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									JESSE KENDALL                                                                                
                                                                                         123 Elm Street ▪ Miami, FL 33183
                                                                                  Home: 305-555-5555 ▪ Cell: 305-444-4444

Versed in the development and implementation of effective safety policies and security procedures. Excellent knowledge
of law enforcement principles and practices, private security techniques, and equipment operation. Accustomed to
monitoring and auditing policy and procedural compliance to minimize exposure risk. Experienced in maintaining road
safety and signage, controlling traffic lights, and obtaining construction permits. Proactive with excellent problem-solving
skills. Dedicated, “lead from the front” professional instrumental in creating training programs and initiatives. Quick thinker
recognized for sound judgment and decisive action under life-threatening emergency conditions.


        ▪   Safety & Readiness Training                ▪   Problem Resolution           ▪   Operations Leadership
        ▪   Staff Management & Motivation              ▪   Accident Avoidance           ▪   Continuous Improvement
        ▪   Cost Reduction & Budget Control            ▪   Policy Enforcement           ▪   Regulatory Compliance
        ▪   Emergency Action Planning                  ▪   Strategic Planning           ▪   Performance Maximization

ABC Car Service, Miami, FL                                                                                 20xx to 20xx
Owner: Led highway traffic control / oversize load transport service; dispatched escort vehicles for wide loads. Provided
highway construction and offered contractors flagmen and pilot cars during the road construction season. Ensured full
personnel coverage and properly maintained equipment to maximize performance and safety levels. Directed teams of up
to 27 employees and aggressively acquired new contracts.

Tools Used: Hand tools, air tools, trucks, survey equipment

   Instrumental in getting the state of Florida to enforce double fines for vehicles speeding through work zones.

BCD Transportation, Miami, FL                                                                              20xx to 20xx
Researched upcoming road-building contracts within the state; placed bids on traffic control portions of awarded contract.
Continually completed government training and conducted safety meetings. Ran a small engine repair shop for
snowmobiles. Oversaw accounting, billing, and payroll.
   Maintained 100% safe work environment, achieving a zero incident record of auto accidents or personnel injury for
   over 15 years.


City Council, Miami, FL                                                                                       20xx to 20xx
Board Member: Oversaw maintenance program for city roads and parks.

Miami Development Corporation                                                                           20xx to 20xx
Vice President: Directed operations of a senior housing development program. Signed and negotiated contracts with
building contractors and obtained government grants. Helped launch the Head Start Program for children.


        American Traffic Safety Services Association: Worksite Traffic Supervisor (ATSSA)
        International Municipal Signal Association: Work Zone Safety Specialist (IMSA)
        State of Florida: Contractor’s License to build and install road signs and safety devices
        Smith System: Driver Improvement

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