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Public Relations Associate Resume Example


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                                       123 Elm St | Miami, FL 33183 | (305) 555-5555 | jkendall@notmail.com

Sixteen years of demonstrated expertise in all aspects of corporate communication, including product promotion,
client relations, market campaigning, and customer programs. Expert in leveraging strategic public relations (PR)
strategies to build brands for companies and drive demand for products/services. Successful history of leading PR
campaigns and teams and provide C-level communications counsel. Organized planner with a track record of
successfully handling communication efforts for high-profile product launches.

PUBLIC RELATIONS ASSOCIATE, ABC Firm | Miami, FL                                                     20xx – Present
Effectively manage $2.5 million in annual revenue for a global agency servicing clients primarily in the mobile,
security, and consumer markets. Develop successful PR strategies, directing up to seven account teams at any time.
Execute global PR campaigns to build client brand and drive demand. Provide strategic counsel, particularly in regard
to corporate communications for earnings, M&A activity, and CEO visibility.
Notable PR Campaigns:
        Conducted the BCD launch event, a business press roundtable with local rock stars and company executives.
        Event was well attended and resulted in story interest from mainstream outlets such as DEF Today and EFG
        Led FGH Mobile PR push, resulting in a Q&A focused on demonstrated mobile success in the GHI Times,
        keynote presentations at events such as FGH Business Expo, and a series of relationship-building efforts,
        including business press dinners.
Delivered Results:
        Added more than $1 million in annual revenue by aggressively driving new business efforts.
        Won new clients such as HIJ 365, IJK Systems, JKL Corporation, and KLM Artists.
Awards Won:
       20xx LMN Award – FGH Mobile Campaign
       20xx LMN Award – IJK Systems Launch
       20xx MNO Excellence Award – Contribution to Agency Growth
       20xx MNO Excellence Award – Most Creative PR Campaign

SENIOR PR ASSOCIATE, NOP Media | Miami, FL                                                                  20xx – 20xx
Led corporate and mobile devices business unit PR strategy for a $800 million software company. Counseled on crisis
communications for various issues/events such as Flash Player security and M&A activity. Worked closely with investor
relations on relevant issues and quarterly earnings. Directed two PR agencies and coordinated international PR execution
with various regions. Oversaw the customer referencing team.
Notable PR Campaigns:
        Leveraged OPQ relationship for awareness of global mobile strategy at 3GSM.
        Launched PQR MX product, garnering 100 articles in one week.
        Handled the launch of NOP Media’s foray into the enterprise space with the developer product.
Key Achievements:
       Promoted from initial PR Associate position within one year of hire in recognition of superior performance.

        MS in Technical Communication, XYZ Institute, Miami, FL | 20xx
        BA in English, University of XYZ, Miami, FL | 20xx

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