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Miele S2 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner Model S2120


									 Miele S2 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner Model S2120

                                   Technical Details
                             Deluxe Combination Rug / Floor Tool
    •   New VarioClipTM conveniently store on-board attachments either on the top of the hose,
                                      or on base of the hose
                       • Variable Speed Motor Control by Rotary Dial
                 • Standard Super-Air Clean Filtration - HEPA Filter Optional

                                  Product Description
  The Miele S2120 Olympus comes standard with a combination rug / bare surface combination
  floor tool. With a simple step of a switch a brush extends out of the floor tool for cleaning bare
surfaces, and retracts back into the head for cleaning rugs and carpeting. The combination tool is
  most effective for cleaning very low pile carpeting such as indoor / outdoor, commercial grade
   carpeting. The S2120 can be upgraded to use the Miele STB205-3 Full Sized Turbo Brush for
     homes that have plush thick piled carpets, or for homes that have pet hair problems. Other
  standard features of the Miele S2120 Olympus includes a 29.5 foot cleaning radius, Large 4.76
      quart Miele Style GN bags, a protective pre-motor filter, soft rubber wheels that prevent
  scratching of wood floors, metal telescoping wands, a suction control on the handle that allows
to vent the suction for cleaning delicate rugs, draperies, and upholstery, and a convenient parking
    dock for the wand and power nozzle on the side, and rear of the of the vacuum. Backing the
 quality of its product has never been a problem for Miele, and its warranty on all S7 vacuums is
 the latest example: Miele offers a best-in-industry 7-year warranty on its Vortex motor, a new 7
 year casing warranty which covers the upper and lower housings, and one year on all parts and

                                  Customer Reviews
                               "Has its Pros and Cons" 2010-08-19
                                          By PhotoBuff
  Bought my Miele Capri from seller "Mr.Vac & Mrs.Sew". It came on time and brand new as
 stated. The Capri model is the same as the Olympus, except it also comes with the air powered
                                           brush head.


1. The vacuum itself is fairly light weight (not counting the hose and head), weighing in at 10.25
   lbs, even my 75 yr old mother can carry it fairly easily. Seems well made and durable. 1200
   watts provides pretty good suction, maybe an extra 200 watts would be better, but still good
                                           enough as is.

  2. Motor is pretty quiet, even at highest speed, most of the noise is coming from the suction.

                              3. Can install an optional HEPA filter.

                  4. Bag looks quit large and should hold a good amount of dirt.

 5. Bought the Capri model, it is essentially the same as the Olympus, except that it comes with
     the air powered turbo spinning brush head instead and a bare floor head with brush (not
  spinning). The spinning brush head is definitely a must have, if you have carpet and want it to
   pick up long hair and dirt that is slightly buried into the carpet, it also does help fluff up the
carpet. Even though the head is air powered, the brush spins quit fast and is very effective, unless
 you have very thick carpeting, then you may want to opt for their other models with an electric
                                         powered brush head.

                         6. Vacuum rolls easily, when pulled by the hose.

    7. The metal wand, the piece that attaches in between the handle and the cleaning tool, is
                  telescopic, so you can shorten it to half the length if needed.


  1. Hose is 5 feet in length, which is a bit short, would have been nice to have an extra 2 feet.
2. Hose feels cheaply made, may have to be careful, incase if the hose is twisted, and it is pulled
                      on hard enough, it may kink and damage the hose.

3. The handle tube is completely made of pretty durable thick plastic, but is quit curved and long,
  from where one would grip it, to the tip of the tube where you would attach a cleaning tool is
  about 12 inches. If you have a small cleaning attachment mounted, and need to get into a tight
  area, you may need to really hold it in an awkward angle to get in those tight spots, since your
   gripping hand will be approximately 12 inches away from the cleaning tool, so imagine that.
                             This part should have been a lot shorter.

 4. The clip that holds the three small cleaning attachments, can be clipped on to the base of the
  hose, by the vacuum or the other end of the hose by the handle. I do not like it at either end,
would have been nice if they made it so that the three tools can either mount onto the back, or the
                   top of the vacuum instead. Providing options would be nice.


  Don't mind paying $399 for something that is intended to be used for many years, I think the
 price is a bit steep, but I guess you are paying for a German product. Again, the spinning brush
 head is a must for people with carpet. If you have carpet, save the extra $30, because you will
  end up buying the air powered turbo brush head later separately for $129. At this price, they
 could have used a better quality and slightly longer hose. Regarding the long handle, I guess I
  can learn to get use to it, but they REALLY should make it shorter. If it was not for the long
                     handle and hose issue, this would have easily been a 5 star.

                                          Signing out...

                          "Quality Motor with great suction" 2010-07-29
                     By Happy Mom from NY (Nanuet, NY United States)
The unit is quiet and the suction is great. I'm using this Miele as a replacement for my 18+ yr old
                 Kenmore which is still working well but rather noisy and bulky.

  The only downfall to this Miele unit is that the parts (hose, accessories, etc.) feel very cheap
   although they don't impact the performance of the unit. It would have been nice for such a
 quality machine to have better quality plastic parts. Overall though, I am very satisfied with the
performance and ease of use of this vacuum. It's lightweight and easy to take from room to room.
   I would recommend it for someone that needs to get through the painful job of vacuuming

                                  "Fantastic" 2010-07-28
                        By Cindy Keener (Loveland, CO United States)
Excellent piece of machinery. We primarily have hardwood floors in our home, and this vacuum
   does an amazing job on them. I'm absolutely thrilled with my decision to go with a Miele.

                       "Very good purchase, about as expected" 2010-07-26
                                         By Scorpio_71
Purchased this canister vacuum from Amazon few weeks ago. Item arrived on time and packed
very well. Overall it seems a very good vacuum and perfect for what we bought it for. We have
 hardwood floors and tile, so I don't know how it would perform on carpets. It's quiet, picks up
the dust without damaging or scratching the floor and is easy to use around furniture etc. I was
        expecting a bit stronger suction though, that's why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5.

                        "Think carefully before you buy this" 2010-07-24
                                    By Maggie (Oakland CA)
     I am not in love with this vacuum. I purchased it because I have back problems and it is
 lightweight. I also wanted a hepa filter. I have wood floors; no carpet. But now I'm sorry that I
   did; unfortunately I wanted to support my local business, and they have a no return policy.
                         Before you buy, consider the pros & cons below.



                                         Suction is good

                           Effective Hepa filter (Consumer's reports)

                          The cord winds up nicely inside the machine

        The swivel wheels make the canister easy to pull around without any dragging.


*I feel the combination rug/floor attachment would damage my's got wheels, a rubber
blade, and hard nylon bristles. I usually use a brush attachment on my wood floors...well, Miele
has two around fifty dollars, the other around seventy. What a shock! I was able
                            to find a generic brush for about twenty.

 *My biggest gripe is the's hard, thick, long, with a pronounced curve. Even though I
  have large hands for a woman, I find it uncomfortable to hold. The angle is perfect if you are
cleaning the floors, but very awkward if you are trying to clean say blinds or anything over three
feet high. It forces you to bend the hose, which doesn't work too well because the hose length is
  five and one-half feet. So you have to keep up the pressure. You cannot connect attachments
        directly to the must attach them to the handle or to the end of the wand.

*Since the hose is rather short, it's a problem if say you want to vacuum out the car. Miele sells a
 car kit for about one hundred fifty dollars. You can also buy a substitute 10 foot hose...on this
                  website at the time I am writing this it is one hundred dollars.

 *The wand is sturdy metal and rather heavy. This is fine for cleaning the floors, but say if you
want to clean something up high, the weight makes it awkward and uncomfortable for any length
                                            of time.

                                      *The cord is too short.

  To sum up, this is not a "total cleaning solution," unless of course you want to shell out more
             money for special attachments and then find the space to store them.


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