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					                               Canister Floor Vacuum

                                    Technical Details

                                  Product Description
                            Canister floor vacuum with onboard tools.

                                   Customer Reviews
                                 "Excellent Product" 2010-05-16
                                      By Howard M. Kindel
Since I've only used this a couple times, I'll update this review if it turns out to be too optimistic.
 As expected, the vacuum cleaner is very lightweight and compact. It has two settings: high and
 low. For my purposes, the low setting is perfect; since I have wood floors and scatter rugs, the
   high setting is unnecessary and tends to grab up the rugs. I think the high setting would be
sufficient for carpets though. Best of all, the vacuum is surprisingly quiet - especially on the low
  setting (I had recently bought a Dirt Devil upright, cheap but 12 amp, which sounds like the
   proverbial jet engine revving up). One bag comes with the vacuum, and more can easily be
 ordered from Amazon. The one drawback so far, which keeps it from getting five stars, is that
  the wand assembly tends to be easily pulled apart. There are no tabs to connect the two metal
   wands together or to connect the metal wands to the hose connection; all three are just fitted
 together, and going back and forth over rugs often requires holding the wands together to keep
them from pulling apart - I'm reluctant to tape them together since that would limit the vacuum's
    versatility. The cord is reasonably long, considering how compact the vacuum is; but the
   retraction mechanism requires working with to get the cord completely retracted. All in all
                                though, a great product for the price.

   UPDATE: After having used this product for three months, I still consider it an excellent
 product. The only thing I would add is that the one thing I disliked about it - the flimsy wand
 assembly that keeps pulling apart - is really starting to get on my nerves; and I'll undoubtedly
   have to end up taping the pieces of the wand together. Even so, I'm still glad I bought this
                              vacuum cleaner. It was a great buy.

                                 "Buena Compra" 2010-02-15
                          By Rogelio V. Mejias (Miramar, Florida)
                 Es una equipo liviano, maniobrable, potente, para casas donde

              no haya mascotas ni grandes espacios alfombrados. Si ud. REUNE

            estas condiciones, por el precio pagado Recibe una buena Gratificación.


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