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National Marketing Manager Resume Example


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									                                                                    123 Elm Street · Miami, FL 33183
Jesse Kendall                                Home Phone: 305-555-5555 · E-Mail:

Results-driven event and strategic marketing professional with extensive experience impacting organizational
presence, profitability, and performance through orchestration of high-impact sales and marketing strategies.
Proven leader with notable success taking winning sales and marketing ideas from concept to execution. Dynamic
group trainer and public speaker. Areas of expertise:

•   Event Planning                    •   Recruitment/Hiring            •   Web Design
•   Operations Management             •   Business Development          •   Vendor Negotiations
•   Sales/Marketing Strategies        •   Performance Evaluation        •   Marketing Materials Development



National Marketing Manager: Designed and implemented the ABC Showcase Program through six regional
managers and 400 product advisors across 62 major cities throughout the United States. Articulated a brand
awareness campaign to strategically position ABC products across malls, zoos, and theme parks to target potential
customers and promote products. Wrote, developed, and put into practice comprehensive training programs and
delivered to more than 400 employees.

    •   Increased the budget from an initial $90,000 to $7 million, which expanded full-time coverage in major
        cities. Realized an annual gross value of $55 million dollars, continued for seven years, and resulted in
        $385 million dollars of revenue for ABC Performance Services.
    •   Created/instituted the build your own vehicle program and the test-drive program, which facilitated
        dealership scheduling via the Internet; 18 million people visited ABC Showcase, scheduled 26,000 test
        drives, and generated 12.6 million build your own vehicle printouts.
    •   Promoted from Marketing Manager and rolled out the ABC campaign nationally, which was the largest
        running interactive display developed in automotive history. Initiated the project with a budget of $90,000
        and produced $385 million. Boosted display visits by 17% through evaluating color schemes and
        appearance of interactive displays.
    •   Called on and cultivated relationships with senior/C-level ABC executives.
    •   Gained high employee satisfaction and retention rates.
    •   Played a key role in negotiating lucrative marketing promotions and partnerships with major firms, including
        Sea World, Universal Studios, Mall of America, Broadway Music Co., Pace Outdoor Music Productions, St.
        Louis Rams, Six Flags Theme Parks, and Chicago Mayor's Office.

BCD MARKETING/SALES, Miami, FL · 20xx-20xx

National Marketing Manager: Built sales and service networking and marketing solutions for print advertisement
and marketing across the Midwest. Ensured seamless sales and service interactions. Implemented innovative
business-to-business sales of print advertisements and event marketing/planning. Designed and tracked strategic
incentive and internal marketing programs focused on consumer needs and long-term relationships.

          B.A., Marketing Communications/Business Administration, UNIVERSITY OF XYZ

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