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I need you to voice my concern regarding the recent behavior of the Moroccan authorities in relation
to the Village of Hope orphanage. The Village of Hope has been operating for the past 10 years
offering care and support to 33 Moroccan children who have been abandoned. Care is offered in
family units with sets of parents committing to 20 years of service to raise children as their own.

The authorities stated that the staff at VOH were guilty of proselytizing and the deportations were
part of a nationwide sweep to remove up to 50 foreign workers. VOH strongly refute this claim and
yet have no grounds for appeal. The authorities first gathered the children, aged no older than 10, to
tell them their mums and dads were leaving them, then they informed the parents.

Over the next couple of hours, the parents had to deal with their own trauma and the terror of the
children as well as packing up their belongings. Parents were then forcibly placed on a bus and driven
to Casablanca airport and deported.

Two sets of parents are British, Andrew and Julie Galland and Colin and Fiona Dickinson who have
been evicted and they have had to leave behind 6 Moroccan children. ********FOR U.S.A. USE- One
set of parents is American, Eddie and Lynn Padilla, who have two natural children and two VoH
children, Samir (2) and Mochine (1).***************

VOH has been entirely funded by overseas charitable donations and now the Moroccan authorities
have confiscated property and bank accounts can’t be accessed. The speed with which the
deportations took place and lack of a legal appeal system highlight the insecurity now felt by
remaining none Moroccan business people, humanitarian workers and expats.

Morocco is keen to build its trading links with the EU ***OR YOUR COUNTRY, IF APPLICABLE***,
Morocco is keen to promote itself as a safe and friendly tourist destination and Morocco is keen to
attract foreign investment and aid. Morocco must understand that actions take last week will have a
long term and detrimental impact on international relationships, inward investment, aid and support
from NGO’s and a reduction in the likelihood of tourists visiting your country. Please let your King
know that the recent action against the Village of Hope and other foreign workers is unacceptable
and unjust and that a growing campaign to challenge the Moroccan authorities is growing in the UK,
France, Holland, Spain, the USA and New Zealand. Media interest in this story is building momentum
and is only likely damage Morocco’s excellent reputation.

Yours Sincerely,