Bosch BSA2101UC COMPACT VACUUM by vaharaon2


									              Bosch BSA2101UC COMPACT VACUUM

                                  Customer Reviews
                                   "Great little vacuum" 2010-08-06
                                           By Montana Gal
 Just received this and I love it! Our house is mainly hardwood and tile plus we have two inside
 large dogs. I had previously been using my upright with attachments but it was back-breaking.
  This vacuum has great suction and I love the fact that I just open the canister and pull out the
  dust bag when it's full as I have allergies so this will definitely be a benefit for me. The only
drawback I can see at this time (and I just finished vacuuming the entire house with this vacuum)
            is that the cord isn't as long as I would like it to be, but that is very minor.

                 "what's with the direction of the exhaust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 2010-06-07
                                          By P. Lupo (NJ)
  I just purchased the Bosch compact vacuum. The vacuum is as expected and it decently made
 except for one huge drawback, the exhaust blows on you while you vacuum. The vent is on top
of the vacuum, however the vent itself is angled towards the front of the vacuum, so as you stand
  in front of the canister vacuuming the exchaust blows directly on you. I just don't understand
 how this can be designed completely wrong. You would think this is vacuum 050 basic design.
                                  Maybe I bought a irregular one.

                                 "Great little vacuum" 2010-05-08
                                By Alexandra Siena (New York)
   I don't usually write reviews but I read a lot before I decided on this one. I thought I should
contribute my opinion for others looking for something good and inexpensive and with the same
apartment needs. I just bought this one for a friend and was surprised by its lightness and suction
power when we used it. The power suction adjusts and at maximum it was pulling the area carpet
  up in the corners. I adjusted it to a little lower. Easy to carry around and extra long adjustable
  hose for hard to reach areas. Easy in the eyes too...It does not make a lot of noise. The price is
good for the quality. It's a small apartment and no pets, so I don't know how it will work with pet
 hair. It picked up every bit of dust in the apartment. So far very pleased overall, time will tell of
                              course. Fast shipment from Amazon too.

                                "ideal vacuum cleaner" 2010-03-03
                                       By G. Schoenmakers
 Since we have wooden floors through out, I bought this vacuum cleaner for the rugs. Suction is
  good and adjustable. This vacuum cleaner is light, easy to carry stairs up and down. The big
wheels are a good design feature, it makes it easy to move around when using. I have had it over
a year now, and I am still content with this cleaner. The only drawback are the bags, they are not

                                     "2000W" 2009-10-20
                                          By cipura
compact, stores with ease and gets job done. Megafilt supertex bags come with the unit are also

      I own the same class European base model 2000W. it is far superior to this particular
      unit(1200W) and actually anything else I have seen to be available on the US market.


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