/put YouTube FLV into PowerPoint Presentation on Mac. Batch conversion supported.

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									Add/Embed/Insirt a YouTube video to PowerPoint on Mac

I'm trying to add a youtube video into a powerpoint on Mac. Not just

a link to the youtube video, but have the video actually stream from

inside of the powerpoint presentation. Also, I'd like to start the video

at 1 min. and end it a few minutes before the actual youtube video

ends (I just want to show a clip of only a minute or two).

                                                       ---From Adam

As to the problem of embeding YouTube video to PowerPoint

Presentation, there are actually two ways to fix it. One requires the

computer you are presenting on to have an internet connection and

the other does not. To solve Adam’s problem, I’d like to present the

way without internet.

Play the PowerPoint Offline

1. Convert the Youtube video to AVI format with iOrgsoft

YouTube to PowerPoint Converter for Mac

    Free download and launch YouTube to PowerPoint Converter

for Mac
   Click Add Files to load YouTube flv files

    Click Profile drop-down list to set output format, below it select

an output folder
   Click Convert Button to Convert YouTube flv to PowerPoint on


2. Insert the converted video into PowerPoint

   On the Insert tab, point to Movies, and then click Movie from


   Click the video you want to use and then click OK.

   After you click OK, you're promoted with a message asking how

you want the movie to start in the slide show. You can choose either

"Automatically" or "When Clicked". And that's done.


1. Video in formats of AVI, WMV, ASF, DV, MPEG, MOV and MP4

can be inserted in this way

2. Always put the movie in the same folder as your PowerPoint
presentation. If you later move the PowerPoint presentation to

another computer, copy the movie too. Keeping your movie in the

same folder as your presentation ensures the link will still work.

However, you should always test the movie on a new machine just to

be certain. Re-insert the movie, if necessary.

Clip Video for PowerPoint

Back to Adam’s question that he just want to embed part of the video

to his PowerPoint Presentation, this problem can also be fixed by

iOrgsoft YouTube to PowerPoint Converter for Mac, thanks to its

editing function.

After you loaded YouTube flv video to YouTube to PowerPoint

Converter for Mac, just click Trim button, then you can set the start

and end time to get the video clip you desired.
Tips: You can also click Edit buton to do more editing for your

video clip, like adjust aspect ratio(16:9, 4:3 available), apply

effect(special effect like Gray, Old Film, Emboss available), etc.

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