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									                                        JESSE KENDALL
      123 Elm Street • Miami, FL 33183 • H: 305.555.5555 • C: 305.444.4444 • E:

                                         CAREFUL AND EXPEDIENT
                            TRACTOR TRAILER DRIVER
     ————————— CAREER EXCELLENCE —————————
ABC EXPRESS LINES, Miami, FL • 20xx-20xx
Tractor Trailer Driver
Transported freight from the Miami Florida, terminal to terminals across the United States as an extra board
driver. Utilized Class A CDL and Hazmat endorsements as well as expertise in double-trailer operations and
hazardous materials hauling.

•   Traveled 80% of the United States in transport operations.
•   Volunteered for long operations; remained out for periods of at least two weeks.

BCD TRANSPORTATION, Miami, FL • 20xx-20xx
Shuttle Route Driver
Drove freight from Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, to a Tennessee relay point and returned freight to
Florida for an organization that specialized in the interstate transportation of hazardous materials.

•   Safely transported hazardous materials across state lines.

CDE CORPORATION, Miami, FL • 20xx-20xx
Tractor Trailer Driver
Drove auto assembly parts to manufacturing sites across the country.

•   Recommended the proper securing of freight by any means possible to eliminate freight shifting; realized
    adoption across the organization.
•   Ensured complete compliance with all Department of Transportation regulations.

     —————————— ADDITIONAL ROLES ——————————
DEF WAREHOUSE, Warehouse Manager: Led overall distribution of a frozen food warehouse facility.

EFG DRUMS, Plant Manager/Transportation Manager: Contracted to oversee plant production operations
and support facility cleanup/repair after Hurricane Hugo through 80+ employees.

FGH EGGS, Operations Manager: Managed 65+ production employees across the maintenance department
and laboratory.

UNITED STATES AIR FORCE, Aircraft Maintenance Specialist: As Flightline Expeditor, led a team of 30+
aircraft specialists in performing aircraft mission essential ground maintenance.

           —————————— EDUCATION ——————————
                                    Diploma, XYZ High School, Miami, FL

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