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2010-11 Parent Handbook
Table of

Academic Calendar & Registrar Deadlines 2

Important Contacts 4

Pitzer Parents Association 5

Volunteer Opportunities 6

Office of Student Affairs 9

Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) 12

Office of the Dean of Faculty 14

Office of Career Services 16

Office of Study Abroad 18

International Students 20

Information Technology 21

Office of Financial Aid 23

Office of Student Accounts 24

Claremont Cash & Student Health Services 26

The City of Claremont 27

Pitzer College Campus Map 28

Local Resources (Including Metrolink Train & Restaurants) 30

Places of Interest 33

                                   Office of Parent Relations
                                   1050 North Mills Avenue Claremont, CA 91711
                                   parents@pitzer.edu, www.pitzer.edu/parents

Fall 2010

21          Sat               Welcome Week begins
22-25       Sun-Wed           Outdoor Adventure trips for first-year students
26          Thu               Welcome Week continues on Pitzer campus
29          Sun               Registration for new transfer/new resource students
29          Sun               Residence Halls open for retuning students at 10AM
30          Mon               Registration for new first-year students
31          Tue               Fall Semester classes begin
31          Tue               Instructor permission required to add courses
31          Tue               Registration for returning students (not pre-registered)

7           Tue               Independent Study forms due
13          Mon               Last day to add courses
13          Mon               Last day to drop courses for tuition refund & without being
                              charged course fees

6           Wed               Low Grade Reports due
7           Thu               Half-course Independent Study forms due
18-19       Mon-Tue           Fall Break– No Classes
21          Thu               Final day to drop courses (no recorded grade)
21          Thu               Final day to drop courses without being charged semester
                              overload fees
21          Thu               Final day to add half courses for second half of semester
21          Thu               Pass/No Credit forms due
21          Thu               Major declaration forms due for 1st semester Juniors

25-26       Thu-Fri           Thanksgiving Break– No Classes

10          Fri               Final day to withdraw from classes (grade recorded as “W”)
10          Fri               Final day of classes for Fall Semester
13-17       Mon-Fri           Final Examinations (see below for Final Examination Schedule)
18          Sat               Residence halls close at noon
23          Thu               All grades are due to the Registrar’s Office by noon

*Pre-Registration and advising dates will be announced at a later time.

2    Pitzer College
Spring 2011

14        Fri                 Orientation begins for new students
16        Sun                 Residence halls open at 10:00AM
17        Mon                 Martin Luther King Jr. Day– No Classes
18        Tue                 Spring semester classes begin
18        Tue                 Instructor permission required to add courses
18        Tue                 Registration for all students (not pre-registered)
18        Tue                 Priority registration open for Pitzer Summer Session 1&2
                              (subject to Change)
25        Tue                 Independent Study Forms due
31        Mon                 Last day to add courses
31        Mon                 Last day to drop courses for tuition refund & without being
                              charged course fees

2         Wed                 Low Grade Reports due
4         Fri                 Half-Course Directed Independent Study Forms due
10        Thu                 Final day to drop courses (no recorded grade)
10        Thu                 Final day to drop courses without being charged semester
                              overload fees
10        Thu                 Pass/No Credit Forms due
10        Thu                 Final day to add half-courses for second half of semester
10        Thu                 Major Declaration forms due for 1st semester Juniors
14-18     Mon-Fri             Spring Break– No Classes
25        Fri                 César Chávez Day– No Classes

29        Fri                 Priority registration closes for Pitzer Summer Session 1&2
                              (subject to change)
29        Fri                 Final Day for graduating Seniors to withdraw from courses
                              (grade recorded as “W”)

2         Mon                 Late registration opens for Pitzer Summer Session 1&2
                              (subject to change)
                              Late registration ends: Session 1-May 27, Session 2-July 7
4         Fri                 Final day of classes for Spring Semester
5-6       Thu-Fri             Senior Finals; reading days for all other students
6         Fri                 Final day for non-seniors to withdraw from courses (grade
                              recorded as “W”)
6         Fri                 Senior grades are due to the Registrar by noon
9-13      Mon-Fri             Final Examinations for non-graduating seniors
14        Sat                 Commencement
14        Sat                 Residence halls close at 8PM for ALL students
19        Thu                 Grades for non-graduating seniors are due to the Registrar’s
                              Office by noon
23        Mon                 Summer Directed Independent Study forms due
24        Tue                 Summer School Classes Begin

*Pre-Registration and advising dates will be announced at a later time.

                                                                   2010-11 Parent Handbook   3

President                              Housing
Laura Skandera Trombley                Tressi Mehana Chun,
909.621.8198                           Housing Coordinator
president@pitzer.edu                   909.607.3132
Dean of Faculty
Alan Jones, VP/Dean of Faculty         Campus Life
909.621.8217                           Moya Carter, Dean of Students
dean_faculty@pitzer.edu                909.607.4176
Student Affairs
Jim Marchant, VP of Students Affairs   Mail Center
909.621.8241                           Kathleen Kile, Supervisor
dean_student@pitzer.edu                909.607.3827
Student Accounts
Lynn Lewis, Manager                    Career Services
909.607.8410                           Karen Suarez, Director
student_accounts@pitzer.edu            909.621.8519
Study Abroad
Michael Ballagh, Assistant VP for      Admission
International Programs                 Arnaldo Rodriguez, VP of
909.621.8104                           Admission & Financial Aid
studyabroad@pitzer.edu                 909.621.8129
Parent Relations                       Information Technology
Brooke Hendrickson, Director           Mark Ingalls, Director
909.621.8130                           909.621.8548
parents@pitzer.edu                     help@pitzer.edu
Financial Aid                          Duplicating Services
Margaret Carothers, Director           Lynda Casey, Supervisor
909.621.8208                           909.621.8461
financial_aid@pitzer.edu               duplicating@pitzer.edu

Cheryl Morales, Registrar

4   Pitzer College

A Pitzer College liberal arts education is academically
rigorous, intellectually stimulating and broadens social
and intercultural awareness.
This education is based on small class sizes to facilitate intellectual growth,
interdisciplinary studies and numerous programs that encourage students to become
involved in their local community and in the world around them. As members of the Pitzer
Parents Association, you will have many opportunities to contribute to this transformative
community while helping to inform friends and colleagues about the unique educational
experience your sons and daughters are receiving.

Pitzer Parents Association
All parents of current students are members of the Pitzer Parents Association. As such,
you will be invited to many events at Pitzer and around the country and you will receive
quarterly newsletters designed to keep you up to date about happenings at the College.
You are also welcome and encouraged to deepen your involvement with Pitzer by
engaging in any or all of the volunteer opportunities on the following pages.

                                                                   2010-11 Parent Handbook   5

Parent Leadership Council
The Parent Leadership Council (PLC) functions as the
leadership and representative volunteer organization
for the Pitzer College Parent Association. The PLC
serves as an advisory and support body for the Office
of Parent Relations, and assists with the design and
implementation of programs that provide connection with
families of Pitzer students and alumni.
Members of the Council:                    strengthen relations with the College;
   Provide financial support for the       Support the College by participating
   Parents Fund at a level commensurate    on committees, sharing personal
   with each Council member’s ability,     expertise and skills, and helping to
   thereby serving as an example           develop financial and other resources
   and motivation for other parents to     for Pitzer;
   contribute charitably to Pitzer;        Represent the Pitzer College Parent
   Provide input to the Office of Parent   Association by attending events and
   Relations on programs and initiatives   connecting with other parents in an
   related to parents and families;        effort to encourage camaraderie and
   Provide leadership for parent           an affinity for the College that will
   programming, including helping to       live beyond a student’s four years of
   create opportunities for parents and    education.
   other family members to socialize and

                                              2010-11 Parent Leadership Council
6   Pitzer College
Campus Event Volunteers                              Make phone calls to invite other
Volunteering at campus events provides               parents to support the Parent Fund
an excellent opportunity to assist the               Serve as a Parent Fund representative
College while remaining connected to your            at campus and regional events
son or daughter during his or her stay at
Pitzer. Parents may help plan and provide       Regional Event Hosts
programmatic support for any of the             Regional event hosts provide homes,
following events:                               places of employment and other venues for
                                                Pitzer related events throughout the year.
Parent Orientation Volunteer                    Volunteering to host a regional event makes
Parent Orientation is an important              it possible to share the Pitzer experience
opportunity for new parents to learn            with a larger section of the community.
about Pitzer College and get acquainted         Pitzer College most often needs hosts
with the campus. Volunteers serve in the        in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, New
following ways:                                 York, Chicago, Portland and Seattle areas.
     Greet parents and assist with              Annual activities include:
     registration                                     Summer Welcome Receptions for
     Make calls to welcome new students               first-year students and their families
     and parents, invite them to Summer               Joint activities with Alumni Relations
     Welcome Receptions and answer                    Pitzer faculty presentations
     questions about Welcome Week
                                                Career Services
Family Weekend Volunteer
                                                At some point in your student’s time at
All parents and family members of Pitzer
                                                Pitzer, he/she will begin to ponder that
students are invited to campus for this
                                                ever-present question: What will I do after
annual event in February. The weekend is
                                                Pitzer? In partnership with the Office of
a great opportunity for students to share
                                                Career Services, parents can provide
their life at Pitzer College with loved ones.
                                                important career development in the
You will have the opportunity to meet
                                                following ways:
faculty, staff and other important members
                                                     Offer job-shadowing opportunities
of the Pitzer community through a variety
                                                     Provide information about internships
of events. Most importantly, you share
                                                     (paid and unpaid)
in a part of your student’s day-to-day
                                                     (More information about Career
                                                     Services can be found on page 16)
      Initiate phone calls to invite fellow
      parents to Family Weekend
      Greet parents as they register for
      the weekend                               For information regarding these
      Introduce lecturing professors as part
      of the “Parents College” sessions
                                                parent volunteer opportunities,
                                                please contact the Office of Parent
Parent Fund Volunteers                          Relations at 909.621.8130 or
As you may know, student tuition                parents@pitzer.edu.
only covers a portion of the expenses
associated with a Pitzer education.
Charitable contributions to the Parent
Fund, among other generous donations,
enable the College to maintain and
strengthen a number of important
programs, including financial aid, student-
faculty research, study abroad and student
services. Volunteers for the Parent Fund:
     Contribute personally to the Parent

                                                                   2010-11 Parent Handbook    7
8   Pitzer College
Office of

Role of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA)
As a liberal arts and sciences college, Pitzer affords
students a set of unique educational objectives and
considerable flexibility for attaining them. On the
academic side of this educational endeavor, the faculty
adviser is the key source of information, advice, and
support. On the co-curricular, social, and campus life side
of this educational endeavor, the Office of Student Affairs
is the key source of information, advice, active support,
and programs.
Fundamentally, OSA helps students                emergency, OSA may help the student
achieve their personal and collective goals      arrange for a voluntary leave of absence
in this residential community. We also           which is processed in conjunction with
recognize that at times individuals may          the Registrar’s Office. Leaves are typically
diverge from the standards of behavior that      for one semester or one year, but can
make community living enjoyable. At such         be extended for two years. For less
times, it is the task of the Office of Student   severe situations, we can refer students
Affairs to address the individual and the        to professional help at Student Health
behavior and to pursue such responses as         Services and the Monsour Counseling and
seem appropriate for the individual and the      Psychological Services, where confidential-
community.                                       ity is guaranteed, except as the student
                                                 directs otherwise.
Student Orientation
We provide for much of the content and the       Involuntary Leaves of Absence
contexts of new students’ introduction to        When there are indications that a student’s
Pitzer, both during Welcome Week and in          behavior could result in psychological or
on-going programs throughout the year.           physical harm to her/himself or to others,
                                                 prompt and decisive action is in the best
Student Assistance                               interest of everyone. Any student arrested
OSA offers assistance and referral for           for a felony or a misdemeanor involving
students’ problems as they arise. As part        crimes of violence, dishonesty or moral
of the Academic Standards Committee, the         turpitude will be immediately placed on
OSA tracks low grades and seeks to offer         involuntary leave.
assistance and counsel as patterns of poor
performance emerge. In the event of illness      The Dean of Students may place a student
or personal crisis, at a student’s request,      on involuntary leave of absence for a
OSA may alert relevant faculty that classes      specified period or until such time as the
and/or assignments may be missed.                danger may be shown to no longer exist.
                                                 The College shall retain discretion to
Leaves of Absence                                determine when it is appropriate for the
In the event of a psychological or medical       student to return to study.

                                                                    2010-11 Parent Handbook    9
Student Activities                               environment for students that will help them
OSA helps to insure that a wide variety of       attain their undergraduate and graduate
campus activities are available to students.     degrees. OBSA also hopes to help students
Moya Carter works directly with PAct,            develop emotional autonomy, coping skills,
the Pitzer Activities Programming Board          feelings of self-worth and independence, a
to make sure that students have access           positive ethnic identity, mature relationships
to many events and activities on and off         with peers, appropriate educational plans,
campus. Moya Carter, dean of students,           mature career paths, and a responsible
909.607.4176 or moya_carter@pitzer.edu.          lifestyle. Hughes Suffren, OBSA dean
                                                 of students, 139 East Seventh Street
Center for Asian Pacific American                 909.607.3669
Students (CAPAS)
CAPAS seeks to enrich and develop social,        Frequently Asked Questions
intellectual, and personal growth in our
                                                 Does Pitzer offer storage for my
students by providing Asian American
                                                 student’s use during the semester
resources as well as a welcoming, support-
                                                 or over the summer?
ive environment. The Center serves as
                                                 No. Unfortunately, there is simply no space
an advocate for the Asian and Pacific
                                                 on campus for storage. Storage space
Islander community, and promotes an
                                                 can be obtained for reasonable rates from
educational dialogue that embraces the
                                                 local storage vendors (see Local Resources
unique experiences of ethnic communities,
                                                 page 30).
the cultural fabric of our institution. CAPAS
provides resources to promote and enhance
                                                 Can my student change roommates in
academic, cultural, social, and political
                                                 the middle of the semester?
experiences for students. Through the
                                                 Yes. After attempts to resolve any
collaboration of the Asian American Sponsor
                                                 differences with the help of the residential
Program, a student-run mentoring program,
                                                 life staff are unsuccessful, a student may
students are invited to take part in retreats,
                                                 request a room change through his or her
tutorials, leadership development, relation-
                                                 residence director.
ship building, and education and career
planning. CAPAS is dedicated to diversity
                                                 If I know that my child is using an
by involving all members of the community
                                                 on-campus counseling service,
in its programs and activities. Stephanie
                                                 can I obtain information about their
Velasco Poserio, director, 909.607.9816
                                                 counseling sessions?
                                                 The Family Educational Rights and Privacy
5-College Student Resource Offices                Act (FERPA), also known as the Buckley
Chicano/Latino Student Affairs (CLSA)            Amendment, provides for the confidentiality
CLSA’s primary goal is to ensure that            of student records and information for
Chicano/Latino students at The Claremont         students eighteen years and older. In
Colleges have a positive and rewarding           compliance with this federal regulation,
academic experience while attaining their        the Office of Student Affairs requires that
degrees. This is accomplished by offering        in order for a parent to receive confidential
academic and support services which              information regarding their son or daughter,
serve to complement existing resources at        a student must complete and sign a
each of The Claremont Colleges, and social       release form authorizing the release of such
events which foster personal growth and          information. (See page 12).
cultural awareness.
Maria Torres, CLSA dean of students,             My child is involved in a disciplinary
Tranquada Student Services Building,             hearing. Can I find out the status of the
757 College Way 909.621.8044                     hearing?
                                                 Again, FERPA applies as above. (See page 12).
Office of Black Student Affairs (OBSA)
OBSA addresses the educational needs of          Should I be worried if my student is
students of African descent. Through its         involved in protests?
cultural programs and academic services,         Pitzer College encourages and promotes
the office seeks to create a supportive          responsible social action. Students and

10   Pitzer College
parents should understand that civil            hand with the Office of Student Affairs to
disobedience, while valuable to the             promote and provide a safe environment
process of education, might potentially         on campus and to educate students about
result in undesirable consequences. Pitzer      their responsibility in contributing to a
recognizes the right of students to protest,    safe campus. Lighting is being continually
and encourages students to take responsi-       assessed and improved when necessary.
bility for their individual actions.            Emergency call boxes/phones are installed
                                                throughout campus and many parking lots
My student doesn’t want to use the              have continual video surveillance. Resident
on-campus dining services. Do I have to         assistants, residence directors, campus
pay for a board plan?                           safety officers, and many students have
All students who live on campus are             Red Cross, CPR and first-aid training.
required to purchase a meal plan.               In addition, professional staff members,
                                                including a Residence Director and a dean
My student complains that there is              from the Office of Student Affairs, are
nothing to do on campus. Are there              on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
activities on campus to attend?                 The College-issued student identification
A wide variety of free activities are offered   card is necessary for access to all residen-
weekly at Pitzer and the other Claremont        tial living areas and all Pitzer and 5C social
Colleges. Occasional off-campus activities      events.
are offered at no or minimal cost. There
are a number of student organizations           Does my child need to get a CA State
and ways to participate in institutional        Driver’s License?*
governance that are also good outlets.          According to the California Department
                                                of Motor Vehicles: If you are a visitor in
I am worried about substance use on             California over eighteen and have a valid
campus.                                         driver license from your home state or
Pitzer College adheres to all state and         country, you may drive in this state without
federal laws regarding alcohol and drug         getting a California driver license as long
use. The College seeks to promote               as your home state license remains valid. If
responsible decision-making on the part of      you take a job here or become a resident,
all members of the community and takes          you must get a California driver license
an educational approach to substance            within ten days. Residency is established
use/abuse issues. The Office of Student         by voting in a California election, paying
Affairs offers awareness, prevention,           resident tuition, filing for home owner’s
and education programs, as well as the          property tax exemption or any other
services of an on-campus substance              privilege or benefit not ordinarily extended
abuse counselor/educator. Other local           to nonresidents.
resources are also available. Students
who egregiously or repeatedly violate the       Can students remain on campus during
College’s policies on alcohol and drugs will    breaks in the academic calendar?
be subject to disciplinary action.              Students may remain on campus during
                                                Fall Break and Spring Break but they
My son/daughter needs something fixed            should be aware that dining services are
in his/her residence hall room. What            not available. Residence halls are closed
should he/she do?                               during Winter Break and the summer.
Your son/daughter should fill out an
on-line work order conveniently available       My student is struggling to maintain
on Pitzer’s Website. For emergencies, we        passing grades. Is any assistance
recommend that they call the residence          available?
director on duty.                               Students are encouraged to work directly
                                                with their faculty instructors as well as their
What security measures are taken to             academic adviser to address academic
ensure a safe campus?                           issues or concerns. Student Affairs staff,
Student safety is a top priority at Pitzer.     particularly Rochelle Brown, associate
Campus Safety and Facilities work hand-in-      dean of students, are available to provide

                                                                    2010-11 Parent Handbook   11
support and resources to help students         question will be directed to the appropriate
academically.                                  person and answered in a timely manner.
* Please note that first-year students are
not permitted to have a car on campus for      Family Educational Rights and
their first two years. Contact the Office of
Student Affairs at 909.621.8241 for more
                                               Privacy Act (FERPA)
information.                                   The Family Educational Rights and
                                               Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 (also known
Will there be any power outages this           as the Buckley Amendment) establishes
year?                                          guidelines to protect the privacy of student
Generators have been installed to provide      records and to provide for student access
power to all of The Claremont Colleges in      to records.
the event of a power outage. All services
and functions should continue as normal.       FERPA places clear limits on the release of
                                               information from student records: except
                                               as provided for in the law, material may
Additional Questions                           be released only at the student’s specific
Campus Life                                    written request. Such an exception is
If you have questions regarding Welcome        directory information, which may be
Week, new student transition, student          released at any time unless a student
activities, the mentor program or general      has requested that it be withheld. Such
questions regarding campus life contact        directory information includes name,
Moya Carter, dean of students at               campus address, telephone number,
909.607.4176 or moya_carter@pitzer.edu.        concentration, participation in officially
                                               recognized activities and sports, dates of
Housing                                        attendance, degrees and awards received,
If you have questions regarding housing        and most recent previous educational
assignments, changes to room or board          institution or agency attended. The act also
plans, safety, furnishings, contact Tressi     provides academic students the right to
Mehana Chun, housing coordinator at            inspect their official records. Requests to
909.607.3132 or housing@pitzer.edu.            examine records should be addressed to
                                               the Registrar.
Residential Life
If you have questions regarding residence      As parents, we hope you will understand
directors, resident advisers, residence hall   that Pitzer College must comply with
programs, counseling and other resources       federal regulations in regard to student
contact Chris Brunelle, assistant dean of      privacy. Unless a student gives express
students at 909.607.2988 or                    written permission, we cannot release
chris_brunelle@pitzer.edu.                     personal, disciplinary or academic
Medical Insurance
All students must have medical coverage. If
you have questions regarding the Student
Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan
offered by The Claremont Colleges contact
Rochelle Brown, associate dean
at 909.607.3553 or

Questions of a confidential nature can be
directed to Micky Lee, assistant to the vice
president at 909.607.2821 or micky_lee@

You can also email any question you have
to parents@pitzer.edu or call the Office of
Student Affairs at 909.621.8241 and your

12   Pitzer College
2010-11 Parent Handbook   13
Office of the

The Office of the Dean of Faculty oversees all matters
related to the curriculum and instruction. Students are
expected to discuss problems or concerns related to a
course or a grade with the faculty member teaching the
course. If the problem persists, the office can assist in
mediating a resolution.

The Importance of Advising                        line of guidance and support during the
at Pitzer                                         student’s career at Pitzer.
Effective faculty advising is important to a      Should I check in with my child’s adviser
liberal arts education and is crucial to the      regarding how my child is doing at
Pitzer education. At Pitzer, we take advising     Pitzer?
seriously, as evidenced by the fact that          While advisers certainly enjoy meeting
we rank good advising along with good             parents, and feel that this gives them
teaching at the top of our list of criteria for   a broader picture of their students,
promotion and tenure. We ask students             please keep in mind that the adviser’s
to plan and define a course of study that         primary role is in working directly with the
addresses a number of broadly defined             student. For legal and ethical reasons,
objectives, but we also give considerable         faculty cannot share details of a student’s
room for intellectual exploration which           academic record unless the student
needs to be planned in close consultation         himself/herself gives written permission
with a faculty adviser.                           to share that information (See FERPA
                                                  guidelines on page 12).
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the role of the faculty adviser?          Do students have to stay with their
Do they only carry out academic                   assigned adviser for the duration of their
advising?                                         time at Pitzer?
Certainly a central role of the faculty           No. The initial advising assignments are
adviser is to help the student in academic        made to help students get oriented to
planning. For incoming students,                  Pitzer, and to provide them academic
that involves explaining the College’s            support in their first year(s). Students often
educational objectives and helping                switch advisers once they have decided
the student chart a path toward those             upon a major, as they need advisers
academic goals. Later in a student’s career,      specializing in their chosen fields of study.
it may involve helping students design a          Students with joint or double majors often
special major or meeting the objectives for       have two advisers with whom they work
a specific major. But faculty members also        concurrently.
try to support students who are dealing
with various personal or social issues at the
College (e.g. problems with roommates,
difficulties with time management) and try
to get students the needed assistance. We
like to think that faculty can act as a first

14   Pitzer College
American Studies
Art History
Asian American Studies
Black Studies
Chicano/a Studies
Creative Studies
English and World Literature
Environmental Science
Environmental Studies
Gender & Feminist Studies
Human Biology
International and Intercultural Studies
Management Engineering
Mathematical Economics
Media Studies
Molecular Biology
Organismal Biology
Organizational Studies
Political Economy
Political Studies
Religious Studies
Science, Technology & Society
                                          2010-11 Parent Handbook   15

Career Services assists students and alumni by
providing a comprehensive array of services, resources,
and programs addressing career-related issues. The
office operates within the College’s founding vision of
continually seeking new ways of looking at the world
and better ways of helping students find meaningful
lives within it. The office offers the following services,
resources and programs:
Services                                      time intensive and involves much thought,
Career Counseling: Career decision-           along with gaining experience in various
making often involves a comprehensive,        occupations. Our office has identified the
in-depth examination one’s skills, values,    necessary steps that students should
interests and personality type. Career        take each academic year to help develop
Services staff can meet with individuals      the knowledge and experience needed to
to discuss career planning issues and         make satisfying career choices. A list of
administer, if necessary, tools designed to   these steps is available in our office.
assist with the self-assessment process.
                                              Job Search: Most jobs are found through
                                              proactive job search efforts such as
Four Year Plan: What is career and            networking, participating in internships,
life planning?                                volunteering and career fairs. It is important
The Office of Career Services recognizes      to use several methods in addition to
that career decision-making process is        searching online jobs ads. Career Services

16   Pitzer College
can assist students with their job search        research both graduate and professional
by providing the following services: hosting     school programs and standardized test
interview workshops, conducting mock             preparation courses. Information about
interview, reviewing resumes and linking to      the application process, standardized test
interview, resume and job search sites on        bulletins and financial aid resources is also
the Internet.                                    available at our office.

Claremont College On-Campus                      Internships: Career Services has a variety
Recruiting Program: Seniors and juniors          of resources to help identify internships
can participate in the Claremont College’s       that complement the academic experience.
On-Campus Recruiting Program. Pitzer             We encourage students to meet one on
students have access to several hundred          one with a career counselor who can
companies and organizations who                  discuss their interests and direct them to
participate in this program each year.           appropriate listings.
Pitzer’s Web-based recruiting system
allows students to access on-campus              Career Resource Library: The office
recruiting events, job listings and internship   maintains a vast collection of books,
listings online 24 hours a day.                  directories and handouts about
                                                 occupational fields, career exploration,
Resources                                        job search, internships, graduate school,
                                                 interviewing and resume writing.
Alumni Career Connections: Pitzer Career
Services has a searchable online database
                                                 Workshops and Seminars: Career
that will allow students to access the
                                                 Services facilitates and sponsors
names of alumni who are willing to serve
                                                 career-related programs throughout the
as “Career Advisors.” These are graduates
                                                 academic year. Some of the topics covered
who have agreed to be contacted for
                                                 include interviewing, applying to graduate
career-related networking purposes.
                                                 school, planning the senior year, searching
Alumni can be searched for based upon
                                                 for summer jobs and internships.
geographical area, major and industry.
                                                 For more information, please contact the
Graduate & Professional School: Career
                                                 Career Services office at 909.621.8519. or
Services has resources to help students

                                                                    2010-11 Parent Handbook   17

Advisers in the Office of Study Abroad assist students who
wish to study abroad during their time at Pitzer. No matter
what the intended major, all qualified students can successfully
include study abroad in their Pitzer education and are
encouraged to do so. With a majority of every graduating class
having completed an educational experience abroad, Pitzer
has the distinction of having one of the highest rates in the
nation for participation in a semester abroad.
Students may select from options on          advisers are available to assist students
approved program in Argentina, Australia,    throughout the application, preparation
Botswana, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China,    and re-entry processes.
Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, England,
Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Hong        While there are some expenses related to
Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy,      overseas study that must be considered
Japan, Korea, Latvia, Mexico, Morocco,       in budget planning, all students on
Nepal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain,       semester study abroad programs pay
Thailand and Turkey as well as summer        the same comprehensive fees as for any
programs in Costa Rica and Japan.            other semester on campus (inclusive of
Domestic exchanges are also possible         tuition, student fees, room and board) plus
with twelve cooperating US colleges and      a $550 contribution (subject to change)
universities.                                toward the cost of round-trip airfare to
                                             their study abroad destination. Financial
Your student is advised to consult with      aid can be applied to participation on any
her/his faculty adviser and the Office       approved study abroad program during
of Study Abroad as early as the first        the academic year or either of the two
semester about an interest in studying       Pitzer summer programs. The College is
abroad. Advance planning helps to ensure     committed to making study abroad on
that your student can complete the           one of the Pitzer programs or exchanges
preparatory coursework that is required      a possibility for all students who meet the
for all programs. Students typically start   requirements.
the application process in the fall of the
sophomore year by attending one of the       For more information, please contact the
information sessions that are repeated       Office of Study Abroad at studyabroad@
weekly from mid September to early           pitzer.edu or consult the Website at
November. The application deadline is        www.pitzer.edu/studyabroad.
in the first week of December each year
followed by the supplemental application
deadline in the first week of February
each year. Participation on a study abroad
program usually occurs in the junior
year or first semester of the senior year
although sophomores can be considered
if space is available. The study abroad

18   Pitzer College
2010-11 Parent Handbook   19

Pitzer College welcomes matriculating and visiting
international students. Their global perspectives and
presence enhance the diverse and multi-faceted Pitzer
College community.
The Office of International Programs           experience different aspects of campus
provides advice and assistance to these        life and connect with International Place
international students through a wide          and the larger international community
range of services. A major function that       of The Claremont Colleges. As these
begins even before the students arrive         students from over 20 countries feel as
is helping them navigate and stay in           welcomed and supported as possible,
good legal standing with the federal           their participation in the Pitzer experience
regulations concerning student visas.          becomes that much richer and the
Upon arrival, international students receive   opportunities for intercultural exchange and
a comprehensive orientation program            education abound.
and assistance with any number of
tasks, ranging from finding lost luggage       If you have questions or would like more
to applying for a social security card.        information, please contact Todd Sasaki,
The office also works with students            director of international programs, at
throughout the school year to put them         todd_sasaki@pitzer.edu.
in touch with informal discussion groups,

20   Pitzer College

All of the academic buildings on campus are
interconnected with a high-speed, fiber-optic based
network. This network is also connected to computers
located at the other Claremont Colleges, the Honnold/
Mudd Library’s electronic services and a high speed
connection to the Internet. Normal computer usage of
these facilities (including access to the Internet) is available
without charge to Pitzer students and faculty. Laser
printing and color printing are available for a nominal fee.
Bernard Hall Computer Center                  to student residents whose computers
The Bernard Hall computing facility           meet or exceed the specified system
includes an open-use laboratory with          requirements needed to connect to the
Macintosh and Windows personal                Pitzer network. More information about
computers, laser printers and scanners.       system requirements can be found at:
This facility is primarily intended for use   www.pitzer.edu/resnet
in electronic communications, instruction,
presentation development and research.        Resnet
                                              Resnet will assist with and/or provide Pitzer
Broad Hall Computer Classrooms                College residents the following services:
The Kenneth and Jean Pitzer Computer               Installation and configuration of
Classroom in Broad Hall houses 18                  Ethernet cards
computers and an overhead projection               Installation and configuration of client
system connected to the instructor’s               software
station for demonstration purposes. The            Assistance with network and email
Social Sciences Statistics Laboratory in           accounts
Broad Hall houses ten computers for the            Maintaining working condition of
use of Social Science faculty and students         Residence Hall network ports
in statistical research and instruction.           Installation and/or configuration of
                                                   internet browser software
                                                   Configuration of email software
Fletcher Jones Language and                        Recovering lost or corrupt files that
Culture Laboratory                                 were saved on the network
The Language Laboratory offers twelve              Removing computer viruses and
computers and software for learning                installing anti-virus software
languages, video players, cassette
recorders and Internet broadcasts.            Resnet will make every attempt to help, but
                                              is not responsible for any of the following,
Residence Network                             including but not limited to:
                                                   Providing Ethernet cards, network
Residence Halls provide high-speed
                                                   cables or any other equipment
network connections for all students.
                                                   required to successfully attach to
Pitzer College offers networking assistance

                                                                 2010-11 Parent Handbook   21
     Pitzer’s network                         Send an Email
     Hardware troubleshooting or repair       If you are having trouble with the online
     (other than Ethernet cards)              request form, send an email to resnet@
     Software troubleshooting or repair       pitzer.edu. In the body of your message,
     (other than client software and          please provide your full name, phone
     internet/email or software provided to   number, residence hall room number, and a
     you by a Resnet technician)              brief description of the problem. A Resnet
     Maintaining network connection of        technician will assist you in the order in
     computers with software or hardware      which requests were received.
     that conflict or otherwise inhibit a
     stable network connection                Call Us
     Setup or configuration of peripherals    Resnet is only a phone call away. Call
     such as printers, scanners, modems,      extension 77548 to leave a message.
     external drives, etc.                    Please provide your full name, phone
     Lost/corrupt files or software caused    number, residence hall room number and
     by installing Ethernet cards, client     a brief description of the problem and
     software or Internet/email software      a Resnet technician will contact you as
     Recovering applications/operating        soon as possible. Resnet office hours are
     systems                                  Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Students can contact a Resnet                 Walk-In Hours
                                              During the academic year Resnet will be in
technician in the following ways:             the residence halls to assist students their
Submit Online Request                         computer issues and questions. For current
For the quickest service, send a request      walk-in hours and locations visit
through: www.pitzer.edu/resnet                www.pitzer.edu/resnet.
It’s easy, it’s fast and your request is
automatically entered into the help system.

22   Pitzer College

If you have any questions about financial aid, your student’s
eligibility for financial aid or financing your student’s
education at Pitzer, the Financial Aid Office can answer them.
The office administers grants, loans and           be billed for tuition and fees only.
college work-study jobs and can help you
decode a letter from your loan servicer, or        My child wants to go on a Study Abroad
provide a fee waiver for graduate school           program. Is there financial aid available
applications. Emergency loans for up to            for this?
$100 are available on a short-term basis;          A student who goes on a Study Abroad
the application form can be obtained               program receives the same financial aid
and approved in the Financial Aid Office.          as being in Claremont with the exception
Individual financial aid counseling is available   of work-study. The student is packaged
by appointment. For more information,              with an additional grant in the amount of
please contact the Financial Aid Office at         that semester’s work-study. In addition, the
909.621.8208 or financial_aid@pitzer.edu.          study abroad grant covers the $550 airfare
                                                   contribution, which is charged for the study
                                                   abroad program.
Named Scholarships
A portion of Pitzer’s financial aid resources      Is there a GPA requirement for renewal
is provided by individuals, foundations            of financial aid?
and corporations in the form of named              No. If the student is eligible to re-enroll,
scholarships. In general, these named              as determined by the College’s Academic
scholarships are assigned to financial             Standards Committee, the student is
aid recipients on the basis of academic            eligible to receive financial aid.
achievement, special interests and other
criteria stipulated by the donors. If your         When do we apply for renewal of aid?
student is assigned a named scholarship, a         The Financial Aid Office mails out the
portion of their Pitzer Grant will come from       information about re-applying for financial
that source.                                       aid immediately after Winter Break. The
                                                   deadline for returning students to apply for
Receiving a named scholarship does not             financial aid is March 2.
change the amount of money offered to
your student through the Pitzer Grant.             How does my child find a work-study
However, receiving a named fellowship is           job? Are there enough jobs for everyone?
a very high honor, and is an asset to your         Career Services has an online listing of
student’s academic record. Recipients of           all of the work-study jobs and is happy to
named fellowships can include their award          work with students. Jobs are available on
and the amount received through that               the campus and at approved off-campus
award on resumes and applications for              nonprofit agencies. There are enough
graduate school and fellowships or grants.         jobs that any student with work-study
                                                   can find one.
Frequently Asked Questions
My child wants to live off-campus.                 How many hours per week do you expect
How does this affect financial aid?                 the student to work?
Pitzer does not make any adjustment in a           In general, Pitzer expects work-study
student’s financial aid award for off-campus       students to work between ten and fourteen
living. What does change is the amount you         hours per week, depending on grade level.
need to pay to the College because you will        The hourly rate of pay is $8.50.
                                                                       2010-11 Parent Handbook    23

Student Accounts works with families and students to
ensure that student bills are paid in a timely manner.
Pitzer College, through Tuition Management Services,
offers a ten-month and a twelve-month payment plan for
the school year. The last payment is due in April.
Please be aware that your account must           What is the student body fee?
be current before you can return for the         All students are charged the student body
next semester. More detailed information         fee. This fee is allocated by the Student
regarding student fees and payments may          Senate to student organizations including
be found in the college catalog. If you          PAct (Pitzer Activities) which offers many
do not know who to call about a charge,          activities for students on Pitzer College
contact the Office of Student Accounts at        campus free of charge. This fee goes
909.621.8191.                                    towards those activities.

Frequently Asked Questions                       What is the campus activity fee?
                                                 All students are charged the campus
Is there any monthly payment plan
                                                 activity fee. There are many activities
available if we cannot pay in full at the
                                                 offered to all Claremont Colleges students
beginning of each semester?
                                                 free of charge. This fee goes toward those
Yes. Tuition Management Systems offers a
monthly payment plan. You may establish
it for one semester only or for the year. You
                                                 My son or daughter plans to live off
may access their online registration through
                                                 campus. Why was I charged for a room?
www.afford.com. Their phone number is
                                                 All students must discuss living off-campus
                                                 with the housing coordinator in the Office
                                                 of Residential Life at 909.607.3132.
Does Pitzer College have a monthly
payment plan?
                                                 Can the Office of Student Accounts
No. We have full payment at the beginning
                                                 change my student’s meal plan?
of each semester.
                                                 No. You will need to speak with the housing
                                                 coordinator in the Office of Residential Life
Can we pay our statement with a credit
                                                 at 909.607.3132.
No. The College accepts payments in full by
                                                 Who do I contact when I receive a
check, cash (under $100) or money order.
                                                 Residence Hall damage charge on my
                                                 student’s account?
Can you tell me what my student’s
                                                 You will need to speak with the housing
financial aid package is?
                                                 coordinator in the Office of Residential Life
No. You may contact the Financial Aid
                                                 at 909.607.3132.
Office at 909.621.8208.
                                                 Why was I charged for insurance when
What are facilities fees?
                                                 I already have coverage for my son or
All students are charged the facility fee.
This is for the maintenance of all grounds
                                                 Rochelle Brown in the Office of Student
and buildings. This fee is part of the tuition
                                                 Affairs handles all information on the Pitzer

24   Pitzer College
College medical insurance. All students      subject to being cited and/or towed. The
must have medical coverage. She requests     Office of Student Accounts bills the vehicle
a copy of the medical coverage information   fee of $35 per semester for students living
each year to verify that the student has     on-campus and $20 per semester for
medical coverage. If she does not receive    students who live off-campus. Please be
any information, the student account         aware that Campus Safety issues citations.
is charged. Rochelle can be reached at       Any disputes must be handled through their
909.607.3553 or rochelle_brown@pitzer.edu.   office. They are located at 251 East Eleventh
                                             Street. Their number is 909.621.8170.
Whom do I contact when there is a lab
fee on my student’s statement?               Who do I contact for a copy of the
The Registrar’s Office applies lab fees to   Baxter Medical charge that appears on
the student account. They can be reached     my statement?
at 909.607.2650.                             The Baxter Medical Office will give medical
                                             information to students only. Your student
Where should my son or daughter              needs to request all billing information
register a vehicle?*                         from the Baxter Medical Office in writing at
Vehicles can be registered at the Campus     909.621.8222.
Safety Office. All vehicles parked on
Claremont Colleges property must display     * Please note that first-year students are
a valid parking permit. Student parking      not permitted to have a car on campus
permits are valid only on the campus for     for their first two years. Contact the
which they have been issued. All vehicles    Office of Student Affairs at 909.621.8241
not displaying a valid parking permit are    for more information.

                                                                2010-11 Parent Handbook   25
Claremont Cash & Student Health

Claremont Cash                                 Appointments are available to students at
Claremont Cash can be used to purchase         no charge although there can be charges
both food and non-food items throughout        for medicines, laboratory tests, special
The Claremont Colleges, as well as at local    procedures and supplies, x-rays and
merchants in and around Claremont and          physical exam for sports and study abroad.
for doing laundry. All students, faculty and   These charges do not need to be paid for
staff of The Claremont Colleges have a         at the time of service.
Claremont Cash account established as
soon as the student’s ID card is created.      Walk-in hours are from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m.
                                               and 2 to 4 p.m. Students who come to
Each residence hall is equipped with           walk-in hours are assessed for severity
card-operated laundry machines for which       of illness and given appropriate care. In
Claremont Cash must be used. Washing           offering this service, the health center staff
costs $1.00 and drying costs $.75.             asks that students understand that there
Students must provide their own laundry        may be a waiting period involved. There is
detergent and supplies.                        a fee for walk-in appointments and a fee for
                                               missed appointments that have not been
For more information about Claremont           canceled two hours in advance.
Cash, please call 909.607.2273.
                                               Referral for consultation and treatment by
                                               specialists in all fields within the community
Student Health Services                        can be arranged by the Student Health
Tranquada Student Services Building            Service but are not paid by The Claremont
757 College Way                                Colleges, and payment for them is the
909.621.8222                                   responsibility of the individual student.
                                               It is strongly advised that students
A completed entrance health physical           have medical insurance. For after hours
form is required to be on file for all         emergencies, call Campus Safety at
undergraduates and necessary to secure a       909.607.2000.
scheduled appointment.

26   Pitzer College
The City of

Claremont Facts and Figures*
The City of Claremont, founded in 1887,
has a population of 36,612 and covers
14.14 square miles. Claremont is 1,150
feet above sea level, with an average
annual temperature of 63 degrees F. and
an average rainfall of 17.3 inches a year.
Claremont has 23 city-owned parks and
sports fields, with 1,788 acres of public
parkland of which 1,769 acres are
wilderness. The city has been a winner
of the National Arbor Day Association’s
Tree City USA award for 22 consecutive
years. Claremont’s infrastructure
includes 120 miles of surfaced streets,
230 miles of sidewalks, 4,000 street
signs, 2,596 park and street lights and
24,011 city trees.
*according to 2000 census

Claremont Area Map
For a detailed map of shops,
restaurants and parking, please visit

                   Foothill Blvd.
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Monte Vista Ave.
                                              Indian Hill Blvd.
  Towne Ave.

                                                                                             12th St.                             Platt Blvd.
                                                                                                                                                                               Claremont Blvd.
                                                                                                                 Dartmouth Ave.
                                                                                                  College Ave.
                                                                              Harvard Ave.
                                                                  Yale Ave.

                                                                                                                                                   Mills Ave.

                                                                                                                                                                     9th St.

                                                                                             8th St.                              College Way

               President’s House                                                             7th St.
               739 Harvard Ave.
                                                                                             6th St.                                            6th St.

                 Harrison Ave.

                                                                                  4th St.

                                 Bonita Ave.                                                                                       Claremont

                                                                              2nd St.

                                                                                1st St.

                                                                     Metrolink Station

                                                                                                                                                                2010-11 Parent Handbook                                 27
Pitzer College

1. Edythe and Eli Broad Center   3. Gloria and Peter Gold
Advancement Office               Student Center
Classrooms                       Campus Life & PAct Offices
Faculty Offices                  Circle Gallery
Institutional Research           Conference Room
Nichols Gallery                  Fitness Room
Performance Space                GSC Service Desk
President’s Office               Housing Office
                                 Multipurpose Rooms
2. Broad Hall                    Pool & Terrace
Anthropology Lab
A                                Shakedown Café
Claremont Infant Study Center    Special Programs
Classrooms                       Student Affairs Staff
Computer Classrooms              Student Governance Office
Cross-Cultural Anthropology
Faculty Offices                  4. Avery Hall
Information Technology           George C.S. Benson Auditorium
Language Laboratory              Classrooms
Memory & Aging                   Faculty Offices
Paleoanthropology Lab            Faculty & Staff Lounge
Psychology Laboratories
Social Science Interview Room    5. Fletcher Hall
                                 Dean of Faculty
                                 Faculty Offices
28   Pitzer College
6. Scott Hall                             13. Brant Clock Tower
California International Studies
    Education Project (CISEP)             14. Grove House
Classrooms                                Arboretum
Dean of Students                          Barbara Hinshaw Memorial Gallery
Faculty Offices                           Bert Meyers Poetry Room
Financial Aid                             Pitzer Environmental Action
International Programs                    Grove House Kitchen
Media Studies Program                     Guest Room
PACE: University & Professional English   Meeting Rooms
Registrar                                 Women’s Center
Student Accounts
Student Affairs                           15. East Mesa Parking
Study Abroad
                                          16. Holden Parking
7. Bernard Hall
Community Engagement Center
C                                         17. Sanborn Parking
Classrooms                                18. John R. Rodman Arboretum
Computer Lab
Duplicating Services                      19. Pitzer Hall
Faculty Offices                           Admission Office
Information Technology                    Community Living Room
Pit-Stop Café                             Facilities Central Plant
                                          Faculty Apartment
8. Commencement Plaza                     Green Roof Garden
& Recreation Field                        Residential Rooms
                                          Study Rooms & Lounges
9. McConnell Center
Art Studios                               20. Sanborn Hall
Audio Visual Services                     Community Living Room
Dining Hall                               Faculty & Staff Apartments
East Gallery                              Residential Rooms
Facilities                                Study Rooms & Lounges
Founders Room
Frederick Salathé Atrium                  21. Atherton Hall
Human Resources                           Art Faculty Offices
Living Room                               Art Galleries Curator Office
Private Dining Room                       Art Studios
Public Relations                          Mail Center
Salathé Gallery                           Community Living Room
Treasurer’s Office                        Electronic Seminar Room
                                          Lenzner Family Art Gallery
10. Holden Hall                           Living Room
Community Living Room
C                                         Music Practice Room
Recreation Room                           Residential Rooms
Residential Rooms                         Staff Apartment
Study Rooms                               Study Rooms & Lounges

11. Mead Hall                             22. Community Courtyard
Center for Asian Pacific American
    Students (CAPAS)                      23. Founding Faculty Outdoor
Career Services                           Amphitheater
Living Room
Lucian Marquis Library                    24. W. M. Keck Science Center
Rabbit Hole                               Classrooms
Residential Suites                        Faculty Offices
Study Areas                               Laboratories
Writing Center & Office                   Lecture Hall

12. Pellissier Mall (The Mounds)
                                                                2010-11 Parent Handbook   29

Bank of America                             Trader Joe’s Co.
339 Yale Ave. (In the Village)              425 Foothill Blvd.
Claremont, CA                               Claremont, CA
909.625.8809                                909.625.8784

California Bank & Trust                     Vons Company
102 Yale Ave. (In the Village)              550 E. Baseline Road
Claremont, CA                               Claremont, CA
909.624.9091                                909.621.4544

Chase                                       Wolfe’s Market
400 N. Indian Hill Blvd. (In the Village)   160 W. Foothill Blvd.
Claremont, CA                               Claremont, CA
909.624.9001                                909.626.8508

Citizens Business Bank                      Hospitals
750 Wharton Drive                           Chino Valley Medical Center
Claremont, CA                               5451 Walnut Ave.
909.398.0100                                Chino, CA
Foothill Independent Bank
223 W. Foothill Blvd. #200                  Pomona Valley Hospital
Claremont, CA                               Medical Center
909.621.0519                                1798 N. Garey Ave.
                                            Pomona, CA
US Bank                                     909.865.9700
393 W. Foothill Blvd.
Claremont, CA                               Pomona Valley Urgent Care Center
909.341.8282                                8891 N. Central Ave.
                                            Montclair, CA
Wells Fargo                                 909.865.9977
203 Yale Ave. #1 (In the Village)
Claremont, CA                               Rancho San Antonio Medical Center
909.398.1140                                7777 Milliken Ave,
                                            Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Grocery Stores                              909.948.8000
Sprouts Farmers Market
835 W. Foothill Blvd.                       San Antonio Community Hospital
Claremont, CA                               999 San Bernardino Road
909.267.1049                                Upland, CA
Stater Bros.
1055 W. Foothill Blvd.
Claremont, CA

30   Pitzer College
Hotels                                       Restaurants
ALOFT                                        42nd Street Bagel
(9 miles from campus)                        225 Yale Ave., Claremont (In the Village)
10480 Fourth Street                          909.624.7655
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730                   Great breakfast place for bagels with a
877.GO.ALOFT                                 variety of cream cheeses, gourmet coffee
909.484.2018                                 drinks and smoothies.

DoubleTree Hotel                             B C Café
555 W. Foothill Blvd.                        701 S. Indian Hill Blvd., Claremont
Claremont, CA 91711                          909.482.1414 (On the west side of Indian
909.626.2411                                 Hill just north of the 10 freeway). Famous
*Less than 1 mile from campus                for their large breakfast and lunch portions.

Hotel Casa 425                               Casablanca Bar & Grill
425 W. First St.                             500 W. First St., Claremont
Claremont, CA 91711                          909.626.5200 (In the Packing House)
909.624.2272                                 Mediterranean/Lebanese menu with dining
*Less than 1 mile from campus                area and patio seating.

Marriott Ontario Airport                     Harvard Square Café
(8 miles from campus)                        206 W. Bonita Ave. #A, Claremont
2200 E. Holt Blvd.                           909.626.7763 (In the Village)
Ontario, CA                                  Harvard Square features an American menu
800.284.8811                                 specializing in pasta, seafood and steak,
909.975.5000                                 and boasts a good selection of wines.

Sheraton Ontario Airport                     Heroes Restaurant
(8 miles from campus)                        131 Yale Ave., Claremont
429 N. Vineyard Ave.                         909.621.6712 (In the Village)
Ontario, CA                                  Heroes is a sports bar/burger place with
800.582.2946                                 big servings.
                                             Hip Kitty Jazz & Fondue Lounge
Sheraton Suites Fairplex                     502 W. First St., Claremont
(5 miles from campus)                        909.447.6700 (In the Packing House)
601 W. McKinley Ave.                         Live music nightly
Pomona, CA
866.716.8130                                 The Press
                                             129 Harvard Ave., Claremont
Metrolink Trains to Downtown                 909.625.4808 (In the Village)
                                             A hip location for the town’s twenty-
Los Angeles                                  something’s, The Press also caters to the
The Metrolink rail system provides easy      business crowd at lunch.
transport to various activity centers.
Ride into downtown Los Angeles’s Union       Saca’s Mediterranean Cuisine
Station and connect with busses and trains   248 W. Second St., Claremont
that take you to a number of locations       909.624.3340 (In the Village)
in the Los Angeles area, or simply enjoy     Fresh, fast Mediterranean food for an
downtown Los Angeles. For full scheduling    inexpensive casual meal
and information, please visit
www.metrolinktrains.com                      Tutti Mangia Italian Grill
                                             102 Harvard Ave., Claremont
                                             909.625.4669 (In the Village)
                                             Tasty Italian cuisine with excellent service

                                                                2010-11 Parent Handbook     31
Viva Madrid                           Storage Space
225-B Yale Ave., Claremont            Evergreen-Claremont
909.624.5500 (in the Village)         Self Storage
Tapas and delicious Spanish cuisine   454 W. Baseline Road
                                      Claremont, CA
Walter’s Restaurant & Bakery          909.399.9989
310 Yale Ave., Claremont
909.624.4914 (In the Village)         Extra Space Storage Claremont
Walter’s offers an eclectic menu of   775 S. Mills Ave.
standard American favorites and       Claremont, CA
entrees with an Afghan flair.         909.622.6507

Retail Stores                         Reliable Self Storage*
Best Buy                              1495 Andrew Drive
8960 Central Ave.                     Claremont, CA
Montclair, CA                         909.625.5060
909.621.7156                          *Ask for student discounts!

Home Depot                            Storage Solutions
250 S. Mountain Ave.                  525 W. Arrow Hwy.
Upland, CA                            Claremont, CA
909.949.4119                          909.621.6829

Lowe’s                                Taxi/Shuttle Services
1659 W. Foothill Blvd.                Express Shuttle
Upland, CA 91786                      800.427.7483
                                      Super Shuttle
Staples                               909.467.9600
300 S. Mountain
Upland, CA                            Taking a taxi from the Ontario Airport to
909.918.9039                          campus will cost approximately $35, and
                                      shuttles are approximately $25, depend-
Target                                ing on how many people are going your
9052 Central Ave.                     direction (LAX shuttles run about $60-100
Montclair, CA                         to campus).
                                      We recommend that parents and students
Shopping Centers                      use the Ontario International Airport (ONT).
Montclair Plaza                       This airport is located about fifteen minutes
5060 Montclair Plaza Lane             from campus, 909.937.2700. Los Angeles
Montclair, CA                         International Airport (LAX) is approximately
909.626.2442                          1 hour from campus, 310.646.5252.

Ontario Mills Shopping Center         This is not a complete listing of area
1 Mills Circle                        merchants and resources, and does not
Ontario, CA                           reflect an endorsement of Pitzer College.

Victoria Gardens
12505 N. Mainstreet
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

32   Pitzer College
Places of

Activities in the                              Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Southern California Area                       Los Angeles
Listed are just a few highlights of cultural   www.lacma.org
and entertainment interest.
For additional information visit               Mark Taper Forum
www.calendarlive.com or call Destinations      Los Angeles, downtown
Los Angeles at 213.689.8822. To view           213.628.2772
The Claremont Colleges calendar, visit         www.musiccenter.org
                                               Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)
Museums & Arts Venues                          Los Angeles, downtown
Pitzer College Nichols Gallery & Lenzner       213.626.6222
Family Art Gallery                             www.moca.org
Contact Ciara Ennis, curator, for exhibition
information at 909.607.8797 or                 Museum of Tolerance
ciara_ennis@pitzer.edu.                        West Los Angeles
www.pitzer.edu/artgalleries/                   310.553.8403
California African American Museum
Los Angeles, Exposition Park                   Norton Simon Museum
213.744.7432                                   Pasadena
www.caam.ca.gov                                626.449.6840
The Getty Center
West Los Angeles                               Pacific Asia Museum
310.440.7300                                   Pasadena
www.getty.edu                                  626.449.2742 x10
Hollywood Bowl
2301 North Highland Avenue,                    Performing Arts
Los Angeles                                    Ahmanson Theater
323.850.2000                                   Los Angeles, downtown
www.hollywoodbowl.com                          213.628.2772
Huntington Library,
Art Gallery & Botanical Garden                 Pantages Theater
San Marino                                     Hollywood
626.405.2100                                   323.468.1770
www.huntington.org                             www.broadwayla.org

Japanese American National Museum              Walt Disney Concert Hall
Los Angeles                                    111 South Grand Avenue,
213.625.0414                                   Los Angeles
www.janm.org                                   323.850.2000

                                                                2010-11 Parent Handbook   33
Notes &

34   Pitzer College
2010-11 Parent Handbook   35
Notes &

36   Pitzer College
2010-11 Parent Handbook   37
Knock knock
               Who’s There?
               Orange Who?

Orange you glad you’re
a Pitzer parent?

                                                   Printed on recycled paper

                              Office of Parent Relations
                              1050 North Mills Avenue Claremont, CA 91711
                              parents@pitzer.edu, www.pitzer.edu/parents

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