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									                                                                                                                                                  North AfricA ANd thE MiddLE EASt

                                 Morocco                                                                                                             THE nETHErLandS
                                                                                                                                                     THE nETHErLandS

                                  Migration and Transnational Identity                                                                                          Utrecht

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Mediterranean Sea
                                 Explore the complex effects of human mobility on local communities,
                                 global politics, and transnational economies.
                                                                                                                                                       Atlantic Ocean



                                 coursework                                                                                                                                                  algeria

                                 Migration and Transnational Identity                      Educational Excursions                                                    Mauritania
                                 Seminar                                                   The program includes three major excursions:
                                 AFRS 3000 / 4 credits / 60 class hours                    Khouribga, Beni Mellal, and Lafqif ben Saleh;
                                 an interdisciplinary course conducted in English          northern Morocco, including Chefchaouen, Mdiq,
                                 with required readings and relevant educational           and Tangier; and an excursion to amsterdam and
                                 excursions. The course addresses core issues              rotterdam in the netherlands. Each excursion               Credits 16
AFRICA, South of the Sahara

                                 pertaining to migration in relation to the Mediter-       focuses on a different aspect of migration and
                                                                                           is designed to help contextualize the debate on            Program Base rabat
                                 ranean space, local and global cultural politics,
                                 and development policies, as well as the implica-         migration in relation to global politics and policy-       language Study arabic
                                 tions of migration on national economies, local           making, development, and Moroccan society
                                                                                           and culture.                                               Homestay rabat, 7 weeks
                                 communities, and human rights. Lecturers are
                                 drawn from the research Group on Migration and                                                                       other accommodations Hostels, guest
                                 Culture at the University Mohammed V in rabat,            Intensive language Study: arabic                           houses, or small hotels
                                 The UnESCo Chair on Migration in Morocco, Ibn             ARAB 1000–3000 / 6 credits / 90 class hours
                                                                                                                                                      Independent Study Project/Internship
                                 Tofail University in Kenitra, The Institute for african   The course is designed to equip students with

                                                                                                                                                      4 weeks
                                 Studies, and local and international nGos based           a proficiency level in spoken Standard arabic in
                                 in rabat and in northern Morocco.                         order to engage in everyday communication. The             Prerequisites There are no prerequisites;
                                                                                           course integrates the skills of reading, writing,          however, students with a background
                                 The seminar is composed of required modules               listening, grammar, vocabulary, and conversa-              in French will find ample opportunity for
                                 and electives. required modules are as follows:           tion. Students with prior study in arabic will find        French language practice while also learn-
                                 migration and cultural dynamics; migration and            reinforcement of Modern Standard arabic through            ing arabic. Students with a background
                                 the Mediterranean space; migration and human              the media. Homestays, field excursions, and ev-            in Spanish will also have the opportunity
                                 rights; and migration and development. Topics in          eryday interactions assist in language acquisition.        to practice their Spanish language skills in
                                 the required modules include:                                                                                        northern Morocco.
                                                                                           Field Study Seminar
                                 Migration in Islam; migration and travel; mobility,       ANTH 3500 / 2 credits / 30 class hours

                                 transnationality, and border identities; sub-             a course in the concepts of learning across
                                 Saharan immigrants and human rights; illegal                                                                      clandestine migration; sub-Saharan immigrants
                                                                                           cultures and from field experience. Introduction to
                                 migration or forced migration; migration and race;                                                                and their integration in Moroccan society; Euro-
                                                                                           the Independent Study Project. Material includes
                                 testimonial narratives of sub-Saharan migrants;                                                                   pean immigration laws and their impact on migra-
                                                                                           cross-cultural adaptation and skills building;
                                 the Mediterranean, migration, and security; EU                                                                    tion trends in Morocco; circular labor migration
                                                                                           project selection and refinement; appropriate
                                 policy and migration; EU-Moroccan partnership                                                                     and women; migration and its impact on those
                                                                                           methodologies; field study ethics and the World
                                 and migration management; the Barcelona Pro-                                                                      who stay behind; migrant remittances and local
                                                                                           Learning/SIT Human Subjects review Policy; field
                                 cess; underage migrants; desertification, poverty,                                                                development; life narratives of migrants; migrant
                                                                                           assignments with local association and govern-
                                 and migration; rural development and migration;                                                                   images in Moroccan media.
                                                                                           ment agencies working in the areas of migration,
                                 migrant remittances and development; poverty              development, and human rights; developing
                                 and development; Moroccan residents abroad                contacts and finding resources; developing

                                 and local development; migration and urban                skills in observation and interviewing; gathering,
                                 development; art and nomadism; sub-Saharan                organizing, and communicating data; maintaining
                                 artists in Morocco; Moroccan diasporic cinema;            a field journal.
                                 migration and media.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Photo by Lynne rosansky

                                                                                           Independent Study Project
                                 additionally, students can choose from a set of           ISPR 3000 / 4 credits / 120 class hours
                                 electives typically designed around the themes of         Students choose between a two-week internship
                                 gender, religion, ethnicity, social movements, film,      with an organization working in the area of migra-

                                 environment and health, and multilingualism. Each         tion and building their Independent Study Project
                                 elective includes a field study session designed to       (ISP) on this internship experience, or designing
                                 teach students how to conduct field research on           an ISP on their own. Sample topic areas: youth          rabat, Morocco, serves as the program base where stu-
                                 the module’s theme in Morocco.                            and emigration; causes and consequences of              dents live with families during the seven-week homestay.

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