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                     ZIMRI SCHOOL / ECOLE DE ZIMRI
                          A PROJECT PROPOSAL

                             Submitted for Consideration as a

                   Schools without Borders (SWB)
                                 Initiative Sponsored by

                               Morocco Foundation (MF)

                              And the
          Association of Moroccan Professionals in America

                                      Submitted 11/22/2006
                                      By Mohamed N. ElBaz
                       Tel : +1.617-818-1612 eMail:

Zimri School /Ecole de Zimri                                         DRAFT v0.3: 8/22/2010
A proposal prepared for MF and AMPA            1                       For Discussion ONLY
   The Zimri School is located ~20 Km. Southwest of Tiflet and ~80 Km Southeast from Rabat
   (the capital). The school is located in a village called Ait Alla (aka Sidi Zimri) on a dead end
   dirt road. The village is made of 3 factions (Ait Taleb, Ait Hmidane, Ait Boho) comprised of
   167 Families that includes 907 People according to the 2004 Census. The following are maps
   by GoogleEarth and Microsoft VirtualEarth showing the location of the Zimri School (see
   pushpin at the center of the map) as related to Rabat (the capital of Morocco), Khemisset
   (The Province) and Tiflet (the closest town)

    Note the location of Zimri school and village is “off the beaten tracks” (see pushpins above and below)

   All students are from families working on the fields. All of them come to school by foot
   covering 4-5 Km at least a day, rain or shine. For 2006-7 school year, 55 students are in
   three classes which represent almost 50% of the kids in school age that cannot attend as they
   need to help their parents in the fields. 90% of the students do not go beyond 5th. Grade
   because they do not have the means to attend Middle School in Tiflet or elsewhere. The
   school is far away from the “center of gravity” to get any attention from any government or
   non-government organization. The school has been built on the ruins of the house of a forest
   ranger dating back to the French protectorate and is only reachable through dirt roads. The
   “new” building structure was added recently due to contributions from outside sources. The
   road connecting the school to the nearest paved road was fixed with gravel a couple of years
   ago, again by private donations. Zimri school has No Water, No Electricity, No
   Restrooms, No Roads, No Libraries, No Computers, and No Telephone Lines … as it
   could be witnessed by pictures that were recently taken on 11/01/06 by the MF site survey
   team. Details could be viewed at the MF website at http://www.morocco-
    New School structure, circa 2000s                                       the “yet to be” school “Cantine”

            The “old” school structure, circa 1950s is still standing with no doors, windows or roof

   This proposal is prepared by Mohamed ElBaz (a graduate of the Zimri School, 1965-70) to
   seek sponsorship from MF and AMPA in hope that the Zimri School could be considered as a
   SWB project funded and managed in collaboration with the Teachers and Parents of the
   Zimri School Children. We would like to leverage SWB, a non-profit initiative that aims to
   provide some selected underprivileged schools in rural Moroccan areas with basic needs,
   educational programs and initiatives, financial incentives and scholarships in order to
   provide students with a comfortable education environment and school experience.

   The secondary purpose of this document is to raise awareness about the plight of these
   children and call for action to address the concerning the poor condition of the school, the
   dramatic situation of the students and living conditions of the teachers from other
   government & non-government organizations, private & corporate philanthropic sponsors.

Zimri School /Ecole de Zimri                                                          DRAFT v0.3: 8/22/2010
A proposal prepared for MF and AMPA                   2                                 For Discussion ONLY
                The students love to attend school (as an escape from the harsh field work) …

   The Zimri School project is aiming at helping the school on three important levels:

        Providing basic services such as Water, Electricity, Roads, and Telephone ...
        Ensuring the children’s continuous education path (library, computer room,
         scholarships, grants, school bus to middle school, …)
        Providing school supplies and improving education through special incentives
         programs to increase enrollments.
        Building and equipping new infrastructure and facilities in the school (Restrooms,

   The Zimri School includes 55 students in 3 Classes for calendar year 2006-7. An estimated
   50+ school age children do not attend because their parents cannot afford to send them to
   school. The director that has jurisdiction over this school is located in (Maaziz or Souk
   Jem3a) ~30 Km away from Zimri. The school is managed by 3 Teachers (Mr. Abdelwahab
   Menkari, Mr. Abdellah Belahcen and Ms. ???) with help from few parents in an informal
   Parent Teacher Association (PTA). The school has 20 girls and 35 boys. The children, love
   attending school and learning thanks to their dedicated teachers (one lives on-site, the other
   two commute daily to/from Tiflet ~ 20Km. away from Zimri). Since all the children live in
   extreme poverty, some days (weather permitting and pending availability of surplus food and
   a driver to deliver food to school) the school children receive a modest lunch from UNICEF (?)
   The menu is limited to lentil soup, beans, rice or sardines which do not provide much
   nutrition to growing children. However, this random free meal is an incentive to have the
   children attends school in extreme harsh conditions; otherwise their parents could have kept
   them home for field work. They cannot even afford a pen or notebook, even less proper shoes
   and appropriate clothing or even their lunch bag.

   The poor children are orphans or sons and daughters of low income farmers and sheppards
   that work the lands rented or shared by other landlords. Here is the list of the poorest
   students of the school (We are still collecting the names of these children):
       Jelloul ben Boucheta
       Monia bent Boucheta
       ??
       ??
       ??
       ??
       ??
       ??
       ??
       ??
       ??
       ??

   The classes are co-ed                                           boys and girls attend school in Zimri

   Note the inside classroom is a makeshift                       old tables, chalkboard and dirty walls
      These kids don’t get walked to school                           some of them travel 3-5 Km. daily

    Happy and smiling faces                         2006-7 supplies were donated by several volunteers
Zimri School /Ecole de Zimri                                                      DRAFT v0.3: 8/22/2010
A proposal prepared for MF and AMPA                 3                               For Discussion ONLY
Zimri School /Ecole de Zimri              DRAFT v0.3: 8/22/2010
A proposal prepared for MF and AMPA   4     For Discussion ONLY
      We have built a project plan with 5 phases. Each phase consists of few steps. Each step is
      designed to further improve the condition of the school and help meet the need of the

          Phase I (Immediate – Now): Providing emergency Water (using a water
           tank/citerne) and Electricity.

          Phase II (Short-Term ~ 3-6 Months): Providing running water and construction
           of restroom facilities.

          Phase III (Long-Term ~ 6-12 Months): Improving education by equipping a
           library, improving the teachers’ residence and ensuring consistent delivery of
           nutritious food to the cantine. This phase also includes providing school supplies
           for the 2007-8 School Calendar (DONE for 2006 by others)

          Phase IV (Future ~ 12+ Months): Connecting the school to the rest of the world
             by improving the road condition, installation of a telephone/DSL line and building
             of a computer/internet room. This phase also include the construction of a fence
             around the school, planting grass and trees inside the school, painting of the
             classrooms, and possibly hiring a security guard, providing scholarships and incentive
             programs including transportation to/from middle school and other identified projects.
      The table below provides a summary of the proposed phases and associated steps. Note that
      only step 1 is partially funded (purchase of a water tank/citerne excluding shipping &
      handling and weekly hauling costs) Thanks to MF.

                             Table 1.0 Proposed High Level Project Dashboard
                                                                                 RESOURCES       COMMENTS
PHASE     1. Citerne d’Eau     Achat d’une           NLT            NTE          Said Bouayad    -MF Approved
I                              citerne de 1000-      11/30/06       $250.00      (In Progress)   -Vendor Selected.
                               1500 Litres                          +                            Delivery pending
                                                                    $200/Yr.                     receipt of payment
                                                                                                 from MF
NOW       2. Electricité         Connect Zimri       Pending        10-100KDH    Abdellah        Abdellah to work with
                                 School to the       review of      ~$1-10,000   Essadiq         Local Rep., Governor,
                                 main electricity    feasibility                 (In Progress)   and ONE to extend
                                 grid (~3.5 Km.)     study w/ ONE                                electric line to school
                                                       Total Estimated Budget for this Phase: ~ $250-$10,000
PHASE     3. Water Reservoir    Construction d’un    TBD            ~30K DH      TBD             Need Budget Approval
II        (Chateau d’Eau)       château d’eau de                    Or                           from MF
                                capacité de 5000 -                  ~ $3,000
                                10,000 Litres
          4. Water Pump         TBD                  TBD            15-30K DH    TBD             Need Budget Approval
SHORT-                                                              Or                           from MF. Pending
TERM                                                                $1,500-                      Availability of
                                                                    $3,000                       Electricity
          5. Toilets/Latrine    TBD                  TBD            35-40K DH    TBD             Need Budget Approval
                                                                    Or                           from MF. Pending
                                                                    $3500-                       Availability of
                                                                    $4000                        Water/Chateau d’Eau

                                                     Total Estimated Budget for this Phase: ~ $5,000-$10,000
PHASE     6. Library            TBD                  TBD            10-20K DH    TBD             TBD
III       7. Teacher            TBD                  TBD            20-30K DH    TBD             TBD
          Residence                                                 $2-$3,000

 Zimri School /Ecole de Zimri                                                            DRAFT v0.3: 8/22/2010
 A proposal prepared for MF and AMPA                       5                               For Discussion ONLY
          8. Food/Cantine      TBD                 TBD          0**           TBD          Assume UNICEF ?
LONG-     9. School Supplies                       NLT 9/1/07   6-11 K DH     TBD          Needed for 2007-8
          [2007-8 Calendar]                                     $600-$1,100                School Calendar
                                                     Total Estimated Budget for this Phase: ~ $3,600-$6,000
PHASE     10. Fix/Upgrade      Layered Gravel      TBD          20-200KDH     TBD          If/when Phase I-III are
IV        Road                 or Paved Road                    $2-$20,000                 completed
          11. Telephone        Extend Tel. Line    TBD          10-20 KDH     TBD          Alternate Sol. Maybe
          /DSL Line            from Sou9 Sebt                   $1-$2,000                  Internet via Sat.Dish
          12. Computer /       Install 3-6 PCs &   TBD          NTE $1000     Moh ElBaz    Planning to use USED
          Internet Room        connect to                                                  EQUIPMENT shipped
                               Internet                                                    to Morocco
          13. Fence & Trees    Build a Fence       TBD          NTE 10K       TBD          barbered wire
                               around the School                DH                         reinforced with pin-
FUTURE                         & Plant Trees                                               trees
          14. Security Guard   Hire a security     TBD          NTE           TBD          If/when valuable
                               guard                            200DH/Wk                   equipment is on-site
          15. Scholarship       Provide            TBD          ~ $2500 or    TBD          Some other ideas such
          Program               Scholarships to                 25K DH                     as providing
                                top 5 students                                             transportation passes
                                to attend Middle                                           to children to attend
                                School & Bonus                                             middle school in Tiflet
                                program for the                                            or explore a school bus.
                                teacher of year
          16. Infirmary        School & Village    TBD          ~50KDH        TBD          Benefits school &
                                                                $5,000                     village
                                                   Total Estimated Budget for this Phase: ~ $13,500-$32,500

    Phase I (NOW – Immediate)- Providing emergency Water and Electricity to school.

         Step #1. Emergency Water (using a Water Tank / Citerne)
                Procure a water tank / Citerne of 1000-1500 Liter Capacity and deliver to
                Beneficiaries: all existing 55 students and 3 teachers
                Estimated delivery date: November 30th. 2006 (est.)
                Estimated costs:
                              o Citerne: MAD 2.500 including taxes or US $250.00
                              o Shipping and Handling: TBD
                              o Filling & Hauling: MAD 50 /Week ~ MAD 2.000 or $200 for
                                  40 Weeks (school year)
                Total costs: MAD 4.500 or $450.00 (plus Shipping & Handling)
                Duration: 4 Weeks Max.
                Note that the student parents will not be able to share the cost of hauling by a
                MF has approved a $250.00 grant for this step. We expect this solution to be
                   just a stop gap measure until electricity to allow water pumping.

         Step #2. Electricity
                Connect school to the Electric Main Line located ~ 3.5 Km. away (at Sidi
                   M’Barek Ait Belkacem)
                Beneficiaries: all existing 55 students and 3 teachers (and eventually the
                   whole village 3 factions 907/167 People/Families)
                Estimated delivery date: TBD (need collaboration with ONE and local
                   government – Leverage “Electrification du Monde Rural”)
                Estimated costs:

 Zimri School /Ecole de Zimri                                                       DRAFT v0.3: 8/22/2010
 A proposal prepared for MF and AMPA                     6                            For Discussion ONLY
                              o  Poles: TBD (estimate 36 @ xx DH/Pole, assuming one pole each
                                 100 Meters for 3500 meters)
                             o Wires: TBD
                             o Transformer & Other Equipment: TBD
                             o Installation and Start up: TBD
                             o Other: TBD
                  Total costs: TBD
                  Duration: ~3 Months (ARO)
                  Construction schedule is pending feasibility study and possible
                   cooperation with other stakeholders (Jama3a?, Province?...)

       Phase II (Short-Term ~3-6 Months) - Providing running water and construction of
       restroom facilities.

       Step #3. Construction of a Water Reservoir (aka Chateau d’Eau) on the School
              Beneficiaries: all existing 55 students and 3 teachers
              Estimated delivery date: TBD
              Estimated costs:
                          o Material ~ 20 000 DH
                          o Labor ~ 10 000 DH
                          o Other ~ ??
              Total costs: ~ MAD 30.000 DH ~ US $3,000
              Duration: ~1 Month (ARO)
              Construction schedule is pending feasibility study and funding.

       Step #4. Installation of Electric Water Pump (to pump water from water source
       located 500-600 meters including pipes and other connectors
               Beneficiaries: all existing 55 students and 3 teachers
               Estimated delivery date: TBD
               Estimated costs:
                           o Electric Pump ~ 10-20 000 DH
                           o Pipes & Connectors ~ 2-3 000 DH
                           o Digging trenches etc. ~ 3-4 000 DH (assuming 50 DH/10
                               Meter – 60x50)
                           o Other - TBD
               Total costs: ~ 15.000-30.000 DH ~ US $1,500-3,000
               Duration: ~1 Month (ARO)
               Construction schedule is pending feasibility study and funding.

       Step #5. Construction of Latrines/Restrooms
              The site survey by the MF team has pointed out the non existence of restrooms
                 for boys or girls. An old building structure with no roof serves as restrooms for
                 boys, teachers, and girls and lady teacher. We believe that some of the girls
                 drop out of school because their parents will not allow them to come back. Due
                 to the dilapidated conditions of these facilities, most children prefer to use
                 bushes. We think that the construction of these facilities will allow them to
                 take in charge some sanitary needs. We propose to renovate these building
                 structures and bring them up to code, installing a rooftop, doors and windows
                 and toilets/sinks and a septic tanks (fosse sceptique)
              Beneficiaries: all existing 55 students and 3 teachers
              Estimated delivery date: TBD
              Estimated costs:
Zimri School /Ecole de Zimri                                                  DRAFT v0.3: 8/22/2010
A proposal prepared for MF and AMPA              7                              For Discussion ONLY
                             o Wall Refinish ~ 5 000 DH
                             o Roof ~ 10 000 DH
                             o Doors & Windows ~ 5 000 DH
                             o Septic Tank ~ 5 000 DH
                             o Toilets, Fawcett’s, Sinks, etc. ~ 10 000 DH
                  Total costs: ~35.000-40.000 MAD or ~ USD $3,000-5,000
                  Duration: ~3 Months (ARO)
                  Construction schedule is pending feasibility study and funding.

   Phase III (Long-Term ~6-12 Months) - Improving education by equipping a library,
   improving the teachers’ residence and ensuring consistent delivery of nutritious food.

       Step #6. Library (which could also serve as computer room in the future). The site
       survey team suggested the use of existing cantine building (not used) as a Library to
       encourage children to read, do their homework.
               Beneficiaries: all existing 55 students and 3 teachers
               Estimated delivery date: TBD
               Estimated costs:
                            o Shelves ~ 1-2000 DH
                            o Tables & Chairs ~ 5-10 000 DH
                            o Books and Magazines ~ 3-4 000 DH
                            o Other - ~1-4 000 DH
                            o Other - TBD
               Total costs: ~ 10.000-20.000 DH ~ US $1,000-$2,000 (assuming we can use
                 existing empty building structure planned for cantine)
               Duration: ~1 Months (ARO)
               Construction schedule is pending feasibility study and funding.

       Step #7. Teachers’ Residence
              Beneficiaries: 1 teacher (the other 2 teachers commute to/from Tiflet)
              Estimated delivery date: TBD
              Estimated costs:
              Total costs: ~ 20.000-30.000 DH ~ US $2.000-$3.000 (assuming we can re-
                 use one of the old building structures)
              Duration: ~3 Months (ARO)
              Construction schedule is pending feasibility study and funding.

       Step #8. Cantine Food (ensure delivery of daily lunch to students)
              Beneficiaries: All existing 55 students and 3 teachers
              Estimated delivery date: TBD
              Estimated costs:
                          o 0 (should be zero assuming we can convince UNICEF to
                             commit on making food available and driving food daily
                             to Zimri school)
              Total costs: ~0.00 DH ~ US $0.00 (assuming UNICEF commitment)
              Duration: ~9 Months (ARO)
              This step requires meeting with representatives of UNICEF and/or
                 MEN to get commitment on consistent delivery of nutritious food to
                 the Zimri school children.

   Step #9 School supplies (2007-2008 School Year)
             Beneficiaries: all existing 55 students (and potentially other NEW students
               that may be “incented” to attend due to this project)
Zimri School /Ecole de Zimri                                              DRAFT v0.3: 8/22/2010
A proposal prepared for MF and AMPA            8                            For Discussion ONLY
                  Delivery date: September 1st 2007
                  Individual cost: MAD 104.65 including taxes or $ 12.50
                  Total costs: MAD 5.756 or $ 687.50 (plus Shipping & Handling). This
                   cost may double if we convince the parents of the other 50% children
                   to enroll. ~ MAD 5.756-11.512 or USD $687.50-$1,375.00

   In this step, we propose to fund the purchase of necessary school supplies to all students in
   the school. This step needs to be done by the next school term starting in September 1st 2007
   as student have already received donations for 2006 year. We propose that each student will
   receive a school backpack with the following items:
   1 backpack                4 notes of 48 pages each    4 notebooks covers format 17x 22
   1 blue pen                1 green pen                 1 ruler
   1 modeling clue           1 box of 6 color pencils    1 drawing pencil
   1 pair of scissors        1 glue                      1 chalkboard with plastic border
   1 sponge                  1 token bag                 1 box of dustless white chalk
   1 small eraser            1 box of watercolors        1 plastic pencil sharpener

   Only “diehard” teachers survive in Zimri Teacher’s “residence” - Lighting & cooking with butane gas

                     Original School Structure circa 1950s used as “open sky” restrooms for boys & girls
   Phase IV (Future ~ 12+ Months) - Connecting the school to the rest of the world. This
   phase includes items that are “nice to have” category and should only be considered if Phase
   I-III are fulfilled and/or for some extraordinary reason, extra funding is available and need
   ideas for implementation.

   Step #10. Fix/Upgrade Road - Improve the road condition to encourage teachers to attend
   and allow a quick access to Tiflet in case of emergency. Note that no doctors or nurse exist in
   the village. Moh’s estimate for fixing 20.000 DH ~ US$2,000 (layered gravel) to 200.000 DH ~
   20,000 (for asphalt paving).

   Step #11. Telephone /DSL Line – This is to provide telephone/broadband access to the
   school. Note that GSM service is available in Zimri and people can use telephone for
   emergency calling. Moh’s estimate for extending the telephone line from Sou9 Sebt (~7 Km.)
   MAD 10.000-20.000 ~ $1,000-$2,000

   Step #12. Computer / Internet Room - Providing a computer lab with few PCs for the
   students to get introduced to technology. Train teachers on using some educational software.
   Moh’s estimate is MAD 10.000 ~ US $1,000 for shipping and handling assuming use of
   used/retired PCs and Laptops.

   Step #13. Walls/Fence and Tree – Build a fence around the school (maybe just barbell wire
   and pin & needle tree (aka “talh” trees) and potentially a master entrance door to the school.
   Moh’s estimate is MAD 10.000 ~ US $1,000

   Step #14. Security Guard – As a safety measure and avoid vandalism to school equipment
   and facilities. Moh’s estimate is MAD 10.000/Year ~ US $1,000/Year (assuming
   200DH/Week for 52 Weeks).
Zimri School /Ecole de Zimri                                                       DRAFT v0.3: 8/22/2010
A proposal prepared for MF and AMPA                 9                                For Discussion ONLY
   Step #15. Scholarship Program – Implement a Scholarship awards to top high 5
   performing students to allow them to attend middle school in Tiflet or else where. This could
   be in conjunction with other scholarship programs available from MEN? Also consider
   funding a school bus (or payment of public transportation) for children from their Douar
   (village) to Middle School (College Ibn Ajeroum) in Tiflet so some combination of scholarship
   and BUS’ing. Bonus program as financial incentives to teacher of the year or semester: e.g.;
   $500 award to top teacher of the year. Moh’s estimate is MAD 25.000/Year ~ US $2,500/Year

   Step #16. School/Village Infirmary– Install an emergency first aid kits in an infirmary
   and train one of the villagers for CPR, and/or other medical emergencies. Note that the
   closest medical center is in Tiflet (~20 Km.) and Khemisset (~40 Km.) Moh’s estimate is MAD
   50.000 ~ US $5,000.

   We proposed a three way partnership between Morocco Foundation (MF), AMPA
   organization, and Zimri School Parents Teachers Association (PTA). This project could be a
   joint initiative between MF, AMPA and hence this proposal is prepared for both the MF &
   AMPA. We hope that the boards of both organizations will review this proposal and decide
   how to share in the project planning, budget analysis, fundraising, accounting management,
   project reviews and funding, project management and execution of various phases and steps.
   MF and AMPA teams will share responsibilities according to available resources. Both AMPA
   and MF will assign individuals to supervise certain tasks and ensure the success of the
   project and the transparency of the operations. The PTA members could be assigned to
   logistics and leg work and other tasks my members of MF and AMPA.

   These figures are based on estimates provided by some vendors and Contractors and in some
   cases data was used from similar projects executed by MF and other NGOs in Morocco:
       STEP#                                  BUDGET ESTIMATES       PHASE TOTAL
        1. Citerne d’Eau                           NTE $250.00 +              2.5K-100K DH
                                                   $200/Year                  (~$250 – $10K)
        2. Electricité                             ~ 10K DH – 100K DH
        3. Water Réservoir (Château d’Eau)         ~30K DH                    ~50K-100K DH
        4. Water Pump                              ~15-30K DH                 (~$5K-$10K)
        5. Toilets/Latrine                         ~35-40K DH
        6. Library                                 ~10-20K DH                 ~36K-60K DH
        7. Teacher Residence                       ~20-30K DH                 (~$3.6K-$6K)
        8. Food/Cantine                            ~0**
        9. School Supplies [2007-8 Calendar]       ~6-10 K DH
        10. Fix/Upgrade Road                       ~ 20-200K DH               ~135K-325K DH
        11. Telephone /DSL Line                    ~ 10-20K DH                (~$13.5K-$32.5K)
        12. Computer / Internet Room               ~10K DH
        13. Fence & Trees                          ~10K DH
        14. Security Guard                         ~200DH/Week ~10K
        15. Scholarship Program                    ~25K DH
        16. Infirmary                              ~50K DH
               Phase I        Phase II         Phase III     Phase IV        TOTAL
               $250-          $5,000-          $3,600-       $13,500-        $22,350-
               $10,000        $10,000          $6,000        $32,500         $58,500
   Assumed Conversion rate $1 = MAD 10 (for simplicity)
   These figures are preliminary estimates which are subject to change and will be adjusted accordingly as
   we receive feasibility studies and additional details for each step and phase of this project.

Zimri School /Ecole de Zimri                                                       DRAFT v0.3: 8/22/2010
A proposal prepared for MF and AMPA                 10                               For Discussion ONLY
   Funding Target: $60,000 (in 4 phases $10K, $10K, $10K & $30K)
   Fund raising for this project will be pursued in several avenues in collaboration with MF,
   AMPA, other NGOs, and potential funding sources, including but not limited to:
       Individual solicitations
       Charity events
       Corporate solicitations
       Members contributions
       Special Events (Gala, Concerts, Auctions, …)

   Funds for each phase will be deposited into am account dedicated to this project. The project
   manager will work with the persons responsible for accounting from the sponsors and
   funding sources (MF, AMPA, other NGOs, …) to keep track of all expenses, manage to budget
   and provide progress reports to all stakeholders in total transparency.

     Said Bouayad (Casablanca)
   Cell: + Home : + Fax: +212.22.98 46 16

     Abdellah Essadiq (Rabat)
   Cell: + Home : + email:

     Ali Bettahi (San Francisco)
   Tel : +1.415-596-6288 email:

     Zeineb Mammou (New York City)
   Tel : +1.646-492-2641 email:

     Houda & Abdellah Benaoussar (New York City)
   Tel : +1.917-415-7581 email:

     Nadia Serhani (Washington DC)
   Tel : +1.703-577-5317 email:

     Mohamed ElBaz (Boston, MA)
   Tel : +1.617-818-1612 email:

       Special THANKS to the MF Site Survey Team for visiting Zimri School on 11/01/06 … and for

           … Witnessing the plight of these children and exploring ideas for high priority projects

Zimri School /Ecole de Zimri                                                        DRAFT v0.3: 8/22/2010
A proposal prepared for MF and AMPA                 11                                For Discussion ONLY
       SITE SURVEY REPORT - 11/01/2006
       ----- Original Message -----
       From: Said Bouayad
       To: Abdella Benaoussar ; Amine Benneftah ; Bettahi Ali ; Fahd Ayoubi ; Houda Rabah ;
       mammouz ; meroutre ; Nadia Serhani ; ; ;
       Sent: Wednesday, November 01, 2006 5:46 PM
       Subject: Ecole de Zimri

       Aujourd'hui, Abdellah, Amine, Samira Achour (pour les photos) et moi meme nous nous sommes
       rendus a l'ecole de Sidi Zemri. Lahcen Elbaz, frere de Si Mohamed, a eu la gentillesse de nous
       guider jusqu'a cet etablissement.

       Je vous enverrai par ailleurs les photos que nous avons prises de cette ecole. Elles montrent
       qu'elle vient d'etre fraichement repeinte de l'exterieur grace aux parents d'eleves. Mais une fois a
       l'interieur des classes, nous avons pu constater un grand delabrement dans le mobilier et
       l'extreme pauvrete des eleves. Une autre constation s'impose: l'ecole ne compte que 55 eleves
       pour trois classes. D'apres les instituteurs que nous avons rencontres sur les lieux, cela
       represente a peu pres la moitie des enfants en age d'aller a l'ecole. Autre constat: les eleves qui
       terminent leurs etudes primaires quittent l'ecole dans plus de 90% de cas, car leurs familles n'ont
       pas les moyens de les envoyer au college a Tiflet ou ailleurs. Consequence: ils vont travailler
       dans les champs. Enfin, il n'y a pas grand chose a attendre du conseil rural de la region, car cette
       ecole se trouve trop loin du 'territoire' du president de cette commune.

       Precisons encore qu'il n'y a bien entendu ni eau ni electricite. L'ecole a ete construite sur les
       ruines d'une ancienne demeure habitee par des gardes forestiers du temps du protectorat
       francais. Une partie de ces ruines sert de toilettes a ciel ouvert pour les enfants. Un des
       instituteurs habite sur les lieux, dans une baraque qu'il a apparemment construite lui-meme, plus
       proche du bidon-ville que d'un lieu d'habitation decent.

       Abdellah, Amine et moi avons tenu sur place une reunion impromptue pour tracer les priorites.
       Abdellah est d'avis que le probleme pose par le manque d'eau est le plus urgent a regler. Amine
       et moi sommes d'accord avec cette analyse. Il propose d'equiper l'ecole d'une citerne de 1000 ou
       1500 litres de capacite. Les instituteurs et/ou les parents d'eleves prendront sur eux de la
       remplir. Heureusement, un puits se trouve a proximite de l'ecole (environ a 500 ou 600 metres),
       mais en contre-bas. Ils vont donc louer un tracteur pour environ DH 50 pour qu'il leur amene de
       l'eau des que le besoin s'en fera sentir.

       Nous avons pense egalement a donner des cartables + fournitures aux eleves, mais nous avons
       remarque qu'ils en disposent deja. La deuxieme etape consistera peut etre a chercher a amener
       l'electricite a l'ecole. Pour cela, nous devons contacter l'ONE afin de voir quelles sont les
       possibilites (Abdellah?). Nous avons aussi remarque qu'une salle toute propre etait totalement
       vide. Theoriquement, c'est la cantine de l'ecole. Samira propose de la transformer en
       bibliotheque pour l'ecole, afin d'amener les enfants a lire. Je trouve cette idee tres interessante.

       J'aimerai avoir l'avis de chacun sur ces différentes suggestions, pour que nous allions de l'avant.



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