Material Change Report - PETAQUILLA MINERALS - 6-25-2010

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					                                                                                               Exhibit 99.2

                                               FORM 51-102F3

                                      MATERIAL CHANGE REPORT

Item 1.   Name and Address of Company   

Petaquilla Minerals Ltd. (the “Company”)
410 - 475 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6B 4M9

Item 2.   Date of Material Change   

June 24, 2010

Item 3.   News Release   

The Company’s news release dated June 24, 2010, was disseminated by Marketwire, Incorporated on June 24,

Item 4.   Summary of Material Change   

The Company announced an update on Petaquilla Infrastructure Ltd.

Item 5.   Full Description of Material Change   

For a full description of the material change, please see Schedule “A”.

Item 6.   Reliance on subsection 7.1(2) or (3) of National Instrument 51-102   

Not Applicable.

Item 7.   Omitted Information   

Not Applicable.

Item 8.   Executive Officer   

Richard Fifer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company, can be contacted at (604) 694-0021.

Item 9.   Date of Report   

Dated June 24, 2010


Per: /s/ Richard Fifer
Richard Fifer
Chairman of the Board of Directors
                                                SCHEDULE “A” 

Contact person:                    Richard Fifer  
Contact Telephone number:          604-694-0021  

                                                                                               Trading Symbols: 
                                                                                               TSX:    PTQ
                                                                                               OTCBB:  PTQMF  
                                                                                               FWB:      P7Z

                                               NEWS RELEASE

                                   Update on Petaquilla Infrastructure Ltd.

Vancouver, BC – June 24, 2010: Petaquilla Minerals Ltd. (“Petaquilla” or the “Company”) today announced
an update on Petaquilla Infrastructure Ltd.

Petaquilla Infrastructure Ltd. has changed its name to Panamanian Development and Infrastructure Ltd. (“PDI”)
and is in the process of completing an initial round of seed capital, to which Petaquilla has subscribed for a
47.78% interest in PDI. Richard Fifer, as Chairman, David Kaplan, Joao Manuel, Pedro Pablo Permuy and
Jorge Silen have been appointed to the Board of Directors of PDI. Further, in order to develop the infrastructure
business, PDI’s Board of Directors have appointed a management team consisting of Rodrigo Esquivel as
President, Joao Manuel as Chief Executive Officer, and Antonio Renom as Chief Operating Officer. Messrs.
Esquivel, Manuel and Renom, who together bring experience in management, infrastructure development,
financing and law, will oversee the daily operations of PDI.

In a subsequent step yet to be completed, Petaquilla plans to further capitalize PDI through the contribution of
infrastructure assets (heavy equipment used during construction of the Molejon gold plant but no longer required
for the gold production operation), which will increase its equity percentage in PDI. PDI will then seek financing
of $2 million through a private placement to address the funding requirements of PDI’s projects.

PDI has identified numerous business opportunities in Panama, including the development of mini hydro (run of
river) plants, transmission lines, road and bridge building, and the manufacturing of construction materials, such as
high strength construction bricks. Once the business has been established and gained a foothold in the
construction market, Petaquilla intends to present a Plan of Arrangement, or some other tax favourable
mechanism, for approval by the Toronto Stock Exchange and Petaquilla’s shareholders. The exchange ratio for
the proposed future spin-out, as previously announced, will be one (1) share of PDI for every four (4) shares of

About Petaquilla Minerals Ltd. - Petaquilla Minerals Ltd. is a gold producer operating its gold processing
plant at its 100% owned Molejon Gold Project in Panama. Anticipated throughput for the project during the first
year of commercial production is estimated to be 2200 tonnes per day. Commercial production commenced
January 8, 2010. The Molejon mine site is located in the south central area of the Company’s 100% owned 842-
square kilometre concession lands, a region known historically for gold content.
          On behalf of the Board of Directors of

                     Richard Fifer
            Chairman of the Board of Directors

                  Petaquilla Minerals Ltd.
        Phone: (604) 694-0021 Fax: (604) 694-0063
                 Toll free: 1-877-694-0021