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									Difference between Silicone and Rubber Wrist bands
Certainly by now everyone should have seen silicone or rubber wristbands. Many of the silicone wristbands are used represent the faith of an
individual to a charitable organization. The wristbands have become extremely popular. Many companies now specialize in the customization of
silicone, and rubber bracelets.

Having entered the marketplace, there have been the marketing of two types of wristbands. The silicone wristband, and the rubber wristband. There's
no apparent difference between silicone and rubber wristbands other than the customization. However, scientifically there are unique differences in the
organic, and chemical structure.

Silicone is an organic chemical compound that take the form of resin, grease, oil, and rubber. However, it should be noted that the difference in
silicone rubber is explicit, although it may or may not contain the similar ingredients (noting the chemical differences). In the use of silicone to make the
popular wristbands, the basis of silicone to be "organic" allows for the product to be less allergenic than rubber. The silicone wristbands also tend to
last longer than the rubber counter-product. Silicone is a chemical compound that contains silicon, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon.

Examining the rubber wristbands, these too are not different is appearance from the silicone wristbands. The rubber is a synthetic rubber, and not a
natural rubber. Although most "rubber" made products do contain some trace amounts of natural rubber. Before the introduction of petroleum into the
making of rubber, most products could have contained up to 42% of natural rubber. Most of this production has been replaced by petroleum, and
accounting for up to 94% in the useful production of rubber.

More so, the difference between silicone and rubber wristbands is that silicone is well known through its application to last longer than rubber. While
silicone is known to withstand high temperatures, rubber is not, and cannot. Another difference between silicone and rubber wristbands is that silicone
allows the passing of air in between molecules, while rubber repels not only air, but also water.

In conclusion, most retailers will prefer silicone wristbands over rubber wristbands due to the natural, and chemical structure of each.

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