Electrolux EL6984A UltraSilencer Green Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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					Electrolux EL6984A UltraSilencer Green Canister Vacuum

                                      Technical Details
       •     Canister vacuum cleaner with high-efficiency motor and low noise output of only 60
            • Adjustable suction power; replaceable motor filter; bag-full indicator; handle for
                                              comfortable carrying
            • 55-percent plastic from recycled materials; 80-percent packaging from recycled
                                              unbleached cardboard
   •       Includes carpet/floor nozzle, telescopic tube, hose/hose handle, crevice tool, nozzle/brush
                                               combo, and dust bag
              • Measures approximately 12-1/2 by 11 by 14 inches; 2-year limited warranty

                                    Product Description
This model is strong, silent and easier on the environment. The Electrolux ultra silencer has an
high efficiency motor and only 60 DBA noise output. This canister is produced with 55-percent
of plastic from recycled materials and 80-percent of the packaging is from recycled unbleached
                 cardboard. Accessory tools are included for versatile cleaning.
                                  Customer Reviews
                            "good vacuum if not a lemon" 2010-08-17
                                         By vacuum quest
    I received the vacuum and after 1 use the start button didn't work. Fortunately, the seller
  refunded the purchase in a timely manner. I would advise the purchase if you can make sure
you're not being sent a previously returned/refurbished product. The suction is excellent, and it is
                           quiet. I only wish it came with a crevice tool.

                                   "I love this vacuum!" 2010-08-17
                                              By AZ Mom
I bought this vacuum for our new 1500 square feet of travertine tile. We remodeled and took out
 most of our carpet. I absolutely LOVE it. The vacuum has great suction (I have it on the lowest
    setting), is easy to manuever, has a long adjustable handle (to save an aching back), has a
retractable cord (no more wrapping the cord), and is VERY quiet (I can still hear the phone ring
   while it is on). I use it mostly on tile, but also have a Persian carpet that it works great on. I
                          would HIGHLY recommend this vacuum for tile!

                                     "Very happy" 2010-08-07
                                              By FRW
 I purchased this after using upright models for many years. Now I have more hardwood floor,
 and this model has been excellent. I also find that with 3-4 suction settings, it does well on my
area rugs and carpets. I can use less suction on the lightweight rugs, and more on the carpet. It is
                    very quiet, and I like that it is made of recycled materials.

                            "Quiet, powerful vacuum" 2010-08-02
                                By M. Blomqvist (GA, USA)
  The Electrolux UltraSilencer canister vacuum cleaner has powerful suction and is extremely

                                Parts have a good quality feel to it.

                           "Excellent light, quiet sucker!" 2010-07-15
                         By F. Dumanoir (Katy, Texas United States)
  We finally made the plunge and converted from carpet to hardwood floors. So naturally we
  needed new equipment for cleaning floors. Growing up, my parents always had Electrolux
vacuum cleaners, the cylindrical (heavy!) bag types, and they seemed to work forever! We went
  looking around to all the dept stores and home improvement places, read some reviews (on
  Amazon) and decided that this model would be very nice. We didn't actually try it out at the
                 stores, but checked the features, build quality and sturdiness.

                       All seemed good, and we ordered one on Amazon.

            As is usually the case, the items arrived quickly and in very good shape.
    Having run this unit through its paces several times now, I can say that it lives up to our
                             expectations and needs extremely well!

It is light (a very big plus for my spouse), maneuverable and QUIET.....The slider control for the
     motor speed (and therefore suction level)is very convenient and smooth. We like the bag
 approach as well as the HEPA filter. Some people may feel the bag is a hassle to have to replace
- Having had to empty out the old upright bagless canister, I can safely say that the bag is MUCH
             better. You don't have to deal with the dust, smell and stuff in the canister!

     The self winding cord is also very smooth and sufficiently long to give good range for

 It has the usual complement of attachments to get in small out of the way places and to vacuum
                  furniture. The tube can be adjusted to any length which is nice.

  I'm not sure what some of the other reviewers are trying to pick up but for hardwood or tiles
floors and even (low pile rugs)this little "egg" works just fine and efficiently picks up dust, hair,
                                          pet dander, etc....

                         Bottom line: I recommend this vacuum cleaner.


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