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					  Dyson DC17 Asthma & Allergy Upright Vacuum Cleaner

                                 Technical Details
               • All-floors upright vacuum cleaner with motorized brushbar
            •Level 3 Root Cyclone technology ensures powerful, consistent suction
         • Hygienic 5/8-gallon dust bin; lifetime HEPA filter; certified asthma friendly
       • On-board tools include soft dusting brush, mattress tool, and flexible crevice tool
              • Measures 16-2/3 by 13-1/5 by 43-1/2 inches; 5-year warranty

                               Product Description
The new DC17 Allergy and Asthma is the latest model from Dyson. With a focus on the air you
 breathe this vacuum includes the Mattress Tool, Dusting Brush and a Flexi-Crevice tool. Best
                              overal pick up and emits clean air!

                                Customer Reviews
                "The DC17 is EVERYTHING Dyson claims it to be!" 2010-03-19
                      By Cory Dzbinski (Murrieta, California United States)
Ever since I starting hearing the hype from Dyson about their vacuums i've been skeptical. From
     an industrial design stand point they are works of art, however, the intended functionality
remained in question. I've owned Hoover, Dirt Devil, Rainbow and Kirby. The Rainbow was the
 vacuum we had growing up and the water filtration really seemed to make sense. My stint with
  Kirby was a 30 day in home trial. The vacuum was amazing but I decided to save the $1800 I
paid and buy something much less expensive (sub $100 believe it or not). That sub $100 vac was
 a Dirt Devil bag-less that frustrated me every time I used it. This time around I wanted to pay a
little more for a good solid cleaning machine and after 3 weeks of research I narrowed by search
                                          to the following:

                                               - Kirby

                                               - Oreck

                                               - Dyson

                                             - Electrolux

      After another week of research I narrowed it to Oreck and Dyson. Oreck has a really cool
   program where you pay for 25% of the vacuum up front and then make monthly payments no
  interest for 11 months on the balance. This makes it easy to pay for a more expensive vac over
time. I was leaning toward the Oreck DutchTech 1400B canister vac. Oreck's top of the line. The
  total cost of the vac shipped was about $970.00. I had the vac in my shopping cart about 2 or 3
  times over the course of a couple days but could never quite hit the purchase button. The main
  reason being I wasn't quite sure about pulling around a canister vac, the second was the price. I
   had seen refurbished Dyson's on [...] for $209 in the past and that was less than just the initial
    payment alone on the Oreck, not to mention another 11 months of about $70 per I
  held off. Another week passed and I noticed [...] had a refurbished Dyson DC17 platinum blue
for $237.00 shipped. I had researched this vac extensively and knew it had Dyson's newest Level
  3 Root Cyclone technology for the purest separation and filtration of particles of all the Dyson
vacs. I snatched it up figuring a $500.00 vac should be worth the purchase at less than half price.
     3 days later the Dyson arrived. Keep in mind that I have a house cleaner that comes every 2
weeks and cleans the house top to bottom so my place isn't dirty, the carpets are well kept and it's
neat etc. The Dyson immediately had a field day with the carpets sucking up so much stuff that I
 had to wonder, did my old vacuum do anything at all??? The Dirt Devil was immediately tossed
   in the trash. The Dyson sucked up so much stuff it made me sick to look at it! Every aspect of
    this machine is truly everything that Dyson claims it to be. Zero suction loss, extremely well
  built, very smooth sounding motor, extremely high speed brush roll, no non-sense, easy to use
     operation, ingeniously designed attachments and tools, simple, smart operation and enough
suction to pull your carpets from the floor boards! The Kirby was an amazing machine from two
 standpoints. Suction and construction. If I were in a vacuum demolition derby i'd take the Kirby
any day of the week, it's all steel and built like a tank. As far as suction goes, the two are as equal
   as you can measure without scientific equipment. My Dyson actually fell down about 8 stairs
 tonight as I was vacuuming the stairs and not one part broke, it kept on sucking so it's not brittle
      or prone to breakage under normal conditions. One thing I never liked about ANY of the
 vacuums i've owned is the smell you get when using them. They all just have that yucky dusty
  vacuum smell. The Dyson claims that stated the air the Dyson outputs is cleaner than the air it
took in always seemed ludicrous to me. How could that be? I'm finally a believer. I'm not sure if
  it's the filter in the Dyson or if there's some sort of smell pack in there? If there is it's certainly
 not stated, but the air the Dyson outputs smells very good and is just....I guess fresh. It's hard to
explain but it does seem to eliminate any odors that may have been in the air before vacuuming.
 It's pretty best guess is that it does filter the air to be cleaner than it was before it
                                   got sucked it. Absolutely amazing.

One thing I have to mention is the Dyson mini turbine head. I purchased this separately. It retails
  at most places for $69.99 but I got it at Fry's for $49.99. I was VERY skeptical about this and
   figured i'd be returning it the next day. If you've ever used a non powered brush roll (suction
  powered) you know that most of them stop the moment they touch carpet or anything for that
     matter. There is simply no torque to turn the brushes. Even my Kirby had an air powered
 attachment that spun brushes that weren't good for anything. I couldn't fathom how the Dyson
could be any different but I figured i'd give it a shot. I thought well, as the company slogan goes,
 maybe Dyson is different? One word. Unbelievable!!! The Dyson mini turbine head is nothing
sort of a remarkable piece of engineering. There is a tiny turbine that spins insanely fast from the
  suction and it must be geared just right. Honestly, the brush roll is actually hard to stop and it
keeps spinning as it brushes the carpet. It is possible to stop with your hand but not without some
very firm pressure. Even then once stopped, you can feel the torque attempting to spin the brush
   roll. If you were blindfolded you'd swear it was electric motor's honestly THAT
   GOOD. Combined with the pull out handle that extends into a full 3' cleaning wand with 17'
  hose coil, the upright now essentially becomes a canister vac and you no longer have to bend
      down at all to clean stairs or vacuum a small patch of carpet or hard to reach areas. The
                               ergonomics and usability are world class.

If I knew long ago what I know about owning a Dyson now, I would have paid full price for the
  machine ($500) and felt like I was getting a good deal. This vacuum is worth $1000...$2000
dollars. It's simply an amazing cleaning machine that definitely needs to be classed up there with
the Oreck and Kirby ultimate cleaning machines of the world. Way to go Dyson, you've made a
                                        customer for life.

                                       "Great vac !" 2010-03-17
                                         By Joy F. Henckell
I hate to vac, but the Dyson has made it almost fun. It easily goes from my area rugs to hardwood
   or tile flooring with a touch of a conveniently located button.It doesn't just blow the dust/dirt
 around on the hardwood or tile floors. I have found the attachments to be quite useful. I amazed
             @ how much dirt that it sucks up.All I can say is take the plunge and buy it!

                                 "Dyson is the best" 2010-03-11
                                         By B. Sheperis
  I love my vacuum; this is the best vacuum I've owned. The price is high, but for a reason. It's
 very heavy compared to others, but it gets the job done and lasts. I had bought a couple other
vacuums that each broke after a year or so. Why pay to have them repaired when you can buy a
new one for slightly more money? I decided that I would try a higher end model and boy was I
  right. This one has never given me a problem and is still as powerful as the day I bought it.

                          "Do Not Buy This Machine" 2010-01-31
                                   By Firenze (California)
   This machine is impossible for hard floors. Dyson service was worthless. A total waste of

                                  "Dyson Absolute" 2009-12-12
                                   By T. Miller (Belmont, CA)

            Impressed at first, but not so much after a few years. Highlights include:

                  1) Bagless system saving landfills and pocketbooks on bags.

                            2) Pretty good job on hard floor surfaces.

                         3) Got to give it props for style and advertising.

            4) Does better than our Hoover Windtunnel on hardwood and tile floors.

                      5) We've never had to unclog the hose from pet hair.

                                       What's not so great:

   1) The plume of dust and debris glimmering in the light of the kitchen while emptying the

2) Even after washing the filter, we're greeted by the musty dander smell from our dogs as it runs
   though the system. The Absorb supplement helps, but we usually light a candle or two after

     3) Detachment wand is cumbersome and brakes suction near the base of the hose when
                             maneuvered for reasonable angles.

   4) It's ridiculously hard to push on our rugs, including our large area rugs. Also, the brush
           agitator shuts off when it bogs down making it even harder to push and pull.

 5) Although the canister has a quick release button on the handle for emptying, it's really not all
that convenient to empty with pet hair. Hair get's stuck near the top of the chamber. So instead of
 simply pressing the button, we have to remove the outer canister to clear the top of the canister.

6) The canister doesn't hold near as much as a bag, so instead of changing a back once or twice a
               month, it has to be emptied 2-3 times in one cleaning at our house.

 Not sure there's a "perfect" vacuum out there. We got the Windtunnel before the Dyson because
  of the good reviews in Consumer Reports, but it was not good at picking up loose debris like
 dust and dead grass tracked in by our pets on our wood and tile floors. Also, the hose was often
getting clogged on the Windtunnel. My mom's Kirby cleans really well on carpet and hard floors,
    but changing attachments takes longer than my patience level affords. It also weighs a ton.

 My wife, who has back trouble, helped her friend when she was bedridden with complications.
  Her friend had an Oreck, and she thought it was easy to maneuver and it seemed to do a good
job, so that will probably be our next try. They have two dogs, but their house doesn't smell like
it. The advertising pretty much tells you that it needs a "tune-up" once a year which, from what I
   can tell, involves changing the belt. Not terribly excited about having to do maintenance on a
  vacuum that often. But, it may not be too bad of a trade off for clean floors, ease of use, and a
                             house that doesn't smell like dogs dander.


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