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									Meetings of the Mediterranean
Task Force for Cancer Control
     Taormina, Italy - October, 2005
    Istanbul, Turkey - January, 2006
      Rome, Italy - February, 2007
   Amman, Jordan - November 2007
       Split, Croatia - March, 2008

       Forthcoming Meetings:
       Tunisia, November 2008
         Morocco, April 2009
          Turkey, Fall 2009
      Support to the initiative and Delegates

 Albania     Algeria   Croatia    Cyprus
                                               Egypt      France     Greece

  Italy       Jordan    Lebanon   Lybia      Macedonia   Malta     Morocco

Palestine   Portugal    Syria     Slovenia       Spain   Tunisia    Turkey
            MTCC: the VISION
To unify efforts and expertise to eliminate suffering
 and reduce mortality of cancer through decreasing
 incidence of advanced disease

                The MISSION
To reduce cancer incidence and mortality in the
 Mediterranean Area through collaborative efforts by
 influencing policy, promoting networking, and
 providing services and programs in a multidisciplinary
 approach directed towards comprehensive cancer
 prevention and control
Promote the collection and use of information for
 professional and public education

Increase the proportion of Mediterranean citizens
 who have access to state-of-art cancer diagnoses,
 treatment, and palliative care

Influence policies and promote programs and
 activities to eliminate disparities in cancer control
 in relation to gender, ethnicity, insurance and
 socio-economic status, and place of residence
       Outline of structure
  Task Force is established as
   a non profit Non Governmental
   Organization (NGO)
  Membership by invitation. One vote
   per country, but up to 5 Delegates
  Name of the organization:

Task Force for
Cancer Control     M       TCC
        National Chapters:
          the Working Horse!
   Intended to convene in every
    participating Mediterranean country,
    health authorities, doctors and
    advocacy groups (Leagues), in a
    formally organized association
   Aim: establish national Task Forces
    devoted to enhance actions for cancer
    control (from prevention to treatment
    and palliative care)
        Data from the Questionnaire on
  “Participating Countries Profile for Future
Answers from: Albania, Algeria, Croatia, Egypt,
 Jordan, Greece, Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia,
 Morocco, Palestine, Portugal, Spain, Syria,
 Tunisia, Turkey
Legislation not enacted except in few countries
Ongoing actions very limited
Obstacles: funding, priorities, structures
    Data from the Questionnaire on
  “Participating Countries Profile for
            Future Actions”
                  Summary 2

There are organizations to be involved but
 clear aims to be established: Education
 strongly needed
Occupational / environmental safety
 regulations very limited
Promotional national meetings are considered

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