THE EMBASSY OF by pengxiang


									                                   THE EMBASSY OF
                              THE REPUBLIC OF THE SUDAN

R.O.S. imm. Form No. 7

 Photos here                                             Visa NO.


                                                         APPROVED BY

                        THE REPUBLIC OF THE SUDAN

1, Name in full:
    (Please use block capitals and say if Mr. Mrs or Miss)
2, Sex:
3, Nationality :
4, Occupation or Profession:
5, Place of Birth:
6, Date of Birth:
7, Present Address:

8, Address in the Sudan:

9, Destination in the Sudan and proposed period of stay and reason for entry (including
approximate date of arrival)

10, Number, place and date of issue of Passport and validity ( if laissez-passer give date of expiry
and number of return visa to country of origin)

11, Names of two references in the Sudan:
12, Duration of previous residence and address when last in the Sudan:

13, Name of Country (other than the Sudan) for which applicant holds a valid visa or permit to

14, Names of children under 16 years accompanying applicant:
Male of Female     Age          Name

15, Reason of the visit must be given fully and exactly of the visit is to be put in detail and if the
space above is insufficient this application is to be sent under a covering letter giving full
information required.

To avoid delay, please answer the above questions completely.

I hereby declare that the details and information given in this application are true and correct.



                                                          Signature of Applicant

     I, the undersigned (write full name in block capitals)
                                               Hereby declare that to the best of my personal
knowledge and belief the description and other details given in this application are true and
     And I hereby undertake to pay the cost of his / their journey back to his/their Country should
the Republic of the Sudan for any reason whatsoever, consider it desirable that he/they should
leave the Sudan.

Place:                                     Signature of Guarantor:

Date:                                       Address and Telephone No. of Guarantee:

The attention of applicant and his guarantor is drown to the provisions of Sections 175 of the
Sudan Penal Code (False statements made in declaration made to a public servant), the Penalty for
which is 3 years, imprisonment.

1, Tourist
   Must be in position of valid Passports and return Tickets to Country of their origin and
Sufficient money to maintain themselves during their stay in the Sudan.

2, Motoring or Visiting Southern Sudan
    These wishing to visit the Southern part of the Sudan (Equatoria, Bahr el Ghozal,Upper Nile,
Nuba Mountains and Dorfur Province) or motoring through the Republic of Sudan must obtain
their permission format he Permanent Under Secretary, Ministry of Interior(Closed District and
Motoring Section). P.O. Box 282, Khartoum, before they arrive in the country.
3, Shooting and Fishing
    Application for the purpose is to be sent to the Director , Dept of Game and Fisheries, Ministry
of Animal Resources, P.O. Box 336, Khartoum and permission must be obtained before entry into
the Republic of Sudan.

4, Taking Photographs , writing Notes, Researches, Studies, etc.
Permits must be obtained first by applying to the Director of information , Ministry of Social
Affaires . P.O.Box 291, Khartoum , Before entering the Republic of Sudan.
N.B. Permits required under pares 2, 3,and 4 are to be produced together with passports and
tickets to the representatives abroad of the Republic of Sudan or to the Immigration Officers at the
first point of entry for the necessary endorsement in the passport ,against payment necessary entry
5, Short Visit on Commercial Matters
   Persons are not permitted to book direct order or to do business unless through a local approved
licensed merchant or commission agent.

6, Transit by Air (Regular Service)
 Persons transiting the Sudan must be in possession of valid passports , tickets, and valid visas to
destination ( Travelers of this class must be in direct tronist0

7, Flying no Private Aircraft
Permission must be obtained form Director of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Communications P.O.
Box 402 Khartoum, before entering the Republic Of Sudan.
N.B. Travelers under parts ,2,3,4,5 and 7 must be in possession of permission to enter ther
Republic of Sudan, which is obtainable on application on this Form to the controller, Passports
and Immigration, Ministry of Interior, P.O.Box 288,Khartoum,
It is not permitted to persons transiting the Sudan to change service to the some direction and
they must continue flying on same aircraft to the place of destination , unless they are in
possession of written permit before their departure from the place the aircraft stars its journey
Andy further information required ., please contact the nearest Consul of the Republic the Sudan
or write direct to Controller, Passports and Immigration , Ministry of Interior, P.O.Box .268,

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