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					                                        CURRICULUM VITAE


Family name                Eldaw
First names                El Mubarak Ali Osman
Permanent address          Pastoor Nijevaertsstraat 10
                           5845 AR Sint Anthonis, the Netherlands
Email address    
Telephone/facsimile        +31(0) 485 38 53 88
GSM                        +31(0) 616 585 176
Nationality                Dutch/Sudanese

Career Objective:
                        A highly qualified and expert Freelance translator, academic researcher
                        and editor, seeking a challenging and professionally rewarding related position to
                        contribute expertise towards the qualitative development of the organization.
Fields of Expertise:
                        All fields related to translation from English to Arabic and vice versa, Dutch to
                        Arabic, Dutch to English. All research fields related to the humanities, ITC and
                        computer related subjects. Global experience, with special focus on Middle East
                        and Africa. Fast, reliable and professional.

Professional Membership:

                         Arab Professional Translators Society (APT-ATN), Beirut, Lebanon.
                         Arabic Translators International (ATI), Brussels, Belgium.
                         On-file, Refugees Journalists and Writers Association, Amsterdam, the
                         Featured member


1998 – present          Various Organizations
                        Freelance Translator, Writer and Consultant
                        Various Assignments including:
                         Translation of the Article of Association for Sudan Microfinance Organization
                                 (Arabic to English and Dutch)
                         Translation of educational papers for private school in Egypt (English to Arabic)
                         Currently working on different manuscripts.

2007 – Present         Sudanese Economist Web
                       Researcher and Administrator (Volunteer)
                         Conduct researches and translations (with special focus on armed conflicts,
                        ethnicity, and peace-building).

2006 - 2006            Network Business Group, B.V. The Netherlands
                         Conducted translation of the company’s web site and some articles;
                         Conducted research and generated presentation to train staff in different aspect
                        of compliance (SOX; COBIT);
                         Trained and was trained in SAP, Content management and strategic planning.

1991 – 1997            Arab Lawyers Union, Legal Research & Studies Centre, Cairo, Egypt
                       rooCnidrooC and Translator
                         Conducted legal, economic, social and human rights researches;
                         Co-edited the monthly newsletter “Human Right & Law”;
                         Translated articles, papers, researches and books.

1982 – 1990            Sudan Development Corporation, Khartoum, Sudan
                   Senior Investment Officer
                     ;lassirbts utondtdCdbi nbisdtn ottcodnoC
                     Managed the working capital for the support of private sector projects;
                     Provided financial advice to management.


1992 - 1993          Centre for Environment & Development for the Arab Region & Europe
                     (CEDARE), Cairo, Egypt
                      tcosnCobe.tottcn oss tiCCtbdsn
                      Translate Medium Term Strategy.
                      Translate Fresh Water Conference Papers.

1992 - 1997          Sudanese Studies Centre, Cairo, Egypt
                      Researcher, Translator and Consultant
                      Conduct economic research and translations;
                      Contribute articles in the bimonthly magazine.

1995 - 1997          International Labour Organization, Cairo Regional Office, Egypt
                     External Collaborator (Researcher and Translator)
                      ;tottcn oss ctntocrptn tcosnCobt
                      Conduct research about trade union movement in Sudan.

1991 – 1997          Arab African Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt
                     Translator and Researcher
                      Translate articles, papers and bulletin.
                      Translate many books.


2000 - 2003                M. Sc. Development Studies, University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
1977 - 1981                Bachelor of Science, Economics, University of Khartoum, Sudan.

Other Training

2007 - 2010                Trados, WordFast and OmegaT
2006                       Documentum System Administration and Technical Fundamentals (document
                           and content administration)
2006                       Data Base administration and management (IBM)

Extra Training:

2006                   On-line financial and economic analysis courses
2001 – 2002            University of Nijmegen Language Lab, Writing & Speaking skills in Dutch.
1998 – 2000            State Diploma in Dutch as a second language.
1991 – 1997            Short Computer Courses, in Egypt and the Netherlands.
1986                   Arab Planning Institute, Kuwait, Project Financing, (Short Course)
1982 – 1984            On the job training, Sudan: project identification, feasibility and market studies

Professional Attachment:



Written and Verbal Communication
Well developed written communication as demonstrated by the many publications in policy analysis,
macroeconomic, development economics, ethnicity and ethnic conflicts, journalistic writing and translated
economic, political analysis, human rights books in the market.

Excellent verbal communication skills demonstrated by the many participated in conferences and

Methodological data and information collection and analysis as demonstrated in many written published
works. Furthermore, my analytical skills are further highlighted when I was seconded to the Sudanese
Estate Bank as Feasibility Study Expert, or later in Egypt as an external collaborator with different regional
and international organizations..

Able to work as coordinator for a research centre in Cairo, with academics who worked as part-timers by
the Centre. In Sudan usually in SDC worked in teams as well as solo.

Led various teams and worked as coordinator for research centres. Worked as Alternate Member of Board
of Directors member in many projects financed by the organization, and also represented SDC as delegate
in general meetings of some Banks in Sudan. Member of Sudan National team for renewable energy.

Excellent in a wide range of business applications including MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS
Access, as well as working knowledge of IBM Content Management, Dbase, EMC Documentum and other
products such as Networker, and hardware products. Excellent in OmegaT translation tool, Good in Fast
Word and Trados.